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ur•ban (adj) el•e•gance (n): 1. Handling situations with elegance in an urban environment. 2. It's Brent (bitchesssss) ♎️

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@AcesOnSpades hmmm send me deets! @AcesOnSpades Same actually!! Isnt your bday coming up? @hitdogsholler OMG I would have NOT been shocked if that happened here lol @lordeDemii Yea, I like this music. @EJVLA1 Get ya life!Started my day with some Kaytranada and someone spiked my coffee, it’s gearing up to be a good day. @MonclareTheDivo Not yet so shhh @thunter86 YOU’RE WELCOME!!I always warn people that my drinks are strong. You’re welcome honestly. @MarcusShepard I am huh. I love that for me.and yes, Indica actually.I wanna live in another body for 24 hours. @socialistjordie Really wasn’t expecting that.I watched this whole thing holding my heart. Who have I become? @itsKARY_ 😂😂 @itsKARY_ Why would she post this promoting her services? This would make me NOT wanna go to her?Happy Birthday @tylersan__ 🎈 @ThatsSoTaven @omgiigii I left it out for a’s DUMB @ThatsSoTaven @omgiigii I mean what’s so challenging about the plot. They beef, They attack each other, They murder…’m most intrigued by anything nontraditional.
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @ThatsSoTaven @omgiigii it doesn’t. @ThereGoTerry Completely agree. @onlychyld This isn't making a lick of sense. @Kollinbenson_ MY GAWD!!!!! @reb3lboytroy I want some! @FirstGentleman @KirkWrites79 Yea I cant figure out how that would taste. @KirkWrites79 Trying to wrap my mind around this one. @painNyourass *year @reb3lboytroy selfish!!!! @JaytotheB_ @theerkj HARD YES! @theerkj Im so ready for this mind game! @NYGELSARTORIAL @rodshields I saw, that aint it! @rodshields @NYGELSARTORIAL Got that part but where is the culture relevancy. @theerkj TF. I’m slacking @NYGELSARTORIAL Ray J??? @theerkj It’s out????I’m becoming the person I should have been along time ago
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@AlexDGallant NONETrying to take a cute pic while smoking will have you blitzed. The whole blunt gone by the time you mastered it. @MarquesHatesYou YUSSSSS @MarquesHatesYou Now how did you know this is my favorite video right now?? LMAO @MarquesHatesYou When did you start hating good music? @EJVLA1 @TheGentnyc I’m just happy to be years in front of the rest Per usual 🤷🏾‍♂️Rich in spirit. Rich in happiness. Rich in love. Rich in success. Rich in peace.
Retweeted by IG: UrbaneleganceJustice for #ArtPoP @TheGentnyc TOOK LONG ENOUGH! @EJVLA1 To what? @freckletonjr this took me out! @justasvf @trapcry 💀💀💀 @ModelloSays Does it ever stop with you?I always think its interesting when people think everyone cares about them as much as they care about themselves. B… @changinthagame @ItsJonesii__Bby I think I went camping when I was about 9 and said...WELP wont do that again. @FirstGentleman @ItsJonesii__Bby It’s overrated. I don’t even like leaving the house before 5 and now you want me o…’m not adventurous, I don’t do hikes, I won’t go camping, I don’t fuck with beaches. That doesn’t mean I’m boring…
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @ItsJonesii__Bby Must be a 10/19 thing cause SAME!! @NEGR0SWAN Thrifting is not a trend, it’s been around for forever. This is not new!Ppl thinking this what Cali is like is exactly why they be getting beat up and robbed lol
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @TheRossYork Makes sense. @TheRossYork This is new?? I’m shocked they don’t flock to you. @PalmerSaidWhat I guess I learned something new. @richyrich323 People are just so free on this day and I love to see it (literally)I bought a whole new pot and pan set under the influence last night. 🗣AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!!! @itz_travy COPPED!Love me a Hump Day! @ariahughes OMG I have to see how many of these I still own. I loved this mag. I know you remember this @_mothers_ @AstroMarvaroso Kiiiiiiii 💀 @toky0_martian Lmao!The camera just so happened to be placed there at a child’s height 🙄 @Kontra402 💀Happy Birthday @LcLUXX 🎈 Welcome to the i sleepy or do i want to be slept with?
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @VersVoyeurXXX Now what the hell is this? @thunter86 AB SLAPS!These captions kill me 🤦🏾‍♂️I AM LISTENING!!! @MissterRay It’s gonna be gloomy tomorrow. @rhazybaby Suppress them and pray. @itsKARY_ Literally just said this. I’m always in amazement.Y’all are so funny LMAO I truly be weak.
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @itsmissterjamal TF same. My sensitive ass woulda been quiet the whole day. @itsmissterjamal I am cracking up. @richyrich323 You might have liked it and someone stole the tweet and reaired it @thunter86 Missing out. @itsmejagger @arjaythefifth Which is still a problem. @thunter86 Mustard ONLY belongs on hot dogs. That’s really it @MonclareTheDivo Mine has awoken. @Ultra_Marx @itsKARY_ @PrinceCharmingP impact. I remember him starting all that mess lol @jayvonjames WoW @thotlikekidd I wouldn't mind, its gloomy over there tho'I'm over here in TEARS!!! This silly shit really makes my day @sta_schemin Im obsessed. I love how he looked at the audience and mouthed it. Brilliant!Gorgeous in pictures, underwhelming in person.
Retweeted by IG: Urbanelegance @jayvonjames You know the real me off of Twitter? 🤔 @jayvonjames Now why would I ever (publicly) say that
@naawwimgood Wait...we’re neighbors? @SeauxScoot It’s soley for necessity @jayvonjames Oh really? Interesting @richyrich323 Those are called stolen tweets.