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Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. Currently working on a book on work, ideology, and politics. He/Him

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Unemployed Negativity: Seeing the Better and Doing the Worse: The Assistant and Work @voicesbend I agree, and as someone tenured in 2011 it has also been during a time of program elimination and retre… year is 2031. President for life Trump has just deported anyone who can spell or pronounce the word charcuterie… @gdmorejon @V21collective This might be your best Heidegger burn yet."Reforms and revolutions are created by the illogical actions of people. Very few logical people ever make reforms… more time for those in the back: there is no secret conspiracy to get people to wear masks or insert tracking d… are supposed to be happy when graduate students disagree with them and think new thoughts.
Retweeted by Jason ReadPerhaps more people would be agitated about the US government declaring that it could no longer afford the postal s… might call this spam, but I am going to say it is an endorsement of my blog. @voicesbend We did it in two classes. Yes we had read the German Ideology previously in the semester. @voicesbend Not exactly, I taught it in an Political Philosophy course that also counts towards a general education…
I wish the discourse on why America got steamrolled by this virus was a little less "people going out and having fu…
Retweeted by Jason Read @zunguzungu Well that was ten years ago taking individual attitudes as an explanation they overlook the role of work, crumbling social infrastructure, a… of these criticisms of the US response to COVID-19 that cite individualism as a cause actually reproduce descri… @Brendan_McQuade Mainly because it is something I should have read years ago, but it might show up on my Politics o… don't know who needs to hear this, but if you are a tenured academic you should realize that graduate students to… @AndrewRyder779 This might just be my bias, but I see philosophical arguments to be fundamentally different than qu… wrote “let the dead bury the dead” which is why every Marxist conference breaks down into arguments about Trot… buddy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock. Unemployed Negativity: Triptych of a Tree: Memoirs of a Film Goer @PortToe He is not wrong.Preferred way of referring to a previous chapter or part of a books argument. @gerrycanavan @adamkotsko I watched the entirety of Season 2 and it is overall much improved. I have also been mean…
Recommended reading for those who don’t seem to understand what it means for a Black person to have a slave owner a…
Retweeted by Jason ReadHappy Birthday to Lakeith Stanfield. Star of one of the best movies of 2017 (, 2018 (… @adamkotsko Netflix streaming options aren't much above the combination of old movies and syndicated shows that would make up basic cable. )
Retweeted by Jason ReadThe conception of philosophy as an intellectual competition unfailingly produces the most arrogant, aggressive, ant…
Retweeted by Jason ReadDonald Harris, aka Kamala's dad, has an article on "Value, Exchange, and Capital" in the Rethinking Marxism antholo…
Retweeted by Jason ReadLong Distance Dedication...Fugazi / great cop via
@erinrpineda For contrast: Negativity: "Live Every Week Like it is Shark Week": Remarks o... #SharkWeekHanging out in the AC essay should exist.
Retweeted by Jason ReadThe concept of the universal is absolutely alien to American politics. Whenever it appear it is immediately conside… ready for the bubble bubble.
You can't say society doesn't exist and then act surprised when it falls apart.In free market terms, the post office is a more profitable enterprise than Uber
Retweeted by Jason Read @adamkotsko I wrote a little about the former here: @adamkotsko I think it is the one constant of his campaign. Norms that only exist in the minds of pundits and polit… @adamkotsko Don’t be so humble; You scooped the paper of record. @scottEmovienerd No, a lived with a roommate in grad school and a lot of people thought he and I were a couple. We…"Work is no more reducible to conformity with the prescriptions that organize it than the normality of the living i…
@fire_hollow It is interesting that the twins are aware of the racist nature of much of their popularity. reason that they call it shark week is because every week it jumps the shark. remote professing mutual aid! visit one another's classes! sign up if you're willing and you'll receive…
Retweeted by Jason ReadI take a small amount of pride in the fact that I am on the verge of completing a manuscript or work and anti-work… the oceans rising due to global warming and the destruction of the US Postal Service I think that we have t… @Cominsitu Yes, but in my experience the breakfast buffets at hotels on the continent are so much better than what… @Cominsitu I think about this every time I am at a hotel and usually threaten to do the whole routine at breakfast. @fire_hollow I think it could fit under ambition, the desire that others love what I love and love me in returnThe next time I have to explain Spinoza's imitation of affects to a class I am going to show them youtube reaction videos. @MattFlisfeder Interesting. I think that it is just what the internet looks like ten years later. Around and Find Out: A History of the Decline of Empire in the Trump Years.
