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point five @undercoverloon1 New Delhi // 18

instead of using twitter, i do something useful with my life //pvt @overcoverloon1

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when your circle small but y’all crazy
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@Elizabetttt_ Dm me it @nicothe421st YES YOU SEE IT TOO @CageComrade exactlyyy this is a whole grown woman @givemesamosa I LOVE THIS MOVIE SM @ValterSkarsgard @thexionxtra holy shit valter im such a huge fan, can i have ur autograph @ValterSkarsgard @thexionxtra ill dm u @RobertDowneyJ5 @rudy_betrayed nvmgeneral consensus is that the avi does look like a vagina so who cares abt miguel's brother @thexionxtra BECAUSE IT DOES @brokenballsacc noo lmfao @thexionxtra i told u @brokenballsacc yess @thexionxtra why would u do thatyep @brokenballsacc the one tiktok video of ur first time being a hitmanthe poor girl got ratio'd so hard omfg 😭😭imagine this happening to u, like there is simply no other option than deactivating just told me i act like a boy like if u think having too much swag is boyish, then yes im a boy @awkdipti HAHAHA exactlythis one girl im at a party with rn just went "i dont make friends with girls easy :/ too much drama" like bitch th…
@Sethrogen your pottery makes my whole day, im just out here showing my friends this like "hey look what seth made today"I made this ashtray:
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Retweeted by point five @lincnotfound aint no way @rudy_betrayed u remember when u were the butterfly that had 100k followers bestie @peachcrisis agonydo u all not remember olivia, the 19 yo nurse assistant who married her 89 yo patient likey'all need to stop telling the internet about ur illegal activities, literally could've just sat there and vibed bu… @peachcrisis step on me pls i beg u
@toefurchris1 @goodjokecenter jesus @toefurchris1 @goodjokecenter I DELETED ALL MY REPLIES @toefurchris1 @goodjokecenter HOLY FUCK I WAS JUST PLAYING PLS DELETE THIS @toefurchris1 @lilvanhooters max pls ignore this i forgot to untag u @brokenballsacc mine check out my acc but im cool @brokenballsacc go off ian @brokenballsacc HAHAHA yesi told him he'll never find something like thiswhy the fuck is my cousin lonely posting on whatsapp when my entire family has his number, and that too at 5 am oh… @JuanNotSoBot love uabsolutely despise when people disagree with me on my private account, like if i wanted to debate would i not have…
google and i are bestiesme when im famous @Sauce_Boss01 How tall @Koda__Kola how tall @piscescinema NOT P SHAPED LMAOOOOO @amitypls 56 yes @amitypls what did they even mean @memetazaa twitter whore @guy_tricycle shut up boy @JuanNotSoBot same @JuanNotSoBot thank u @Rudyf14pilot HAHAH ok @thexionxtra DSJFKERJHGER @spaghettispagh4 @overcoverloon1 no. @The_Wyler @overcoverloon1 THANK GOSH @elliesmallbelly ur gonna die of slam nella @gayspyalex just add some coconut cream instead man tf is this @gayspyalex IKR ??? @elliesmallbelly ur sick @GajjarTwisha hahaha @hugogustav99 HAHAHAH nah man everyone has their own thing @hogie_j @overcoverloon1 so tru hogie @hogie_j @overcoverloon1 @ValterSkarsgard do u think i'd beat him in a fight @hugogustav99 why @TheAugoosetus OH ok hell yes @TheAugoosetus that uses c @guy_tricycle hell yesit's long overdue @thexionxtra wonder if christian missionaries get brownie points every time they do something like thisim not a big fan of x either, there are not many words that need it, and whichever words do need it can use eks, or zg and q are unnecessary, also their positioning sucksit is high time we come out with a second edition of the alphabet, there are way too many problems with the current onecosta rica is wild man, imagine not having an army because ur a perfect sweetie and ur neighbors are perfect sweeti… @thexionxtra @kidknee_krimnal HAHAH @kidknee_krimnal @overcoverloon1 ur google is weak @ValterSkarsgard @hogie_j wait why would u say this @ValterSkarsgard so chilly @awkdipti leave ur bf for me @ValterSkarsgard @SimplyMav lol L @TheNotoriousHRT prime isnt useless bad poll booooooSometimes I think about how this masterpiece of CGI was released in 2006. That's insane... The CG, the integration…
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@bigsharkguy HAHA loser @bigsharkguy ur forgetting what we had @bigsharkguy i hate u @DisruptMessage u should be @RobertDowneyJ5 thank u bae @The_Wyler dm omg @memetazaa ur a whore @isan_vl mhm you know it @lAmMentallyIll LMAOOO @lAmMentallyIll u down bad @isan_vl i like all of my tweets which is why i post themme flirting with 10 dudes is obviously cool, natural and sexy, but any of the boys thinking that another girl is ho… @IAmAlkhemik im great @IAmAlkhemik heyyyy how are u long time no seedidn't use twitter for some days, and didn't lose even a single follower so basically all of you are in love with me