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Publisher. Shirley Jackson Award, and British Fantasy award-winning editor. Two-time World Fantasy Award Finalist. Endearingly weird. He/Him

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Spent most of October getting acquainted with Richard Gavin, who has skyrocketed to the top of my weird fiction app…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @PatLacey He's one of our greats!! @josh_rountree @WFC2020 @SGJ72 Glad you liked the panel.And here's the superb David Longhorn reading my 4-minute story "October Dreams." You've got a few minutes, right?, we're in the print edition of the Toronto Star! A feature on Weird Horror, and a review of Richard Gavin's' gr… scary #shortstories in this week's recommendations, to mark Halloween: Featuring…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsA brand new story by me, just in time for Halloween! 🎃
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsCurrent crop of miniatures up for grabs (can easily ship internationally.)
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@JamesNGrainger's Halloween book column is up at the Toronto Star, and recommends Richard Gavin's "Grotesquerie."… @JamesNGrainger @TorontoStar @UrsulaV @pdjeliclark @CraigDiLouie Thanks so much! Very pleased you liked Richard's book.
@UndertowPubs new “Weird Horror” magazine showcases dark fiction & comment in a stylish, pulpy format:…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsAnd a reminder if you're in the LA-area that @lastbookstorela has copies in store.!! @UndertowPubs in the @TorontoStar today--love to see this kind of coverage for books and #weirdlit! Check o…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsWeird Horror magazine is in Toronto Star: “Horror is getting much more respect these days than it ever has before,…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsAnd we're in the fabulous Toronto Star today, talking Weird Horror! Much thanks to @debdundas for the great intervi… Her Voice Unmasked from @UndertowPubs "This is a touching story with a lot of thematic undercurrents. Readers…
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@wnwagner Thank you!!“Welcome to the new pulp!” Excellent debut issue of Weird Horror by @UndertowPubs.
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @Alex_Corbitt Thanks very kindly. @fabioscagliola Thank you!! @UndertowPubs I already have both of them (on paper, of course) and I strongly recommend these to all horror/weird tales’ lovers!!
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @DrCrypt Definitely riffing off it, yes.CBC recommends MEXICAN GOTHIC as a Halloween read.
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsJust in time for Halloween-check out Mary Rickert's new novelette: "The Little Witch. Art by Jon Foster…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsMoving is always a challenge, but I can finally open a pair of packages that have been waiting patiently for me thi…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @isthatcmyoung @GordonBWhite Fabulous! Enjoy!In case you missed it! A reprint with spooky birds!
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @RyTron @DrCrypt @SOTEfilms Thank you!!It’s almost Halloween! We’ve got horror Recs for you over at #sturgislibrary! @theandydavidson, @johnhornor,…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @CoreyFarrenkopf @theandydavidson @johnhornor @almakatsu @Gabino_Iglesias @nadiabulkin @TedEGrau @TheLincoln I find comforting about @UndertowPubs new (excellent) dark fiction magazine, Weird Horror, is that it bor…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @DrCrypt Thanks so much!!Look what came in the mail yesterday 😎😁. I've been excited to check out this Weird Horror #magazine from…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @CD_Kester Hurrah! Thank you!Hey, if you read reviews before you purchase mags here's one for my story in Weird Horror from @UndertowPubs the re…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsRight, that's our Pushcart Prize nominations mailed off!It's been a crazy and exhausting year here at Chateau Undertow. Thank you. Please keep me busy. Buy these 2 horrifi… @ArmelDagorn Appreciate that. @ArmelDagorn Thank you so much!What I'm reading (@UndertowPubs) vs what my kid is reading
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Was quite moved to see this mention from @ShearmanRobert in the intro to his great collection WE ALL HEAR STORIES I… WFC sked: The Weirder Side of the Fantastic Oct 30, 2:00 Anya Martin, Teri Clarke, Bria…
