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@jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite whats that @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite Facts @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite Captain America is a joke so yeah pretty much @jrxsv_ i need a thong
When i bought in 2017👀
Retweeted by that kid🧊me n who @jcrosenberg1 @jrxsv_ getting ready to watch a game in section 401 with a tinder date at Nats park
Retweeted by that kid🧊welcome.
@soleilgrimes Criminal @jayexdivinity I love Mark but when they replaced Shai it wasn't the same.. my first crush was megan fox in that scene😋 @jayexdivinity 1 and 2 are some of the best movies of all time so easy
id suffer through Star Wars Rogue One for 48 hours for this... id do it for $1000 @mica2times Itd be like throwing an exercise ball and her having a bat thats 3 feet around @mica2times You don't understand.. swinging for the fences would be an understatement @jcrosenberg1 @icyyJS Looks just like him @Nadeshot @BarstoolBigCat Nade for "Blake of the Year"?
@MyNameIsCaitiee @mica2times Huke? More like puke @mica2times then why did you suggest it being a hot take when it's obviously not... disappointed to say the least @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 @ShadyNero @jayexdivinity @mica2times @mica2times dashy sucks @jcrosenberg1 Nah you said what you said. @jcrosenberg1 thats sad. I understand if theres health issues but if its just cause you dont like it you have some… @jcrosenberg1 Cheese is the back bone of every major dish in the worldIm trying to decide my hot take of the day but i cant think of one... drop some hot topics below and lets argue @Potthoff Ive been bouncing between Silver 3 and Silver 1 for months because i only solo que and its so ass
@Bash_BO3 @SalvationsElite thats jonah @Ekkie_US Lookin like @SalvationsElite matchmaking lobbies @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite you all good, his 5'4 ass wont do anything about it @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite @jayexdivinity @jcrosenberg1 does the secretary have benefits?😏
@WEDIDNOTWATCHIT LOTR has a weird world but the story is incredible. Almost back wards. And the Hobbit is incredible. @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times No but we can. I wasnt a fan, i know some how it ranks 4th in the series on rotten tomatoes @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite @mica2times Mandalorian wasnt bad but these movies still feel cheap. Iron man, those… @SalvationsElite @mica2times @jcrosenberg1 NO ONE WANTS TO LEARN STUFF IN SPIN OFFS. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE GARBA… @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite @mica2times In The Force Awakens she got like 3 scenes... why? I think she deserved… @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times @SalvationsElite Thats on god @SalvationsElite @mica2times @jcrosenberg1 Characters wasted that could have saved the series- - Bobba Fett - Capt… @Moxide1 Explain to me how you have a character like Bobba Fett in the comics be incredible with an awesome story a… @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times @SalvationsElite Hes badass but he is the worst developed character in movie history. The… @SalvationsElite @mica2times @jcrosenberg1 I mean obviously i love star wars and grew up watching but i just dont a… @SalvationsElite @mica2times @jcrosenberg1 The only reason star wars has a "legacy" is because its been around sinc… @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times @SalvationsElite If you think of it like this then yeah sure @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times @SalvationsElite Im gonna have to agree with J, i hated the RE series @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times Which is great. Matt Reeves should have directed Star wars @mica2times @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 HARRY POTTER WILL BODY THE FUCK OUT OF STAR WARS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK @mica2times @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 Nah give me Heath Ledger and thats all i want😪 @jcrosenberg1 @SalvationsElite @mica2times It has the worst ending out of all the movies... how is it your favorite?!?!? @mica2times @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 I mean they made Ben Affleck Batman and it did ruin it... @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times Live for loving moves and imaging them actually being directed and made correctly? Yes i do. @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times Yeah all of them can be so much better @jcrosenberg1 @mica2times I mean its impossible to watch the first like 5, cgi os so bad, its like lego sets tied t… @mica2times I agree. But just because of the story and the development. Imagine that same world tho but with better… said it a billion times and ill keep saying it. Star wars has one of the coolest universes created, like litera… @jcrosenberg1 I would @ people but wanna keep clean for when i run for president.i wanna know how some people get so lucky, there are very weird and non entertaining people working for big orgs an… @BSSportsYT these are all hopes and maybes. This is a big THEY HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO... not saying they will for sure @BSSportsYT Ben Stille, Will Honas, Luke Reimer, Colton Feist and maybe RuQuan Buckleyif anyone has $10k laying around hmu. @themodernnmom 6'8
@tmacd29 True. I love driving so ig i just think differently @tmacd29 Exactly. I dated a girl 2 hours away and literally made the drive almost every day😂 @tmacd29 Feel that. Glad we kind if agree tho, had someone at work today complaining about an hour drive they have to make tomorrow @tmacd29 if its past 6 thats a long time for me. Ive made so many 20+ hour drives in my life im numb to itIf you think anything under a 2 hour drive is long you're a bitch @Bash_BO3 @BestOf3Pod @OctaneSam @RexChapman I would never tweet anything less than an S tier @BestOf3Pod @OctaneSam @RexChapman
@tmacd29 Maybe I'll just retire from cod.. every year i hate the game more and more @tmacd29 You can spawn under the map on MW and id still have more fun playing thatModern Warfare (2020) is better than Cold War by a long shot
Is cod still a thing?? @SalvationsElite @jcrosenberg1 @Ekkie_US @tmacd29 -100/10maybe this time🤞🏼🤞🏼 @angrygoatguy @Renegade_Joey dont miss a thing we normalize girls asking guys out on dates
Retweeted by that kid🧊 @Renegade_Joey I have watched a lot but stuck in a rut rn. Sports Crime Video games Comedy Action AND TITTIES
@MyNameIsCaitiee @jrxsv_ you don’t recycle plastic straws this is what happens
Retweeted by that kid🧊#TesticularCancer is the most common cancer in young men. If you’ve ever used a controller, you’ll know how to chec…
Retweeted by that kid🧊 @SalvationsElite eat ass @Bash_BO3 @Ekkie_US @scump @FormaL I wouldnt replace you @Ekkie_US @scump @FormaL All I'll say is if i had you on the GB team when we played omoo we win @Ekkie_US @scump @FormaL yall need hard carries? @Ekkie_US @mica2times Raiders PR team rn
2021 had a 2 hour conversation with my 78 year old customers explaining data mining, cryptocurrency and NFTsNaruto was the gateway into anime for so many people, including me. RIP a king'm competing in a $350,000 UNO tournament tomorrow... If I win, then I will give 5 people who RT this $500 dollars. Wish me luck!
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@Ekkie_US @wholfiess @SalvationsElite @Etee_US You're more of a 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥 🟥… @wholfiess @SalvationsElite and @Etee_US @jcrosenberg1