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Author of Burn Math Class. Director of Machine Learning at a rag-tag A.I. hedge fund. Libertarian. Bitcoiner. Secession enthusiast.

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Armed bank robbery:
Retweeted by Jason WilkesJust a CEO with a conflict of interest? No. He defrauded the United States Medicare program out of $4.6 million.…
Retweeted by Jason WilkesThis guy lobbied Trump's justice department on behalf of the Chinese and Malaysian governments. Very cool.
Retweeted by Jason WilkesIm taking a break For the past 10 years I have been fighting to protect my persecuted journalist son Julian & for…
Retweeted by Jason WilkesSure hope no one ever does to them what they did to Mendax. @PstafarianPrice @fellowseeker Each city has its own bloodsuckers, and every few years we vote on what color tie they wear.Be the laser eyes you wish to see in the world. -Gandhi @BachelorEterna1 That's ok. You're still invited. @crypt0e I guess we're our own heroes of p(ost|re)modern governmentally nihilist omni-pilled meme religion w frens… limey. Joe Exotic is the next president.🌎👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀 @crypt0e O'atmeal gets it, as always.Too many squares.Brb, gonna assassinate every member of the government in minecraft. That game is out of control.130+ pardons. None of them matter...
Retweeted by Jason WilkesWho's down for a new country?Bullish for an Assange pardon. Washington DC right now #PardonAssangeNOW #FreeAssangeNOW
Retweeted by Jason WilkesBreaking: Sources familiar with reality tv personalities suggest the pardons are probably gonna drop at fucking 11:59pm eastern lol.Suspenseful Assange tweet.“capitalism breeds innovation” the innovation:
Retweeted by Jason WilkesJanet Yellen: Innovations in Bond-age. against omnibus. Worried about erosion of civil liberties. Wtf is happening, when did Rashida Tlaib become co… kids, getting offended is the ultimate act of narcissism. miss neoconremover. can't wait to see all those kids freed from their cages tomorrow
Retweeted by Jason WilkesAnd that's how they escalate with so little resistance.What the history books never told us is that even the most significant historical events are somehow simultaneously…
Welp, so much for this "trying to be a productive member of society" thing. Guess I'll sell all my clothes and inve… @jaxcanes333 @DeItaone Well DC wanted to be a state so now its a police state
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @LibertyTre3 Fucking Thucydides! hanging open in disbelief. The government condemned an actual bad thing. This never happens. Sec nominee Yellen says #Bitcoin is a concern for terrorist financing, money laundering... ... as if the…
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @ilyakurdyukov Of course you were.How much of the old books was memes & trolling lost in translation? Every 1000 years or so one of these books shows… @michaelbyrne @RussellOkung Always. @michaelbyrne @RussellOkung Sounds interesting! What are you working on? @LibertyTre3 Breaking: Poe's law promoted to law of physics.I assure you she's not keeping track of yours. (Though if she was, this would suddenly go from creepy to kinda cut…Деар Илия́ (@ilyakurdyukov), It сеемs оuр коunтрies аре @ wар агаин... || перhапс the политисианс аре жuст фightиn… @reconbot @LBRYcom The one universal experience if you play the "listening" game long enough is that even if you fi… @reconbot @LBRYcom Maybe. But are they wrong? I've tried to make a habit of seeking out anyone who gets deplatforme… @ilyakurdyukov Yeah but yours was better. @reconbot @LBRYcom Anything sounds like a poor take if you choose to describe it so negatively instead of trying to… systematic deplatforming of anti-establishment voices is making them leaders of the blockchain web 3.0 revoluti…
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @bill_mcgonigle @CassandraRules Wouldn't need to start utopian. Imagine everyone needs to abide by the same basic l… @bill_mcgonigle @CassandraRules Exactly. Makes me wonder if we've got the nation state model wrong. You can quit Go… tweet. @Expice @UnIronicAnCap It'll work. Come armed.My hot take is that CSS can only be loved via Stockholm Syndrome but that doesn't make the love invalid. If you man… @Expice @UnIronicAnCap That's the most ambitious encryption project I've ever heard of. When you wake up, all your… @kennethcochran @UnIronicAnCap I install Haiku about once every 2 years and admire it for a few minutes here and th… @TheGreatRoh @CassandraRules Beautiful place. I believe my lineage has already homesteaded its share. Which part is… @TsarNichII Good. I'll count you as being on board. Long Live Long Florida! @TsarNichII Empire. In which case they'll need a Tsar.Some say if you listen closely on a quiet night, you can still hear her screaming. ❤️ twitter existed in the 60s they would have banned MLK.
