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Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. Currently working on a book on work, ideology, and politics. He/Him

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Marxian economic categories are so metal. Profit/wage ratio? Try rate of exploitation. Unemployed? Nah, industrial…
Retweeted by Jason ReadCrows strut around like they know we have been reading those articles about their intelligence. Pigeons slink about… you know how, for Hanukkah, there was only enough oil for one night and it was going to take a miracle to have e…
Retweeted by Jason ReadOdd that the phrase "The standard of living of the average American has to decline” does not even appear in the NYT…
Parasite is Snowpiercer when all you can imagine is getting ahead in the train (rather than blowing it wide open). @Breakaway_chi Well put. I was thinking that Parasite is what remains when no one wants to blow up the train and ca… @calebsmith203 Don't get me wrong. I love them both, it was just a dig at the "seriousness" of films that are nomin… @MarxinHell I couldn't fit my German editions in my picture, also not pictured the boxed set of all three volumes p… @MarxinHell The two copies of Volume One are a nice touch. @figuralities Yeah, that is referenced thoroughly in the Crawford piece, but I never read it. @figuralities Ha, I used to co-teach a course on Consumer Society in which we required students to take a trip to t… is just Snowpiercer for audiences who consider themselves too sophisticated for a film with axe fights on… my dystopia/utopias class with a screening of Snowpiercer. A dystopian movie that makes an argument for utop… @alienvsrobbins Yeah, I suppose you are right. I guess I was thinking there was something of the elevation of the m… @mattinwyandotte @DanHF yeah, people are more likely to see a mall on the screen than actually go to one.The new Wonder Woman trailer confirms that malls are to movies/tv shows set in the eighties what drive ins were to…
For the record (nod to @joshuaclov3r ), it’s “the wider culture and government policy increasingly only values STEM subjects and caricatures the huma…
Retweeted by Jason ReadSound on. striking thing about the new Star Wars sequels is that the failure of the rebellion, of revolution, against the… campus novel condensed into a single tweet the dawn of the age of social media we took quizzes to find out which Buffy character we were, learning the arca…
Media then: "One hundred channels and nothing is on." Media now: "A separate streaming service for every show you w… @AntonJaegermm Tell me about it (I still regret that this went viral): review of The Last Jedi after rewatching it "Yo Dawg, We heard that you liked ragtag rebels so we put a ragtag r…
@JeffSharlet What “virtue” is associated with a Subaru? I think academics own them because so many colleges, the ki… IS *NOT* THEFT K. MARX
Retweeted by Jason ReadThread: 50 years ago, on Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago cops killed 21-year-old Black Panther, Fred Hampton Hampton's death…
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Adding this to the chorus of why you should watch #TheExpanse
@joshuaclov3r Who the hell buys a subaru to virtue signal? @DanielleWenner I don't want to sound mean, but since when is philosophy students wearing all black news?Academics in general tend to overstate the value and importance of education, but I still think that if everyone wa… @MarxinHell Oh right, I forgot about Agent Carter.The odd thing about the Black Widow trailer is that it seems to shoehorn the cold war into the MCU, which has, with…'s book is here: to go along with the news that Balibar's book on Universals is coming out in English."Unpaid domestic labor is actually the basis upon which all other labor occurs. You cannot become a CEO until your… tell her Brit!
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I am heartened by the fact that whenever you see a brand or corporation trending on Twitter it generally means that… @seeshespeak My university has been doing these for awhile now, and we get paid. They are part of our usual course load.Reposted for Jean-Luc Godard's 89th Birthday @JohnPatLeary I think that we are waiting for you do it.Badiou did his "translation" of the Republic, recasting its debates with contemporary problems , but, if you ask me… snow day I think of all of the business that do not close in a relentless search for profits. Right now someo… @adamkotsko I read recaps as a way of keeping up with a show as my interest wanes. Now that my free trial of Disney… @adamkotsko Oddly they are called "recaps" as if they are there to fill in people who missed an episode, but no one…
@PhDeezus @GWillowWilson That was in my head when I tweeted it. @GWillowWilson Civility is just another word for docile obedience.The term "Cybermonday" reveals the extent to which the prefix "Cyber" no longer sounds like the portent of some fut… The Dispossessed and renewing @commune_mag today. Dog Dialectic. (Laika and Loukanikos)
Capitalism adrift, but still confident of rescue while 19th century socialism and 21st century fascism fight it out.
