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@ilolno @laurenflax @optimum @nycmesh I have a node on my roof
@laurenflax @optimum @nycmesh I probably waited 6 months for it to reach my area but they have installed so many no… @laurenflax @optimum @nycmesh They are very responsive by email. I had such a positive experience : ) now i pay $20… @laurenflax @optimum Look in to @nycmesh @precious_okoyo 😪
@bndife Lmao i love your handle sm i didn’t realize u were on herePlaying all night tonight at public records ... i’m scared but also very excited @swollentrio RESISTANCE ADVISORcongrats to our love @arielzetina ! her new EP ‘MUAs at the End of the World’ is out now on @itsfemmeculture cop co…
Retweeted by OOM🧴We're looking for people to lead our installs. If you have experience in mounting antennas, running cable etc pleas…
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @CruelRadio That’s not in reference to techno music, but technology so sureJust gonna play that lyot maurizio record like 3 times tmrw for no reason @MichelleLhooq Wth damn @ her! @MichelleLhooq this is true @MichelleLhooq 🥴I should have copyrighted technofeminism ?? NOW - ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE @UrbanJustice Sex Workers Project 🏴 n*joy —
Retweeted by OOM🧴Hope she says bernie is president now and we have universal healthcare starting march 1 @_Axm3d Trulife bk underground 💀 @erkstyn 🥺 yeah we have mutual friends lol this was like 2015
time for a draft dump 001 unlocked and free to listen
Retweeted by OOM🧴Episode 002 Syanide x @RussellELButler x @UMFANG
Retweeted by OOM🧴DiscUs 002 with Syanide , @RussellELButler & @UMFANG out now via our patreon >>
Retweeted by OOM🧴New DiscUs episode up, listen now by becoming a patron >> at old beach pics I can't get enough of water doing this lol
Retweeted by OOM🧴24-hr sale 15% off all discwoman merch with code “DISCWOMAN15” via 🥤🥤
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Lavender spliff is umamiIn such deep admiration of ppl that say meme maymayWorking on a project that takes many months is too emotional lol I can’t imagine doing multiple year timelines @narenkicole Literally me @BossaNovaCivic @ashleyvenom @deeediggity 🤪FEB 28 NYC @BossaNovaCivic >>
Just occurred to me I've played a single show in North America for the new album. I'm such a tortoise when it comes…
Retweeted by OOM🧴‘u can’t pour from an empty cup’disappointing to see artists continue to offer free labor to red light radio in face of their lies and refusal to a…
Retweeted by OOM🧴My 20 y/o sister just taught me the phrase ‘compassion fatigue’ @xoxoabbyxoxox is cheapest i know of but not sure abt insurance#BlackHistory @Hotwaxx is another founding part of dance music in Detroit. After seeing Ken Collier dj she set out…
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@gossipbabies Stop plz @voices_______ Welcome @mistervacation Gm
good morningかえりてぇ
Retweeted by OOM🧴Donate to Bernie plz
Retweeted by OOM🧴i'm starting a newspaper
Retweeted by OOM🧴Can someone exercise me? I’m in so much pain but dying to lift🚨WARNING 🆘🚨 co-hosting this event w/ a bunch of Bernie Bros Feb 27 - All proceeds to @BernieSanders
Retweeted by OOM🧴Ok influencer this influencer that but @HUXTABLEJULIANA literally got me to start eating broccolias promised new ossx ep of jungle edits out today on bandcamp 🚁🚁🚁
Retweeted by OOM🧴best way to offset your carbon footprint is wearing vibram 5 fingers
@BEARCAT_808 😪Today I learned I can fit a bottle of wine in my mailbox @Guari1x this is why we are friends
@johnxela <33333 @johnxela Had to go to therapy b4 tweeting this bc i felt guilty about the possibility of it making some ppl feel badlistening to phylyps trak on spotify in line at the pharmacy this is what mark and moritz would want
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @voices_______ OohYes i go to therapy twice a week and am in a romantic relationship that doesn’t make me wanna die happy valentines day motherfuckers @aerielist SendWhen your text that says ‘I’m being such a cunt lol’ doesn’t deliverA friend just double-checked her voter registration/party affiliation in New York and found that in the last three…
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @hoe_foods Are u in nyc
Shout out to @nycmesh! (and awesome article generally from @residentadvisor). Proud that #communitynetworks can sup…
Retweeted by OOM🧴March 20 & April 4 open for @yu_whoooo EU plz contact :D
Retweeted by OOM🧴A few reasons why phone banking for Bernie is effective: 1. Double check registration, remind ppl of deadlines for…
Retweeted by OOM🧴ouaiiiiss >> finally able to take on more mixing/mastering and remix work. Got hit with so much all at once a month ago 😂 No…
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @AshLauryn313 Yesssgoing to be in europe mid may through mid june! filling some bookings! contact !!
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@DownByDfault 😪I wish my landlord would give me my apartmentrepresentation matters which is why i sent @__gyasi to cover @dwellerforever ✨✨✨✨
Retweeted by OOM🧴thank you for the rave review <3
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @empanadas_b She’s right there!❤️ let’s look to dweller 3
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @narenkicole 140 characters thesis gozoom recorders are gatekeepers of the podcasting world u didn’t hear it from me (sent from my iphone)🥵 someone put a piece of cloth or paper over my phone so i can’t find itHere is the full Beryl Ritchie article. Thanks to Mazen Murad for sending me this:
Retweeted by OOM🧴Beryl Ritchie, 1st female mastering/cutting engr in the UK. She is not longer with us but she fought for equal pay!…
Retweeted by OOM🧴I had one cocktail ln and I’m hungover.. seeing the world from both sides
here’s the online version of my @DJmag cover story ❤️ Josey Rebelle: The Quiet Storm
Retweeted by OOM🧴New York: please make sure you are registered AS A DEMOCRAT by Friday or you can't vote in the primary
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @hassanrahim I literally thought this @Joey2lanes Name names @Chavezsayz Tell emyour festival has 5 black artists our festival has 35 we’re not the same
Retweeted by OOM🧴I wrote something about this weekend that i wanted to share. I didn’t take any pictures during the whole of…
Retweeted by OOM🧴It’s actually mad how many times I’ve listened to this @RussellELButler mix, it’s Perfect
Retweeted by OOM🧴Dweller was absolutely amazing for a multitude of reasons but I also hope that venues take this seriously and reali…
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @surrealsermons MeEverything is cursed but my nails look good ... gnI thought it was a rule of thumb that when you book guest DJs, you open for them and list yourself last. Does that…
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@eric_cloutier I wonder what you’re talking about @Joey2lanes PlurI got a new mix up on c-! (Thanks, Ryan!!!) To enjoy late nights, early mornings, and any other time I reckon.
Retweeted by OOM🧴i rly dont care about having a visible career and i resent the way we are pressured to talk about ourselves in order to stay employed
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