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I apologise if I end up offending you unintentionally. In all probability, it was acutely intentional (Editor, @OpIndia_com. Email:

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Bengal doctors crisis: A state which has pulled out of Ayushman Bharat, the poor are the worst affected of Mamata's…
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@Coco_Shifu You need to be drunk to like this song? 😐 @freespeechin Hahaha. No. I have decided to end my day with my favourite music. End up sleeping better @ShrrinG Tweet from your own account, Rahul 😂Song for the night🎶 Dime todo lo que paso No me di cuenta ni quien me pego Todo da vueltas como un carrusel Locura recorre todita mi piel 🎶“sheshky sheshky shaaary”? It’s funny. Sometimes when grown women try to sound cute, they just end up sounding like .. well.. @mchamria @Imamofpeace @OpIndia_com Imam Tawhidi speaks to OpIndia on Islam, India, Narendra Modi, and more He gav… is not politics. Granted. But just because it’s cricket, you can’t close your eyes to the truth either.Pakistani pop singer wanted a Dutch MP killed for blasphemy, this is where she learnt bigotry from Those who are… @RealHistoriPix 😂😂 ye kya running commentary haiPop’s property, is it? @UnSubtleDesi In short, @UnSubtleDesi's msg to LW Journos!
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaBe a journalist. Not a gallace that holds up a veil which hides the truth. Durgas are awakening. 🔥
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaIt is my daily ritual on twitter to visit @OGSaffron’s account. Do follow. He brightens up my days with the photos… @krishnakant_75 Thank youParody nation: Provincial govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa live-streamed its press conference with cat filter on 😂 Banerjee ‘accepts demands’ but claims ‘outsiders causing the stir’, hits out at media when asked if she will…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaSEBI bars NDTV promoters Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy from accessing Securities Markets and holding management posit…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaVillage officer issues order to demolish and remove crosses planted by Church on encroached land near Sabarimala
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaE Sreedharan, in his letter to the Prime Minister dated June 10 wrote, “One shareholder cannot take a unilateral de…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaIn response to a shameful video that has gone viral where a school principal can be seen rejecting the child of a s… am a single parent, and I have superpowers My child is the Arc Reactor that makes me an Avenger. - writes…
Retweeted by Nupur J Sharma @DoctorP__ ☹️Kolkata: Father blames Police for newborn's death for not letting him enter the Hospital amidst Doctors' Strike .… @Kasheer_suneel Haha. Thank you, uncleMamata didi, we upheld our Hippocratic oath during trying times, you failed the allegiance you swore to the Constit…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaDemographic impact of Christian Missionaries: India needs the equivalent of Russia’s Yarovaya law
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaThe elite apathy of self-consumed Indians and self-identified 'South Asians' After a LONG wait, Prof… a glimpse into Gupta brothers' illustrious career does indicate that they are deeply entrenched in several cor… @findshashi @vinodkapri @drharshvardhan @sakshijoshii I don’t know. This child is getting a home. Parents. That’s a… @smritiirani @zeneraalstuff 🙏 Thank you, ma’am. Truly @UnSubtleDesi @zeneraalstuff Noted 🙏
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaCorrupt Gupta brothers and the big fat weddings in Auli, Uttarakhand: Did the BJP govt in the state miss their sket…
Retweeted by Nupur J Sharma @vinodkapri @drharshvardhan Good luck, Vinod. This is something absolutely beautiful that you and your wife have do… know, I can come up with a 100 smart comments about why your daughter/son should be away from you. But I won’t.… Children, Our Future: Dear Smriti Irani, these child development and humanitarian issues cannot wait A fantast… Congress govt arrests man over social media post, targets journalist over tweeting about it
