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Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. Currently working on a book on work, ideology, and politics. He/Him

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Breaking Bad premiered twelve years ago today. Back then revenge fantasies of middle age/middle class white men wer…
Happy birthday David Lynch. @maddiewhittle The Gift was watchable solely for this aspect.First they try to get you to kill yourself and then they pretend that they agreed with you all along. is not only the best film of the year, but the one that comes closest to grasping some of the real tension… @nerdosyndical You had one job!My review of Lordon's Vivre Sans translated into Portuguese.
I want to go back to school"We are all of us imaginative in some form or another, for images are the brood of desire..." Today's reading Eliot… main thing I hate about learning objectives is that I feel like I do my best work as a teacher when students go…
Retweeted by Jason ReadIn his Theses, Walter Benjamin famously, if enigmatically, declares that "even the dead will not be safe from the e…
Retweeted by Jason Read @adamkotsko I remember getting one of those sort of letters. I just remember being stunned at how tone deaf it was, "read the room."It is official. I will be returning to Seattle for Red May this year. I am very excited to be there and wish I coul… @adamkotsko Aren't opinion pieces cheaper to produce despite the inflated salaries. No flights, hotels, fact checke…
@gnrosenberg @gerrycanavan Years of working in academia has ruined that show for me. I just can't watch those scene… @roseannegush Down Girl by Kate Manne is interesting but burdened by its commitment to analytic philosophersReposted on Gilles Deleuze's 95th Birthday."Bad Boys For Life" just sounds like something Joe Biden would say to justify supporting the harsh sentencing provi…
TAs are Students is the new War is Peace Souls and Trolls: A Hegelian Examination of Recognition and Misrecognition onlineHappy birthday to Badiou. Unemployed Negativity: Last Communist Standing: Notes on the Relation bet...
The problem with bringing back blogs.
Retweeted by Jason ReadUnemployed Negativity: Be Fooled By the Rocks that I Got: On Uncut Gems a... am with the argument that everyone, regardless of profession, could be enriched by college, but the real limitati… all due no respect Senator, I teach poor students in Ohio who—despite working 40+ hrs/week and taking care of…
Retweeted by Jason Readoops are consistent.such as our consistent with our good taste in costume, and our general preference for the best style of thing." Thi… is a comfortable disposition leading us to expect that the wisdom of providence or the folly of our friends, the… of George Eliot and Spinoza. Here is another of my live tweeting reading Middlemarch for its Spinozist pas… George Eliot's translation of Spinoza. other words, if your socialism is democratic it must ultimately deliberate not just the distribution of wealth… can make decisions regarding of our social wealth, but the final purpose of the production of our wealth (profit… capitalism, we cannot actually negotiate the fundamental questions of what we collectively value, since the p… @rochellehd That pretty much exactly illustrates Kate Manne's Down Girl. @zunguzungu I always figured that the bug hunt could refer to some non sentient alien species. The weirder part is… this point it is fairly clear that the consensus among the media and political elites is that the US can have a…
@MancheSolange Thanks @V21collective Adorno's short essay "Free Time." @sm_osment No, but it might help to have some insight into what happened the first time, if that is possible. It mi… Seminar starts a week from today. the New York Times role as the party organ of the ruling class offers insights. He is a critique of the f… Stanfield Bong Joon Ho M.I.A. @crane_james_ Etienne Balibar, Pierre Macherey, Chantal Jaquet, Silvia Federici, Paolo Virno.It has often been said that electoral politics are where social movements go to dies, to which we can add they are… is a film that believes that nihilistic delusions are the ultimate threat to society; Uncut Gems is a film th…
Prequels in general are a bad idea, but if anyone in Hollywood wants to make a prequel to Rollerball about "The Cor… oped I’ve read in a while.
