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HIV educator & MPH candidate • PrEP, U=U, sexual & behavioral health • NYC ➡️ ATL • Can’t host • He/him 🏳️‍🌈

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Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻this is me coming out as a swiftie*cries in American* need to stop talking about “ensuring a peaceful transfer of power.” It is way beyond that point Dream isn’t a Katy Perry song, she was a vessel for God in that recording studio. Why he chose her I don’t…
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@digggles no one: people with blue eyes: @rychavis sksksjdj I hate this @rinasawayama @touchmelovely @ArianaGrande oh period @DUALIPA WE NEED THE NORMANI FEATURE @ungodlysamer how do we knownow it’s time to manifest 🕯 the Normani feature 🕯I was thinking about listening to If It Ain’t Me earlier today and then Dua posted this... my mind..... 2023 Phoebe Bridgers is gonna drop her third album & the opening track will be about hooking up in the car while…
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2021 explaining to the Pulitzer Prize people why Nicki Minaj deserves a prize for rhyming Chyna with China and China a tamisha iman appreciation tweet
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻Like are you kidding??? @the_symonee omg hi ilyI can’t believe #DragRace made us watch 3 whole ass episodes to just end up back at the first episode of the season…
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻I tweet this every week but the music BUDGET this season! @TamishaIman1 Adopt me pls 🥺🥺🥺It’s weird when the judges say “we don’t want you to change your signature thing but we want you to not do your sig…*ate ughSo we all agree Denali and Tamisha are that, right? @mikelledstreet @boombazookajoey 😭😭😭 @michellevisage Green?!?!? @teblue omg I didn’t even see thatNicole Byer is giving me Crystal Methyd as Michelle Visage Iman dynasty @KahmoraHall at call time
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Thoughts and prayers ❤️ @chimeracoder 😂😂😂 @kmart313 Yessss @pinot_noir_1 😍 @mCase513 @digggles @digggles the way I’m gonna fly to NYC and go out w you when this is over @OtterPharm Battle Hymn @KevinMalogna You just roll it the long way and pull it through!Complaining about not being able to go to clubs is my only personality trait and I accept thatI miss clubs 😭 @sweatpantspapi I’m losing my fucking mind omgShe looks like she’s about to lip sync for the crown is it possible that every high school had a loud girl who wore Cookie Monster pajamas?"kanye is fucking jeffree star" "azealia banks boiled her dead cat" "armie hammer is into cannibalism" "trump impea…
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻I didn’t know Kanye was Italian
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻I can’t explain it but 8 AM classes are homophobic @kmhrt thank u 🥰
@DavidHollandMD What did you call me? @trevaynebitch like, not ironically @trevaynebitch nvr forget when at steinhardt orientation, one of the orientation leaders said to put in your headph… running late to work because Mayor Andrew Yang invested in TikTok houses instead of fixing the subways @hansjordanp pls explain this new love triangle. I am lost except for the fact that miss Olivia got her drivers license @PupTitan404 I would say it depends on the person/situation and part of the issues we’ve run into time and time ag… maybe not “in light of that” but there needs to be both (inter)personal accountability and structural/governmental accountabilityUgh like, I get what she’s saying and agree about being mad at the gov’t.... but we also need to hold each other ac… @chimeracoder but u can do that via text?Can someone explain to me why you would exchange Snapchats with someone instead numbers? I’ve seen People Younger T… @justasvf the way I want to scream every time I see a tweet about y’all not having any new covid cases
If you are thinking that vaccination (any regimen) will solve this problem, I have bad news for you. Even if we cou…
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻If I had a nickel for every time Trump got impeached during the month of January article by a friend of mine (who’s not on Twitter). Check it out’s mood does 9 stan 7? because 7 8
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻 @CowboyLikeJB well okay!’m reading at a much slower pace because of school and *gestures vaguely all around* the world, but I finished my… rodrigo is sabrina carpenter for the girls who’s lorde is billie eilish they’re basically the clairo of the…
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻 @MattBaume @biskkup nothing 🙄. Just L* B*s*cs being the moral authority on sex again @weeeelson @nothasghey 😂😂I have to laugh -sent from iphone
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If you get diagnosed with COVID-19 and you don't feel too ill, you can enroll in a clinical trial for MILD COVID an…
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻@ Skincare Twitter: what’s the deal w using tretinoin (building up to every other night) and The Ordinary AHA/BHA p… @Sony math is hard :( @mCase513 😭All the gay people will disappear.
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻Just saw why Azealia Banks is trending @kyry5 She’s legit said it’s only a play on Tina Turner’s name 😬 @heyitsurban holy shit
Officers involved? In last week’s attacks at the Capitol?! Wow!!!
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Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻 i want to be like "go off king" or "ok queen" but i'm not sure of a persons gender identity i'm like........ go off my liege
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻Lana in her folklore era @popLOCKEdropit he said THESAURUSIs it not...your own vaccine distribution plan that is holding up the ability to reopen???? Is this a talk to the m…
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻 @Philjimeneznyc Yeah, that post @Philjimeneznyc ?Very excited to see LA Basics is an infectious disease expert now!ravioli ravioli give me the vaccinoli
Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻I just know that in the SATC reboot, Carrie is gonna type some shit like “As I sat at home, divorced from Big in th… @Boomer_Banks @mynameisjro @TeVampireSlayer Messes, across the boardSorry if it’s weird I responded to your DM two seconds after you sent it, I literally haven’t set my phone down since March 2020
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Retweeted by grant 🧔🏻 @heyjaeee spiraling hbuCast her as the new Samantha @sjp @hbomax
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