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Question about your account? Connect with our support team in the Uphold app, visit or DM @AskUphold! @EricksonRTan @brave Thanks for sharing @EricksonRTan! We just tipped you using the @Brave Browser for #TipsTuesday @XRPAO1 @brave Crypto knowledge is power - thanks for sharing @XRPAO1! 💚 We just tipped you using the @Brave Brows… @LevelNevel Sorry for the trouble, we're checking on this for you.┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) you can now ┳┻|⊂ノ. set up automated ┻┳|. transactions Automatically transfer 100+ cur…'s here - #TipsTuesday! Share your best tweet, tag @UpholdInc + @brave and use #TipsTuesday. We're tipping our f… Gold (UPXAU) acts like gold, spends like cash and trades like crypto. Buy UPXAU with the Uphold app:…
@LevelNevel Hey there - can you share more information so we can look into this? A support ticket number? Feel free to reply or DM.We highly agree with this recommendation! @MikePGuitar That's a question for our friends at @TaxBit @PaulSuggs208 Now? It's been live to US customers for a few months, let us know if you're having issues. @DoubleSpendThis Yes! We hope to have a more clear date to share soon.Spend DGB, XRP or ANY asset you hold or withdraw cash at most ATMs with the Uphold Card. Available now in the U.S.… @PerspectiveIX Love this!Talketh ofrece llamadas telefónicas accesibles de alta calidad que puedes pagar con cualquier criptomoneda que teng… will the currency on Mars be?'s ready for #TipsTuesday tomorrow? #TipWithBrave morning. You just won the lottery. What's your first tweet? @KevinSt58399754 Hi Kevin - Sorry if you missed our previous reply. @IzzV9 Si, esperamos que pronto!
@stevefrench432 We care!4. Network! Have an alumni network? Or a connection who currently works there? Also look for the recruiter on LinkedIn and reach out!3. Apply across platforms (company website, LinkedIn and Glassdoor)2. Update your CV/Resume to speak to a new skill that will help you stand out for remote work.1. Take advantage of your extra time! Set up your LinkedIn and update social profiles to make sure they are compell… to get a job during a recession: (a thread) @BRTcrpt We don't have a timeline. Full integration is a lot of work, but we plan to upgrade some of our Tier 4 cur… @eurosasa00 Yes, we're working on a fix! 😊Interest-free banking: Me: I'd like to an open an account. Banker: Who cares?Check out Uphold CEO @JpThieriot's recent discussion with @XrpMr about the Uphold community, fractional U.S. equiti…
@boardwalkfloor @davidgokhshtein @UpholdCard What crypto do you think we should add? 🤔 @Dudehere4 Thank you, dude! We've got more where that came from. 💚“The three killer features of spendability, zero holding costs and government guarantee make Universal Gold the bes… @PearlPa02412486 Hi Pearl - Sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience. We're checking on this for you now. @EllipticHerb @heleumapp It's not possible yet, but we're working on a fix for hiding old/unused cards.If we have the same taste in crypto, we're automatically friends.💰 I MADE MY FIRST INTERNET MONEY 💰 I've been writing @ThePracticalDev for a long time & recently they introduced a…
Retweeted by Uphold @XRP_CSC Welcome, you’re among friends here.UPXAU is to crypto finance what “clicks and mortar” was to e-commerce, a simultaneous merger of the digital and the…
Retweeted by UpholdWhat is Dollar Cost Averaging and how does it relate to gold? @Aditya34203315 Here you go - this how to shows you simple steps @ImTheDebate @Mq2Oco @nickhund @coinbase @CasinoCoin No?!? Not Gingey!Thanks to all the great projects that came on "Blockchain Interviews" this week! #FF @BluzelleHQ @pavelbains
Retweeted by Uphold @dustynegatives Great request, and a popular one. We’re working on it - be sure, if you haven’t already to un-favorite them.
