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have fun today as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed

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think im deleting twitter for a bit peace @MikeHeadly39 HE PULLED UP LIKE ITS GTA V AND LET THAT THING TALK LMFAOOOOStore owner pulls up near his store, sees would-be looters, and fires shotgun at them.
Retweeted by upbeat❄️The amount of people I’ve seen justifying attempted murder during these riots is crazy. The USA is just fucked @MikeHeadly39 Some mfs looted icebox like dawg you need that drip before I can protest
@glads200 FaZe Genesis Glads the Fish has a good ring to it>shows one example of somebody being shitty >”this proves all (insert demographic of shitty person) are bad!” >what.jpg @giowop that’s fair but fuck me it’d be wild, just level buildings with no effort. that would be insane @giowop surprised people haven’t stole like bulldozers and shit yet they very commonly have no keys or security @Banks It 100% got botted lol. I was on the page as it counted down and it went from Coming Soon to Sold Out immedi…!
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @cambo_ranch Yupbearbrick x faze sold out instantly lmfao didn’t even get a chance @ChaosChytist
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @JAMALLICKTHECHE carts Need me
Retweeted by upbeat❄️this the best damn thread I’ve seen in awhile
Retweeted by upbeat❄️And so we wait
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @mccruddenm You deserve a solid kick in the nuts. With steel toed boots. @awnuhaha i mean he already brought a bunch of attention to the situation so i don’t think he’s gone deaf. honestly… @jamescharles shit, I’d swipe right
I SAW @MARSHMELLOMUSIC AT A HOUSE PARTY, HE WAS ACTIN ALL CRAZY AND SHIT. HE STARTED ALL THESE MOSHPITS! THEN HE TO… tryna turn me into a drug dealer @yvng_han Shit is heating up right about now I’d say @JAMALLICKTHECHE I’ve never been a car crash driving stoned but I have been sober?Summit1g is fucking wildin
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @Icy_Rapture That’s fair. I played CSGO for years, but when I was a COD kid I always went back to MW2 and shit. Whe… man knows it's NERF or nothin' #MinneapolisRiot
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @TristanGHill that new fruitpop 🤤 @ChrisGittensSZN @JayLThe2nd you’re probably right, either way he deserves everything coming his way#FindJetpack @ChrisGittensSZN @JayLThe2nd well. either way he deserves punishment, life in prison or death. whatever they see fit @FaZeDirty @FaZeClan @beatsbydre fuck that’s slick @WElRDB dude, come to my island when im home I have some shit for you. @frostyZK Yup. I’m 22 and my main group of friends I had still hangout and chat. The rest of them are long gone tho lol. @JayLThe2nd If he goes to jail he will be murdered, so either way he dies 🤷🏻‍♂️y’all got channels you absolutely love that are super random or specific? cause here’s 5 of mine: 1. Modern Vintage… May 30th, 2010 to Forever Join us tomorrow at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern time as we celebrate 10 Years of FaZ…
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @CrypticNoOne @WhosBreezyUK two of these jawns a day at work honestly the wildest fuckin year ever holy shit @yung_juice_box5 add my shit yung_upbeat @yung_juice_box5 So you have 0 drip @yung_juice_box5 I used to a roblox millionaireDo you know who shouldn’t? @Kiwiz! In fact, he should be in jail! USA on god boutta have a whole ass race war @DreamClothingHQ 💜
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @glads200 @JAMALLICKTHECHE Damn. It’s like we’re living the same life. Smoke that @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez You keep circling back to the point you were trying to make. I get it, the USA is being… @xanful @realDonaldTrump DENMARK! @PaintClownn Pusha T do be pushing that MF heat @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez You literally compared them to North Korea, which has some of the worst and most oppres… @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez Just a quick search will show you countless other examples my man. @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, etc. State controller media = the suppression of facts and information @PaintClownn oh no 100% no matter what they do the fan base will shit on them for it. they’re stuck basically and it sucks @Crimsix @ScuderiaFerrari @Charles_Leclerc The fact I get to see one of my favorite F1 drivers play with one of my… @PaintClownn they’ve proven time and time again nobody likes the content they make now so they reuse shit from year… @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez If that’s what you want to believe go right ahead, but it’s being disingenuous to the p… @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez Nope, you said America is turning into North Korea. I said that’s a bad comparison, because it is. 👍 @Icy_Rapture I had 20 days on MW3 and 30+ on BO2/MW2. Probably well over 30+ on BO1. Although I have 80+ played on CSGO soooThis MF said.. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts...” Unbelievable.
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez I get what you’re saying, it’s really fucked up. Not North Korea levels of fucked up, m…’all wanted “white allies”, I don’t know how forming a barricade between the police that brutalize blacks isn’t be…
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez Then explain your point my dude, maybe we’ll see it from your point of view. @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez Explain your point then? Or did you realize it wasn’t a great comparison and deleted it? @sitoz_ @Ninja @OmarJimenez The USA is fucked but my dude North Korea literally has death camps for people who spea…’all know we deadass living through a history textbook chapter rn??
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @Herobust I could do it, long as I got my buddies and some neighbours who are friendly @giowop night my dude @MikeHeadly39 Funny“Bro check out my grill”
@TowelPacShakur candy flipping is where it’s at I’ll be realRAMIREZ WE GOT HOSTILES TAKE YOUR TEAM AND SECURE BURGER TOWN
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @Dripw @giowop that dude literally has Elliot Rodger in his name he’s gonna be a school shooter @TowelPacShakur Acid is ducking wildGee. All that Pot Smoking I did earlier sure has me wanting to smoke Some More Pot Right Now.
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @CrypticNoOne IS THIS GONNA BE THE JOHN CENA MEME 2.0 @mellyupdatess used to be an account who just posts his name get cancer dudealso free hong kongthe fact people believe anything any politician says is hilarious @JOEY_LOHAN “Look at me I’m different”
@avsterbone @JeffTutorials @realDonaldTrump LMFAO @LoLFinesse Guess I been doing it wrong. I work 21/7 12 hour days, it ain’t that bad @JAMALLICKTHECHE Gonna smoke done weed so I’ll be there. Beautiful spot btw @LoLFinesse You’re telling 12 hour days ain’t normal?bred
Retweeted by upbeat❄️When a deaf person wins an auction
Retweeted by upbeat❄️Black man gets murdered by police, blanc women on twitter dot com don’t care because black man had white fiancé. If…
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @MikeHeadly39 Man. Shit like this makes me so mad. Instead of rallying behind what happened and pushing for change,… @Mlord7000 3 was terrible. Awful. Black Flag was fire, and Revelations was fire too. @Froste Talk to em Froste. Your twitter, you tweet what you feeling. Don’t let people tell you otherwisethis isn’t a joke they literally aimed a shotgun at me. also 7 rings but I’ve never listened to it before and didn’… kidnapped in gta v rp and was forced to sing all star by smash mouthJune’s fighter has entered the ring
Retweeted by upbeat❄️ @exitfrags if they lied about that what else they lying boutttttt 🤔