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dub step // us bookings: eu/uk

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@LSDXOXO_ LET ME SEETy @originssound gr8 crew in London @UMFANG ur hair looks so good.
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w33d angels of london wyaIs it illegal to swim in the hotel pool naked? forgot my swimsuitWow just lost one of my fangs
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @aerielist Did u watch the videos .. he calls it ‘bass music’ @refill_madness many hours tn in london @ the cause >> very relaxed last night and emailed moog explaining why they should of made a midi in for the DFAM
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @Joey2lanes Thank youゴマちゃんで遊んでた (鼻ふがふが言っててごめんなさい)
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @LSDXOXO_ 🧸 @UMFANG got a buzz cut now I want one 🥴
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in solidarity against the haters
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @D3un i've seen this before lol but had no idea he was fully a djhow did i not know shaq is a massive dubstep djManchester tn >> @itsFAUZIA @unsound @iamsherelle Fomo! @Leonce Also using old drum machines feels like a cheat bc u can take advantage of the freaky natural compression a… @FortRomeau @DISCWOMANNYC Come collect your mens @Leonce Eq 8 lol @chinchillaah Boop @lovefingers This was in phillyGoing to keep putting it out there! I am looking for a job! Physically not able for heavy stuff atm, but I have str…
Retweeted by OOM🧴landed in manchester and it’s def rainingSomehow on a plane from the early 80s
🔜 #Akua @arielzetina @bergsonist #Riobamba @yu_whoooo @UMFANG
Retweeted by OOM🧴Fmbm @mistervacation On my way!Literally didn’t know philadelphia has an airportevidence i’m not a vegetarian sale ☀️ all dw hats $20 via
Retweeted by OOM🧴So many hott libras tbhreal fans can find the fingerprint
Retweeted by OOM🧴My heat is on 🧸
2019 @MARTYN3024 someone can grab a coffee and bring it to me lolHELLO UK/EU 👅 want $500 shoes again 😢 @Leonce Rude!A MASTER of her art @FatimaAlQadiri composed an amazing score for Mati Diop’s film “Atlantics”. A joy to work with…
Retweeted by OOM🧴This Friday the Goodness crew invite the perilous Techno of @DISCWOMANNYC's @UMFANG and the erratic Electro and Hou…
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Just got fired from my first paid modeling job for buzzing my head 😅We are pleased to announce the debut vinyl from Speaker Music aka @dfnbrown1 on @Planetmurecords. Entitled 'of desi…
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Retweeted by OOM🧴I am looking for paid gigs,job, small work. I am not getting enough hours at my current job. I have 8 years in reta…
Retweeted by OOM🧴ppl of @unsound do not miss @drmcrshr at 7PM tonight !!!
Retweeted by OOM🧴🥵 @marisa_kimiko @BossaNovaCivic @drifter_angle lurking bandcampi'm literally listening to dubstep rnPpl are only in my dms for track ids 😰a lot of y’all are libras and it shows
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @bbbeeccaa Main reason I’m going to japan @mistervacation Also pic plz @LSDXOXO_ 🦋 @mistervacation Where is your cute hat (also asking myself this question)fuck gatorade @BlackJameZ Are u serious?! Umm absolutely not
going to a1 who’s upCrazy how loud some ppl talkperilous Techno >> @sigggnasty Lmaoupcoming 🚀🎃 oct 24 - lisbon, portugal oct 25 - london, united kingdom nov 7 - berlin, germany nov 8 - barcelona, s…
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @sleevywonder Hitting Modo west vil at 1petting my buzzcut stoned 🦋
@Joey2lanes Marry fabrizio fuck julian kill albertI wish I could listen to the strokes for the first time @frankiefatgold Also clearly cindy brought this up not me @frankiefatgold Your call babesJust imagine ray of light blasting with huge subs and u don’t even realize there are zombies in the club
@Guari1x I’m texting u my drafts lolspeaking of krakow im teaching at @unsound’s techno university this weekend, very honored
Retweeted by OOM🧴the problem with life is that you have to keep drinking coffee or your head explodes
Retweeted by OOM🧴delicately deleting my subtweets
tried gatorade, still thirstyThe force @reverenddollars, DJ & Producer, and founder of @darqnesssea: a collective focused on booking black & POC…
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@L0KA___ That last line is the kicker @kush_jones_ Stop lmao @motiv_a @AceM0 It’s appalling how different the economies really are. Also why europeans don’t seem to actually ge… someone come over and buzz my headCould really go for a gatorade @RussellELButler 😡 baby E giving u hard side-eye
@popcornpeggie I thought u might say thisI think i only want a buzz cut so i can have a grown out buzz in a monthI hate rentSHYBOI B2B @FALSE_WITNESS AKA FALSEBOI live from Untermania with love from nyc ❤️
Retweeted by OOM🧴 @arielzetina i've been getting iced coffee in a nalgene and saving half for the next day - meal prep and saving the earth amirite @bbbeeccaa Can u get j9 to break inIs there a reason I should not buzz my head @kristinmalossi 😑
@djswisha_ !!!where is daddy @chinchillaah Love you @frankiefatgold @Seb_Hutch So sweet 🦗
honored to be featured in @rollingstone’s first #future25 feature alongside so many industry heavyweights 😩 thanks…
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