@ghostcoin4cash @Mq2Oco We'll let our legal team take it from here. No more soapbox for you. @GetUrMindStrong UPXAU is issued by the Universal Protocol Alliance. Each Token represents 1 troy oz. of pure physi… @CanadaCale UPXAU is an ERC-20 gold Token that's free to hold, government backed, spendable on a debit card and pur… @oneillsapiary ADA is a Tier 4 currency, meaning it's available to buy, hold & sell, however, deposit/withdraw is n… security, we require you to verify your identity when you want to withdraw or send funds. How do you become ver… is on track for its biggest July price gain in 8 years – but what next? Our coin guru Obol looks at BTC and… @AgniBank Commission-free does not mean that Uphold is free. You’ll pay for certain activities (clearly listed on o… Gold (UPXAU) acts like gold, spends like cash and trades like crypto. Buy UPXAU with the Uphold app:… ○ ___    ∥ diversify|    ∥ your |    ∥ assets |    ∥ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ∧_∧ (`・ω・∥ 丶 つ0 しーJ #BTC #XRP @Soy_Filipo When you DM us, there should be a 'gold' button in the chat. If not, type and send 'Menu' @xgarreau We've enhanced our gold offering and believe UPXAU is a better product. Here's why: @AnotherStoic If you own XAU, you can hold, sell or exchange it. Read more: @EvanPrim @CoryTV @ForbesCrypto @PeterSchiff 👀(\__/) (•ㅅ•) DM us and select gold for /   づ🥇 a surprise @lgpirela1 @theXrpBroker We'll be there soon! 😎Already using Uphold? New Users: just a few clicks, you can use your Uphold account to redeem digital gift cards for your favorite stores and r… @manhquot UPXAU is available globally and should be listed in the Uphold mobile app and web app. DM @AskUphold if you're having trouble! @ThatMobileLife @UpholdCard 🥰 @stonesinteriors UPXAU is government insured and audited by blockchain security firm @certik_io, a vital differenti… @CryptoLeslie @CoryTV @ForbesCrypto . 👆   👆 ☝    川 👌 川彡’三👉  👈ミ👆👈ミ👆彡👉 👈三ミ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)彡三彡三👉  👈彡川👈彡川ミ👉  👈彡川👇 👇川…
I want to buy gold, but I don’t want to pay storage fees, and just want $100 worth. How do I know I can trust where…
Retweeted by Uphold @SirKaoPad What did you expect? @MoneyGram We’ll take a lifetime of $0 transfer fees 👀 @boardwalkfloor @davidgokhshtein @CryptoRREN @Mq2Oco 💚“Today Uphold, announced ‘a better form of #gold’: Universal Gold. Users can buy the gold crypto #UPXAU: a token ve… Dash? Spend it and earn 2% cryptoback or use it to get cash at nearly any ATM worldwide with the Uphold Card.… can buy 1 ╱ ╱ ╱ 1,000 of Universal Gold (UPXAU) @EcsPant Every Token is collateralized by 1 troy oz. of gold held in the vaults of the Perth Mint and insured by th… main features of Universal Gold - spendability, zero holding costs and government guarantee - make this the per…
Retweeted by Uphold @XRPTemplar You should be able to access it on app version 4.9.0 and above. Please send us a DM if you don’t see it. @LooneyTales Are you using the Uphold mobile app (or updated web app)? 0% trading commissions, 0% debit card deposi… @Tickets_sold Yes, it's tokenized and each token represents 1 troy oz. of pure physical gold at the Perth Mint (whi… @PeteButterJelly UPXAU is backed 1:1 by pure physical gold at the Perth Mint. @KevinSt58399754 @BitGiveOrg The cashback/cryptoback is calculated at the end of each month and added to your Uphol…\__/) (•ㅅ•) DM us and select gold for /   づ🥇 a surprise @KevinSt58399754 Nope! Anyone in the U.S. can download the Uphold Card app and order a card. iOS:… @dilawar7117 Try typing 'menu' (in the DM) to get started. @AzAscend You can also type 'menu' to get started. 😎Already using Uphold? New Users: Universal Gold en Uphold. UPXAU es la única forma de oro que es: ✔️ Libre de mantenimiento ✔️ Respalda… Universal Gold on Uphold. UPXAU is the only form of gold that is: ✔️ Free to hold (no storage fee) ✔️ G… @GRichM77 Can you send us a DM or email directly so we can help?
@GRichM77 We don't have any reports of issues - should be available in the app or at (deskt… your Uphold account for a good cause with our partner @BitGiveOrg! Donate to help people around the world using… is up 19% in the last 5 days! Don't miss out on market movements - enable price alerts in the Uphold app:…$TSLALet's play a game! Buy, Sell or HODL. Ready? Go! #BitcoinGold has surged due to the pandemic. Source: @_karengilchrist @cnbcmakeitWhat do you think makes gold appealing as an investment? @mikeydoeswork @cz_binance @binance @Gemini Hi there - We're working on an update for you. Thank you for your patience.