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just a puppy dad making a difference.

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now wait a goddamn minute. Vogue workout pt 4 is goin blow for blow with pt 5. Dear @ByrellTheGreat ; LETS T… got on these rhythm nation boots . these shits are heavy . I got winded walking from my front door to the uberLife of Pablo Anti The PinkPrint DAMN B’Day my top 5 honorable mention: The Black Albumi did the bare minimum today & im exhausted.. Now my friends are ready to meet up & im just like ... chile ...if i don’t like someone, I’m not watching their stories.. let alone following them.
Retweeted by uncle paulim wearing my Joan Clayton starter pack tonight 😩😂 I got a nice fitted shirt. Some cargo pants. & some boots (to substitute the heels) @TRAEANNAA @MyNameIsDari With dogs .. Get like a Pepsi can & fill it like a quarter way with pennies and shake it… it comes to looks? Maya was eating them tf on up 😩😩😩😩😩Why she dressed like Donnell Jones
Retweeted by uncle paulNah peaches as Joan assistant is maaaadd funny lol . Very stereotypical. But they were in that time sooooo 🥴🥴🥴 @jahlula no exactly that. Since season 1Joan carried 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴excuse me ????????????Not Joan kissing Ellis agent 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
im ready to get drunk @Brandivo Listen .. it’s been a long day . Lol I would love too see it actually these replies . & no one said his name. I don’t understand uber went from 31 to 38 to 45 . baby .. lemme google the closest train @cartoonegro imma 13 in most 14 in boots 🥴teeth🌬
Retweeted by uncle paulNever Call Me x @JheneAiko this is my favorite song by her 😩😩 But it’s honestly Kurupt for me. “ FUCK that nig… Joan to be so smart .. her ignorance was just <<<<<<<<<noooooo thiiiis HIV episode of #Girlfriends is wild 🥴🥴🥴🥴i got high af & decided to watch the new episode if #LovecraftCountry . Whewwwvit’s a lotta sub titles I might ha…
the way how @ladygaga transitions Chromatica 2 into 911 . Ughhhhh she ate that tf on upCongratulations lady been talking shit abt this man since I started working here. ( I been here for 2 months ) whyyy I jus… just gaggedthe ppl at this job is disgustingly fake. wowSo when you order wendys on DoorDash... ya order doesn’t go through until they get there & pay for it. ... okay!
Retweeted by uncle paulDJs that read the room >>>>
Retweeted by uncle paulIt’s giving .. I have come to apologize & make amendsI gotta go back to my old job location in Manhattan. This Brooklyn house gonna get me fired . Honestly I didn’t… im dead gonna have to sneak in to work I’m wild late 🥴Why is it almost 5 & I’m still up
Retweeted by uncle paulu could delete the number any day. u gotta delete the text thread should’ve smoked . Now it’s too late @Mogulsociety well now that’s a bit insensitive? Lol . what abt adopted kids? , just cause he ain’t come from doe… is my brain on a bundle @Mogulsociety wym ? I have a godson I take care of every day of the week lol @Mogulsociety I use this every day at work when I’m clocking out Lmaooo. That how I wrap up my afternoon speeches/meetingsI gotta go home ... To my fifty-leven chirreeennjerking off porn > fuckin pornMy rn with @SkubaBaby x Whole lotta Choppas i find a song i like i run that mf into the grounddddd 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by uncle paulmy choice of porn is never able to be found . maybe im to specific. but when I go general... it’s nothing but white men 😩 @Mogulsociety Looooovinnnn yoooouuuuwhy should every app have the same thing ? matter how much butt I get . I wanna see ya meatI never seen HamiltonIt’s them in the back being nonchalant for me 🥴🥴 @KalikYork that’s literally anytime we at Byrell house. lol , he’ll start DJin and fucked up just singing alongafter my ex im good on romancing men . I wanna do cute things with my friends. lol no expectations no stress just fun outingsi wanna do this drunk with my friends are fuckin beautiful nigga damn tf not , lmaooo my best friend snore like 3 bears in one . Whenever we stay a night with each other I… think im mean i Just have a harsh tone. Im nicest nigga ever @_BayBey @FugaziBandit Lmaooo i thought it was a skinny joke lmaooooActually since I started cutting my facial hair my haircut went to $25 not including the tip. I need to but clipp… @TJJack11 Yessince I started cutting my facial hair I’ve been in the barbershop every week @r_alluree I could lol. I like dates. Dates are fun especially if we both can drink . & im off weekends. So we lit 🙌🏾 @r_alluree when u wanna go ?Lmaoooo u can’t eat em either ?’s my peach.depends lol taking a cab to workBasically’s like the nut . Then there’s the go to bed nut . my dick is just ridiculous & I of course have no self control whatsoever @r_alluree Juicy king crab express. It’s on cozine & PennsylvaniaThey opened a new seafood spot in Brooklyn . Everyone loves it . Imma tip on over tomorrowThe Po-Po gonna be knocking at ya door @FreshStyled That’s funny I was just looking through ur page cause I seen u tweeting .. but never seen u on my TL p… of 2018 vs End of 2019
Retweeted by uncle paul @sirrkhalil 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 everyone is beautiful to someone ❤️Say that 🥴😅I gotta be up at 7 . Do I have the energy to flirt &/or play pool ?!😅😅😅😅No cap . I really love tweeting my sexual thoughts .. BUT I hate when certain ppl hmu after I do so. It’s like ewwwiMessage games ? I wanna play pool until i kohe just carried on me 🥴 i know my tonsils Finna be swollenniggas be whack.
Retweeted by uncle paulcertain direct deposits go to certain accounts. Cashapp is Finna be removed from my list thouvia cashapp? they been dragging it for like the past two weeks always gave musty to me . Never participated @chvmmie We chillin or whatever luv the VerseTop anthem . & that’s a hill I’ll die on. 😅
Retweeted by uncle paulYOOOOO CHRISTINA IS WILLIAM ?? Naaaaaahhhhhhhlet’s go think imma start #StevenUniverse over from beginning again. I think the fan base for that show should be M U C H. Biggerso tired of these 2-3 months relationships lord if I’m a oil change just say that
Retweeted by uncle paul“ it was an invitation to do whatever the fuck you want “ Ahhhhhh that got me so hype !!!im all here for tic father accepting his gayness. luv that.were they having a ball ? #LovecraftCountry