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just a puppy dad making a difference.

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@KalikYork 41 mins later .. I just ordered this and the BadBoy one Diddy & biggie woreLook on Expedia .. wild cheAp men don’t care if u just ate. 🌚Real respect the bottoms decision thou. 😅JailI Still don’t understand why kim verse was cut short in Let it Go2 But on the real .. 3 😩 wish
I pAid alil over 1K for my mattress in april .. I hate it now. It’s too soft 🥴🥴🥴It’s Sarah Paulson being blind in coven for me*sex 🥴
Retweeted by uncle paulRoku & a fire stick . 70in curve in the living room .. projector in my bed room 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💙
Retweeted by uncle paulthat jersey >> . ordered my food . it’s on the way ... imma eat like 2 slices & take my ass too sleep .when’ll let my phone get too 1% before I actually get up and get my chargeri wanna go outside butI need museums to open up like yesterday.
Retweeted by uncle paul90s/00s think ... with certain ppl ... ya should be more appreciative that someone is willing to spend their time with yo…’all: me:
Retweeted by uncle paulsometimes.. you gotta pause the show to nut real quick @fourfournine5 appreciation post > peters not having a speaking role during coven >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>We got free and instantly started the drip wow. Iconic.
Retweeted by uncle paulEvery other day
Retweeted by uncle paulLonely & Do It & Busy Boy & Ungodly Hour are my personal faves on that album
Retweeted by uncle paulbusy busy boy
Retweeted by uncle paul9 outta 10 🤧
Retweeted by uncle paulIt’s still gentrification but in color @JerryVincent__ PurrrrrSocial media so boring now
Retweeted by uncle paulPersonally .. I intend on wearing atleast 2/3 pairs of underwear a day. real gag is ... imma get a new place uptown by September.. get my car & live happily ever afterI love you down. But miss mommas we grown supported a black business today ... I should’ve ordered chik fil a .. no shadeLife when this song was premiered on Empire>>
Retweeted by uncle paulwait .. how many times was myrtle snow burned ?Myrtle Snow >>>>>>>Purrr me it’s harder because people either hate the truth or can’t handle... but imma still be honest
Retweeted by uncle paulMe after a full weekend of doing drugs.’s powers after being blinded >> @blaccbrry_ Well it was obviously for the video🌴
Retweeted by uncle paulQueenie played.I like my room dark & quiet
Retweeted by uncle paulCoven was mixxy . I forgot cordelia husband was a witch hunter & his dad is the one who blinded herYou ain’t nobody’s Rosie Perezin all honesty. Jada didn’t owe not nan one of us that interview lol. I would’ve gave “ when ya get money like… it’s 3 am and yo patnas talkin bout making another move
Retweeted by uncle paul @_allnmyhead violaaanceePolo boxer briefs get loose so fast but the way how they hug your dick when it’s loose >>>>Nobody at all: NaN: ... I don’t hear her voice ? Bitch is she dead ... I need to cover my ass .. let me call the council..Niggas drop bombs like this & stop replying 😩 I’m very dramaticOhdeee relationship doesn’t need to make sense to anyone, except you and your partner. It’s a relationship, not a community project.
Retweeted by uncle paulworst combo💀
Retweeted by uncle paul @KidJsn if a function is ever too much ... call 911 & say you smell gas coming from (where ever the function is) &… & a Cancer ? @ZionLeexo How often ? @blaccbrry_ I was shook just now @ZionLeexo I always get notifications wild late . I just wanna get my mom one before summer is over 🙄🙄🙄🙄From the website or email ? currently...!!!
Retweeted by uncle paul @ByrellTheGreat Kyle (Evan peters) mother .. when he came “ back “ home I forgot the mother was raping her son in coven 🥴🥴🥴🥴Sleeping naked >>>>
Retweeted by uncle paulNan on American horror story >>>>>>>>>> She’s literally the funniest character
Retweeted by uncle paul @ZionJaquay_ That is dumb @ZionLeexo Not til Thursday 🙄amazon doesn’t take the money out your account immediately? @muuugen When @LilKim said she gotta whole bunch of dykes on ninja bikes 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 he isn’t is wrong with her
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Purr are so corny . Daphne voiceevery review I read said don’t put veet on your dick & balls ... I left the cream on for 7 mins and everything came… should’ve punched Aretha in the back of her head for snatching her hand away like that .August Alsina: “I could die today knowing that I loved Jada deeply.” Jada: “I got into an entanglement” CITY GIR…
Retweeted by uncle paulB*tch u better hope i never run accross ya man 😛🎈 #22
Retweeted by uncle paulforex sounds like a scam. idk why or how ... but ion trust it @kiss_mykayyyyy @PlanetPandax3 My 3-11 sun-Thursday is horrible. But babbbyyyy that bag is niece would love this. How can I order one Right Now ? @ByrellTheGreat When I bring this to the red table tonight... you’re gonna gagGirl stfu
Retweeted by uncle paulAsylum > CovenDon’t let my aunt see this on WhatsApp .. @ThatBlvckBoy @_BayBey Get the actual aloe plant and squeeze it out. Imma do both today also I’m assuming busy th… got a problem? Talk it over with ya girls ... then take it to byrell ... respectfullyGag... it’s actually her husband that’s the real villain @_BayBey @ThatBlvckBoy I usually rub aloe . But peroxide sounds like a smart idea also