Retweeted by Jason Readthe spectacular locations of ethnoracist policies and discourses: antiblackness = police power islamophobia = bor…
Retweeted by Jason ReadA blogpost on Parasite and Knives Out, two of this year's best films.
@LDiakena Time and Technics is his best stuff. Everything else is just a more alarmist rehash of its central argument @figuralities I am not sure it is the unique to Maine. I have never been to Van Buren, but I can't imagine that it… @LDiakena I had to read a ton of Stiegler for my last book, just to confirm that he was pretty much saying the same thing again and again. @LDiakena That is the hard part. I think that if you are going to borrow a concept or reading you can just read the… allegory for the current state of American Politics. @LDiakena It was the news of a new Zizek book that provoked the thought.this is super important, and all the more evident when you leave the US
Retweeted by Jason Read @LDiakena The way they start to repeat themselves, a kind of diminishing returns on the same concepts/ideas.Recognizing the redundancy of some of the most "prolific" writers in theory/philosophy is an integral aspect of an anti-work politics.
Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism published ten years ago this week. piece, attentive to history, on the rise of corporate co-living, its residents "nothing more than a passthroug…
Retweeted by Jason ReadParasite and Knives Out illustrate that in age of service jobs and emotional labor the servant has gone from being…
@alienvsrobbins Isn’t the point that most “rag to riches” stories are lies— all of the author’s kids believed themselves to be self made.Academic presses need to work on their timing. Asking someone to review a manuscript in November is just asking for a “No.”Thankful for the existence of dogs (this one in particular, but also dogs in general). went to see Knives Out expecting a fun “drawing room” mystery, and it delivered. I wasn’t expecting it to be the…
And there you go... #Watchmen #WatchmenHBO
Retweeted by Jason Read @Breakaway_chi Michel de Certeau for one, but it seems like that notion was all over cultural studies in the nineti… the 90s we believe that fan culture would liberate us, poaching from established franchises to open up new possi… true horror of Midsomar: someone stealing your PhD thesis topic after you've done all the groundwork.
Retweeted by Jason Read @Cristia42249137 Because it shows that you can do interesting critical things with superhero movies when you are no… Film of the Decade? Watchmen series is a better critique of the Marvel movies than anything Scorsese or Coppola could come up with. @adamkotsko It just seems to be part of the Trump reaction. Basic politeness is part of the resistance apparently.this is literally the plot of The Matrix
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if only there was a Bong Joon-ho film about the toxicity of American impositions on South Korean life and the monst…
Retweeted by Jason Read @johnwilmeswords @Abid_ism @charles_kinbote I completely agree. I have written about Joon Ho’s other films but left… word “controversial” is vacuous clickbait and should be struck from the English language. How is that for a controversial opinion?The ending of Watchmen hinges on how it brings together two threads, the first focused on the "noble lie" from the… whole thing is so overdetermined, a "turducken" of empty symbolism, sovereign authority, and corporate power. @sallyhulagirl Really? I am not seeing it. It seems to me that the lesson is rent control and tenants rights get in…
Happy holidays to all the first gen academics who don’t fit in the world of academia and are out of place at home
Retweeted by Jason ReadReposting to go with Conan's visit to the White House. book is part of @haymarketbooks 50% holiday sale. Give the gift of a relational ontology this year., @tadkins613! This has to be one of the most important translations of the year
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“Capitalism doesn’t create free time; it creates the unemployed” André Tosel (translation modified) @doctaj @adamkotsko With respect to the broader question I don't think it has gotten as many people interested in p… imperialism is having long debates about Chicago versus New York Style pizza all the while claiming not to… @adamkotsko I think @doctaj gets it right, the show is less about philosophy as the pursuit of the good life than a…, I present to you... Taiwanese Foucauldian streetwear
Retweeted by Jason ReadIf you suffered in life and want other people to suffer as you did because "you turned out fine," you did not in fact turn out fine.
Retweeted by Jason ReadHappy 387th Birthday Spinoza. @saguynes Yes, that is who inspired this tweet.
Eat your heart out, Jean-Luc Godard, Baby Yoda, and the Political Economy of Cuteness, In this paper I will argue that the requisite cuteness of f…