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Urmi Chanda-Vaz @URM1 Mumbai, India

Learner of things | Culturalist, Journalist | Words in Scroll, BL Ink mag, Firstpost, The Hindu, Mumbai Mirror et. al.

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@LightHealing Hehe. Chalo, we'll give you that @LightHealing Pch. Now you're trying hard. Tutti frutti is quite Indian too by now, bruh. We have biscuits with em… @LightHealing See, it doesn't have a double t for the shits and giggles 🙈 @Advaidism I want to crack a sad joke here about his name already being MAHA-VIR but I won't. Sorry, I shall show m… am just-learnt-that-susu-means-milk-in-Malay-but-still-giggling-like-a-juvenile years old.To an oppressor equality feels like oppression.
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @brumbyoz @brumbyoz @brumbyoz I was toh more interested in the biryani, but sure, you can come along too :P @brumbyoz UK lete aana Christmas peI went to "Small Matters: An Exploration in Miniaturisation" exhibition at the @CSMVSmumbai last weekend to see if…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @MinjalKadakia @Iksonofficial Ooh, I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEE these! <3 @RohanV Bimaan/ Bashonti and Sukhomoy/ Bijoli :) @sayantansunnyg @rajatub yay! many congratulations, Rajat. That looks so lovely :)Strong contender for new header photo. in: Bombay High Court rejects Sudha Bharadwaj's bail petition in the Bhima Koregaon case. She has been in jail…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @ScrollsNInk @Chimerasmic @Haemlet @andreadecosta @thatssoannie_ yeah baby, let's go change the world one protest at a time! <3
@maxprat My deepest condolences and lots of love strength and love.
@HDFCBank_Cares Lol. You'll are replying after 11 days. What speed yaThe human face of Trump decision to give Turkey a free pass to attack Kurdish allies in Northeastern Syria. Heartbr…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @ScrollsNInk went to "Small Matters: An Exploration in Miniaturisation" exhibition at the @CSMVSmumbai last weekend to see if…‘Ancient Indians were compulsively carnivorous’ Historian and archaeologist Nayanjot Lahiri speaks to Amit Sengupta.
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @sundermanbegins 4am fellow lark here @ScrollsNInk It's our shorsher-tel smeared genes @ScrollsNInk Made me do this yesterday 🙃 @ScrollsNInk 🙋‍♀️ @bprerna It is driven by❤️ too. Thank you, baby. @ResearchLife92 You couldn't have said it better, Anna! Ishq is a double-edged sword. :)
Tattoo #8. ISHQ An unusual way of spelling 'Ishq' but that's what it says in Urdu. I love it for its calligraphy,… @maneet The best time for workouts IMO. Stick with it, and well done! :D @AKanisetti @KS1729 This is indeed fabulous! I don't think I've ever read a more lucid precis of Kashmir Saivism an…
@thesapphirebook @thesapphirebook Marry me!! 😍
@chintan_connect Thank you, Chintan! Much love 😊 @Poojaspillai Thanks Pooja!! That electric blue liner is my never fail product 😊 @brumbyoz But it is one nevertheless, nahi? Whether we want it or not, whether the book says or not. @brumbyoz True (But Muslim/ Marathi muchness, then? 🙂) @varun_oberoi 😂😂😂 iApprove @varun_oberoi Haha, when I become a pest with the constant questions of an anadi first timer, you'll wish you hadn't offered to help! @varun_oberoi Haha! What I am more likely to need is coaching in navigating that shaaheb der desh @varun_oberoi Unfair that you should know both!! @souls_asylum Hehe, yes. Cute it is! @sahucar DM @sahucar I'm overdoing this because I may not be around for Kali Pujo 😔💔I've just learnt two Punjabi words, 'Daadke' and 'Naanke' to denote the paternal and maternal sides of the family r… @BurgerrB Yes, but the tweet should have been worded better, IMO. It still seems rather opportunisticWe need your help to make ends meet--like admin salaries, space, power, water, internet... these allow us to do the…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-VazHahahahahaha! I'm sorry to be using this phrase (especially) today, but she has lost her mind! Are you really using… @journojuno Totally nazar utaaroing. Bless you two.Pocket Aces Pictures (FilterCopy, Dice