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Congrats to the winners of our #DecorateUpworkChicago photo contest 📸🎉and thank you to everyone who entered! Head… features are here to transform how you search for design and creative work and hiring on Upwork ➡️… @MellanieDomingo We're so happy you're experiencing the freedom choosing when and how to work, Mellanie. Thanks for…“Why Do You Freelance?” @singularityu Goes Behind the Scenes: @amysept #freelancing this simple psychological trick if #productivity culture has made it impossible for you to relax:… @MellanieDomingo Congratulations on earning your Top Rated status, Mellanie! What do you love most about freelancing?Upwork's Head of Content Marketing @oda_lisa shares how Upwork built a powerhouse content team 📝 of remote talent… are pleased to welcome Amanda Vinson to the Upwork team as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Devel… @pennysincharge That sounds like a fun way to go about it. if you work on something that interests you, there's a h… @alqamabinsadiq Hi Alqama, this is a new feature on Upwork. When clients leave five star feedback, it can trigger a…📹 Short, effective explainer videos can help engage and educate customers at every phase of the buyer journey. Her… @nitingohel Congratulations on reaching the 500 hours mark with positive reviews, Nitin! Here's to the next 500 hours. @MorganOMedia Hi Morgan! We'll be announcing winners this week. Thanks so much for entering and stay tuned .... :) @KSultanMahmud Thanks for your kind words, Khan!School isn't the only path to #learning. 👩🏻‍🎓 @ScottHYoung shares his principles for 'Ultra Learning' and how to le…
#Millennial and #GenZ workers freelanced more than any other generation in 2019. Learn all about the generational a… @7ohms It definitely helps to keep things interesting! Keep up the awesome work :) @OSO_Tee Hi Oluwatobi. Upwork Huddle can be organized by Upwork Top Rated freelancers. Periodically we send an emai…’s SVP of Marketing, Lars Asbjornsen, on how traditional #staffing is getting an upgraded alternative:… Average Worker Spends 51% of Each Workday on These 3 Unnecessary Tasks 👉 @Sales_Source @7ohms Congratulations, Thomas! That is a great review. What is your favorite thing about being a freelancer? @robyndebbs Hi Olaniyan, we do not have similar data for other countries. If you’d like to review the study data in… #remotework is quietly remaking our lives: @ranimolla @voxdotcom the first time ever, get an economist’s take on our annual #FreelancingInAmerica study → Upwork Chief Economist… is your strategy for deciding which projects to send proposals to? Reply with your tips and they could appear… Each day, the average worker receives 121 emails ✉️ Follow these 10 tips for a more efficient way to manage… @pareekhmanoj Awesome feedback, Manoj! Keep up the great work. @marquezfagoaga Congratulations, J.A.! 💚 @fernastereo That's true, Fernando. A productive environment and the people you meet can have a positive impact and… @umarawan04 You're very welcome :) @glacydel We love your approach, Glacydel. Hope you land something soon! @UsmanKakangi Awesome. Thanks for being such a great member of the Upwork community, Usman :)Upwork Huddles: A Great Way to Connect With Other #Freelancers In Person @Katrin_Hippler
@UsmanKakangi @hamza_kkg @jameelrabo @ibrahim_i3 It looks as though it was a great success, Usman! Thanks for all y… @zee_alam That kind of freedom is priceless, Zeeshan! We hope you continue to enjoy the flexibility of freelancing :) @zee_alam Congrats on your bonus and amazing feedback from your client! Continue doing awesome work, Zeeshan. What'… @Freelance_Rakib Thanks for sharing such kind words about our online workplace, Rakib! What is your favorite thing about freelancing? @umarawan04 Interesting specialty, Umar! We hope that you'll have continued success and your clients will be very h… @naknation That is wonderful because it's always great to connect and establish business relationships. How long have you been using Upwork?Need to nap? 😴 A daytime nod could increase your #productivity: @baltimoresun @umarawan04 Your optimism is quite refreshing, Umar! What is your specialty? @naknation We love you too! 💚 What is your favorite thing about our online workplace? @amany_jouda We're very happy that you opted to freelance on Upwork, Amany! What is your favorite thing about our online workplace? @umarawan04 Congrats on getting your first project, and welcome to our online workplace, Umar. We hope that you wil… is the future.🔮 Experienced business leaders share their advice ➡️ @ASSADISTAN Very interesting! We hope that your income will continue being enhanced, and Happy Working! @amany_jouda Congrats, and thanks for sharing your achievement, Amany. We hope that you will have continued success… brain is a muscle. Here are 6 ways to give it a workout. 💪 @pocket #GetSmart @ASSADISTAN Thanks for the feedback, and we appreciate the kind words! What is your specialty? @ASSADISTAN Hi there, that is quite amazing, and we are happy that you're able to augment your income in our online… @alaminfirdows Wow, congratulations Al-amin! You must have done a very awesome job for the project! Keep up the good work 🙂📚 7 Book Recommendations from @IamMarkManson—That he says will change how you see the world🌏…
