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Chance Perdomo’s stunt double • he/him • venmo: ariebrooksart • cashapp: $unbthered

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I’m really like ... in love and shit.
Retweeted by AriePlease consider donating if you are able and share :) anything helps and everything is appreciated. #ftm #trans
Retweeted by ArieAye boost the fuck outta the homie’s gofundme @v_senpai Yes ma’am @v_senpai I’m talkin to youIts cold af in this house I wish I had some coochie to warm up inside of
@v_senpai @yarimoreno__ @sofia_kuin 👀 @Dwayne_waynejr Ayye happy 5! @africanintheus Yeah solely because all the people who’s opinion I care about are dead, & everyone who’s left doesn’t careShe really said fuck you Will Schuester forgot to show my face to da fam #TransManThirstdae
Retweeted by Arie @goldenRboy I missed it. By five hours. @505_arii Lmaooo not ariel im sleep @DinkisLegit 😂😂😂 I had to @CubanDaVinci The face The ass
Retweeted by Arie @Daddicus_ Lmaoo yeah she died my senior year thoNot me being five hours late for my interview cause the meeting time was in UTC and not EST @505_arii Wild huh
“My hands are always pale”.... it’s because you’re cawcajun.
Retweeted by Arie @AngelicHottie The whole vibe here is just lovelyIt’s Thursday or whatever #transniggathirstdae
Retweeted by ArieI am starving. Yes I just ate.
Retweeted by Arie @hbayen Thrifted 😌 but the tag says “repp” @yojacob22 That’s my baby. I Keep that thang on me @theclaycub The healing ??? Bro how tf You really Said scars? what scars?That first photo was taken the same year I cut my hair and came out as “a lesbian”I was homecoming queen. Sometimes I forget that was me. Lmaooo.Okay one more post for #transniggathirstdae I just found this and my jaw dropped. #transniggathirstdae featuring my wrinkled shirt and dirty mirror 🙂
Retweeted by Arie#transmanthirtsdae #transniggathirstdae
Retweeted by ArieSelf 3.0 #Transniggathirstdae #Transmanthirstdae 💜
Retweeted by ArieSweater weather on this #TransNiggaThirstdae was a very hard facial expression to make btwI’m not saying I agree that we look alike But I’m also not saying I disagree @transandtriflin Aight hand over the biceps immediately YEAR & $1,000??? I’m sorry. What? One year? And 1k? For all the lives lost and intentionally put in harms way thi… @itsahrenrene 17155# 2021 is the year I get stronger. @mariiiwrld 👀This was supposed to come off as a joke but reading it back it sounds oddly inspiringMy mom: I see a strong, tall and handsome black man in your future. Me, 16: yeah.. same. @v_senpai Yes @505_arii Brilliant idea. You always lookin out for me man @505_arii Who?? @_SOMETHlNGGOOD Blushinnnn @Daddicus_ Lmao right But they made that account just to troll niggas so im not surprised @Daddicus_ Trigger warning /// people of colorOkay time for me to log off. wrote down my class schedule and immediately became stressed @adrixnsays I almost unfollowed @adrixnsays So. I Read this wrong and thought you had a little voyeur thing but specifically with yt people. I was judging
@Daddicus_ 🥺 thank you @adrixnsays Its about baby steps adrian @Daddicus_ Its rare haha thank youi didn’t think you could get more hot and then you smiled and now i’m smitten.
Retweeted by Arie @adrixnsays Now that is short short 😳Have me out here trying to act shocked like “wooow that’s crazy”Cis people be like “I looked so much different in high school omg” and show you a picture of them with bangs @neoseouI 💀 my bad my badMy TL all boo’d up I see y’all 💅 @yojacob22 Mood @hotboybebop Part of me wants to but like My head is tiny.. and my body is not 😂I’ve really been having the urge to cut my hair lately I’m probably gonna end up doin some shit I regret @Dwayne_waynejr I know im just playin 😂 @Dwayne_waynejr Finally being honest about your age @itsahrenrene I feel you Definitely worth it tho congrats bro @eyebrowmab Thank you its cautiously approaching thats for sure @EuphoriaJunkie_ @ChancePerdomo I do Thats how much it happens 😂 Also: @EuphoriaJunkie_ @ChancePerdomo Look... everyone does 😂What a good looking gent.
Retweeted by Arie @theclaycub You 2 for 2 rn @Saidi_Kayy Thank you thank you 💛 @theclaycub Every time I see folks posting music on my TL its always an amazing artist made a gfm so I can start medically transitioning, secure transportation, and finally move out of LA I feel…
Retweeted by Arie @TheAnswerKarabo @Saidi_Kayy I came to say thank you but then I saw this 💀 @neoseouI Cocaine is just flavorless preworkoutNew frames came in today @StarMurals Sure am! @TheyDavis Wait. Go back, you a tattoo artist? @ButSir_thatsgay The not allowing people to reply cracked me up too. They knew it wasn’t that deepOkay this was a joke, yes But I still tested negative after quarantining so I guess my ass has them antibodies 🙏🏾 @StarMurals Hey thanks, I’ll be done in December @iamclarabellec_ No I had no clue I would’ve unfollowed his ass so quick I dont play with that shit @devsavesdaworld Right.. like it’s pretty clear what I meant by that but even still that was not even close to the… of y’all really missed the point of this and I think thats mad interestingSo you read the whole tweet and chose to focus on that? Lmfao
@holyshitivory Same! Idk how he’s been able to come back time and time again without a majority of us realising @Trans_Dam Thats what I said 30 minutes ago too I was mad confused when a friend of mine was tellin me about it @Trans_Dam Check my last couple RTsI’m pissed rn dont mind me. Shits just disappointing.If we “pass”, We benefit from everything that used to work against us. Just because we been in women’s shoes before… women & femme aligned people tweet some “all men are trash” I don’t want to see no more trans men begging to d… @ilyadonis Right? Mad disappointing. @itsbigsimpinbby G-thang 😂😂😍😍
Retweeted by Arie @v_senpai Any time my loveTW // abuse Bro.. we were mutuals & i had no idea about this shit. If anyone knew about this & I put him on your T… y’all have grandkids whatre you gonna have them nigglets call you? I’m thinkin pops or somethinMfka this shit is GOOD!!!
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