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Keanu Weebs @urchin13 Los Angeles

(dumb) award winning director! i make videos for a living. you might have even seen some! i also typo a lot. pronouns: him / dude

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I really enjoy Twitter….. Minus the Dumbfucks.
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @mizabitha Hell yeah dude, street tacos are a treasure @theMagdalenRose But we both knew it didn't crash. @theMagdalenRose One time me and my friend were driving behind a semi truck that started to fishtail and for a seco… @theMagdalenRose A few yeah lol. @2Phan Do you sell the version that has poo on the danger end ?Chill Minecraft stream at 7:30pm to craft away that existential dread.
@mizabitha Pink lemons, dude. @mizabitha
@IfyNwadiwe I'm not gonna lie...............................
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsIt's ago thing I live alone, I went to bed east-west and woke up north-south.Anti-anxiety chill Minecraft stream. Come watch me live my idyllic farm fantasy life.
@minyoungleeis Usually I tell people "treat yourself!" On their birthdays but that has weird implications right now.Feeling anxious? Me too. Streaming some chill Minecraft at again.
@2Phan @wisalallen @omgchomp @jvn That cat in the bg 🤣 @AmITooRemoved Is Henry Ford: Bloodlines about a factory that assembles vampire cars? @UncleToofy Do it !🤣🤣🤣 @wisalallen Your nana makes the best snickerdoodles, and even tho she refers to me as your "oriental friend" I still love her @ENOgden Yes. Grew up in central california (where Steinbeck wrote about)Playing some chill Minecraft
@mxmsworld I'd totally dress like Love Below era Andre 3000I just bought some ube crinkles from leombakes . Man they are so good. I love ube 😭 @ Historic Filipinotown of Los…
@UnburntWitch 🤣🤣🤣 @elonjames
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsPeople are like “how are these people refusing to wear masks in stores” but when I worked in retail people would re…
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @ChiizukeekiChan @MatttGFX If you guys use face cams, don't your background moods end up swapped? Like his is pink and yours is all blue? @LBrien @elonjames I genuinely hope Tison has a great day. Dealing with people like No Mask Mark over here is probably draining. @dexbonus Believe it !"I'm just gonna show my 3,000 follower Instagram feed." That seems to have worked out well for him!
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @PokeKellz We can all have a little unhealthy as a treat @dexbonus For some reason, now I can only think of you as Naruto 🤣 @KevBobbitt Once again, extroverts ruin the world... @hello_malika Weed? @PokeKellz That's the problem with smoking is it looks so cool.🤣🤣🤣 @2Phan 🤣🤣🤣why’s this the funniest thing I’ve seen
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs🤣🤣🤣 @staccato92 @JesseCox This is such a weird photo 🤣 @UncleToofy I still have a pound of almond flour left from a thing. If I bake some more I'll let you know ! @maddievision 64 gb is not an insignificant amount of ram to lose 🤣 @duh_ree_ann @LordeBarrington @dn_charles 🤔 if white people are vaccinating their kids then it's probably safe. 🤔 @mizabitha 🤣🤣🤣Everything WOC activists tweet eventually turns into an Atlantic article a white guy gets paid for
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @laborseller @AntheaButler
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @UnburntWitch Sounds pretty typical of America . @UncleToofy Oh yeah I made some almond flour snicker doodles they weren't bad! @UncleToofy Oh man. That's rough. I try not to eat too many carbs because it makes me fall asleep but I love pastries 😭 @omgchomp I guess it's not technically a comedy but I'm into the third arc of JoJos Bizarre Adventure and it's fucking great.Man, this takes me back to pre 2014 before the internet got super awful... @JesseCox I'm still laughing at this. 🤣 @JesseCox How wholesome! @NoTotally @helpmeskeletor Studio Glibly is a great name 🤣 @ariellesallai @MitchOFarrell Oh man that's what they are gonna do with Taix? Eeeesh.This didnt work like I'd hoped, so let's try it one more time. If you A) are in Canada B) have a paypal account C…
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsReminder that you can also replace “policeman” with “fucking pig” and “landlord” with “fucking parasite,” both of w…
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsThis US doctor has had enough of the ‘tributes’. He makes his point powerfully and impressively.
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsAlways heed the advice of Cupcake @paulbensonsucks 🤣🤣🤣 @theMagdalenRose 🤣 @wisalallen @SunderCR Oh well, when the time is not right, the time is not right.I had a dream I was at some kind of event and a bunch of people knew who I was and I couldn't remember who they wer… @SunderCR @wisalallen didnt you say you wanted a wolf? @supardanil @JesseCox This picture captures so much emotion. @FadedEndless @theMagdalenRose Holy shit! 🤣 @theMagdalenRose Have you watched JoJos? That show is such an out there parody of an anime 🤣 @Jemmillion On LA Craigslist if you got a ... Bowflex to trade? 🤣 @HeyEunjoo Jjangmyeong is considered kids food?? I used to eat that all the time when i was in college 🤣
Where the fuck was this when the white people literally bombarded all of Huntington Beach?!?!??!!!!!!!!!
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#langersdeli the #19. This is like a 20 dollar sandwich but it tastes like a 20 dollar sandwich. @ Downtown Los Ang…
Back on that post apocalyptic scavenger bullshit @ Los Angeles, California @AngryBlackLady @elektrotal That's weird. I thought more black people were dying of corona because systemic inequal… @MurderBryan 🤣🤣🤣🤣I zoomed with my class today. I asked them to bring a book they’ve enjoyed reading at home. One kid brought the boo…
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @JUSTELLDATRUTH Gary, come down to the beach, Karen is back on her bullshit again. @erikaishii Yeah but who knows what kinda shit that spider was keeping down. Theres a spider who visits my bathroom… local bagel place has signs on the door asking for no more than 5 customers at a time and for no one to enter w…
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsTfw that existential despair hits ya outta nowhere so all you can do is listen to the chorus of Lovefool over the t… @kathrynmalia And she said, "I think we're clapping for ourselves." @kathrynmalia The whole Echo Park debacle reminded me of a time I went to the Aero with my (then) girlfriend. I thi… @PJAxemurderer I keep coming back, like I legit think it's a decent idea, but it's practicality is just so fucking grim 🤣🤣🤣 @missbonekitty Yeah the video was super precious. 😭 First she's like, "what is this?" and then she looks like "holy fucking shit!" @helpmeskeletor Does this also apply if you learned to swear from 90s HK movies?I know im retweeting an ad but my friends bought one of these for their 6 year old daughters birthday cake and it l… @The_Jak_Life @skipper Haha I ate two fried eggs with Lao Gan Ma sauce out of a clean frisbee for dinnerAh man, I laughed way too hard at this... also when the workers pick up the coffin mode bed all I could think of wa… @AmITooRemoved Right ? Fucking delightful. @kittynouveau There are plenty of streamers who are terrible at videos games.. oddly there are streamers who are te… @Srirachachau Is it because the robot arm fx was too much of a hassle ? 🤣 @HollyConrad Are they setting up a circle of protection? @UnburntWitch After Lighthouse I became a Robert Pattinstan. @wisalallen @SideQuestLive 🤣🤣🤣 @kwizten Aw man. I was in your hood picking up some parts and I almost hit you up to get dessert but I had to pee a… @theMagdalenRose 🤣🤣🤣 @amiasmatics Haha yeah. It sucks. It could be worse though, you could be in the US 🤣
@scottstephan It feels like 65 years ago that me and my friend played through Aegis and enjoyed it quite a bit. @hildewereld Sashimi is gluten free.