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Uncle Dommy @UncleDommy North Shore, MA

Townie musings, gaming/nerd stuff, New England sports worship. Co-creator/host/super producer for Spotify's #1 gaming podcast, #NotAnotherGamingPodcast.

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this game is unwatchable lol @Handsome_Jake_ lmao text me @Handsome_Jake_ something tells me ill need the staminaI got a couple badges from these lil Strava challenges and folks the SEROTONIN IS FLOWING @BrianStaples And folks that’s why they call him Brian “good at doing humor” Staples back to you in the booth mike2040 first rounder💪🏼☘️💚Congratulations🙏🏼
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy☘️ @Handsome_Jake_ Jake this is the ONEWe getting Hayward’s Vader game tonight 🔥 🔥 🔥
Retweeted by Uncle DommyGuys. A good friend of the stream @asw476 needs our help. I know times are tough right now, but if you can spare an…
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We’d be nowhere without these guys, and I cannot wait for this episode. Lock it in your calendars now folks!! 🚀🌕 marks EPISODE 200 of #NotAnotherGamingPodcast! 🎉🚀2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣🚀🎉 To celebrate, we’re inviting on our most illust…
Retweeted by Uncle DommyCeltics at 8:30 tonight?????🤮according to a Snapchat filter, the anime version of me looks exactly like Arsène Lupin III THIS is podracing This Can’t Be My Setup While Playing Star Wars Squadrons, Then I Don’t Want It (via…
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy26 years (photo @tomwarren)
Retweeted by Uncle Dommythis Elder Scrolls Online advertising is getting a little weird @SlashLurk @Bubbasac just ordered a pack. can't waitfolks, if you haven't read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (the collection of ASOIAF prequel novellas), read it. as… @jessk_iddin yeah but just think of all the money you *haven’t spent* on festivals and concerts and all that other… doctor:'s New Twitch Intro Is Absolutely Electrifying (via @UncleDommy)
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy.@TPAIN’s new intro is a whole ass vibe
Retweeted by Uncle Dommycaved and ordered a pair of @birddogs pants yesterday, and they shipped out before the end of the day - I should ha… been useful before 2 dozen iconic Boston bars had to close their doors forever, but I’ll take it. 6 versus month 6 of quarantine zoom meetings way 2020 is going, I fully expect a viral tweet about “Someone made a socially distanced Monster Mash parody an…
Retweeted by Uncle DommyI’ve often been asked ... “Who is the greatest Tag Team of All Time?” The answer has always been the same. Rest…
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy @Handsome_Jake_ That reminds me. I still owe @JohnnyRootbeer a lightsaber combat class. Might have to add that to the winter agenda @Handsome_Jake_ Done @Handsome_Jake_ Finally my time has come!!! @RyanDuby 💀💀💀 @BrianPShea DUDE SAME @TiggyNation @billylubanski Let’s not do this
@billylubanski*cops 900 of these off amazon* my pen aficionados out there, just know this baby glides across paper like Kristi Yamaguchi used to on ice.
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy @mattyMOET @baybayimback 1 of you is enough1 like and ill order some crab rangoons @NotSethTata Yeah I’m talking about like day 1, console specific exclusive, launch titles that you can’t get on PC… @NotSethTata Also on ps4 @tibermoon👀 Valhalla @XcloudTimdog ?
Retweeted by Uncle DommyMy preferred role in life would be member of the King’s entourage Like the childhood drinking buddy of the King w…
Retweeted by Uncle Dommyhope everyone rushing out to pre-order the ps5 and xbox also makes sure to pre-order all those generation-defining… energy this description is incredible used to laugh, wasn't it funny? Late night at my grandma's house counting that money. I gotta go to work.
Retweeted by Uncle DommyKatie Nolan is very very good at her job
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Retweeted by Uncle DommyNobody will miss you when the pork chops finally lock your left atrium like the transmission on a 99 grand am
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My wife when it’s time to go fall candle shopping @WGGBert I swear to god I’ve thought about this like on a weekly basis since I was 12Marcus Smart calls the locker-room confrontation following Game 2 "electrifying" for the Celtics.
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy @catsuka Life-sized Gundam in Yokohama testing with the Pacific Rim theme.
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy @catsuka While you were out partying, I studied the Controller While you were having premarital sex, I mastered th…
Retweeted by Uncle DommyWFH in the Fall is already hitting so different. Wake up in one pair of sweats, shower, then immediately get into a… @BostonBrad_ @DexertoMike When was the last time I steered you wrong, my internet son? @DexertoMike 🤝🤝🤝🤝 @BostonBrad_ other news, Double Fine plans to buy some pizza today.
Retweeted by Uncle DommyTop 1 NA Strava content creator is on another level today lmao @SeanTheBaptiste cool so when is our call because I would like to see thisincreasing 50% in 6 months? is that good? @kingdavidotw TL loving and respecting The Outer Worlds today????? we love to see itZeppelin 🐐 @LordCognito "case by case" prolly means "if you ask nicely, you can still have fallout and elder scrolls"I really hope this Xbox/Bethesda acquisition will lead to PC/Xbox cross-play/cross-accounts for Elder Scrolls Onlin… @Handsome_Jake_ you mean the year where he *checks notes* barely practiced and/or played due to being *checks more notes* injured? @Handsome_Jake_ what're people complaining about nowremember when it came out last week that microsoft wanted to buy bungie, but the price was way too high? you REAL… to see that Bethesda has rejected my offer of 350,000 cheese wheels.
Retweeted by Uncle DommyLast note on this - the folks at Bethesda/ZeniMax are some of my favorite people I've met over the years in the ind… also means that Microsoft is releasing two PS5 timed exclusives, in Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop.… and Bethesda are now sister studios. I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin'. @LordCognito @kingdavidotw Monday: Xbox Acquires ZeniMax Media, Bethesda Softworks (via @UncleDommy) #Bethesda #Xbox
Retweeted by Uncle Dommy fight and heart than anybody else woulda thought going into the home of (arguably) football’s best QB right no… pukeI’m shakingThat would’ve been sick I would’ve liked that
Retweeted by Uncle DommyOh my lordCam going into the phonebooth let’s goAn @NFL record for @CameronNewton. Newton passes Otto Graham, Jack Kemp, Steve McNair and Steve Young for the mos…
Retweeted by Uncle DommyCam not giving it up man i love itCam Newton to any opposing goal line packages omgThis is why Devin McCourty is a Patriots captain, and a leader. Wish his leadership didn’t have to come on display…
Retweeted by Uncle DommyOh fuck @KeysRealTalk Couldn’t be meHOHOHHOHOHOHOHHOHOLETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO
Prayers for James White and his family. Just awful, sickening, horrifying news. Ugh. @wggchrisp @jimmmmyo How did you even find this @jimmmmyo Details