Media, Gobble, Loco) is looking to hire writers. (Short format animated cont…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz#NewProfilePic OR You know you're Bong when the Pujo fever refuses to abate. @nomnombiar You got you a good boy there. Love to you both. :) @Phrustated Not necessarily good bois, but good bios. Bois/Bios... #getit? no? @Phrustated Good bios work, though. @thatdoggonelady Hang on in there! If you have trouble believing you're good, here, allow me. @thatdoggonelady Well done, Jo!! And you do know that this is just a phase, no? Happens all the time. :)Photographs reveal a rare glimpse into the ancient 'mahu' community, which is neither male nor female… @godavar Happy birthday!!It’s World Mental Health Day today. It also happens to be the birthday of a person I love very much, a person I spe…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @kovalbhatia *hugs*Peoples! These are some of the most uplifting and enabling gatherings I've ever been to. Truly a sisterhood. So ple…
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In a world full of very fluid value systems it’s my facts vs your facts, my expert vs your expert today. And, tha…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @brumbyoz Haww @brumbyoz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 phir theek hai @brumbyoz That said, the sequence of your emoji-name is bothering me. It is nimbu-mirchi and not mirchi-nimbu :P @brumbyoz True. It's hard to remember that symbols are just that. @monavy @brumbyoz Sure. Hindus have their share of doctrines preaching monotheism/ monism a la Advaita Vedanta, but… @brumbyoz I shall. Thank you 🤘🏽 @brumbyoz Haan, that is all we can all hope to be. :)URGENT: #Gurgaon Twitter, please recommend a good, gentle Acupuncturist who's reasonable on the pocket. The last o…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @brumbyoz Hmm. But whether the power to change destinies is thrust on one entity or several, kya farak padta hai? A… I'm not an easy boss to work with. But look anyway. #job
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-VazFolks, book your places now to avoid disappointment. @Shehla_Rashid is a bold, critical voice at this juncture in I…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-Vaz @narayani_basu They're always EVERYWHERE asking where the nearest Dad-Boudi-r restaurant is. @flirtingshadows @BookLuster @BeingChatterjee Birthday blessings, li'l one! @Arundhati1312 @thatdoggonelady I think @mizarcle might be able to help or point you to someone @zurtalab Congratulations! What an arresting cover. :)
@RantiScreamer 🙊 @RantiScreamer Hindi gaane bajte hain? Toh hi I'm interested. Otherwise YT music is working just fine for me
@miffalicious Reading you does the exact thing for my heart. :* @Prvn_sngh Shukriya. :-) @ladkidyutiful Your current Twitter name cracks me up. Ever single time! 🤣I did the thing where I let my 2½-year-old nephew take over my Animoji and he mostly had one question
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-VazWaah. Naatak kar lo hearing shearing ka. @sarvatathagata That's why you deserve Dakini and all the good things in life. Happy birthday to the cat dad and yass for the piece!
@varun_oberoi This makes me SO happy! :')One year since #MeToo hit #India - some victories, some defeats...but a lot of work and awareness gained! Join us f…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-VazAll my duas for this lovely woman.
@CruciFire 😂😂😂 @narayani_basu Awww! So much cuteness!! 🤗 @wolfmomz You look stunning!It’s out, after two weeks of intense work, my cover story for @Mint_Lounge on the @IPCC_CH report on the effect of…
Retweeted by Urmi Chanda-VazHello hello, Bombay people. I have 3 tickets for Abominable at R City today at 5:45 pm and can neither go nor cance… quality therapy is what The Alternative Story has always believed in. At our JP nagar (Bangalore) offic…
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@shivangi_behera Lemme check. Thank you, Shivangi!yaar, which online stores will sell me some nice stretchy, strappy readymade blouses to pair with sarees? @Vaishnavioffl short is actually a way of saying soeffinghot @sahucar This one was easy. :)