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@Jordangulus AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!! 🎉 😊 😍 @JohnnyPenagoss Thank you so much for the amazing shoutout! We will make sure this #UOFistbump gets served to him s… @CarissaDreams We will make sure to reach out to this location and notify them. Once again, we do apologize about this experience. @CarissaDreams Hello Carissa, we do apologize. We will make sure to document this and send it to the proper teams,… @maryss1995 Hello Mary, we apologize for the interactions you encountered today. Feel fee to send a DM. @KTornton We're so happy to hear that Michael made your day even better, Kevin! We'll make sure to send this awesom… @iamsecuri_tay Taylor, we're so sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant experience. Please DM us to discuss this f… @ainsleymarelle This is so great! We'll make sure to send this kind #UOFistbump to her and her managers right away. Go Kristen! 👊💙 @jenamay1399 Hello Jennifer, thank you so much for this #UOFistbump! We will make sure Jal has this fly over to him… @sheloveadidas Oh no! Send us a DM. @csummer94634016 Hello! We don't take that form of payment. I apologize. @ryanfork Oh what fun! Hope you enjoy your night, and hopefully you have some great company to spend it with 🎉 😊 @tylerknight777 You are a-glaze-ing 🍩
@debanderson24 Hi Deborah, we caught up with Rob aka Rajeev, to pass along your #UOFistBump! He was thrilled to kno… @UUOPodcast Oh, yeah! 😎 DM us. @alexis_kurland @BasesLoadedPod Every family deserves a fun night with us! Have a blast! @Nellyxjelly Hey Nelly! Thank you so much! Did you catch the Team Member's name? @Solange32050096 Go Eric! Thanks for letting us know how nice he was, Solange. We'll make sure to send this great… @LilDisFan The best part is that you are a part of an entire #UOAP Family that feels this way. We love reading this 💙 @Parsonsbri Brian, thanks again for this JENNerous #UOFistbump and JENNerating such great praise! Jenn was JENNuine… @PadillaInc Thanks for your feedback! @AlexFromLP Hello Alex, sorry to hear about this. Thank you for your feedback! We will be sure to document this. @TokyoVimto Hello Kamran! We strive to have the attraction operational all day until park close, but it changes dai… @mrsspacey Not really. We apologize about that, Racheael. 😕 @viviviolet_cos This warms our hearts. We are so happy to see this. Thank you for your feedback. 💙 @captjayne Welcome back! @AlysonLoughlin A vacation after your vacation seems to be the solution here. @tycoonmiami Hello Ty, thank you for reaching out to us. Please stay tuned to our app for more information about the attraction. @SamanthaLedyard Hello Sam, sorry to hear about this. Please send us a DM. @benarcher60 Hello Ben, that information has not been released yet. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for any updates.More dinosaurs in Orlando? YASSSSS. #JurassicWorldLiveTour 🦖 @Kourttneex3 We are so excited to see you! 🤩 @pastorjonself Thank you for your patience! Yes, the scotch eggs are considered a snack as well as most of the side… @SomebodyToDeacy (•_•) <) )╯ / \ \(•_•) ( (> / \ Happy dance! @stinkerbell1981 Hello! Operating hours continue to vary for our newest attraction, and we recommend keeping an eye… @Ashley_Draven Hi Ashley! Thank you for sharing! I will be sure to send over a #UOFistBump to Nat for making your e… @SeasonsGreens Hello! We do not have that information, however, the wait times of our attractions are always reflected on the app. @pastorjonself Sure! At Three Broomsticks, the Universal Dining Plan can be used on any meal except The Great Feast… @Noire_Labyrinth Hello, thank you so much for sharing this #UOFistBump for Anne, and the rest of the Team! We will… @annidoula Hello, we apologize to hear of your disappointment that you have described. Guests are not required to e… @000001 Hello, we are sorry to hear about your disappointment. Please send us a DM with more information.Saturdays are for t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶y̶s̶ fun. ( 📸: IG- emnldiaz) @DestinyMcFadde5 Hi Destiny, thanks for helping! For us to find the owner please bring the item to a lost and found… @crazysharklady Yes, he will be around Universal Studios Florida today! @hsupra21 Hi Jenny! Guests are chosen at random. We hope you all have a great first visit to our resort! @mhack71 What an amazing memory! @gabbilutz We 100000% agree. 💕 @Vaniamoraess80 Hello! Valid tickets can be upgraded at Guest Services at the park. 😊Birthdays find a way. ( 📸: IG- jezebelanicole & itcanonlybe__jared) @bougie_banton Hi Ayanna! It is scheduled to be open tomorrow. We recommend keeping an eye on our social channels o… @wutwazzit Hello, please send us a Direct Message so we can chat with you more, thank you! @raishad Hello, we are very sorry to hear of your experience and will make sure your feedback about our Universal E… @natisa0416 We are very sorry to hear this, Nati. Can you send us a DM with more information please?PARK HOURS: Universal Studios Florida: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Islands of Adventure: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Volcano Bay: 10:00… @eGadgetGuy Hello Ken! We are so happy that they were able to assist you! Feel free to send a DM with further detai… @LadyShadowsiren Hello! We suggest checking our Website and Mobile App for all attraction updates and wait times. @GregInORL Hello Greg! Thank you so much for your feedback! @jward214 Hello Jacquie, your passes will not activate until you enter the park. @megadis13 Hello Meg, thank you so much for feedback! Can you send us a DM with more information? @adamevers Hello! Please send us a DM!
