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@misufps @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral @GameChangersVal @GCreporter VOUCHLFT 15, 16 by next GC Available 24/7 open schedule (online school) Sova, Senti, Controller, + open to all roles NA…
Retweeted by unstable @christlii_ dont trip bro you got it @WasteManOP wow @kayvalorant i witnessed it live @christlii_ its okay atleast youre top 2k 😹😹 @Evs2x @ignepiphanys @VobengKhee @fishszns @kaiyua2 unrated ? @ignepiphanys @JoeGarc60895751 shes lying shes 18 @wunjii @fairyfps @lividcuh 1 4 2 2
@ignepiphanys @Evs2x πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ @Evs2x @ignepiphanys @wunjii YEAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA @sourcezzz thanks bae @AeroValorant @angelltaub @mleQT_ once in a blue moon the commodores reunite @miraixz πŸ€— @homiesrice my ranked strats are hard as fuck @fIuffyzx @Evs2x cord @Evs2x @fIuffyzx im bored as shit inv me pls @karraof @emgotcutetoes @Glorinsz 100% gotta farm the rr and clips @1nxsh tyty @Evs2x @fIuffyzx πŸ₯πŸ₯ @BlanKAims pogchampion @emgotcutetoes @karraof @emgotcutetoes alright bro you musty af @notrxchel poggy woggy @karraof tf you sighing over LMFAO @emgotcutetoes thanks i shower every day @karraof holy shit V1 KARRA @fIuffyzx MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA @AeroValorant @turtlewurdle wtf ur mid @Evs2x YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH out of time @Evs2x @AeroValorant i'll shoot @ignovercook @PrincessIcyTV @DoLphinvalo i hope you drown in the shower @PrincessIcyTV @DoLphinvalo bro he sounds sc @Matt_IGL @ignovercook i just spent like 4$ in tax for this shit @Matt_IGL @ignovercook I JUST STOLE YO MONEY MWAHAHHAHAHAHA @Bobbert_VAL ik yall are both 5 @Bobbert_VAL @kayvalorant go to bed you need your 9 hours child @fIuffyzx @Evs2x @ignovercook @yongledd @karraof @ShiiroQt 😭 @Bobbert_VAL bro bobbert are u in fifth grade LMFAOOOO @ignovercook @Evs2x
@fairyfps @xanderaj_ @kayvalorant @wunjii come get ur woman gonny gonny @xanderaj_ @fairyfps @kayvalorant ive done nothing wrong 😐 @kayvalorant @xanderaj_ hi @fairyfps @kayvalorant @xanderaj_ wtf did i do @xanderaj_ @kayvalorant allg @homiesrice HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
@Evs2x @ignovercook @kayvalorant his phone goes on killstreaks @seshiriaa_ @GhostGaming WWW @ignovercook @kayvalorant yo like i didnt say all that @ignovercook @Evs2x @kayvalorant he leavin all of us behind with his *ding* *ding* *ding* @ignovercook @kayvalorant what makes you think im a happy person 😐 @ignovercook @kayvalorant ofc i didTEXT
Retweeted by unstable
Retweeted by unstable @kayvalorant omgomg kay video πŸ™€something about youπŸ’›
Retweeted by unstable @Agr0fps i cursed u LOL @turtlewurdle @kanatouu @ignovercook @kayvalorant @zekeiVAL ur old @kanatouu @turtlewurdle @ignovercook @kayvalorant @zekeiVAL get her away from me @turtlewurdle @ignovercook @kayvalorant was good with you karen @karraof @kayvalorant @ignovercook just dropped thirty he can hold ur hand while you play @ignovercook @kayvalorant yo kay nice shots
@ignovercook @kayvalorant dude im not putting hello kitty in my pfp @florscnt @MisfitsGG ava WOOOO @kxtieoh @MisfitsGG πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ @MissingXDD where ya been imy @fIuffyzx @adorbse dawg
@misufps purple @AyresUltraguin @iiTzTimmy .33 800 @Bobbert_VAL congrats kiddo @notrxchel @wunjii @ToozyVAL WHAT ZOO @derekvalorant needs a retirement @karraof @ignovercook @karraof @ignovercook welcome to the project roster @kayvalorant o @ignovercook @karraof get out of my thread big bitch @karraof @ignovercook its like that? @karraof get a bfI NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I NEED A BUFF I N… @ignovercook @karraof πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @kayvalorant @iiTzTimmy ur games are too hard @Glorinsz dude i got banned from governors chat like 2 days ago for "streamsniping" LOL @Glorinsz LMFAOOOO @Glorinsz thank god im stream sniping
@kayvalorant @iiTzTimmy gmgm @florscnt @iiTzTimmy we played for like one day AND YOU TROLL MY SHIT ON AN ALT @ryswtf @iiTzTimmy πŸ₯±πŸ₯± @arth @tahzis LOOOOL @karraof @iiTzTimmy good day @cloudyerin_ hbd πŸ₯³ @_sekiroo @iiTzTimmy tyty @wunjii @emgotcutetoes @iiTzTimmy gonny gonny @emgotcutetoes @iiTzTimmy slaying the 7am high elo lobbies