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either listening to music or to Alan Watts lectures

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@mehdibanter QAnon is comedy centralfinna start writing @MacIsA10 def up thereinside my head it's gettin pretty cluttered @RaynsClout @SplatoonNews good ole copiumi absolutely despise US politics, i wish it wasn't so important @ThatswhyIFuckw1 obviously it would have to be implemented properly, but i definitely think it's something we shoul… @ThatswhyIFuckw1 Poverty is bad across the board, not making enough money to live on is bad across the board. Don't be dense. @ThatswhyIFuckw1 yes i am virtue signaling, i love worker exploitationyes my incredibly biased takes of wanting working people to be paid a living wage labor is a myth. You work fast food? Congrats, you likely learned various cooking, food prep, and machine…
Retweeted by drive slow homie @ThatswhyIFuckw1 @g0rmsy hard disagree @don_lefleur fr she just went from pasty white to regular white🤣 @choice_rap @Eminem @kanyewest hmmm...low @MacIsA10 u tried @g0rmsy i wouldnt go that farleave me alone Floyd was based af when they made Money @Jman0241 yall better look out if i ever get my hands on some communist theory🤣shouldn't cost of living/inflation be tied to the minimum wage in the first place?
one question i have about the minimum wage increase tho, what's gonna stop landlords from doubling rent? and other increases like that?so you agree that these businesses are undervaluing their workers in order to sustain themselves? debate on whether or not the minimum wage should be increased is really dumb and people who oppose a higher min… @TheRapAgenda any idea why?Wow got clapped?????😔 @MASTERNELSON03 RIPbruh
Retweeted by drive slow homietwitter twittering @Jody_McFly "iNfLaTioN" @5multies @Bledtheflow no‼️ @king_d_o_m_ @excitebikee im just jokin @SaturatedReverb woah comrade @excitebikee im not interested in forex actually, thanks tho @TheDairyDealer hes awesomeim so happy Alan Watts existedsame with Gone lmao make this one my phone lockscreen is one of my favorite photos @ultralightPOWER ehhhhh @f_rtea st0p br34th1ngi make myself laugh sometimes SINCE MY BROTHER DIED @anarchocudism wym @Bledtheflow @theadamnfan yeah its bizarrelife is feeling pretty meaningless right now. maybe rightfully so.i cant believe how brainwashed i used to begamer incels when the protagonist has XX chromosomes @MacIsA10 right now, goi think we should make the stock market illegal just so i dont have to see people talking about it all the timewhat is Clubhouse? @Youthresist nicebabe are u ok? you’ve hardly posted any communist propaganda today
Retweeted by drive slow homiedo yall like fleet foxes? @youngbakIava we're almost identical @JeffJosephUSA 🤣 @lunch77beats pain
he's right putting Kanye in the same group as that psycho @nfr_podcast FACESi just have to laugh @the_rapdiablo ....even if i dont hit againAMEN BROTHER!!! TURNIP2021🇱🇷🇲🇾 FR*CK THE DEMOCRATS
Retweeted by drive slow homiechanos would like us all to know that he does, indeed, have sex @MASTERNELSON03 oooo nice, thats a great step in the right direction @MASTERNELSON03 wait are they discussing that? @thelowbentheory the other 3 albums in my tweet @thelowbentheory i haven't heard his whole discography but so far i think it's 4th @trayonthemoon no smiles hip hoprespect blu @FernandoHHT like school smart? @MyMindWentBIank @generic_name05 u got a link? @przjohnathon yeah seems like a road we dont need to go downehhhhhh not sure about this one we feelin about my 8 values? really cant believe that Marjorie Greene got electedso people can't pursue art if their parents have money? @KundaiWG im not a laker/lebron fan dude lmao, im just saying brooklyn has 0 paint presence it seems @AHlNGS @Shlimeszn1 AYOOO SOMEBODY COME LOOK AT THIS @Shlimeszn1 AYOOOOreal talk @lunch77beats @miracIewhips @trashtivist 😒 @scritmusic_ depends, do u think she'll see this?dark side of the moon, thriller @scritmusic_ ur damn right it does😍 @kidsseebozos i wanna fold clothes for uchanging my name to Greedy Corporation so AOC will want to ruin meif my crush ever texts me back i will respond with my topster @lxstsxul128 Sharknado🤣 @MacIsA10 iphone venezuela 100 billion dead stalin @UncleQuincy Socialism is when I don’t like
Retweeted by drive slow homie @milkantss when capitalism does something i dont like its socialismi really cant do this anymore im struggling have a feeling the Lakers will absolutely destroy this team sometimes tweet things that i dont even understand just to see people's responses"do u really want the government controlling medicine?" idk do u want corporations to keep doing it like this? @Youthresist