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MC BOING @ClubHarlecore
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @alicelongyugao i hope not.. @beanboy____ machine -100 gecs
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @beanboy____ i was rly hoping this would just play forevermoney machine by 100gecs but its just the hi hats
Retweeted by umru ⌕haha israeli militaryWHAT TF how have i never seen a music vid w one of these @David_Rudnick im often referred to as umru, truly one of soundcloud’s oddest little weirdosthe moser @voskat5 thank you for the warningtoday i had to fish through the garbage because after tearing my room apart looking for them i came to the conclusi… @ericdoa everybody gangsta til the pants start stairs @ericdoa yoo the pants stairs?? @vitacocoa @roshux so do u guys listen to drain gang @vitacocoa yoo do u listen to drain gang @w__h_ you’ve never heard anyone go sksksksksk
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @mikeyjoyce i agree @breakcoree that’s a good thing @audiohymn trust me nobody should want anything to do w record labelsyall ever get those emails from like very senior high level positions at record labels that look like ok sounds go… @lcslx7 @agcook404 @baseck u know what this means....our song has to be longerjust found out i no longer have the longest song on the hyperpop playlist @agcook404 @baseck 😡😡 obama administration barred doom from returning to the country
Retweeted by umru ⌕Rebuttal:
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @DannylHarle more like Danny W Harle @kaiwhiston fucking nerd lol @b4phs thanks i know @verzache drop this on verzache u wontgoing on a podcast today lord save my soulmy dying words majors be like @bleaksbeats @FrilentMusic told you @birthface trust me i know lol i am on the playlist @robinsloan so sickyeah sure why not creating snares in the studio (2019) @maxreist @maxschramp WAIT IT IS ITS THE SAME AUDIO AS THE TIK TOK @maxreist @maxschramp OS ITumru & Me workin on this great Return
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @NDREWGOESTOHELL sounds like a good ideadestroy the virus so me and that young gun umru can hit the stu
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @AMazeFest @lewis_gordon @scottmystica @elenafortunee @tropes @nebita the end is literally @beanboy____ @_MichaelOswell_ @Gabba121 @clouds ^^ @clouds idk .... looks like they’re verified .. @GarySausage no but like he did used to be better than this lol @BenContention where did all these eminem stans come from @g_f_m_a holy shit are there eminem stans on here @weedhitter the eminem lyrical lemonade covid music video about covid @wipeyadocsoff down @5outho i don’t want to be on lyrical lemonade when i’m 40 @5outho SO TRUE @naisusama nah this one goes @GRRLmusic exclusively lines about one thing (covid) @jedwill1999 true lollike what in the fucking world is this how is the eminem covid song so bad @beanboy____ not as good that way @beanboy____ it’s better @beanboy____ best progression @beanboy____ ok but what about IV V Iwhat @5outho artwork is this
@MIKE_MEHR at this point i’m a loremitei think we drank some rum bottles on that voyage @PetalSupply SOOO TRUE BESTIE @orbitaIly hey new york yall heard about this food? “Bagel” @orbitaIly “Washington Swuare Park”new banner courtesy of david rudnick @GRRLmusic so bold so effective @GRRLmusic THE TWO SNARESi will never in my life make a song this good good @maxrewak @yungskrrt can u rap on this next
Retweeted by umru ⌕retweeting this. no holds barred. Joe Perez is a scumbag - he's a notorious imitator that underpays and manipulates…
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @GRRLmusic
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @gupimusic lol splice redistributes sound files to the people @gupimusic the only time i’ve actually listened to virtual riot is the virtual riot serum patches in gecs songs lol @kelmikico 2021 hit different in 2021my heart skipped a beat @mikeyjoyce one thing i’ll say about joe biden—the man has big balls
if aaron cartier is doing well... so am i grooming my experience with @/dontmove111 / oaf1 i've been withholding my experience some time now and have…
Retweeted by umru ⌕ @Epicman26409302 @codmart possibly the original + instrumental ? @codmart i think it’d have to be 33 @codmart no one side is 8:30 @DaBaDeeDaBaDie would be doing this through bandcamp’s new service it’s actually gonna work like a kickstarter/preorder so it’s not limitedwould u buy a movinglikeazombie remix 7” vinyl lolok @dwaynetherach aj u should meet @Ajsimons96 u two are the worlds best ajsso true drake face: working on my own ep approving drake face: working on an artist’s album @weedhitter its not that good .. @weedhitter its obviously joe perez who has fucked over most designers i know lol @hornyfortnite HUH @osse2021 LETS PLAY