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@MarkHBurton @simon_mair @gndforeurope @MCRGND_POD @mcrLabGND may be of interest btw how we talk about "cancel culture" all the time but not "at-will employment."
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @zeithistoriker I always see the stuff about not being able to comment on preferences as sophistry, You can name a… @someotheralex David Pakman, a good egg all round. His convo with Shapiro is hilarious
@mdrayton I think he's saying he didn't realise Crowder was a comedian, so finding out is what he's reacting to
Retweeted by Unlearning EconomicsI will never tire of this exchange @themountaingoa1 haha. But seriouslyThis article would have been better without the critique of mainstream economics @the_torff I completely agree and maybe didn't emphasise that point enough - I don't care whether GDP goes up or downAnother fantastic video from @UnlearnEcon. My feeling on the growth vs de-growth debate is that it is something of…
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @infotranecon explain pls @AmigaBeanbag @someotheralex planned obsolecence has a lot to answer for @bambooozled1 the UK was not prepared. Our health system has been drained and we have non-existent track and trace… this video, if only because it's the absolute first instance of a PhD economist citing Murray Bookchin, what…
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @someotheralex material standards of living as measured by physical consumption will probably have to go down for many, I think @fairleft that doesn't explain why Africa is mostly red and Russia orange ?This is such a great lesson in how these types of maps are just racist's up with those twitter accounts that just reply to you with the exact same thing or image you've tweeted? @LeonardoJGerar1 thanks :)A new video from @UnlearnEcon. Please continue with the great content. 👍🏽
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Absolutely hilarious, A+ content @itsbirdemic @FelixChaser @Katja_Thieme @conceptualkitty this article is hilarious, thank you so muchNew Video: The New Case for a Green New Deal
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @alnickmnathan thanksAn excellent video by @UnlearnEcon making the case for a Green New Deal that would avoid some of the pitfalls and e…
Retweeted by Unlearning EconomicsNew Video: The New Case for a Green New Deal
@TheStalwart peer pressureSo I went to Seattle just before CHAZ/CHOP was dismantled to speak with organizers there and to see the project wit…
Retweeted by Unlearning EconomicsSee also: the IDW @besttrousers completely wrong as well, the 'leaky pipeline' is something they could understand with minimal research @Kristennetten @elonmusk do you not see how ironic this is @elben @hillaryvipond @Martinned81 you're on the leftist end of neolib though
Shock @maxrothbarth which book? @hillaryvipond @Martinned81 it's more of a casual observation I expected others to recognise than a rigorous survey of opinion @hillaryvipond @Martinned81 I mean it's twitterNEW VIDEO! I wandered through the woods and dressed up like a Victorian ghost to bring you - Charles Darwin Vs Karl…
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @hillaryvipond @Martinned81 while this is true it's difficult and probably unfruitful of me to list of enough examp… @hillaryvipond @elben @Martinned81 I'm not sure it's accurate to describe the suggestions as police, though. Are hi… @elben @hillaryvipond @Martinned81 'reform' usually means expanding funding on at least some fronts though, this is…
@tomhfh the pandemic is solved, thank you @hillaryvipond @Martinned81 I'd say "abolish the police - defund the police - reform the police" is the leftist ran… @Martinned81 @hillaryvipond a broader range, in my experience. @hillaryvipond the point is that the way liberals debate the policy is highly restrictive @hillaryvipond liberals are only willing to consider policy within certain boundaries, outside those boundaries they are conservatives @NathanTankus but only if you increase the resolution on future gifs @NathanTankus ok ok I'll finally subscribeThe reason leftists get more annoyed with liberals than conservatives is because liberals act like they care but go… @adogfromsinope isn't it already? @ChrisJKennedy @jcbecker93 anthropology is way better at this, they're virtually paralysed by their own guilt @econ_inclined @LittleKeegs0 @too_online_zach there are multiple entries a day: I'm not sa…
@econ_inclined @LittleKeegs0 @too_online_zach it's not clear to me this indicates any excesses of the residents or… @econ_inclined @LittleKeegs0 @too_online_zach ?
