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Dicey Dragon, who's hoard is mostly ramen shops, ttrpgs, and local coffee. 18+, weird, no minors please. He/They mostly.

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So @Danny8bit and I have been working our asses off on a Black Mage animated series pitch deck over the last few mo…
Retweeted by UrbandragonExcited for "Oh yeah this is totally a costume" day
Retweeted by Urbandragonbruh that’s the fucking final boss dude wth
Retweeted by Urbandragon @WideBarbarossa Great Ra...Life has many doors Horus-Boy...
Retweeted by UrbandragonHow it started How it’s going💖
Retweeted by UrbandragonSTOP by Lionel Schramm
Retweeted by Urbandragonsomeone's getting festive!
Retweeted by Urbandragon#SuperMinipla Bio Robo will be dropping in February! Preorder 👉
Retweeted by UrbandragonI like this image very much
Retweeted by Urbandragon @Dan_Dillon_1 I miss my homeland. But Florida's storms help. @BangtanPebbles Seeing as how I have family members who suffer from this and I have a slightly chance of developing…紫色…う~ん、エモい
Retweeted by UrbandragonNew #BeamSaber #Kickstarter update:
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@rkreutzlandry @MonkipiQuinn Oh and we forgot to put in a good arbitration clause...opps.nothing better to get in character for dnd than drawing your pc
Retweeted by UrbandragonSome rare non-mech content, but the Harvest is high, and the pumpkinfolk are free again for October if y'all want a…
Retweeted by Urbandragon @MonkipiQuinn Amazing eh? A double self own. @JamesIntrocaso Hell of a thing to see though.#dnd #GMtip Your players will solve problems in ways you did not foresee. Encourage this behavior.
Retweeted by Urbandragonみんな ライダーは持ったな
Retweeted by UrbandragonPrototype D20 cage necklace. The dice inside is fully removable and playable in combat🗡 #dnd #handmadedice
Retweeted by Urbandragon @tenderfern Can I get just a colorful head pic?gonna open for just a few slots of these sketches 🐌$25 each 🐌soft sketch & colorful overlay 🐌fast turnaround 🐌fill…
Retweeted by Urbandragon @JamesIntrocaso Column a, column b. WoTC shot themselves in the foot by not immediately going to arbitration, or ha… in the Allfather. 🩸
Retweeted by UrbandragonGood news. Finally.
Retweeted by Urbandragon @angeIcreme Alf.This human tradition... Is complicated 😑
Retweeted by UrbandragonAnother take on this is there is SO MANY D&D-likes out there the hobby would suffer narry a blip. The OGL, though… all the spells to suit my Goblin Spore Druid be like... #dnd #dnd5e #ttrpg #rpg
Retweeted by Urbandragon @Triblast28 And yet, informative. I find your articles helpful.Hey reply to this tweet with your favorite risograph printer. I'm going to be making a series of these- Fighter, Cl…
Retweeted by Urbandragon @kai_tave As I said it in another thread, Hasbro would simply outsource it to a different company. They've already… @kipplekipp @kai_tave *points at Quest RPG*I got my girlfriend a @JoCat105 Goblin for her birthday, and she made awesome outfits for them! 😊
Retweeted by Urbandragon @Alphastream I still have a few of my space at sitting in a box somewhere.I love seeing these old pictures. It’s reminded me that I owned several of these, and that must have been very hard…
Retweeted by UrbandragonWhoever designed the Bubble Yum mascot is a fucking god.
