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(she/her) β€’ 16 β€’ i prob fucked ur dad too

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@6suls MISSKISSKEIEKEB KISS ME @refresh1k @midwxst hes so fine @bobabonk @Toastedtw @iamhcu @etherealVAL_ RN im pulling up @bobabonk @Toastedtw @iamhcu @etherealVAL_ hey jules wanna have sex @iamhcu @Toastedtw @etherealVAL_ @bobabonk goodnight lovebirds. i am praying on ur downfall @iamhcu @Toastedtw @etherealVAL_ @bobabonk the edaters r on yo ass @Cheaterghoul i usually truly do not care ab someones sign but these men r very. mean. @Realyuki_ @jibbafn @Skinnybluhh HES 14 BRUH DONT GET ME IN TROUBLE PLEASE YUKI @Toastedtw @bobabonk toasted u have never touched a woman @bobabonk i like libra men ik a lot of ppl dont tho 😭 @bobabonk the only men i truly like r libra and taurus <3 @jibbafn smooth @xefiyy πŸ”₯ #NOT ALL CABCER MEN!! @refresh1k i thought that vid u sent in the gc of the guy w the cat was u and i almost unironically dmd u hey lol @xefiyy cancers are always cheaters, never an exception @bobabonk no pisces men r unmatched actuallyremember the guy i made this for LMAOOOOO yea we dont speak anymore. anyway heres the link @xefiyy ... cancer man is js as bad hinestly @wackyxz ugh when hes romantic 😍😍 @xefiyy Thankbgod. @wackyxz lean addicted egirl booster @xefiyy jordan ur a pisces too 😭 it never ends @iotaphobia hope ur ok <3 @aalyxoo HEY HEY HEY I TAKEBIT BACK HEY @iotaphobia u ok bro bro? @wackyxz im a pisces!! @wackyxz HUHhey guys dont date a pisces man @wackyxz YASSS @wackyxz devin stfu <33333 @euhporiic heyme moment @wackyxz u have a fortnite thing pinned. @FIockins no we r FOR LIFERS. @cheerrysav my dms r open :( i hope ur ok @Realyuki_ UHHH @Realyuki_ u r assjoin @aloneswrld gc :D dm me if u wanna be added or js reply here idc :3 @aloneswrld i will be in it 24/7 πŸ˜‡ @Realyuki_ y :(MANIFESTING ELDERFLAME VANDAL IN MY SHOP @luvacen :0 @endrynaphobia MAN i was clumsy
@ilymom38 dou like it @cr3sts i go to scjool in sweats whats wrong w that @1EDEN_ @endrynaphobia HE SOUNDS LIKE U BRO KINDA??? @ohNaji ???HUH @ohNaji wdym by this. @_valenxzr_ SO PRETTY @_valenxzr_ GRII OR GEEIYRE D @willuzii tryna get colonized 2022 🀝 think someones throwing acorns at me and im too scared to turn around n check so km js ignoring it @cycotic im a silver omen/sage main so ig fill is kinda right teehee @makoiwnl LLLLL @cycotic hihihi @magnum69420 U WERE PLAT TJIS WHOLE TIME @magnum69420 y do u hv a smurf arent u silver as well @magnum69420 dilf#brim silver 2 @magnum69420 duo w me queendis guy stepped on my ankle :( @YURlFPS im rlly good at valorant too right haha lol heyahahah right. @YURlFPS u dont hype me πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ @uli4u i want him fuming bc he saw a guys hand on my insta story. @magnum69420 oh em gee me too.. i been sobbing ab how silver egirls all deserve to be radiant tbh (im 5'5) @YURlFPS @magnum69420 ok. @magnum69420 @YURlFPS why r u supprting him. 🚩 all girls r da same @staticfnx >>> @uli4u no literally bc shawty why rnt u threatening to kill me bc i spoke to another guy πŸ˜“ @uli4u ONGGGGhmu only if u hv joe's energy @YURlFPS ok."they broke up" "LMFAOOOOO" @be1sack canwe all share @be1sack i CAN @be1sack we can fr fight :| @be1sack u cant. i can treat her the besti could treat her so well. please. @magnum69420 im gnan cry why rnt u mine @ctrlurs @whosmicheIa thank u πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ @ctrlurs @whosmicheIa link @wolfyval @kiwiramune nyehehe @wolfyval @kiwiramune stupid ur mom jokes. @kiwiramune @wolfyval man. why does he do thisdie @WMagnumm HELPP THATS SO SAD @WMagnumm girl the nerve is severed how do u want me to fix that... @WMagnumm no literallly rip the top of my thumb wtf 😭plays val, gives me a bouquet of flowers πŸ’ <- only req to date me atp @WMagnumm not sure @tuxxse im not sure πŸ˜‡ @tuxxse blade. @tuxxse @1EDEN_ @1HUNNYU why would u tag me in this @blink_valorant then i am ..not? sorry? i think @miia1x thanku ><< ilov u. @blink_valorant sorry. @cr3sts yuh @cr3sts i cant feel anything frm the top of my thumb anymoreapparently when i sliced my thumb, i cut a nerve so the top half of my right thumb is completely numb lol @playgirllashley cos YOURE outside 🀀🀀