@n_hold I don't think that is the same thing at all. @old_ric I am going to say IVP1. Spinoza drops the beat late just like Phil.when IP16 hits
Retweeted by Jason ReadOne thing that recent “racial capitalism” kerfluffle reminds me of is how much I hate hypothetical situations. Yes,… to pile on the whole "racial capitalism" kerfuffle but I want to point out an epistemological or metaphysical a…
Retweeted by Jason ReadIt still stuns me that people believe that there is a secret conspiracy to make life less fun by closing bars and m… Yuk Hui’s beautiful, energetic tribute to Bernard Stiegler: “He chose to leave us at a destitute time, when st…
Retweeted by Jason ReadImagine making this the hill that you are willing to die on.
The Dossier we prepared for @RethinkMarxism on “Pandemic and the Crisis of Capitalism” is now available both as a b…
Retweeted by Jason ReadI'm very confident that "millenials partying during COVID" is being exaggerated beyond all reason to avoid having t…
Retweeted by Jason ReadReaction videos seem to be just compensation for the waning of affect. You can never experience the drum solo from… @HesterBlum My online classes are all full and overloaded. I have had several requests to add my classes since it w… @proseb4bros I would pay 29.99 to stream that movie.Posted in Memory of Bernard Stiegler. Unemployed Negativity: The Interruption of Individuation: Some Tertiary R... @fire_hollow Thank you.The last few months have made abundantly clear that the common sense empiricism of "I will believe it when I see it… @adamkotsko We don't have official signs, but there is graffiti around the dog parks about the non-existence of the poop fairy.
Retweeted by Jason Read @Chrishenrichsen So far not very good.Star Trek: Lower Decks is a writing room accident that sent the crew of a Federation Starship into the Rick and Morty universe.A thread on two different communities the full trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah, a movie about the betrayal of Fred Hampton – in theaters 2021.
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@medieninitiativ Yes, me too : most annoying thing about American politics is that the right pretends that the democrats are crypto-communists… @gerrycanavan The second season is in my opinion a great improvement on the first. There are one or two that fall f… have received some confirmation that Bernard Stiegler has died. In his memory I am posting some tertiary retentio… @EkinErkan4 Thank you. @EkinErkan4 Sad news. If you don't mind me asking how did you find out. I can't find an official notice anywhere, b… @mnanopoulos I saw the same thing, but can't find any confirmation of that fact. The only thing I saw was that the… to go along with the news that Intellectual and Manual Labour will be back in print through @histmat @MattFlisfeder I agree @MattFlisfeder Well this started as a response to Nathan Robinson on Chomsky/Marx but then became a critique of the… @MattFlisfeder Yes, but Chomsky and Zizek get the Democracy Now interviews and The Guardian columns. @MattFlisfeder Yes, but do we really need to hear from Chomsky and Zizek on anything and everything, especially at… @gdmorejon One must imagine Hegel as Adorno. @MattFlisfeder But that line reconstructs the universal intellectual (and means we have to hear Chomsky’s opinions… @Mitropoulos_A I was thinking more of Chomsky’s criticism of US foreign policy and Zizek’s jokes about movies.Both Chomsky and Zizek have done important work in specific fields, but that work has almost been negated by the te… @gdmorejon @NathanJRobinson This is well placed and well played."Le despotism du capital se manifeste comme passage de la centralité du travail à la centralité non dialectique du… @gerrycanavan Someone has been reading The Onion too much.
This might seem absurd, but I am fairly sure that the NYtimes runs a column like this five or six times a year.