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software engineer & artist. welcome to the MOSS ZONE. icon by @m0saur. she/her

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@Alrighty_Ivy deinocheirus
past me has my back sometimesyou know whats cool is wishing you had a model of the hell duck and then finding out past you already made the init… frog-rays. #DarkSoulsDissected
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @LexingtonDath that is very helpful! Will take a look later. Thank you!!
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍alamosaurus root motion 180 turn animation WIP
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @YotamShitrit fuckim gonna just start posting animation sketches i just don't care anymore because this shit is hardalamosaurus root motion 180 turn animation WIP even are womens
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agree but also want to say i’m so tired of explaining my paleoart to people and having them immediately go like β€œso… fuck around and disappear into a poison hell swamp with my knight bro and find a demon soul and make a sanctu…
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍good pill to swallow: you bring joy to other people’s lives and your friends genuinely enjoy your company. you have…
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍might fuck around and disappear into a poison hell swamp with my knight bro and find a demon soul and make a sanctu…
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @pondsmeIt PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONAPERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONAPERSONA PE… @JamesBearArt BAD @pondsmeIt persona persona persona persona persona persondo you enjoy hell? i highly recommend animating a quadruped @JuliotheArtist he dont careoh to be a former king turned slug monster hanging out inside a tree monsterlove 2 listen to the tower knight ost from demon's souls bc it sounds like some asshole laughing at me but musically*aggressively animates*fuck you nerds im animating a sauropod rolling around
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @Zhonya_uwu lol niceLRT gonna retweet this stupid bird as many times as i want and you’ll LIKE it🐦fast
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍My half of a (supposed to be) sketch trade with @urlknight!
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @thirdrategear HMMMM. solution: delete monday for everyone else, but not you. you can keep monday @Pythosart np! I love it!!! Im so inspired and pumped now πŸ˜‚ like you have no idea how much art energy seeing this gave me @Pythosart THANK YOU πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– @Pythosart I FUCKIN LOVE THIS @Pythosart OOOOOOOO SHITTT @mPSyN6lyJIsatYq yes that's what i want @DocJayArts24 i colored all the physics bones orange bc its easier to manage them that waythis is my favorite sauropod description so far @dragon_king128 no it's ok thank you i'm perfectly capable of drawing what i wanti can't have a lizard man for a boyfriend this world sucks ass @Peter_Wartman honestly good question how does anyone finish anythingthe FUCK is a sauropodJk jk i'm not strong enough yet don't worry i have more dinosaur content coming(mouse hovers over delete twitter button) DO IT PIGLET PULL THE TRIGGERmonday update: computers and gamers BAD lizard people GOODok hot take but i think we should delete monday from the entire "days of the week" concept
@my2k oh no... oh NO @dragon_king128 it is alamosaurus nice guess! @HossManley it’s the same method as the gorgosaurus i posted earlier cycle reupload in gif format
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍gamers do include me in your weird meme replies if you want to be muted thanksor do i need to use reverse psychology since i’m talking to gamersgamers don’t include me in your weird meme replies thanksNOBODY ANYWHERE SHOULD *EVER* LISTEN TO GAMERS
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍some weird ducks for you:
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @blazemalefica πŸ‘€πŸ’¦ i need 2 commission you to draw a lizard man someday @Pythosart id be down for a lil art trade!
pet the bird
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @john_pyro it was made in blender πŸ™‚ @Monkey310_ dinosaur @FSmashmas yes, this velociraptor has cute little whiskers🐦fast
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3D animation
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍Some WIP shots from a project I'm developing with @coherenceio #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #madewithunity
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍Shit my bad you can just move the frogs to the backseat
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍sometimes u do a little, stupid, quick straight ahead animation to test the physics animation but rendered in UE4 is actually something i've been considering doing, shortform youtube tutorials on how to do some stuff in blen…’m gonna make a snake person and u will like itworst. f*cking. hobby. lmaoneed 2 make something that's not a dinosaur brblots of weird shit happening in 3d animation really want to make deinocheirus but just thinking about making the feathers again has me like @YotamShitrit no idea, i'm just experimenting with a movement system so im still figuring that outjust realized there's a better way to do this one part of a rig but i don't want to redo like 20 animations fuckfuckfuckfukc @Ditidos @Microrapterr velociraptor
drew this 3 years ago lolbloodborne valentines, smooch! these things are the worst!!losing my mind over these goddamn feathers lol valentines day but ONLY to my fictional husbandosThe trailer for Castlevania Season 3 is here, folks!! Thank you all so much for the love and support!! Y'all are th…
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Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍¿ARE THE SKELETONS HOT?
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍*puts a tiny cowboy hat on a bee* beehaw
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @fablepaint wish more media explored the idea of a mesozoic civilization cuz i find that idea FASCINATINGmy life fucking slaps. i just finished a bowl of dank soup and said outloud to an empty house β€œyeah lets just keep…
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍I’m going to give away 10,000 tris regular sphere on a .fbx to 1 random person who retweets this.
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍i want to look like this
@urlknight Everything is better with moss ✨
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍one last thing i made in 2019- my first 3d human
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍Just Add Mossβ„’
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Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍#birdbot
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍long ferret wip
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍left: the map of the forbidden woods are of bloodborne right: the map that was on the wiki forever that is somehow…
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @pondsmeIt that’s fairsmile
Retweeted by sarah(URL) 🐍 @pondsmeIt tbh, being a girl is completely overrated. looking at all the bullshit i have to deal with, sometimes i wish i was a guy