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @danpcarr Dickpillow works in mysterious ways.Another good secession idea. @coloradotravis And the L||D said: Stay mad bitch. And it was good.The world isn’t falling apart, the veil of the worldwide corruption is lifting.
Retweeted by Jason WilkesYear 4 million 200 thousand: Earth is now uninhabited. Humans have long since departed and spread out among the sta… @SydneyLWatson @drmcrash There are at least three countries in this country. Two of them are entirely unrepresented… some point, the fiancee and I are thinking of getting a bunny and naming it Features. So we can be like "It's not a bugs bunny..." @bill_mcgonigle @CassandraRules At least two new countries in each. And maybe a couple more up in the pacific north… @jdeluxe10 @Breaking911 Someone's doing an experiment lol. @photog_frank @Nunes He never burgled ANY ham! @CasteMember Humans are always so much more interesting than tribal labels make them out to be.Bitcoin is not a right versus left political issue, it’s an authoritarianism versus freedom issue. Authoritarians…
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @LundukeTech Some say it was rathergood. Wyoming secedes, I'll go to my grave believing Garfield was from the future. @LibertyTre3 Yo @WyomingGOP and @TexasGOP. Found some of those grass roots you were looking for.Psst, @LibertyTre3. You're a grassroot, right?Hey I think we count as grassroots. Let's found some countries without war and stuff. Maybe one of the cool ones co… @CassandraRules Looks like it's option 3 folks. @DrKarlynB @CassandraRules Time to found a new country and invite Assange in. @KBoomhauer @tr00p3RR @Nickelodeon You damn kids, back in my day Nickelodeon only indoctrinated you into the cult o… it's business time, make sure it's insider. Your business, insider. #BusinessInsider Damn I should write ads.The term "Business Insider" once referred to a popular financial news website. However, everyone who reads this wi… @CryptoStar15 @pierre_rochard Poe's law confirmed yet again.(Narrator: Jason accidentally misreads this as "Mexican cartel") Wtf, there's no way facebook is gonna push back… stfu and play my boy SpongeBob.
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@crypt0e get it now. LOST never ended, we're all on the island, and the writing is even less plausible now than it was bac… @alifarhat79 @thestinkmarket @makpierson Baste and thanksgiving pilled. @roadtoserfdom3 @Locke_Wiggins @thefreerifleman It should be as easy to start a country as it is to start a business.
Retweeted by Jason WilkesFree Assange you assholes
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @Fizzy_Purp @KBoomhauer Definitely as deserving of the 🤔 emoji as everything else in the past couple days. @KBoomhauer No idea, but it's how the founder's started their famous breakup text with England. So it's got that going for it.A highway alert sign over I-95 in Virginia displays a message “Avoid Travel to DC Tuesday Through Thursday” #DC
Retweeted by Jason Wilkes @TsarNichII Yo @Colombia, let's talk.We need to cut off the Pentagon's internet so they stop believing all these conspiracy theories. @crypt0e Goddamn I love you, you magnificent bastard. @crypt0e Yo o'atmeal wanna start a country?Yeah I liked my own tweet deal wid it.My country's flag is gonna have a flag on it cuz I'm real into recursion.