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The amount of comments saying he should have just taken being pulled on and hit is astounding. Doesn’t matter what…
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@Chidarumah I guess you need glasses then.
@TheHeretek Indeed. @thebritishertwi Well, I've seen better. -Eeh, we'll fix it in post. @masked_bastard @SpicyStarMan “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause." @CaslyMary @VaushV @BreakitRolfe @SpicyStarMan I'm sure they'll pass a quick addendum to fix that. @KingOfShake @SpicyStarMan So... Russian interference = Freak the fvck out! Rich guy interference = Yass massa! Thank you, massa! ?? 🤣 @RooticusPrime @AnonIV_Politics Thanks for the reminder, buddy. That's actually kind of a funny thing for me to pos… @RooticusPrime @AnonIV_Politics Nice! I had almost forgotten I made that. 👍 @feelinmaga @StefanMolyneux That should be quite the shitshow, hopefully in an entertaining way. Thanks for the info. 😃 @feelinmaga No worries. @feelinmaga Well, I figured that was inherent to No 1. @GrimlockPaladin @VaushV Lol. What the fuck is a centrist alt-righter?? If it's so "out of context", who come Vau… @DMLamont @Brooke_Mew No. Trust me. I'm not the sociopath in this conversation. Let me break it down for you: I'… @SpicyStarMan How is this not election tampering? Some rich guy could just arrange a weekend trip for truckloads of… @Brooke_Mew @DMLamont And besides, they can always dress up like Bering Sea fishermen. Deadliest Catch ftw. @jamjar_41 @DMLamont Yeah. Have you ever watched Deadliest Catch? :) @DornanTimothy @DMLamont Indeed. 👍9/ As a final thought: This is exactly why freedom of speech is so important. I don't want this person banned. It's… I guess the bottomline is: If you start talking about a group of people as "sub human", whichever group of peopl… There're only 2 reasons to say CP should be legal: 1 You're an idiot & believe it. In which case you should be… And then we haven't even gotten to the point of Vaush calling CP ethical and saying it should be legal. ...Whic… My rule of thumb is, if a person cannot physically change a specific trait, then I have no business mocking it,… I dont attack generalized groups, I attack arguments on specific issues. With comedy. I listen to what they say… @VaushV 3/ For those who didn't understand the point of my tweets: If I would've said anything like Vaush did abo… @Dvbivs @bitchute Thanks bud! @Ranting_Monkey @VaushV I know right! @stillgray In lieu of religious strife, it seems politics must now be conducted by jihad. 😉 @stillgray No one is more left than you, Ian. 😜 @VaushV And if you consider Vaush to be based now, don't hitch your wagon to that horse just yet. @Zoneinnow @DMLamont Wow, that was actually kinda poetic! 👍 @DMLamont Ah, the old "No you! / "I'm rubber, you're glue" counterargument. How innovative! How skillful! How intel… @BfDyalan @VaushV Yeah. Not everything he's saying is wrong. It's just that some of the things he's saying would pr… MY GAWD! I'd love to hear the double-standards "it's ok when we do it" explanation for this shit, @VaushV. 👀 @magog_morskar A literal what-aboutism. @JPHorn7 @Telos786 Thank you, I aim to please. 🤣 @Undoomed I read through the whole thing. For shits and giggles. Here's how it went: Undoomed: Thing X is shitty. D…
Retweeted by Undoomed @DMLamont Oh, touchy touchy! 🤣🤣🤣 @Telos786 I'm not that kinda girl. 🤣 @AnonIV_Politics He's my pet gimp and stupid quote farm. 🤣 @DMLamont Everyone can see exactly what you said, you fucking idiot! 🤣 @Telos786 I'm like heroin to him or something. 🤣Welcome to Dave's World, where people who express opinions contrary to the State are "awful people" who deserve to… are approximately 1,010,300 words in the English language, but I could never string enough words together to…
@IvanchoAllegro That sucks man. What country is it?If you think getting sprayed with water during a protest is actually worse than the police forcing their way into y… @DMLamont Then why are you arguing? @DMLamont They didn't have the police come into their home to intimidate them, did they? @WinterSolstice8 Of course it's fake. @TheLoneWondere2 Good luck. @AnonIV_Politics @RedBatMedia Both. @literaturedevil Indeed. @AnonIV_Politics @RedBatMedia I don't care.It's a sad state of affairs when objecting to having the police come and intimidate you in your own home because of… @missiejustin Of course. 😉When you need editing software to create a "sick burn" in the debate. @FedorableH LOL! @AnonIV_Politics @RedBatMedia Irrelevant pedantry. I've referred to someone I've never met with an ambiguous name w…'s a doggo comforting a kitty. What more could you ask for? Happy #LoveYourPetDay !! @Dvbivs Exactly. @Dvbivs Well, he's already served almost 10 years in jail and in that embassy room, so I think it's time to let bygones be bygones. @RedrumMistress Lol, Kung Fu Trash Panda! @Dvbivs I think he got a raw deal. @George_Babbitt Don't remember the exact years of his switching back and forth. :) @George_Babbitt Sounds like he's still a bit of a republican. @Dvbivs He disseminated classified US intelligence information, and the US government frowns upon such things. Basi… @tedharringtonjr HAHAHA! To the surprise of no one! @stillgray Biden's best performance, and he still can't break through. Ouch. :) @LebonePurvis Boomberg. lol I like it! @stillgray If Trump won, that must mean that Bernie won the debate? That who Trump wants run against. @Sno_Dub @RAZ0RFIST I can imagine. He's funny as hell. :) @Sno_Dub That sounds like fun! :) @DMLamont I'm interested in it the same way that I'm interested in boxing. I don't really care who wins. I care abo… @MrFulcanelli Awesome! :) @Scribe_Light Man I have to see this! Do you know if they put it up on youtube? @Priv_Sht_Lord @amyklobuchar Touchy, huh? :) @Scribe_Light Yeah. If he wins the nomination it'll be by the sole power of cold hard cash. @GlamAZon77 Good. It's been kinda stale and timid before. @CountDibbula True. But sometimes there's somewhat of a consensus. Obviously never 100% consensus. @Scribe_Light He was that bad huh? 🤣 @FrFriedPotaters lolSo who won yesterday's democratic debate? And who lost? I was busy so I couldn't watch. Did I miss any great comedy moments? @AnonIV_Politics @RedBatMedia So when you email your phone provider you're really just cruising for ass. Lol ok dude. @BasedElisabeth @thebritishertwi Thanks! @thebritishertwi What did I miss? @DMLamont "My favorite president" Bwahahahaha! Not even close, pal. Impeach him, don't impeach him, I don't give a fuck. @DMLamont @PeteForAmerica So you just Trump that much huh? Oh-kay. @DMLamont @PeteForAmerica Your point? @PeteForAmerica Really? That was the best shot of him you found? He looks like a dying duck in a thunderstorm, for Christ's sake.
@Inzuqi @DMLamont He's my pet gimp, dontchaknow. 🤣 @DMLamont LOL. In your dreams, my precious pet gimp. @memeXchange @NickLReynolds lol @allthingsbing @NickLReynolds Right franchise at least. @memeXchange @NickLReynolds Indeed. I even put a little T-rex emoji in there. @NickLReynolds ikr :) @NickLReynolds I think you were the first to get the reference. :) @XPLORATORYMINDS @Cheshireviqq Ah I see. @Cheshireviqq @XPLORATORYMINDS Oh-kay. I have no idea who that person is. 🤣