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@amberray34 Hello, we'd like to take a closer look into this for you. Can you DM us your confirmation number? ^TK @molly_vuitton Hi, Molly. We're sorry to hear your frustration. We encourage reaching out to a gate agent at this t… @Dgyn14 We understand, sometimes our pilots fly in from other locations and if those flights get delays sometimes t… @DavidCCoons David, we can assure you that this was not intentional as we never want to inconvenience our passengers. ^LT @dhuijben1 Thanks for reaching out to us today. We accept non-powered skateboards on flights. You can find more inf… @Dgyn14 Hey Daniel, we apologize for any inconvenience due to delays. We understand it can be frustrating. Are you… @DavidCCoons Hello, we understand that delays are not ideal and we apologize for the trouble. ^LT @cdubitsky Hi, Craig. We do sincerely apologize for any frustrations you've experienced during your flight. If you… @jennibrundage Hi, Jenni. This is concerning for us to hear. Please let us know how we can currently assist via soc… @danielweustace Hey, Daniel. We do apologize as we understand delays can be extremely frustrating. Please feel free… @AUChiefofStaff We're sorry to hear you've been charged multiple times for the Wi-Fi. You can request a refund for… @JusticeTwo We appreciate the honest feedback. ^AD @24chadster Hey, thank you for the feedback and we apologize for any difficulties. Do you need help finding your fl… @AmpersandPeople Hey there, this is what we love to hear! Thanks for taking the time to recognize our employee. We'… @JusticeTwo We're sorry to hear you've experienced multiple delays throughout your travel with us. If you need our… @jonreily Thanks for the feedback, Jon. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by delays. We understand it can b… @marimba26 Hi, Lisa. Can you please DM your confirmation number? We would like to look into this for you. ^FC @knightktm Hi Kyle! Thanks for the feedback. We're always trying new things to make travel for our passengers seamless. ^AD @KevinsRule1 Thanks, Kevin. It appears the aircraft requires servicing at this time. We apologize for the inconveni… @king_aaronj Hi, Aaron. Can you please clarify your current situation? ^FC @KevinsRule1 Hi, Kevin. We're sorry to hear this. What is your flight number today? ^RL @morrisonMSK We are concerned to hear this, William. Please DM us your confirmation number so we can better understand what's going on. ^RM @webappguru We do apologize Ali, we understand your frustration and we appreciate your patience today. ^LT @ismaelcruzperez They're the only ones that can issue food vouchers. ^AD @travel_safer Future million-miler in the making! ^AD @bruinail Hey there, Brian. This is concering to hear and we're sorry for the delay on your flight. We did not inte… @ismaelcruzperez Hi there. You can speak with customer service. ^AD @siobhansabino We're sorry for the delay, Siobhan. Please DM us with your flight details when you have a moment and… @ManfromMosman Boomer, the snacks look fantastic! We hope you have a fantastic day and thank you for sharing. ^EZ @kevinmikol Can you please send your confirmation number via DM? ^GG @webappguru Hello, we are sorry for any inconvenience today. Please know we certainly did not intend for this to be… @EatYourCareer You're very welcome. We will pass along your feedback to our internal team so we can follow up with… @shallymal Hey there. This is disappointing to hear. Please DM your confirmation number and delayed baggage claim I… @EatYourCareer Hey there, Chrissy. Yes, you would be able to apply it to your existing booked flight operated by Un… @JimWoodsMaui Our teams will alert you if your item is found and matched with your report, thank you. ^LT @jackie_perin We are sorry to hear that this was the case and we appreciate you sharing this. Please let us know if… @MariTelios Mari, we encourage reaching out to MileagePlus to address this. ^RL @cnolan0109 Hi, Colin. Please see the attached link. ^RL @MariTelios Mari, have you checked your notification alerts on or your MileagePlus account? ^RL @FuriousFrank Hey there. Can you DM your confirmation number? We would like to look into this for you. ^FC @kevinmikol Hello Kevin, we are sorry for the frustrations of not having working power. Did you alert your in-fligh… @MariTelios Thanks, Mari. We apologize for the delay. Your flight has been assigned a new aircraft which is set to… @MariTelios Hi, Mari. We're sorry for the lack of notifications. What is your flight number? ^RL @carjbar Hello Carmi, can you DM your confirmation number so we can look into this for you? ^JB @JimS78482053 We'll pass this along to our Mobile team to get resolved. ^AD @BeverlyMcCabe Thanks for the shout-out, Beverly! ^FC @allanmosier We apologize for any frustration. ^LT @JimS78482053 You may want to go to customer service to get your passes printed then. ^AD @Summerrrtime Cheers! Congratulations on your nuptials, and enjoy your honeymoon. ^AD @JimWoodsMaui We are sorry for any inconvenience Jim however our teams will send you an update if it is found. ^LT @israelblaustei1 Hello