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ANDREW HYDE @unicorn Boulder, CO

Help run @tridentboulder @tedxboulder @igniteboulder Have a van and need for adventure.

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@pug @TaylorLorenz No one else that you could see. @TaylorLorenz @pug would help.I would be thrilled with #PresidentWarren @WickedSmaht @pug Sick burn. Keep going.
@evanpro Tropical. Huge clouds.You wake up in... @hankgreen Am I shadow banned or something? I talk mad shit and never get randos. @KyleJudah I'm technically in the states... @KyleJudah Have better friends. @GeorgeGSmithJr I went vegan this year and 100% would reccomend. @Jaredewy @Tesla @SpaceX @elonmusk You win Sir. @Oobahs If it was a philosophical rant, Kant over.Btw I'm all good. Slightly annoyed but happy to have the opportunity to travel like I do. Airport lounge had plen… get really pissed off when women earn well for their job. It's almost as if the wealthiest people in the wor…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @kr8tr Yet. After talking to @pug you will be a star. @kr8tr You always win ;)Tired tourists arguing with fake authority is quite interesting to watch.Entire 777 worth of people now standing near the check in counters, as there are no seats and they won't let a line… is 3 hours away, so naturally they don't have a single way to print a boarding pass. I head outside to sit…, heading to get my printed boarding pass because they won't honor a digital boarding pass: "Sir where is your b… airport has zero Celiac food options so ordered a side of rice. "We don't just sell sides of rice, sir" "C… wake up in Manila. @mistersterling No. @brianclark That's the spirit. Meet you there.If you are a white person that follows me and just doesn't quite understand how bad stop and frisk was and how terr…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDEYou have $500 in the bank, and you spend $2.75 on a subway swipe in the crumbling MTA. A billionaire has $64 billi…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDEI've had insane travel ideas and plans but this week will be the most aggressive yet. @TaylorLorenz I feel like you are responsible for this assist. @jaredpolis What a good doge :)Love travel and want to be a better photographer? I've done this and it was AMAZING. tip @StellerStories Check out…
@DynamicWebPaige ♥️ @pug @jakesutton @mikegehard Open invite? Sounds fun.Between now and Super Tuesday, my only goal is to educate voters on why @ewarren is the best choice for Colorado an…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDEjust a stop? why not a frisk as well?
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDEWhat happening Manila?HQ didn’t die of natural causes. It was poisoned with a lethal cocktail of incompetence, arrogance, short-sightedne…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDEAnd people wonder why black Americans don't trust "the process," don't trust police and can't just "get over" thing…
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@cassmarketos Especially if it isn't a vampire one. @jrmoreau All doges are good doges.“Experts are advising against this”
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @cassmarketos Beautiful! @benjaminchait @mattgist @encryptme Tunnel Bear.Each day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @anmpog Free weight loss plan. @vaisfourlovers Cuties all over the world. ♥️♥️♥️Roses are red. Violets are purple not blue. Stop and frisk was racist. Bloomberg is not a real Democrat and if yo…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @chrismessina Public info. Voter files. A big industry. @serlindsipity @nami_knows @ericmbudd That was perfect.
@Kongiscash 500 Bison!!! @kr8tr Late night eh? @iamjesswatson Orange that tastes like mango.Mangosteen is the best fruit. No question. @sammichfelge @chlsrgrs 4.2M? @HKoren @ewarren Same for me. @ericmbudd @isaach I'm quitting tech to get to know if I could be able 😭😔😔😔😫This book is fantstic. "There was a certain luxury to charity that she could not identify with and did not have.... @pug Based on my hat I know who took this. @lants @jaredpolis @amazon They took our jobes!!!Welcome! First time doing yoga? Yes! I've just started saying yes. First time. ;) morning.
@lants High fives. @hopedoty Yep. @andreasklinger Was planning to but just started walking and enjoying that.I cannot watch this enough. So true and forever timely.
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE lovely walk last night. wrote 5,000 words about the miserably bad decision letting T-Mobile buy Sprint. I regret to inform you that I am…
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@caro hello from Ubud. two @RJSangosti photos are worth 1,000 words about Michael Bennet's presidential campaign: Bennet's name miss…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @MikeBloomberg You should have never done it.Dreams are made of vegan cheese. @hunterwalk Fuck you.
@isaach Send me $24Watch this. All of this. Brilliant.
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @ibogost Always.
If any female founders are having a hard time fundraising dm me I would like to embroider your name on a cape
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @ashleymayer Welcome! @GeorgeGSmithJr People @liz_marasco Book club.Stunning book. Read it. "A Visit from the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan to yoga (first time?!) and feel like these legends. @andreitr I miss those butts.A cool thing about two of tonight’s #Oscars2020 performers: Elton John is 29 years sober. When Eminem wanted to g…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDEIf you are into paintings of epic historic scenes then Benjamin West (@BenjaminWestArt) is your guy. Also, I had no…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @heyrich I've heard good things.her agent dropped her and she couldn't get any major studio to hire her for like ten years, and when she first told…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDE @starsandrobots Looks awesome! @harper I'm in Bali. Ama.Asked about a potential running-mate: “Who will be your Mike Pence, who will look at you with adoring eyes?” ⁦…
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Tomorrow, I might try yoga, for the first time. @Mqsley 1. @lants @lants Some people don't judge others, Lants. @round I'm a 5. @lants I feel like I used to be a 1 now I'm a 5.I found it fascinating that some people aren’t able to talk to themselves in their head with an internal voice, and…
Retweeted by ANDREW HYDESince they didn't have any beginner yoga classes today... A GF / Pizza it is. Paired with a good book. @nomadicmatt Enjoy!!! @garrytan Yes.