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Nat Guest @unfortunatalie Brighton, England

'Natalie, HR are just concerned. We can't have a renegade jumping into bins and trying to solve crimes.' (she/her)

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@mangmangmang Oh god no @problemsdog SHALLot. Pohster (I can't even pronounce the way they say it). Yorkshyre. @si_underwood GramTonight's horror film: The Girl on the Third Floor. Viscerally gross, I'll give it that. Poor acting, TERRIBLE dial… @foodycatAlicia Tara as terra too. But Craig is the worst @CarlitoRemo That's spelled differently and there's a perfectly good reason behind it so I don't mind that oneCRAIG Mirror. Shallot. Niche. Route. Pasta. Tuna. Shire. @stephens_ben I suppose it's been pretty consistent the past week or so.Ah, London. zooonymy if millennials had been in charge Badger: stripey mcstripeface Wolf: wilderdoge Cat: miaownr Wha…
Retweeted by Nat Guest @paulypaul I'm still going to the pub but I'm not kidding myself it's safe @thebrainofchris like generally we FEEL reasonably safe crossing the street right until a vehicle barrels into usJust a really weird...measure?Wince inwardly whenever I see someone saying they did x and it "felt safe", as though you can see or feel viral particles in some way.ABUSE OF POWER COMES AS NO SURPRISE
Retweeted by Nat GuestThe 2020 nurse would like a word
Retweeted by Nat Guest @laurasnapes @LukeTurnerEsq @BadgerMash Hen Ogledd style cover of Loudon Wainwright's Swimming Song. Job done.#FoodPoverty: What They Say vs. What They Mean
Retweeted by Nat Guest @LukeTurnerEsq @BadgerMash I'm going to start an experimental folk band called Roger Deakin's Moat. @fesshole There's a subreddit for that• "When the stocking's a-rocking don't come a-knocking" • "Glad tidings of gold, frankincense and moans" • "She's s…
Retweeted by Nat GuestIf you've been enjoying #BBCGhosts may I recommend Yonderland, which is by the same team and an absolute joy.… @PeteOlympian If you're plaguey you should be able to do it in 7 days no sweat! Probably only 6 eps a series. Anyway it's wonderful. @BadgerMash @LukeTurnerEsq I'd love a moat. Roger Deakin had a moat, why don't I have a moat??? @PeteOlympian free 7 day trial, if you can get through 3 seasons in that time ;) @PeteOlympian Unfortunately it was on Sky so I'm not sure how best to get hold of it now. Best bet is NowTV might have it.Add in an accoustic version of 'I fought the law' by Billie Eilish and you've got yourself 2020's John Lewis ad.
Retweeted by Nat GuestI know my room is a mess Over and over again I tell myself I'll clean tomorrow
Retweeted by Nat GuestRemember going on trains? Paying 150 quid to sit on the floor by a piss-smelling toilet with a malfunctioning elect…
Retweeted by Nat Guestsoy sauce was going to be more expensive because of Brexit but now it's exactly the same why aren't you more gratef…
Retweeted by Nat GuestSeconded, SUCH a good book. @Wangleberry I honestly think it's a large component of my other mental health issues and over reliance on booze et… people withdraw support from charitable causes because they don’t see themselves centred in the story, they reve…
Retweeted by Nat GuestBritain once launched its own rockets. Today the last legacy of that will pass overhead. She's called Prospero. An…
Retweeted by Nat GuestIt's Day 3 and Group Game 5, as the Hammersmith & City takes on two times winner the Victoria Line in the first of…
Retweeted by Nat Guest @CharlieEdmunds S'not even a real word. Is just what the word OUGHT to be. @LukeTurnerEsq I do not understand it either. Hopefully it is bringing somebody joy. Yours in bafflement, @PeteOlympian Same team, horrible histories crew @HSouthwellFE I had it then as a baby and a child all I guess something is just wired wrong and I'm so fed up of sa… @PeteOlympian Yonderland was better @Beth_O_B A bottle of wine will do the trick for me as a hard reset but lord i wish there was an easier / healthier… of the most magnificent meta-moments in Twitter history
Retweeted by Nat GuestAbsolutely LOVE this from our school district superintendent. Sure, we could do virtual classes on snow days now…
