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Uniform @uniform_nyc Brooklyn, NY

Shame out September 11th via Sacred Bones Records. Management: @obliquemgt Label: @sacredbones US Booking: @GroundControl__ EU/UK Booking: @swampbooking

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My dog doesn’t agree but all the fireworks last night were sick. I hope everyone is finally out of them now.
Retweeted by UniformWe shot a video last night.
Less than 10 copies of the cd version of Shame left, which is absolutely nuts! Grip on @Bandcamp while you can @vilecreature666 @Bandcamp @SacredBones @obliquemgt Yo hell yes! I love it! @vilecreature666 @Bandcamp @SacredBones @obliquemgt Aw shucks 🥰We are shooting a video tomorrow. There will be a lot of fire. Thought you should know. @blackmetalbrews @bootblacks @tulipgrind @stupid_werld @WharfCatRecords Thank you, my friend ❤️ @foie GreenbergIt is @Bandcamp Friday which means that all proceeds from all sales go to the artists which means it is the PERFECT…
@sargenthouse Giving it a week. The Clintons don’t have the kind of access that they used to. @TrueAnonPod Mysterious Guy Hardcore: Never Forget @TrueAnonPodThis is the happiest day of Brace Belden’s life @_theartofb_ Eh, I’ve already heard thatI just need the world to not end for long enough to see how this Ghislaine thing plays out. Spoiler: That means t… @mike_c_sharp I mean, yes and no @mike_c_sharp River Runs Red @thisjaygreen OEGP / Orchid blind taste test to young neo screamo kids would make for a fun game @bismuthslow Good looking out!
@bismuthslow Yeah, agreed. Long Live Robert Stack @bismuthslow Pretty good, right? First episode is wildNEW UNSOLVED MYSTERIES EPISODES ON NETFLIX MEANS NEVER GO OUTSIDE AGAIN @justinthomaskay @BillyWerner @noechonet Hey, I’m just glad that Greenberg will finally have people to smoke weed with @BillyWerner @justinthomaskay @noechonet Morser are still a band and we are still very much trying to play with the… @BillyWerner @justinthomaskay @noechonet I remember all kinds of things now. It’s horrible. @BillyWerner @justinthomaskay @noechonet That reminds me that I should give a well deserved tip of the hat to The Black Hand @justinthomaskay @BillyWerner @noechonet Fair. They have tracks. Fwiw I really dig 9 out of 10 Chris bands @_joe_p @BillyWerner @noechonet I’m good but I’m not that good @BillyWerner @noechonet Agree @noechonet May the punks forever be upped @noechonet Union of Uranus One Eyed God Prophecy Born Dead Icons IrePeter Pan @thirddegreeburn Anyone told you lately that you are perfect?
This year’s “Gasolina” @LINGUA_IGNOTA_ The fact that this is an even remotely controversial sentiment just affirms the fact that fringe MA… you people insisting on going out to enjoy the company of other human beings must forget how inherently disappo…
'Humidity', including @noname @uniform_nyc @nojoy @RealRoyAyers @AdrianYounge @AliShaheed @Home_Counties_
Retweeted by UniformNew tunes added to the staff picks playlist 🥳🥰 @uniform_nyc @tigersjaw @codeorangetoth @humbandofficial & more 🎧
Retweeted by UniformDiscovered some great new heavy / experimental / heavy-experimental bands on here — looking forward to a brutal & b…
Retweeted by UniformLess than 50 copies left of this @deathwishinc exclusive LP variant!
A heavy song will probably never again be the song spilling out of car speakers on every block (when was the last t…
Retweeted by Uniform @bradscottsand You are too nice ♥️The President of the United States of America retweeting a video in which one of his supporters yells out “WHITE PO… wish
@JohnSharkeyIII Record release gig obv @JohnSharkeyIII Dude I wish. How good is the bow at the end?Wore jeans today for the first time in months. Never again.
Happy Friday! We have updated our All Things Vibrations label playlist! New SPARKLE DIVISION, @BrunoBavota, and…
Retweeted by Uniform28 New Metal & Hardcore Songs Out This Week
Retweeted by UniformThere's a color variant of the new @uniform_nyc record that's available EXCLUSIVELY on @Bandcamp. Preorder the "Whi…
Retweeted by Uniform.@bmthofficial, @fulllofhell, @humbandofficial, @necrot_official, @uniform_nyc and @NARROW_HEAD dropped serious hea…
Retweeted by Uniform @SamanthaMarble @SacredBones Lol I know you know!With the announce of our new album Shame this week we’ve updated the Wake Up and Smell the Shame playlist with a bu…🎙 New playlist alert❗️ Despite the strange and unprecedented times we’re living in, summer is here - and with it…
Retweeted by Uniform @roadburnfest @RecordKicks @RocketRecording @FourStrokeBaron @ProstheticRcds @boningenuk @YvesTumor @auragraph____ @BodyofLightt Yeah, this is true...
