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@yukuzai i’m still here bestie reborn gang forever @ProfTheMeister idk man what’s your fav team @ProfTheMeister i’m surprised you watch basketball tbh @RashunAOT @AyanoKenshin webtoon ew @NutCrackeria @elviejopato @croooozin you must have just starting following me or sum @elviejopato @croooozin eren better than violet @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ yeah i’m muting this convo now @WeebyPotato_ @NutCrackeria BE NICE TO HIM @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ add potato to that discord @gapingthrowrer nah it was always popular @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ sayn never talks in our discord @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ it’s okay man sayn still loves you😁 @eaubreyb fr tho @NoExpectation1 Big W @stoovb @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ so you saw Teen Titans & Young Justice in my post and still thought i was talking abou… @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ adventure time & regular show aren’t on there… that’s why you commented in the first place… do you remember? @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ i haven’t watched all the episodes so i’m not finna rate it anyway l @gapingthrowrer i’ve known about fruits basket for over a decade btw @stoovb we don’t have the same netflix😭 @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ they’re not even top 25 for me prolly @WaifuFanClub love to see it @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ you love adventure time & regular show, you’re suchhhhhh an adult @WeebyPotato_ @kurruchii i will keeping living, that was the plan @stoovb don’t know what that is fr @WeebyPotato_ @kurruchii trust me, that was the plan, “bro” @WeebyPotato_ @kurruchii it’s a 10 for me @WeebyPotato_ also why’d you comment on this, but not me starting fruits basket? @WeebyPotato_ @kurruchii you’re just like dan a scrub who doesn’t deserve total drama @GreysimpsNobu agreed. @WeebyPotato_ @kurruchii get tf on @WeebyPotato_ I like drama more than action @NutCrackeria @WeebyPotato_ you’re such a kid @WeebyPotato_ @kurruchii i like total drama more pussy, what you gone do about it?“sheesh” “sussy” “poggers” “silly baka” “ratio” how about you shut the fuck up
Retweeted by Wintoki @WeebyPotato_ no way you commented this @IoIweeb thanks thomas @RashunAOT @TitoMochi i watched that “bro” @___UsMan____ rlly?🥺Starting This🥰 I got really high expectations🤑
Retweeted by Wintoki @elviejopato it’s their passion man @TheHwcks DC > Marvel fr @aclusk_19 it’s a drama… more than 20% of my top 50 is dramas😂 @aclusk_19 no 17 @aclusk_19 why? @ElijahKaiVA TALK TO EM!!nah fr tho mfs who use .9s when rating shit have something off in their brain man like is it a fetish to not round or sum? shit is strange
Retweeted by WintokiDon’t let twitter influence what you think about anime and manga.
Retweeted by WintokiI love the Toaru Series so much man
Retweeted by WintokiClassroom of the Elite has the best cast out of any ongoing series.
Retweeted by WintokiMy Favorite Cartoons😜
Retweeted by Wintoki @aclusk_19 that’s stupid @spacefromc maybe next year when i actually watch it @chxrIzie good job ig @CEOofKaneki later @NadekoNakano LFFGGGG @aclusk_19 how would starting a series be bait? please enlighten me. @ZepKage @yukuzai we read your tweet & replied to it but yes we can’t read and write bc we rather watch tv over re… @ZepKage AYOOOO @ZepKage @yukuzai readings books is a chore, rather watch TV @jeng_big just get an X @WakkaFTWW Ouran High School Host Club Maid-Sama NANA Skip Beat Special A Yona of the Dawn Fruits Basket take your pick of these greats one @chxrlzie i'll be sure to tweet my thoughts @nessa_sea not you got me @WakkaFTWW you avoid shoujo like the plaque or sum? @ImJustZAZC i've only seen S1 @dragunov_ii imagine having such fragile masculinity that you would feel like a lesser man for watching a shoujo anime😭🤣😂
@AnimeTyrone @Danmiao_Axe thanks man @nessa_sea first time you're giving me a W fr @ImJustZAZC i am starting from ep 1 @ProfTheMeister @RashunAOT LMAOOAOAOAOAOAOOOOO JEEZ @ImJustZAZC i gave S1 a wayyyyy higher rating than you @GreysimpsNobu Wisaka going to fucking jail😭😭😭 @dragunov_ii yeah because watching an anime can turn a man into a woman... i'm sure @NutCrackeria nah i was talking bout the twitter user😭😭 @buggsyjones902 llfffffggggggggg @GreysimpsNobu yeah he is 15 you fucking groomer @GreysimpsNobu he is 15, he needs to toughen up @NutCrackeria this picture just reminded me that Leo is still out there @SangenshokuJr true, you cancel those other bums out @YorozuyaAndre Andre gave me a W? wow i'm honored @Sunr1se7777 LFFFFGGGGGGGStarting This🥰 I got really high expectations🤑 @NutCrackeria not here @TomTerminator11 canadaian television show about teens in a mall @CEOofKaneki we don’t care that you don’t like the simpsons😂 @NutCrackeria what’s up with the pfp @Hexinblazin i’m good, i got a list @ShinitaiKevan appreciate it brodie @CEOofKaneki agreed ig. @random123456672 haven’t seen it @chxrlzie Bojack Horseman & Invader Zim @Hexinblazin i haven’t seen it @RaiderBigMike better than any anime fr @_ImRobi maybe i would have to check @NutCrackeria regular show and adventure time?😭 @CEOofKaneki The Simpsons golden age is the best cartoon of all time btw @Hexinblazin not hereMy Favorite Cartoons😜 @Jeewa97 .0 and .5 scale will always be undefeated