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Very interesting on #Poland elections⬇️
Retweeted by Una HajdariAhead of elections in Poland on Sunday, here's a podcast I worked on about why the LGBT issue divides the country.… days out from the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, I argue it’s time we recognize Bosnian genocide…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @MashaVelickovic Videla sam ti stiže rođus, prošla sam kroz istu stvar pre mesec dana 😆11. jula u 12 sati na zvuk sirene zastanite i odajte počast žrtvama genocida.
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @MashaVelickovic Hoću da kažem, kad sam ja bila “mlada” htela sam da budem deo radničke klase pa mi je zato ovo čudno 😂 @MashaVelickovic Dobro de, tinejdžeri 😂😁 @MashaVelickovic E pa to, brate, mladi se lože kad im se kaže da su buržoazija. Šta se dešava sa mladim svetom @daliorigin Aaaaaa go away I already have that stuck in my head @brezaleksandar @bglavasevic What! So I’m not old, I’m just uncool ☹️ @CrisLeeMaza See I think these kids are using it in a positive way and that’s what I find surprising. These kids =… @CrisLeeMaza I see 🤔 but does it have a negative or a positive connotation when you use it?This is not the bourgeoisie of MY youth.Just realized that Gen Z kids say “bougie” (pronounced boo-zhee) when they mean bourgeois. I’ll remember this day a… latest piece 👇
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@EricGordy I did not expect the direction this thread was going to take. You started with the RCP and Enver Hoxha.Today in blaming the Balkans for catastrophes that are entirely domestically produced.
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @MashaVelickovic Naravno. Ili kad mi neko kaže žene ne mogu da budu suzdržane pod pritiskom. 4 sata smo ih sinoć pr… @MashaVelickovic 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Need I repeat that all the 4-5 @N1infoBG reporters are *women*, feisty female journos who have been on the street f… PM Ana Brnabić is first to make a statement, says law and order will be maintained. Serbia just held pa… @brezaleksandar @RTS_Vesti I know right, she even said “the protesters are walking/running right by the RTS buildin… the public broadcaster @RTS_Vesti, with offices 3 min away from the parliament where everything is going down… @N1infoBG is doing fantastic live reporting on the ongoing, impromptu protests in Belgrade tonight, especially repo… magazine editor @vesnamalisic says that while it is still unclear who organized the protests, it is absolutely… @N1infoBG Police threw tear gas again and the protesters lit up flares in response as the back and forth between th… @BalkanInsight to find out more about the ongoing protest in 🇷🇸 in front of the parliament building. Update…
Retweeted by Una HajdariIn case people were wondering about the number of those currently gathered in front of the Serbian parliament.… #police in #Belgrade used #teargas against #Serbian #Protesters in front of the #Parliament. Tensions in…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @vesnamalisic People are sick of not knowing who to trust. The corona crisis headquarters were suspended out of the… and pro-government broadcasters in Serbia are not reporting on the protests, and no statement has been made… @SlobaGeorgiev says part of the people took to the streets bc they’re sick of the flip-flopping on lockdown measure… @misaizdaleka Yes, they have since been pushed out and I believe attempted to go in again, unsuccessfully. @N1infoBG reports that tear gas was just thrown at the crowd. Political movements of all stripes are on the ground… broke into the Serbian parliament after President Vucic announced a strict curfew over the weekend earli… hundred people just stormed the Serbian parliament building in central Belgrade. Heavy police presence ther…
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Never seen this before: tonight, Poland will host two presidential debates. One in Końskie with one candidate,…
Retweeted by Una HajdariMore than 8 000 traditional coffee cups will be installed this week at @SrebrenicaMC to commemorate those killed in…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari
Croatia's right-wing HDZ came out on top in elections on Sunday, scoring one of its best results ever as its centre…
Retweeted by Una HajdariSo it was a message ✅recorded by president of the European Commission ✅apparently at the European Commission ✅with…
Retweeted by Una HajdariExit polls in Croatia indicate a strong lead for the ruling center right HDZ party with 61 seats in parliament. Soc…
So we are now right smack in the middle of 2020. What a year.
