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Keanu Weebs @urchin13 Los Angeles

(dumb) award winning director! i make videos for a living. you might have even seen some! i also typo a lot. pronouns: him / dude

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@omgchomp Aww look at that cute kitty
@CommutingCrow @LiteralSoup I think, then you just play Das Racist.I still deal with people who think white supremacists/white nationalists are hicks waving Confederate flags. They'…
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @nmoonart I usually do this in addition to stretches although I have switched to a trackball and don't draw much. @nmoonart If it hurts when you press on that point it's working 🤣 @nmoonart She said this is why she has never had carpal tunnel syndrome. @nmoonart My mom (who has been a dental hygienist for like... Over 40 years) recommends massaging a point on your f…
My grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I cou…
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idc how many times I’ve seen this video but it will never NOT be funny
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @missbonekitty Wish is like a weird White Elephant party. @sekushipantsu @JesseCox How about Nina Tucker @MelonieMac Dude I love homemade fan apparel 🤣 @PokeKellz I voted for grapes. But I've never had a dog and is discovered last night that my cat enjoys sharp cheddar.This dog feels the same way I do about Jump Around look at the end of "did I just get punked by a rat?" @lurnings Your arms are prolly more buff than mine. @omgchomp I'm also proud to say @NikaHarper once told me I looked like a manga character. @JesseCox I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought they should name the dog Steve Buscemi @kwizten stegasaurus is my favorite dinosaur. @scottstephan I had a thought several years ago when I was covering PAX that a lot of games might suffer from the t… @fangznhangz black moms are too powerful. @MelCLiu If you're 1 in a million, there's roughly 13 million people in China just like you right? @rocketorca I just assumed sex was part of the things you had to give up when moving into a tiny house. @MelonieMac Is that dogs original name Oroku Saki? 🤣 @PokeKellz @hildewereld First Vet to treat a British Bulldog: "They were so concerned with whether they could, they… @slabbxo @PhysicistLisa This is prob no help but in Monterey Park you can get a 1 hour full body massage with optio… @slabbxo @PhysicistLisa Yeah on second thought, it might be better to budget 100 dollars a month for cheese. @mizabitha I've taken to ending all my "and then I said this witty thing" with "and now it's a weed store." @seriouslyallthe @anicacoela I rather like the red hat, it makes it easier to avoid her. @PhysicistLisa @slabbxo $50 seems like a perfectly reasonable cheese budget for one person. @ThatBronzeGirl (shyly raises hand) @sup_angi I know whom to call when I get that 10ft cake for my giant son's birthday. @theMagdalenRose What if you are a horribly disfigured musical genius and you really want them to sing in your opera.
@MsHeltonReads In an office the "subs" are all your other co workers who have to pick up your slack when you're sic… @anicacoela My boomer aunt still does that shit I think. @SatchellDrakes Congrats man! Living with a loved one is a really great feeling.Capitalism Rules Everything Around Me.I can just hear my dad saying, "probably hurt yourself doing something you shouldn't have been doing." "Brooklyn M…
This guy gives me hope for the future of the internet. @AmITooRemoved whenever I hear James Cameron all I can think about is how he was once married to Kathryn Bigelow an… @PhysicistLisa Yeah, that's true. I was talking awards in general being kinda bullshit, like its really just a meas… @PhysicistLisa Awards are garbage. Money is cool tho. @MonsterMashP @missbonekitty Nothing hotter than cast iron!
"Artists and Performers Celebrate Indigenous Pride" #art #feedly"A Florida Prisoner Has Made an Entire Documentary in Secret" #art #feedly
@FacianeA Any sort of parasite or fungus as it relates to insects
"This Artist’s Deli, Where Everything Is Made of Felt and Too Adorable to Resist" #art #feedly @PokeKellz I mean, there's nothing inherently wrong with theme parks. @JesseCox 👍 @hello_malika Eat a weed brownie when they start boarding parents with small children. Eat the whole thing before y… praying mantis be like, "Chuck! Don't leave me with this thing! I'll see you in hell you sonnuvabitch!!" @MelCLiu It's not great out there.
niggas will watch the joker but won’t cry alone in the bathtub on a sunday at 2:37am while listening the same sad s…
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @missbonekitty Why do you go to these places!!!!! THERE HAS BEEN 15 BRUTAL FEMALE MURDERS IN LAS VEGAS IN THE PAST MONTH AND VEGAS WON’T PUBLICIZE IT BECAUSE T…
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @AmITooRemoved I watched the trailer for the Scorcese film and now I need to watch it. @AmITooRemoved @AmITooRemoved King of Comedy... Like the Stephen Chow movie ? @amiasmatics What are you feeding them, Spam? @PokeKellz Also these showed up on NextDoor but they might not be the aesthetic you're going for @ThatBronzeGirl Your teeth are kinda endearingI learned about this tech when I was an extra in a vietnam movie. There was a team of dude moving around potted bam… @PhysicistLisa Aww that looks like my first cat. @PokeKellz Sorry my place looks like an episode of Hoarders @PokeKellz are you guys looking for fancy barstools? I bought a tall metal stool on nextdoor for like 20 bucks.
It’s that moment when your obscure research subject pops up in the news. Yesterday @AOC was confronted by a woman c…
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsHey, want to play a food themed tabletop game that isn't literally just an ad for a corporation? Here's a whole t…
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @theMagdalenRose Marius ?
@nmoonart Oh man, me too! Let me know your findings!
@drjotengii Aw man 😭#cat #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram @Toddly_Enough’m dead
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @Toddly_Enough Dude, I often think about that manic horn chorus.
@AmITooRemoved I was thinking "I wonder if 100 years from now, Michael Bay will be known as a propaganda filmmaker."Holy shit. @AmITooRemoved Yeah I remember people talking about how China is making all these propaganda movies but then I thou… @hildewereld Frank OceanJust posted a photo @ Los Angeles, California
Sweet potato taco @guerrillatacos. Taco was good, the service was not as good. @ Los Angeles, California
@SunderCR Call him a Lyft back to port. @IfyNwadiwe @MarsMel @manscaped Yo, you got Zangiefied @devonrubinart This happens to me constantly.
@fangznhangz That sucks! :( Also happy bday!
Just posted a photo @mrseanbarrett Looks diabetic ? @shamshandwich I am always bothered the word roux even tho it's the base of many fine sauces.
Just posted a photo a job doing what you love and you'll have to work twice as hard for half as much money, because your boss will…
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsMeowth need to sit his ass down !
Retweeted by Keanu WeebsThank goodness I caught this before it was too late!
Retweeted by Keanu Weebs @AmITooRemoved Jordan Petersen can go fuck himself @JesseCox Oh man, do you have acute alcohol poisoning ? @emilycarmichael Those are actually all the same organism, if you pull up the floor you'll see they share the same… @amiasmatics Wow! You have quite the eco system in your yard! @amiasmatics This bird looks like it just realized something important but then remember it wasn't actually a big deal. @omgchomp @GilPhotography Wow! Looking hot, my dude !