@JadaWil25982416 @SloneKandy @zei_squirrel in your country yes, but what's your point? If anything this reinforces my argument
13 years to the day I was fired from my summer job in a shoe shop, as I didn’t think my manager, who was 29, would…
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @davies_will @Spencer_DavidA @JoMicheII fairness the last part was understandable in the context of the Great Depression and before climate change was s… @davies_will @Spencer_DavidA @JoMicheII as always, I saw the snarky comment on twitter before the actual newsA truly Rooseveltian New Deal would sideline women and black people, and further endanger the environment by stimul… @Spencer_DavidA @JoMicheII @davies_will I am actually interested in what you mean...making something about the GND… @Spencer_DavidA @JoMicheII @davies_will don't make this political David @milan_tomicc I know this is the dictionary distinction but I see each used as bothIs there a reason to use 'critique' over 'criticise' other than to sound fancy?Difference being is that the number of issues in economics for which this is the case is pretty close to the number of issues in economics @Black_Goat_666 yeah my new video is about the Green New Deal and I explicitly say "if you don't already think clim… was waiting for an article on this topic and like, but do not love this one physicists haven't figured out dark matter, should we throw out physics too? Me: yes, in areas with hu… @Black_Goat_666 it's easy to think everybody knows something when you've immersed yourself in it but you have to re…
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @JadaWil25982416 @SloneKandy @zei_squirrel also the idea that 18 year olds are 'adults' is hilarious, have you ever… @JadaWil25982416 @SloneKandy @zei_squirrel probably when they've at least finished their education, Shapiro basical…
I think that cars in town centres will turn out to be like smoking in pubs and restaurants: many fought angrily to…
Retweeted by Unlearning EconomicsA friend of mine who does history tours in London recently started videos/podcasts, beginning with a history of pan…
@OnatMansur mate your food always looks amazing @JBrownStanAcct I know it's not the most important thing, but the fact they got the wrong house just epitomises their malicious ineptitude“No clues at all to the direction of causation” (Goodhart, 2009)
Retweeted by Unlearning EconomicsTake two variables, X and Y, that have no direct causal mechanism connecting them. Calculate the average value of k…
Retweeted by Unlearning EconomicsThe year is 2020 and crude 1980s style quantity theory monetarism is the order of the day.
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May change my bio to this @orkoliberal I suppose you could argue that if economic models didn't exist I couldn't have so much fun criticising them @orkoliberal so do maths, just don't pretend it has anything to do with the real world :DWhen I find out economists have put yet another cultural practice into an optimisation problem this approach fall folly to Pascal's wager? I imagine it would for some parameter values neoclassical approach to the “economics of religion” is absolutley off the rails.
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @LPetach w h yI think we can all agree the mouthing politicians thing was funny for a bit but now it's deadThanks GOD somebody wrote an article clearly laying out how crime statistics are biased. You can all stop making th… @MoDellawn @bazaar_brit @MarkSeddon1962 she was depicted as pretty cool from what I remember, the above scene included @adogfromsinope I don't care what anyone says, I will never trust IVsMe rn was the first class I went to in college! I was so excited! Sanderson (bc of course that's who this is) did a…
Retweeted by Unlearning Economics @CCWoolf @juliabodson mate get a fucking gripTher moment zoomers lost millenials @adogfromsinope is there any concrete evidence policymakers actually used economics in designing mass incarceration?
@TheStalwart it requires less effort than winning yourself! @MaMoMVPY well at least we agree on somethingDon't usually do football on here, but is there any way I can watch Liverpool win the title for free? #help @JBrownStanAcct am I missing something or does he just genuinely not get itOur paper shows traditional analyses understate racial bias in police violence. A newly posted critique claims thos…
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