Retweeted by Nat GuestIt's not like my mind is racing or I can't stop thinking or anything. Not usually. It's just like....the flick swit… in my mentions with "have you tried exercise / meditation / yoga / sleep hygiene / sleep restriction / warm… I keep having to see those "fall asleep in 10 minutes" ads I will punch my phone. I didn't sleep well as a baby,… big is the work of a genius
Retweeted by Nat Guest
@WearyWithToil Fuck you too xxxAnimalia zooonymy if millennials had been in charge Badger: stripey mcstripeface Wolf: wilderdoge Cat: miaownr Wha… @WearyWithToil I have enjoyed this sincere transaction and will now be resuming normal cynical service. @WearyWithToil That is wonderful and the poems of yours I've read are alsoIt's part of that whole thing I think of women either being too young or too old to take seriously, with no in betw… @AnthonyAdler See, a few YEARS ago? I'm 34 next month and I'm ID'd about once a week. I look my age. @Live_Ade Sorry but no, I can't count the amount of times I'm in a mix gender group and they let the men in while k… of course you get the almost always male bouncers on doors who let all the men in your group in but keep back… don't know what exactly to draw from this other than a) it's problematic that society continues to see grown wome… I know there's a whole "you should be flattered!" aspect but that only plays into the gendered element that it'… we're all trying to shop as quickly and low contact as possible, how are places still faffing around elongatin… @NaomiMc @Scriblit Oh I didn't like butter on sandwiches as a kid either! But I grew up, UNLIKE PAUL HOLLYWOOD @Scriblit @NaomiMc There's tons of things I don't like, including gherkins in higher levels than "minor", but I'm n… @NaomiMc @Scriblit Grow up PaulFor a change to sitting alone in my house. Sometimes I go and sit alone in the pub. That I can still sit alone in t… someone who loves you the way Melania Trump loves ripping her hand out of her husband's when cameras are rolling.
Retweeted by Nat GuestI *love* it when I see art nudes with my body type. @Wangleberry @Brainmage Oh of course so you are. Well, house likely won't complete this side of xmas now, so who kn… schedule ice cream for the heatwave on purpose for the Drama, right? #GBBO @Wangleberry @Brainmage I've not been in but you're very welcome to the uncomfortable sofa bed in the living room i… @scotfot I think angelica too, I was initially too HASTY @AGildedEye Look, at this stage you can give me the most wholesome content in the world, and I will still find petty quibbles with it. @cr10123 @scotfot No! The stems! Angelica? @scotfot Ogweed?There's a gudetama theme cafe / shop here in Brighton. @AGildedEye Yes, I've thought Peter extremely obvious since the first episode so of course I irrationally dislike him.Disappointed no one did a gudetama cake. #gbbo @anandamide Creeeeepy paperrrr @stephens_ben Hope so.(I say crape) Do you all say crep paper too.Don't like it when #GBBO has a clear winner from day one, especially when they're consistently just *too* perfect.How do you pronounce crepe? #GBBO @AGildedEye OR she always puts it up while cooking cos she's hygienicNASA's announcement doesn't go to plan
Retweeted by Nat Guest!!! "Worth their salt" must be from the same origins as "salary".Any food judge worth their salt should have a palette broad enough to incorporate all, so Paul's inability to gherk… burger in a steamed bun is even more pathetic.Dal in a steamed bun??? Illegal manoeuvre. Grow up Mark. #GBBO @ifonlyella No I think it sounds good @ifonlyella Why would they do this when there's such a small amount of wholesomeness left on this earthAh yes, depression, famously cooperative with and respectful of your plans, please tell me more
Retweeted by Nat Guest🙄 Alexa things and she signs off with "I hope your Tuesday is going well", like bitch you've been listening to me… @WearyWithToil Threads is good. Thingummies. Thruppennies. Thinklets. Thinklings. Thankfulness. @mets1977 take it erry dayAt least it's October now, so we can all watch horror films as a bit of light relief.
Retweeted by Nat Guest @BadgerSpanner Maybe it's my citalopram. Hard to date it back to a certain point rly @RM_King Yeah I've read about it and wondered before, just never had it looked into @BadgerSpanner Nah it's been like this for years, I've just finally snappedReview: dull and gratuitous. Not my cup of tea.