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaNetflix and it’s eternal Hinduphobia #Leila as 700 doctors resign, TMC leader Abu Taher Khan Chaudhury accused of threatening doctors with rape and murder Preview, Afghanistan v South Africa: The bottom two teams will play against each other There are some chance…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaHere is how AltNews fabricated a police quote to downplay the brutality heaped on the Aligarh child victim
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaThe explanation by AltNews only further exposes the malicious and nefarious designs of the portal. They accuse the…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaHome Ministry gives nod to reinvestigate old cases related to 1984 Sikh genocide, MS Sirsa says ‘Kamal Nath will su… government releases Rs 57 lakh as first GST refund for Langar items purchased by Gurudwaras
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaFactChecker wins an international award for its dubious and faulty hate crime database @apindia @OpIndia_com Yes. Included that in the report. They are very shadyIn fact, the Gupta brothers were hand in gloves with Islamists during the BRICS 2018 summit. They tried their best…’m not the sort to tag the prime minister in every issue, but this one is important. With his tough stand on corru… Gupta brothers and the big fat weddings in Auli, Uttarakhand: Did the BJP govt in the state miss their sket… councillor’s brother brutally assaults woman in full public view, booked. government’s open abetment to lynch mob mentality has destroyed doctor-patient relationship in state, says d…
Retweeted by Nupur J SharmaWe didn’t. Despite the intimidation back then, our story is still up and we are still here. course, the result of breaking the Sibal story was this. Nothing to do with Guptas. Just couldn’t plug the Sibal… @DivyaSoti Thank you! @TheToothDoc3 @rahulroushan @OpIndia_com Thank you for your faith in us 🙏 @DNS14974977 It does. Read the article :-)For reference sake, here is Uma Bharti’s thread on the wedding there is this too Bharti has spoken against the big fat Gupta family wedding in Uttarakhand. Here are somethings you might not kn… @Shivam_h9 @umasribharti Not exactly the "mehnat" you might be imagining if it's the same Gupta brothers
Retweeted by Nupur J Sharma.@rahulroushan weighs in on theraging debate over minority scholarships offered by the Modi govt. A balanced articl… @fingeritis Hahahaha. It’s a cute song! @Satyanewshi @amitsurg Yup @amitsurg Most doctors aren’t working even for private chambers.Striking doctors refuse to meet Mamata Banerjee unless she visits NRS Hospital, Mamata appeals to get back to work
@kushal_mehra True. I meant not just Republic, but general TV. Hopefully, though, the space for online discussion will grow. Much needed“Usual pleasantries” becomes “meet and chat”. Random man: Hi Barkha on her show: I met a man today who had that… @kushal_mehra Na. The assumption that they would stop watching Republic if the shouting matches stop is an incorrect assumption. @kushal_mehra As a matter of principle, when it comes to content, can’t blame the consumer, for anything :-) @kushal_mehra We’ll take time as a nation to get there. But I’m hopeful.By the way, with several people dissing social media, this, right here, is what SM does and should do. Rattle the s… MSM discuss the Doctors’ strike if social media wasn’t there to keep the pressure upTurns out, my daughter singing this song is what did the trick @TheAngryLord The new ones are mostly uselessSong for the night @Athreya83 Really? @GyanveerSingh8 Thanks! @ShivAroor Oh I love this one! @Ateendriyo @OpIndia_com Thank you! Truly. But as I said, too much credit, we just did our job 🙏From what I know thus far: North Bengal college 119 Murshidabad 50 Rampurhat 37 Burdwan 26 NRS 100 SSKM 175 Nation… doctors have already resigned in West Bengal. 500.Thank you! You’ll are awesome 😘 @monalthaakar @YearOfTheKraken ☹️ e-mail, e-conference, e-thots. It was totally believable @iamruchimankad My pleasure! @amitsurg Nice!!! I shall listen tonight @kushal_mehra To torture* @Anudeep88871011 Love it! @kushal_mehra Why don’t you go away? @Shaan27 My anthemMood right now @Su_Nandan We have been covering it. And we promise to continue 🙏 @freentglty Death penalty. @kushal_mehra You deserve the death penalty @UnSubtleDesi Bob Marley - Don't worry be Happy via @YouTube
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Retweeted by Nupur J Sharma @__phoenix_fire_ 😂😂 that helped a little @nirwamehta Baksh do, maa @DhamaHunny That makes me sad!