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Professional Gakkou Gurashi enthusiast. Also, I make anime videos.

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POKEMON NEWS: Data mining has confirmed that Hagrid will IN FACT appear in Pokemon #SwordAndShield !
Retweeted by UrbanIf you thought Dexit was bad, wait 'til you hear about what's happening to some moves... "This move can’t be used.…
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Girls' last delivery
Retweeted by UrbanBeen working my ass off lately but it finally paid off.... I’m no longer driving a piece of shit! I was finally abl…
Retweeted by Urban @Urban_Teh_Myth Yes because sometimes when an a emotions anime becomes a serious it just can stay out more to the f…
Retweeted by UrbanSerious and emotional anime have become the staple of anime
Retweeted by UrbanI'm ready to whitness this to Sandra Annett for a video on Anime Fan Communities!
Retweeted by Urban @ColdCriti "It really makes you FEEL like you want to eat a pancreas"
Retweeted by Urban @Spectre_706 @ColdCriti It's fine if none of that bothers you, I get it. But for a lot of us, there's not much appeal there. @Spectre_706 @ColdCriti I have watched a few, the problems are that his format is repetitive, he lamp shades his cr… and emotional anime have become the staple of anime @intheprism Oh sure. But part of the reason I like analysis is because it can explain what about that frame makes m… @intheprism I like how Eva communicates its message and I felt it was more effective in doing so than something lik… @intheprism Well that's the issue with interpretation. You can argue why Eva makes sense but if enough people don't… @Urban_Teh_Myth Hifumi is objectively perfect though
Retweeted by UrbanYknow I've tried to set aside biases to question what would be the closest to objective masterpieces. But the concl… didn't have to do me like that dawg. 😭
Retweeted by UrbanSucks how the discourse has become so toxic and polarized. Merely thinking some fanservice might be executed poorly…
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Retweeted by UrbanToday’s tea: ╭╯ ╭╯╭╯╭╯ ╭╯ ████████████═ ╮ █ Internet friendships █ | █ are just as valid…
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Retweeted by UrbanAnyone that is serious about Smash, or any game honestly, listen to @Mkleosb because I think this is something that…
Retweeted by Urban @Evanit0 here's one
Retweeted by Urban @IlikeJamesT Hell yeah @IlikeJamesT Gakkou Gurashi, Kill La Kill, Hunter x Hunter, Mind Game, Girls Last Tour, and Me!Me!Me!
Retweeted by UrbanNEWWWWWWWW DIGEST!! One of my new favorite episodes!
Retweeted by UrbanI had a moment to goof off, so I made this. My top 6 anime are also my 10s.
@Evanit0 @Evanit0 ever bite into a piece of tinfoil while eating a quesadilla? It's not very gamer. @value_replay I'm fairly certian this is meant for channels that actively hurt the platform rather than channels no… spent the last 3 days really trying to finish this video and finally it's out. My first upload on a Sunday, and…
Retweeted by UrbanTuned into a @maximilian_ stream and he had some highly truthful insight to offer on some of the complexities of Sm…
Retweeted by UrbanLoli power
Retweeted by Urban @yourcousinjohn @Jackisboy @KorReviews新しいiPhoneでTwitter開いたら鳥がものすごいスピードで急接近して来て本当にびっくりしてしまった
Retweeted by UrbanI masturbated this many times today @Urban_Teh_Myth @KorReviews me
Retweeted by Urban @KorReviews i did this many
Retweeted by Urbanone more from Urotsukidoji what can I say? I love this dub lmao
Retweeted by UrbanYo this set still gives me goosebumps bug
Retweeted by UrbanThe number of times I've masturbated today is...
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@DakotaLDE @ikcatcher Like directly? Guess I'll DM them then lol @ikcatcher what does it sound like? @DakotaLDE But I'm peopleWhat does this mean?
Retweeted by Urban @FalseShepherd13 Oh, I've seen attempts. But for these platforms to be realistic competitors, it will take a long t… Who tf edits these so seamlessly
Retweeted by Urban @Roughly9owls ...can't create an alternative. Many of these attempts have failed spectacularly except Twitch. But T… @Roughly9owls Lol yeah, there were attempts, and people aren't talking about them because realistically there's no… there are realistic alternatives to YouTube? Do tell me what we have to combat the the #2 used site across the… never fails to amaze me in the ways they can consistently generate hatred for the platform by making the mo…
Retweeted by UrbanYouTube terminated @markiplier ‘s fans for “Spam” he was doing a live stream and told his fans to spam emojis in th…
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Retweeted by UrbanThis week on gab being a champion of free speech.....unless it’s anything they don’t like
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Retweeted by Urbanwow really makes u think
Retweeted by Urbanbeing able to communicate your ideas effectively is an artform.
Retweeted by UrbanShoutout to Toby Fox not having a professional logo so Pokémon Twitter just had to slap a white JPEG onto their pro…
Retweeted by UrbanThe seto kaiba hacking theme is legitimately in an episode of Arthur
Retweeted by UrbanGod I wish I was that lolipop
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Retweeted by UrbanTI at his daughter’s Doctor Appointments
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Retweeted by Urban"AW GEEZ!😖" #SourceFilmmaker #SonicTheHedgehog
Retweeted by UrbanWhy is no one talking about this, having to manually go through every video you’ve ever posted to click a box if th…
Retweeted by UrbanRT this if it’s real. And RT it if it’s fake.
Retweeted by UrbanI spent $100 of my hard earned cash on a crazy plan to be a shittier version of @OtakuVs
Retweeted by Urban*allowedThere are legitimate problems that people have, and HAVE had for a while with the Pokemon games. It was only a matt…, I'm all for sympathising with GameFreak employees and I don't condone people sending death threats or dislike b… @Carlos43Mendoza @CaribouCoon Yes but you said "the same amount of time it would take without them". There's zero d… @Carlos43Mendoza @CaribouCoon I don't know if you'd edited or animated anything before but to keyframe every mouth… @Hiding_n_Public @KorewaEden_ I'll never know because Eden and I are blocking each other page in the book of samsora
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is for good boys and girls
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Retweeted by UrbanThe only cure for climate change is to just fucking die
Retweeted by UrbanImagine not telling your homies how much you love and appreciate them, weak.
Retweeted by Urban @CaribouCoon I agree, I'm most concerned with how much more time the episodes would take to make for something that… @islamctear I lean towards the new but if I find an Absol, he's mine.shout out to this absolutely legendary MAL review
Retweeted by UrbanSakurai: “Super Smash Bros is for good boys and girl of all ages”. Also Sakurai:
Retweeted by Urban @Goosenpai Heres a funny video to boost your mood goose. Enjoy
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