Retweeted by Urbandragon @AjeyPandey @Kol_Ceridwen @kai_tave @ThatAceGal But I don't see this going very far beyond the court room. Odds are the jump to arbitration. @AjeyPandey @Kol_Ceridwen @kai_tave @ThatAceGal Knowing Hasbro. D&D will do just fine. They'll just outsource it to another developer. 🤷beastars but louis is an actual high school theater kid who becomes head of the mafia
Retweeted by Urbandragon @kai_tave Add to that Boliva voting back in the socialists after the coup! Today radiates strange, positive energy. @rdonoghue On A Pale HorseIt is possible for a book to simultaneously be: * Beloved by you * Formative to you * Incredibly important to you i…
Retweeted by Urbandragoni drew me
Retweeted by UrbandragonJust managed to get #Inktober Day 19 done today, another horrible cave dwelling creature approaches, this time bein…
Retweeted by Urbandragon @Delafina777 might *not* want... @Delafina777 This was my curiosity as well. But I'd lay you odds Penguin/Random House footing the bill on publishin… it just me, or is this rather incoherent complaint actually a spectacular self-own by Weis & Hickman? Because i…
Retweeted by Urbandragonif I'd had this in school I wouldn't have failed math
Retweeted by Urbandragonaxis for a billion years
Retweeted by Urbandragonsomeone's askin fer some affectionate bone rearrangin'
Retweeted by Urbandragon @kai_tave For me it's a nice aperitif on a weird day. @KelethDragon @FreyjaErlings @DungeonEnvy WoTC gave themselves a massive self inflicted wound. I'm beyond words. @FreyjaErlings Gonna be... interesting. that weiss+hickman VS wotc fight after realizing the breach of contract was for their shitty sexist attitu…
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Retweeted by Urbandragon @MonkipiQuinn Man...2020. What a weird year. @levikornelsen, here's a dude. He cut, and he slice. He's alright.
Retweeted by Urbandragonnot sure how to feel about this variation on "eat the rich"
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Retweeted by UrbandragonI really really like the Primal series #GenndyTartakovskyPrimal
Retweeted by UrbandragonMovie scenes from my brain
Retweeted by UrbandragonNeon Dreamer, the final of 5 designs that will be available in the store this Friday! 🌈 #dnd #ttrpg #dice
Retweeted by Urbandragonoh to hold hands inside the gomoryu suit 🥺💕
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Retweeted by UrbandragonCommission of my @Lancer_RPG pilot's mech, "Clearwater". A Saladin/Tortuga hybrid, when you need someone to provide…
Retweeted by Urbandragon @KyleShire And the follow up. @KyleShire a very firey look the Disciples of Seren (DoS) are sure to bring the heat!
Retweeted by UrbandragonThis is killing me 😂
Retweeted by UrbandragonSomewhat Spooky day 19 - Mythological! (this being Hel and Fenrir from Norse mythology) #Somewhatspooky
Retweeted by UrbandragonI absolutely adore this. Thank you for so many wonderful art pieces.
Retweeted by UrbandragonI think more people need to learn about Satan Goth from Juspion
Retweeted by Urbandragon @roguecaliber Ah. @Tim_Eagon You're correct, I'm saying they were free to publish the book under the original agreement. Which seems… here's the PlayRight my first game controller. I got it, of course.
Retweeted by Urbandragon @roguecaliber @kickstarter What's the core mechanic?None of our KS designs are behind the paywall of stretch goals. They're all hand made, hand finished, and sharp ed…
Retweeted by UrbandragonStill on the fence about Shadow of the Demon Lord? Well, check out this Bundle of Holding offer:
Retweeted by UrbandragonPALADIN for Gobtober!
Retweeted by Urbandragon#てんのとぉばぁ 19日目 🍴dumpling!🍴
Retweeted by Urbandragon @OregonRolledA20 *wotc @OregonRolledA20 That's correct. But they can't collect that money if they can't use the license. So random house w… atomic breath scene from The Return of Godzilla (1984)
Retweeted by UrbandragonGood article about what to do when you have to kick out a player by @gnomestew #dnd
Retweeted by Urbandragon @DLNexus Well the filing says that the reason they listed was that they were adverse to having blowback due to ques… @OregonRolledA20 @DLNexus Oh I'm sure that's going to be the final result. The question is is whether or not they r…デンジャラスにつき
Retweeted by Urbandragon @BasiliskOnline Oh. I'm sure. They entered the contract and then broke it in a ham-fisted manner. To date they are… @wundergeek @OrionDBlack Welcome to modern court speak which insults everyone and everything. 🤦 @BasiliskOnline It's funny but WoTC broke contract with Weis/Hickman because they were trying to avoid old racist stuff. Are they learning?Radioactive lizard
Retweeted by Urbandragon#mechtober day 19! White Witch! #LancerRPG
Retweeted by UrbandragonBuilt over the Yuan-ti ruins of Vrael Othloon at the outlet of the otherwise unremarkable Marpenoth river, Marpenot…
Retweeted by Urbandragon @sukoshi_kaze That would literally kill me. I'm not even kidding I'm allergic to that shit.We're excited to partner with our good friends @TheBlackBook42 for a fun Hallowe'en costume project! Full details a…
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