Retweeted by Una HajdariAnother Vucic profile which makes clear that his biggest skill is artful deception. From casting aside his extremis…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @kristicunga You sound surprised @lazrakic @srdjancvijic They’re supporting a party within their political grouping. It’s been done many times beforeCroatia goes to the polls tomorrow. Populist Miroslav Skoro looks set to be a kingmaker. Here's my take on the race…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @ColborneMichael @fbieber I’ve always had a soft spot for Manfred Weber @srdjancvijic Yeah especially considering the fact that apart from Suica, he’d be one of the few to say it right 😉 @JasminMuj @SarajevoCalling @brezaleksandar Oh my it gets worse @JasminMuj @SarajevoCalling @brezaleksandar I will never be able to look at dolmas in the same way again. @vujoilic Yes Orban is notably missing from this cast of merry characters. @Tom_Junes I think having Orban could backfireSerbian President Vučić has been reading German history lately — and appears to have drawn some lesson on how Berli…
Retweeted by Una HajdariThis video of various EPP members, ranging from Donald Tusk to Sebastian Kurz, Boyko Borissov and Janez Jansa, reci… @suboticjelena @vujoilic Oh me too, and COVID19 anxiety has only made it worseSerbian President Aleksandar Vučic spoke to @jacopobarigazzi & me in Brussels recently: ➡️ Story:…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @vujoilic @suboticjelena It’s why we all have iron stomachs. That, or we’re in denial about having IBS @suboticjelena Since they’re convinced everything is better when it’s pickled @suboticjelena My predecessors (and a fair number of my cousins) would feel so vindicated by this movie
David is one of my favorite thinkers on Belarus and Ukraine and I was sad about not being to read his new book righ… @zkusovac Not all polls indicate a lead, esp the latest ones, and the fact that they’ve been shifted a lot could be…“The vote comes as the Adriatic country is hurtling towards its worst economic crisis in decades, with the pandemic… Dutch government has established an expert commission to decide on compensation to relatives of 350 men from Sr…
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@ColborneMichael @bellingcat This Mihajlo fellow seems to be quite coolMake Europe Strong Again - Merkel trolling you know whom.
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I was not the source of the best Canada pun today. #HappyCanadaDay @vujoilic @fbieber
#Brussels negotiations to resume without the key interlocutor #Hashim #Thaci. Summit in #Paris most likely on Jul…
Retweeted by Una HajdariIt’s official. @nytimes is now capitalizing the B in Black. ✊🏽
Retweeted by Una HajdariI sent a letter co-signed by 32 MEPs to Chancellor Merkel & Minister Seehofer asking them to makes sure German Coun…
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After being implicated in "10 counts of war crimes" last week, Kosovo's president spoke out for the first time toda… can’t make this up: Enver Hoxha’s son says his family has been persecuted. #Albania
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @AmilaKaracic Everyone watch the recording if you missed it!“People who were brought in as witnesses in favor of Milosevic during his trial are still key far-right figures and… to add: The official Covid-19 death toll in Serbia yesterday was 3.
Retweeted by Una Hajdari“The far-right see Bosniaks as not being white and not being part of Europe. Even those who see themselves as victi…“The narrative for the far-right pertaining to Bosnia — presenting it as an unstable country threatened by jihadist…“The Balkans is seen as a vanguard for nationalist thinking for the far-right. They see it as a place where Europea… in for this talk starting now about how the far-right worldwide draws inspiration from the Srebrenica genocide… Fonda endorses the Green-Left coalition in Croatia, who are running in Sunday’s elections. The Možemo! (We ca…
Green wave sweeping across big French cities tonight - @RymMomtaz with our first take on French local elections. Mo…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari @zanacimili @thekiqa Sad I skipped a year 😉I think #Kosovo and #Serbia should fight over who gets to mediate between the U.S. and the EU.
Retweeted by Una HajdariPoles face long lines, coronavirus limits in presidential vote
Retweeted by Una HajdariFor the 1st time since start of 🇪🇺 accession talks it seems 🇷🇸 will not open any negotiating chapter. There's a tra…
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@BronwynScottMc I was just doing the same thing now, going through old songs for color for a story. I think this is… President @avucic spoke to @jacopobarigazzi & me in Brussels today: ➡️Dialogue with Pristina must resume de…
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Oh you like brutalism? Name 3 concrete examples
Retweeted by Una HajdariLive footage from Grenell's White House meeting with Vučić and Thaçi
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@JasminMuj This is amazing and I’ll be adopting it from now on.My take on the developing Kosovo situation, including this week's planned White House summit of #Serbia and #Kosovo
Retweeted by Una HajdariI loved @BalogovaBeata's op-ed when @EuroPressPrize announced it was in the running for this year's Opinion award.… Poland we don't say "the president is going to lose the election". We say "the president is going to run over a…
Retweeted by Una HajdariIf the war crimes indictment against Kosovo's President Hashim Thaçi is confirmed, he won't be the only one under s…
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Trump says some of the troops to be withdrawn from Germany will be sent home, and some sent elsewhere in Europe, in…
Retweeted by Una HajdariSerbia-Kosovo dialogue is in shambles. One key interlocutor about to indicated for war crimes (to be confirmed by t…
Retweeted by Una HajdariIn case you doubted the purpose of today’s Trump-Duda meeting, Trump opens the press conference with an explicit re…
Retweeted by Una Hajdari“I’m worried that the true motivations of the prosecutor are political. Having in mind the timing, a couple of days… Hashim Thaci and nine other former separatists accused of being "criminally responsible for nearly 100 mu…
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