I mean... I watched the first season in one sitting many years ago with @Zarlswhit but I had a terrible coke hangov… to watch Twin Peaks from beginning to end. Confession: It’s my first time lolWith "Delco", the first single from their just-announced album 'Shame', @uniform_nyc find that the ugliness inside…
Retweeted by Uniform @MetalHammer @Slayer What about Dave Lombardohhhhhhh wait... nevermindThank you for the overwhelming response to the new @uniform_nyc single yesterday! We agree, that shit slaps. If you…
Retweeted by Uniform @dearestkiller I’m still a few episodes away and can’t see how they can possibly wrap this up. Uggghhh @WigglyWorldNTS Thanks mom!
Still keeping it brutal... @AuralAggro @uniform_nyc @SacredBones @RarelyUnable
Retweeted by Uniform @GeoffRickly As per usual, you are entirely too nice 🖤Giant thanks to everyone for all of the patient ears & kind words today. Debuting something new is always a harrowi… @Zima_JW @SacredBones Yep, same lyricsUniform: Delco
Retweeted by Uniform @LINGUA_IGNOTA_ @foie @SacredBones Thank you, my friend 🙏For the afternoon crowd: We announced a new @uniform_nyc album this morning! Mailorder-exclusive deluxe edition is…
Retweeted by Uniform.@uniform_nyc have announced a new album
Retweeted by UniformListen to the lead single, "Delco", from Uniform's forthcoming record Shame:
Retweeted by UniformIndustrial noise makers @uniform_nyc will unleash a new album in September, and they're previewing the LP with a cr…
Retweeted by UniformUniform announce new LP ‘Shame’ (listen to “Delco”)
Retweeted by UniformUniform (@uniform_nyc) announce new album 'Shame' - listen to its lead single, "Delco"
Retweeted by Uniform @timjawnders @SacredBones You already know 🖤Had the pleasure of mixing the new uniform record fo some of my favorite people. This record is amazing. I also thi…
Retweeted by Uniform @vilecreature666 @SacredBones Nobody willSo fun mixing this. Lots of love for @uniform_nyc
Retweeted by Uniform @vilecreature666 @SacredBones Go back to bed! Things will be better when you wake up j/k no the won’t @uniform_nyc We've also got a pair of exclusive shirts featuring the album's incredible cover art by Heather Gabel…
Retweeted by UniformToday we are thrilled to announce the new @uniform_nyc LP, 'Shame.' It's out Sep. 11, and you can preorder it on a…
Retweeted by UniformPre-order @uniform_nyc "Shame" on our exclusive vinyl color, limited to 200 copies! Out September 11th on…
Retweeted by UniformHear @uniform_nyc face the psychological scars of bullying on their devastating new industrial-metal screed "Delco"…
Retweeted by UniformShame is a record of intense self doubt and painful introspection. It wasn’t easy to write, but the process was dee… always amazing, ever inspiring @heather_gabel is responsible for all of the art. She crushed. ⁣Mike Berdan yelled a bunch and handled electronics. He did pretty ok. Our good friend and actual for real wizard ge… put a lot into this record and we hope that it shows. Tracking and mixing were completed In February, shortly be… you are there you can also pre-order the record if you’d like. There are exclusive limited versions available…, here we go...⁣ ⁣ The new Uniform album is called Shame. It will be available on September 11th on…
@vilecreature666 Me in 2010: “NASCAR is for hicks, juggalos are losers, and Asian pop is for virgins who dabble in… then there are k-pop fans, which is a group comprised entirely of superheroesNever thought I’d have deeper respect for NASCAR and Juggalos than all other sports and tons of other music scenes,… @itsloganworrell @DannyDiablo Indeed it should
Wednesday #uniform_shame
@Cairns_monk Cat is out of the bag. Hope you dig our collab with MXPXDean Hurley's (#DavidLynch/#TwinPeaks) take on Black Sabbath's “Warning” ─part of the @BlackSabbath compilation on…
Retweeted by UniformDropping something big this coming week. Equal parts excited and fucking terrified lol
@DeathSentencePC Gene Simmons, Hank Williams Jr, Elizabeth WarrenTold this story before: One time, me & @itsloganworrell saw @DannyDiablo leaving a strip club with a beautiful woma…