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Professional Gakkou Gurashi enthusiast. Also, I make anime videos.

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@ShaKing807 @MarkadoGoat The episode where killua accepts nanika should not be slept on.I look forward to seeing how people “well, actually” this obvious violation of freedom of speech. This is so egregi…
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Retweeted by UrbanI don't know how clickable this thumbnail is so I appreciate your sharing it around, but clickable or not I am real…
Retweeted by UrbanHere’s a video on the heart warming story of a mother and son, and their inspirational journey to over come adversi…
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Retweeted by UrbanBRO LMAOOOO
Retweeted by UrbanCop falls off the truck and immediately pepper sprays nothing. A bit of insight into their 8 weeks of training befo…
Retweeted by UrbanMan really broke into a Wells Fargo bank just to warm up a hot pocket, it was probably was still cold in the middle💀
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Retweeted by Urbanthis the most wholesome shit i've ever seen @simplyn64 just broke the super mario 64 world record then this happen…
Retweeted by Urbanthis is my favorite line in the series
Retweeted by UrbanNow that the second episode is out, I can finally talk about the collaboration I did with The Otachan Show! I had s…
Retweeted by UrbanIn New Jersey police have literally started marching with protesters. #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
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Retweeted by Urban @KorReviews Brooooooo you need to finish Kill La Kill @GilLiesHere @wiredgaze Definitely not "anitube" but his Grave of the Fireflies video is pretty fantastic. Also, Jo…
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Lets put this "if he could talk he could breathe" bullshit to bed right now!
Retweeted by UrbanLike the show or not, this is absolutely a way Joker would react to finding out Batman's identity.
Retweeted by UrbanI made a weird little AMV/MAD project inspired by the Endless Eight arc of Haruhi. My plan is to kill @GilLiesHere
Retweeted by UrbanI'm seeing certain sentiments here like, "I'm sorry I can't donate more because of my finances." I'm a man of fait…
Retweeted by Urbanshe is getting whats coming to her
Retweeted by Urban自分の一番の推しっ! って事で由紀ちゃんを作りました! 途切れました…(カナシイ
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Retweeted by Urban @itsTomokocchi @fuckthefocus @dreamboum @Genisi Well, that was fastLife comes at you fast
Retweeted by UrbanI dislike racism
Retweeted by UrbanTHE DAY HAS COME. BNA Review drops tomorrow morning, 9 AM EST!!! Hope you guys like it!!
Retweeted by UrbanNow more than ever, we need Grandad.
Retweeted by UrbanI cannot understand how anyone unironically thinks this. It's literally claiming the exact opposite message the ser…
Retweeted by Urbanthat old lady on the wheelchair at the target got mad tiddies i just noticed
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Retweeted by UrbanReading negative reviews of Mind Game and I love this part of the guy's review a lot
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Retweeted by UrbanStill thinking about Sushio not knowing the power he was about to unleash
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Retweeted by UrbanYep, random inspiration #sailormoonredraw #sailormoonredrawchallenge
Retweeted by UrbanAfter all this time, it's finally here. Hope you enjoy it. Finale - A Love Letter To Heaven's Lost Property [Part…
Retweeted by UrbanNot to be political or anything but I think killing people is bad
Retweeted by UrbanThis new @sewerslvt EP is pretty hot. Give it a listen, losers. is that good shit @KorewaEden_ YesWhat the fuck is this @ShaKing807 Im late, but happy Bday dude <3The biggest pee登場人物の 誰もが主人公たり得る話になっていると思います。 よろしくお願いします 日本沈没2020 JapanSinks2020
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NEW VIDEO!! Taking a look at the adorable 90s shoujo Azuki-chan, an unfortunately largely untranslated but incredi…
Retweeted by UrbanIf you're not at least 10% gay for your homies are you even homies?
Retweeted by UrbanThis scene from the cutting edge 2007 CG film "Beowulf" is indistinguishable from a Cool 3D World video
Retweeted by UrbanMentioned it on my alt, will mention it here too. I don't have much I can say that others already haven't, but he d…
Retweeted by UrbanI don't have anything to add, but I feel it's important to for us all to say regardless: to look away is to be comp…
Retweeted by UrbanChris Rock, 2018
Retweeted by UrbanI played evilgoku for 1 hour and this was the result LMAOO @evilgoku1010
Retweeted by UrbanI entered a netplay tournament today using all random characters. Here's how my run ended 💀…
Retweeted by Urban @KorewaSebastian yesboxing kirby!! O-('.'Q) hey
Retweeted by UrbanWhen I have a dream and there’s a dick in it
Retweeted by UrbanThis stupid cursed edit. It got a Kotaku "article" and everything.
Retweeted by Urban @mionswife very niceWhat does it really mean to sacrifice yourself? Let's talk about how Madoka Magica explores the gap between who we…
Retweeted by Urban「心臓の音って、安心しますよね。もうすこし、聞かせてください」 ※ネクロネタ
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@ShaKing807 @Digibrah It's this track finally made it, boys would hate fuck the shit out of toad from mario
Retweeted by Urbanmfw I see a dog @UnknownOtakuNeo @eyewowme no uKinda hate dogs, ngl @KevinNyaa Oof, what was the video?It's kind of insane how toxic some people in this community can be. Saw a person refer to an anituber's video essay…
Retweeted by UrbanThe Avi vs The User few words from our mate Johnny Sins, this is what he had to say after we filled him in on the @goodguyfitz situat…
Retweeted by Urbancant stop watching this my brain is fucking fried
Retweeted by UrbanDie Bitch!!!!!
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Retweeted by Urban @Mr__Cynical Ok, fair enough. What would you say are some examples?
Just a little reminder that I dropped a new EP recently for those interested
Retweeted by Urbancan we cancel journalists now?
Retweeted by UrbanHow can you guys make a slander piece on gamers harassing Skyrim Grandma WHEN SHE LITERALLY SAID NOBODY'S HARASSING…
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Retweeted by Urban @Mr__Cynical Is there really a lack of that? I mean maybe if we're talking about "people can find happiness" as a t…
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Panty & Stocking Galaxxxy⭐️(
Retweeted by UrbanThe one Youtube channel on planet earth I want to surpass. This is actually personal for me. I can't even start f…
Retweeted by UrbanStaaaaaaaahp it'm not even going to be subtle with it anymore. I am making a Gakkou Gurashi video and would greatly appreciate it…
Retweeted by Urbanbtw please stop attacking kate in her chat. just makes me feel worse than I already do
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Retweeted by Urbanあずにゃんに大きめの白シャツ着てほしい
Retweeted by UrbanFuck if I know'm just trying to go to bed and @Nux_Taku is out here sending me shiz like this.
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Man, remember this?
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