Calling all creatives! 🎨 Powerful new features, including portfolios in search results and new agency profiles, are… @en_ahmed_mk Thanks for sharing your quite remarkable feedback, Ahmed! We hope that you will have continued success… is helpful, but sometimes traditional methods can be more effective in getting stuff done. Why these… you’re planning to invest more in a #flexibletalent program, let these benchmarks be your guide to success. 👉… services are the most common type of freelance work, with 45% of #freelancers providing skills like program…
@hamza_kkg Hello Hamza! Thanks for attending the huddle and sharing this awesome photos with everyone. 💚 @davidkluvkim Congratulations David! We are so happy to be a part of your growth. 🙂Why isn't @Intuit dead? Because the company serially disrupts itself. 🔃 @IntuitBrad explains 👉… You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated? @HarvardBiz #FutureOfWork #Softskills @jameelrabo Thank you for attending!We’ve added bold new ways for independent creatives and agencies to showcase your work and services so clients can… tips for successfully managing a #remoteteam: 1️⃣ Build a strong company culture 2️⃣ Invest in communication 3️⃣… exclusive partnership with @Upwork is a key piece to the #FutureofWork puzzle. Take a look at how we are offeri…
Retweeted by UpworkWhy you need to accept that ‘doing your best’ looks different every day ➡️ @fastcoworklife CEO @skasriel shares why more freelancers are choosing to freelance as a long-term career path in the latest… @AchimWallmeier Thanks for sharing, Achim!Honored to join a panel with @hnshah, Jessica Tiwari (@Upwork) and Chloe Oddleifson (@dribbble) We will talk about…
Retweeted by Upwork @benwalsh1 😴💤💤 @walledm6 Congratulations, Walled! Keep up the great work.Anywhere is a great place to work. ☀️ Enter to win $1,000 plus our #WorkFromAnywhere Week prize pack by commenting…
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@angrigoryan__ Sounds good to us, Anna! We love sleeeeep 🛌💚The freelance workforce made more money than construction and transportation, contributing nearly $1 trillion💸 to t… Companies Are Ditching the 9-to-5 for Flexible Working Arrangements #WorkFromAnywhere Who Sleep 😴 More Are Better at Spotting Good Ideas 💡 @Dashing_Banda We're happy to hear freelancing has given you the freedom and flexibility to work whenever and where… to find the right professional for your project? 🌟 4️⃣ essential tips to help you find talent faster and get… are killing your #productivity. 👎 The real 🗝 to getting things done is blocking out time for #DeepWork’re building powerful, new features for design and creative hiring: ✅ Portfolio images featured in search result… two main reasons #remotework is continuing to rise in popularity? Tech-savvy Millennials and a tight labor mark…"Understanding how to lead a remote team will be critical to your future career potential." - @skasriel @daudzi We hope you're reaping all the benefits that comes with being your own boss, Muhammed! We wish you continued success. @arsalankhan364 We hope you're enjoying every minute of being your own boss. @tiffanyzlin Awesome job, Tiffany! 💚 @Jobs68dotcom Hi there, we're glad you found the info interesting. We don't have similar data for other countries t… @iPazooki Thanks for suggesting us, Mohammad! @7ohms Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to share your feedback, Thomas. We'll pass this along… @7ohms Congratulations on your second contract, Thomas! We're sure you'll rock it :)Feeling the #burnout at work? 🔥 Here are 10 ways to find your “off switch” 🔌 @fastcompany
@JuanTwoTrees Thanks for sharing, Juan! @Sherazakhter08 Hi Sheraz, we do not have similar data for Pakistan, but it is definitely an important part of our global community.57 million Americans freelanced last year—that’s 35% of the U.S. workforce. Were you one of them? 🙋🏽‍♂️👩🏼‍💻🙋🏾👨🏽‍💻 C… @ASU_UTO Thanks for helping #GetStuffDone! 💚“With a strengthening labor market, we will increasingly see people work on the terms that they prefer, and for man… @daudzi Congratulations, Muhammed! What is your favorite thing about being a freelancer? @xSavitar Congrats, Derick! Continue enhancing your reputation as a freelancer by keeping up the great work and sat…’s no better time ⌚️to push yourself to find new sparks ✨ of #creativity, curiosity, and #productivity. 3 must… all designers and creatives! We’re building powerful new features, including portfolios in search results a… statistic: 51% of freelancers would NOT TAKE A FULL TIME JOB regardless of salary. And 35% of US workers…
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