Retweeted by Jason Read @rithika_ram LA Review of Books?If you are convinced that an industry has a white and male majority because people get hired or rewarded based on q…
Retweeted by Jason ReadThis post is trolling, but trolling taken seriously as defensible position, and trolling that is widely agreed with…
Retweeted by Jason ReadThanks to @criterionchannl I just noticed that Rollerball is set in 2018. Just imagine, a future where corporate co…
At the same time each novel suggested that even in the worst of conditions there is still the possibility of reinventing a new world.Two of my favorite pieces of fiction from the last year were Oval by @3LVVIA and Theory of Bastards by… Master's Voice @karltaro I think that a bit of the exotic is even necessary for American audiences to accept class struggle and co… Mark Fisher on the anniversary of his death. I taught Capitalist Realism this fall, and was pleasantly surprise… know that I should not care about the Oscars but the exclusion of Lupita Nyong'o and Us invalidates the whole thi… you are worried about comic book movies ruining cinema then you should be more worried about Joker, which convin… @ReactorR The "odd" part is the joke.This is a pretty accurate picture of my life.
It always seems odd to me that people in the US talk about massive strikes in France as if they were a cultural par… have a stupid question that comes from listening to Rush for the first time since High School. Is that Tom Sawyer… wrote a book called ‘Proletarian Nights’ but clearly most of the subjects he discusses in it are artisans…
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The Best Foreign Language film category does not exist to recognize cinema from around the world, but to protect Am… @adamkotsko Just like Portlandia couldn't outlast Obama, or The West Wing was the show of the Bush years.
Did Rush get high school students into Ayn Rand or di Ayn Rand get high school students into Rush?The effect of climate change is now the cause of climate change.
Retweeted by Jason ReadOutside of a mobile home park in Florida I saw a sign that read Rent to "Own" and I honestly appreciate the acknowl… @amsterdam_edMy review of Pierre Macherey's Sagesse ou Ignorance? La Question de Spinoza @jtlevy True of academics in generalNews of a Knives Out sequel and a Parasite series in the works prove that in Hollywood audiences lose even when they win.
Has @JordanPeele seen this? Dobler is an Arendtian
(part of an ongoing series on the secret Spinozism of Marie Anne Evans)Our passions do not live apart in locked chambers, but, dressed in their small wardrobe of notions, bring their pro…
Retweeted by Jason Readlove how every leftist i know is constantly reading & self-educating because they're expected to have PhDs in world…
Retweeted by Jason ReadOverheard in Florida. "I sort of hope that this is the end times because I really don't see how we come back from all of this.Yo Dawg, We heard you liked invading countries so we bombed your bases in another country. That way you can invade…
@md_no @adamkotsko Macherey's stuff over the last few years is just amazing. I keep blogging about it with hope it… @md_no @adamkotsko Definitely agree. He is also in my experience too kind and humble to ever become the next big th… @md_no @adamkotsko Oh, I completely agree. I have thought a lot about how Balibar in particular is more of a consis… remember reading On the Beach as a kid and not being able to shake the image of Australia waiting for the nuclear… @md_no @adamkotsko Yeah, but he also had this odd "last man standing" attitude where he got to write about what eve… @adamkotsko I actually think he was the last attempt to have a "big Continental thinker" after the sequence of Fouc… @adamkotsko I remember the hours that I spent reading him, learning the rudiments of set theory, etc., convinced th… Matheron (1926-2020) Matheron has apparently passed, but, as Spinoza says, there is something in his thought that is eternal. for daily life. Gervais is the Michael Scott of Hollywood (he is not funny enough to be the David Brent)Once you start with the notion that she was a reader and translator of Spinoza it is hard not to notice her working…"In this way a man gathers a domain in his neighbors' hope and fear as well as gratitude; and power, when once it h… is depressing that we are going to go straight from denying that climate change is real to eco-nationalism witho…
@DanHF I just started Middlemarch because of the George Eliot/Spinoza connection. Really good. @bmoviesd So much for the people who liked Knives Out because it wasn't a sequel, reboot, or adaptation of something. @carolaverygrant The Vulture is more of a faux-working class entrepreneur. loves giving awards to movies about the importance of movies. general I think The Expanse improves on the books (I have only read a one book ahead of the show). Interweaving…