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I have this Twitter account so I don’t have to explain myself. To anyone.

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The ultimate bad lyrics. @katiem1114 @DanielleMurr @CharlieBakerMA Exactly
People who have 10+ Facebook stories a day MUST be living off that stimulus...
@mjtaz53 @QueenMamaBee12 @NBATV Forgotten @6XSuperbowlCha1 I’m almost done!So my new landlord says he cleaned the place, but there is his clean AND then there is my clean. Clorox, Bounty an… @mjtaz53 @QueenMamaBee12 @NBATV I forgot about this. I hope you are well Matt during this unsettled time. 💜
2020 @tc_246 You’re right. Who’s that girl? 😉 @David20_polar Unbeknownst to many of you, I’m an avid tequila drinker. Margaritas and tequila shots are my other go to. @mpl3105875 Yes sir. I’ve been in this rodeo before.Stupid tequila. Why doesn’t it come with a warning label?
@DougBratton1 Nope @SMurray1000 😂😂
@JeffWetherbee1 Awww @sam72692 Year and a half ago. So yes. @minnguy152 Well if people misspell it, I turn into a C after. Does that count? @RealNancyBotwin @SweetSumerThyme 😂 @jimmymulvey Well that is a conflict lol @linda13514056 Thank you! Have a great day!Here’s a reminder. It ends in “i”. An “i” dammit! @KayCeeWrites @Odetics Me too. And thank you so much!!! @KayCeeWrites I’m drooling @CanadianBeave13 @Lanc2Lance @Tower_Tramp That sums it up! @CanadianBeave13 @Lanc2Lance I hear that!! @WEEI @DanielleMurr @FitzyGFY I love this! Thank you for praising our man the way he deserves! I’m so excited to wa… @DanielleMurr @TheGregHillShow Good lord @Lanc2Lance @CanadianBeave13 When I was a teacher, 14 year old boys would wear the same clothes 3-4 days in a row. Gross @ms_sarinamarie Same artist! I had to have this Dolly pic. @ms_sarinamarie Let me get the artist’s name- she is awesome! @jobrowneyes 😂😂 @VerumMaximilian I don’t want to know @CanadianBeave13 Oh puke. When you put it that way 🤢 @ms_sarinamarie Me too!!! @doublek1224 You too!! @doublek1224 Morning!!! @Jro7272 Ha YESS!!! Vicki with an “i” 😂 @Artizzahn Is this some reverse psychology? Uptalking voice: “What?!? Like, I give the BEST blowjobs. I’ve never h… @KLM_Wolfmama Lovely @JeffWetherbee1 Hi Jeff! @6XSuperbowlCha1 Aw this is so sweet. You ENJOY your day!!!! 💙❤️Good Morning!! @gxrlreadingthis @naushadij I was a teacher for 19 years. Why is this woman a hero? Did my video cut off? @KayCeeWrites Yes! But get chocolate chips in them dammit! @thoughtswithn @KayCeeWrites @zacapoet Okay that’s crazy! @Odetics Where would that be? @Odetics Nope- just moving towards the ocean. @SweetSumerThyme I love this so much, but I don’t want to read the comments because I will start associating noises with hard-ons. 🤦🏼‍♀️ @dokofluv @MikeHsuAAF @100FMthePIKE Love this! @RocketOrrGretz Bring back the lacies and the cheekies @clshep64 Phew!Me three days before I move: “Now which box did I pack all my panties in?” 🤦🏼‍♀️
@James68044994 Well said @MwdMichael I AM a survivor- takes one to know one. If I can ever help spread word about your businesses, let me know! @zacapoet My heart goes out to them all. This has been a challenging time. And those on the front lines must be exhausted. @Irishfa30550201 Ugh I can’t handle a new one @Logans50 Positive? 100%? @MwdMichael I’m sorry. My career is walking a tightrope myself because of it. @zacapoet I’m so very sorry to hear this. @BobbiStonewall @texaswinehouse Boston, Massachusetts @MikeHsuAAF a scale of 1 to COVID, how sick are you of COVID? @AlexaGreenNews I think it’s a great idea! @jvbt82hhs @katy_fit Love this @Jen_Royle @TableBoston This is freaking ridiculous. 😢Believing he could be her next Sugar Daddy, Amber spent months catering to Roger’s 78-year-old EVERY need (includin… @jonditsme Nope! @slimyfoil Nah @DishGuy1972 Hmm. Good point. Which one is worse? @jonditsme Me too ☹️ @Sidelinecreepin 😂😂
@GrizMasterShake Waz uppppp! @JustBeingEmma Now you know how Congress feels. @MikeHsuAAF @100FMthePIKE Haz tu trabajo! @DeetzNutz2 That’s what I say!! Lol @MikeHsuAAF @100FMthePIKE My vote is for Bill to wear a Mexican wrestling mask on the sidelines. @MikeHsuAAF @100FMthePIKE Listening now!There is nothing that says home like being in a boxing gym surrounded by Boston accents: “Hit it wicked hahd!” “Kill it Kihd!” @kwrx25 My who? @StizGrimey Bills paid and a full fridge- both so satisfying! @sam72692 They really are everywhere! @g_blackburns72 👋🏻 @Oakforest72 No. I’m a broke-ass bitch.People who ask me for money on Twitter are people who clearly don’t know what a broke-ass bitch I really am. @DanielleMurr I’m officially thrilled. THRILLED! @Roclogic And right back at you! 💫 @StizGrimey Good F-ing Lord. @mariastephanos Whoa @susie_qsie That is gorgeous! @drayzze Yes. Always @GotDeportedYolo I think this too!!!! 😂Don’t worry parents! New Math is even easier now! @Valuhrie 😂 @DavidKillian37 Omg ha. Love that movie!
@healing_soulz That is definitely enough for one man @healing_soulz Should we make him suffer? 😉 @healing_soulz What’s his name? @BaddielB @completechimp Or the tube! Imagine if they treat it like some odd luge? @SocialistCrow 😂😂 I am WITH YOU!