Me too!! fun. three themes in my work: - there's something wrong with the Child - yep turns out you really truly cannot…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @ac_wise Ooops, sorry, didn't know you'd participated already.3 themes recurring in my work: -there is some other you that may or may not be dead (identity/dopplegangers) -lone… @JamesNGrainger Nice!Imagine a job hiring that demanded "no simultaneous applications" and told you they'd get back to you about an inte…
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @stevenwbeattie Thank YOU! Appreciate your time and interest.New interview up courtesy @stevenwbeattie If you're interested in our magazine Weird Horror as reader or writer it…
@josh_rountree @NightmareMag Thanks! @claramadrigano @NightmareMag Thank you! @ac_wise @NightmareMag Thanks!! @FoxesandRoses Thank you! @sillysyntax @NightmareMag Thank you! @MarijaSmits @LunaPressGlobal @shoreinf @NewConPress @BlackShuckBooks @TheShadowBooth @GNutsofHorror @BtGS_pod Thank you! @stevetoase @NightmareMag Thank you!More good news! Extremely pleased to say I've sold an original story, "That Which Crawls From Dark Soil," to… @phil_sloman @pennyqotu @PeterMarkMay @BlackShuckBooks Thank you!! @alaricpcabiling @LauraNMauro Thank you!! If you like eBooks you can grab them from a great indie @WeightlessBooks of my small pleasures is going out to the backyard in the morning and throwing some seeds and nuts to the bunnies, birds, and squirrels. @manuscriptgal Yay! Congratulations 🎉🎉👏 @LauraNMauro So happy for you! Congratulations 👏
@ShearmanRobert Congratulations!! @pennyqotu @PeterMarkMay @BlackShuckBooks @phil_sloman Congratulations!! @Topgun011 @LauraNMauro Thank you 😊😍 @MarySoonLee The Memory Police, then, might be a better fit. @MarySoonLee @WFC2020 They are both fantastic, but totally different. Either is a great choice. @tracy_reads79 @LauraNMauro Thank you.The spooky season has officially arrived, thanks to the fine folks at @UndertowPubs !
Retweeted by Undertow Publications @LeemanKessler Finally!! Very sorry for the delay. Enjoy!The Last Bookstore
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsAnd just noticed our Art Director, @VinceHaig is nominated as Best Artist! Kudos! Fantasy Awards! Congratulations to @LauraNMauro and Georgina Bruce on their nominations for Best Collection… 4-star review of Weird Horror #1, courtesy Jim Retan. @FoxesandRoses @UncannyMagazine @ClarionWest Hurrah!!What they're saying about Weird Horror: "A new periodical from an excellent publisher of the weird that upholds th…
And the innards are just as beautiful . Award winning, in fact. @okokno That's what we like to hear.Here's a terrific review of Vol. 8 of Shadows & Tall Trees. If you like weird horror, grab a copy. @joecam79 Joseph, thanks so much! Very pleased it hit the spot!Armageddon House Reviewed At Volume 1 Brooklyn
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsGet your copy! didn't know Lane until @UndertowPubs did a beautiful edition of his Lost Districts. Having read that I'm very exc…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsOver at Vol.1 Brooklyn, @TobiasCarroll reviews @MGSoundVisions's 'Armageddon House.' " never stops being gr… @TheRuptureMag @UndertowPubs @VolneyRoad @Vrdncys @VerseZine @perhappened @wfwreview @theWindowPoetry
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@vol1brooklyn Thank you @TobiasCarrollA lovely review of @MGSoundVisions's ARMAGEDDON HOUSE, courtesy @TobiasCarroll. Please grab a copy of this fabulous… @slimyswampghost @SamHeimer Fabulous! Thank you!my new novella, inspired by Finnish folklore, the Kalevala, and the Finnish Civil War, is available for pre-order!…
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Featuring the first installment of my column where, at least this time, I write about the Crestwood House monster b…
Retweeted by Undertow PublicationsWhat they're saying about Weird Horror. "Weird Horror is a new, very promising twice-yearly horror magazine featur… @smallbeerpress I'd actually sort of love a Halloween book by this Gavn, as well.A Halloween book by a Gavin. Not by this Gavin, by another Gavin:
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@DAVID_A_SLADE They generally sell out to the previous letter and number holders. They have rights to match their n…, L.A.-area friends! The great @lastbookstorela has many of our titles in stock, including Weird Horror magazine. Get in! @sdmckinley27 Thank you!You need this book! @krisdikeman I know. @deadlyhabit Ah, well, there are only 52 lettered editions and the folks who have rights to specific letters get fi…