Yisroel, we encourage you to delete this Tweet as your confirmation number contains personal… @JimS78482053 Hi there. Have you tried refreshing the app? Are you using the latest version? ^AD @rwlincoln16 This is concerning to hear. At your earliest convenience, please DM us with some further details. ^AT @trinertech Our team at IAD has confirmed that they are looking into this, Matt. We will let you know as soon as we hear back from them. ^CM @MichelleArvatz Hi, Michelle. Thanks for reaching out. How can we assist today? ^FC @binghott We'd like to take a look at this for you, Barry. Are you able to DM us your confirmation number? ^SL @RobinRaven Hi Robin, can you please DM us your confirmation number? ^LT @Kf13bluedevil We regret to hear this. Please DM us your confirmation number if you need assistance with flight re-… @actualreverend Hello, we are sorry for any trouble today, we understand this was not in your plans and we apologiz… @Aliterofsoda Hi, Alit. We apologize for any delays you are experiencing. Please DM us your confirmation number sho… @GraceESchwartz Hey Grace, thanks for the shout-out. We love hearing about our employees going above and beyond. Ca… @deepak_13637 Hello. You'll need to reach out to Baggage directly to discuss compensation. 1-800-335-2247 ^RL @JPLasida We're happy to hear about this, Jennifer! Thanks for reaching out. ^FC @allanmosier Thanks for letting us know, we are sorry for any wait. ^LT @StoriLong We're sorry for a rough start to your honeymoon, Stori. When you have a moment, please DM us with your c… @jarrett08 We are always looking for ways to improve, and we will be sure to pass your comments along to our MileagePlus team. ^CM @atssainstructor We're glad that you're enjoying it, and we hope you have a great flight today! ^CM @Stoobie Hi, Jared. We're happy to pass this feedback along! Thanks for sharing. ^RL @jarrett08 We apologize for any frustration, Megan. We will be sure to pass any feedback you may have along to the appropriate team. ^CM @GAAPRamesh Hello. We encourage you or anyone in need of assistance to speak with a crew member on board for help. ^AD @ericalee87 Hi Erica, can you please DM us with your cofirmation number and more information? ^LT @CourtneyConnect Happy travels, Courtney! ^FC @MattisonGrey We're happy to hear that, Mattison. Thanks for flying with us. ^AD @jackie_perin We will be here, thanks. ^LT @chaseamcknight Our agents are aware of all connecting passengers and we appreciate your patience. ^LT @Dulaney411 Hi Michael, we are sorry to hear this. Please do contact our MileagePlus team to discuss this further at 1-800-421-4655. ^LT @chaseamcknight Chase, we are sorry for any trouble today. Please know we are here to assist re-booking if need be. ^LT @zjthom We're sorry to hear you left your wallet on board, Zach. Filling out the lost items claim is the next best… @FissileCascade Hello, we are sorry for the delay today. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience today. ^LT @beccasmacs This isn't what we like to hear, Becca. Do you mind sending us a DM with more details? ^AD @jackie_perin We are disappointed to hear this, did you catch their name? ^LT @hoogieontheroad Thank you. Can you please DM your confirmation number so that we can take a look at your connectio… @RhonaA_PhD It is not likely, but you can earn miles for referring friends to get the United MileagePlus Explorer C… @hoogieontheroad Hi there. We are sorry if you are experiencing a delay. What is your flight number today? ^CM @CuartoLimon Hey there. Please DM your confirmation number and further detail. ^RL @RhonaA_PhD Hi, Rhona. There is unfortunately not a referral aspect to our MileagePlus program. ^CM @sndstorm Hi, Sandra. Thanks for reaching out. Can you please DM us your confirmation number? We would be happy to… @andreajrdz Hi, Andrea. We're sorry to hear the frustration. We highly encourage contacting Baggage at this time to… @allanmosier We will assist rebooking if need be. ^LT @heatherarbiter We appreciate your patience. Thank you for sharing today. ^LT @papabear949 Thanks for sharing this ith us, we are sorry for any trouble today. ^LT @Deca_Dev For your privacy, we advise deleting the public post with your case ID number. If you'd like to send it t… @ewahoo85 It is possible that the system has not updated yet, Elissa. I am not seeing a delay on my end, but we do… @balcao07 Hello, we are only able to communicate in English over this platform. If you need assistance in another l… @allanmosier Thank you for your patience today, we apologize for the wait. ^LT @Deca_Dev They handle all compensation requests and will be able to formally review what happened. (2/2) ^AD @Deca_Dev Hi Devin. We're really sorry to hear about your fiancé's loss, & that you were unable to support her doin… @allanmosier Hello, we are sorry to hear that you have been delayed. We certainly did not intend for this to be you… @retiredETCS No worries! We have the flight number and we can see the gate number which will be enough to track her… @retiredETCS Hi, DH. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We will make sure to pass your complimen…