@progressive_mom Thank you for your feedback! @philllyfanatic We are sorry to hear about that. We strive to provide our Guests with a superior entertainment expe… @URBANGELINA Looks like the gang earned some Scooby snacks for sure! Thank you so much for the #UOFistBump! @HyContrastKid Hello Cody, operation hours for this attraction are subject to change. Please stay tuned to the app for any updates. @AmandaCardin7 Hey, Amanda! We caught up with Bonnie to let her know how much you enjoyed your visit: not just once… @mstaj_hark Yes, yes do! @cmsgaa We are ready too! @RhysDibble 👋 @soitsstarr Jaimie was so happy to hear that she was able to help and was so excited to receive this #UOFistbump! T… @GraceVictoriax A bit of walking and fun is in your future. @Kimmyf89 We can't wait to see you Kimberley! @schoolboyj23 Hi Johnny! This attraction is scheduled to be open on that day. Make sure to download our mobile app… @YveyQ It sounds like its time for another trip! @thesarasmiles Can you send us a DM with some more info, please? @SamJOMelton We see the most thrilling honeymoon EVER in your future! 🎢😍 @FloridaSoxNPats Concentrate and try again. @CathyGrace13 We'll be saying HELLO to you real soon! 😃 @nmaudlin Reply hazy. Try again later. 😉 @Itsmillertime87 Cannot predict now. @Benjamin161926 We predict you will wake up with a smile on your face in approximately...127 days 😎 @smaraa Lucky for you I sense travel in your future. Specifically to islands. Islands of Adventure that is. @Anita_Karr We love you too! ❤ @Mysterybeatzuk Reply hazy. Try again later. @ZachVall @Tay_ONeill23 Hmm...🤔All signs point to !!YES!! @xxstevienicksxx Oh, no! Please DM us right away. Let's make this right. 😎 @heatherkinal5 Get ready because lots of twists, turns, flips and spins are coming for you! 🎢🤩 @Kirsty_Grimes Late? Never! You'll be having the party of a lifetime on your next trip. 🎉🤩 @joshmonahan1 @HorrorNightsORL Strong 🍕🍟 energy in your future. @paulsenmagic Roars. Lots of roars.🦖 @paulsenmagic Please hold. Listening into the future for you 👂... @bellino_sarah We're predicting a 110% chance of sunshine! ☀️💯 @Msgail We got you! Your vacation fortune includes EPIC rides, delicious snacks and non-stop fun! 🎢🍩🎉 @assylaaw Oh, no! You've got to come back and ride it again! 😢 @dougscarafile24 Your lanyard will reach your neck in just a few days. @G68408386G Your next vacation will be🔥🔥🔥tho. @sflakesmasher86 We see tons and tons of TOTS in your future! 🤩 @angstyberry Your forecast: nothing but FUN! Call it a funcast. 🎢🤩 @aventuramamx @USJ_Official Seems likely. @CruelSummer1988 We love you too, Kevin.💗 @TheMackMachine Duh.