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ur•ban (adj) el•e•gance (n): 1. Handling situations with elegance in an urban environment. 2. It's Brent (bitchesssss) ♎️

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@theerkj so well done! @gimmethatish I mean, how you gonna top that? @angelotommie Its like they know me lolwhew, I'm a sap DONE!!! *goosebumps* degrees is freezing and you can't change my mind!
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceMe: a 3 hour movie is too long! Also me: let me binge watch all 13 one hour episodes today!
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @FirstGentleman LMAO yo, why is this me!! @itsmejagger I heard, I told her thank you lol @deemxreckless True but some of his language is troubling, its starts like this and it carries on into his adult life. @deemxreckless Imma stay out of children's business but this is absolutely disgusting. @Saintkhris808 I deserve. @OhWho_OhLu They are telling me its a legendary noble house. @thunter86 oh yea youre still a newbie here. I have such great memories there. I wonder whats going to replace it. @twilitaries and I am! lol @mimilovesmojito I wanna be a baddie 😩 @NUDERADIO101 NOOO? they are telling me that's the noble house @POISON18 THASSIT lol! Ask them not to reply to all (unless youre into that kinda stuff 🤷🏾‍♂️😉) @hitdogsholler such detail, thank you!! I guess thats an honor. @MaybeMorque CMON NOBILITY!! Imma thank her then. @JU5TIN_ oh, she coo then! @AdonisDeNola oh good, she can be trusted. @deemxreckless oh the starring role? Ok, I'm here for this! @OhWho_OhLu issa read huh? @JU5TIN_ They ghey? @hitdogsholler Are they known for something? @itstetrisbish I have too much sense for all of this! 🤷🏾‍♂️They're shutting down The Standard Hotel on Sunset?? WOW 😳 coworker here is still obsessed with Harry Potter (🙄) and told me I'd be in the Gryffindor gang. I just smile a… @POISON18 That mass text been drafted yet? @TheeRodster @brandodagr8t You know they’re going to complain. @MaybeMorque 😂😂😂 @DNVRSN same! @thunter86 You hate when I talk my truth! @MatthewACherry I'm hurt!She didn’t play “I Just Want It To Be Over”
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @thunter86 Ashanti and who? Sounded like she always needed help. @MaybeMorque Only because of that.oh wait I like this song! Go Ashanti! @sirK88 💀You love me! You Complete me! #Verzuz
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceMe singing Sean Paul part:
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @sirK88 bet hurr up this makeup is dripping @MarcusShepard at this point Im just here for the music lolI hope yall know I'm over here performing? @MarcusShepard They life aint right. @shaktischild I 100% wholeheartedly disagree, and thats ok. @nboogz Im getting sick of the delusion. @shaktischild Naw what?Oh I loved this song because of the Lutha sample! #Verzuz
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceLuther on the track its an automatic win!She's another example of a cheater @nboogzLil Kim won this round today and always.
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceA BONAFIED CLASSIC 'Let it Go' #verzuzbattle!! @HarlemKnightt @sirK88 .....Give it up to me!
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceI did exactly what Keyshia just did when this song came on.I liked Jaheims voice.Ashanti tried it playing this tune
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceTamia version was better...sorry
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @Drew_WhatItDo @OhWho_OhLu yall can have that!Girl... give Tamia her damn song back. Stop it.
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @OhWho_OhLu Not one of MY favorites. @sirK88 is it without Monica because she's the reason why I don't like the song.'Trust' 🤮 @calvind he's so quick! 😂 @thunter86 deep album cut. @MaybeMorque blitzed!Everytime you play 'Can We Talk' Imma singalong...EVERYTIME!im having a blast
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceStop referring to the fans Keyshia, you're coming off pressed. @_Mzala Im so happy she didnt 🤦🏾‍♂️ @__saintcharles Not sure also not caring. I'm in it! @__saintcharles That was my vibe but come to find out everyone is dragging him 🥴Facts:
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceKeyshia taking a break after being an hour late is my karma for doing the same at work.
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @BrandonGraves_ HURR UP! @nice_two feces. @lordeDemii @jayctigerfan Is this an attack? @lordeDemii @jayctigerfan Imma delete that tweet. Im going out bad.I been home 22 minutes and I'm already cross-faded. I love that for me. @MaybeMorque always the mood! @theerkj @iAMshockley @jayctigerfan they always hating...DAMN! @iAMshockley @jayctigerfan aht aht, I read his tweet wrong. Why would you come for me like this?I think I hate being called Baby to this day because of Ashanti #verzuzbattle @jayctigerfan Oh thought you were talking about Keyshia (I'm seeing too much hate for my girl, I'm sorry) but back… Sent is STILL THAT SONG! #Verzuz
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance"Sent From Heaven" was the softer side of Keyshia.... LIVED! @nboogz lmao they trying my girlKEYSHIA’S DEEP CUTS CLEAR.
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @nicryen Not at all but selling doesnt mean it moved ME!You got dough and changed
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @guillermoraw_ you hear me!So did William Hung! 'You Changed' was THEEE song...OK! #VerzuzFor some reason I could never take Ashanti seriously. Cute girl, fun songs but....EVERY SONG FROM HER FIRST ALBUM....TRY ME! titties look good. @RandomlyAnt kiAshanti looks tf GOODT!!! #Verzuz
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance