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Ursangus @Ursangus Fargo, ND

Bald, Bearded and Beautiful. I do Ert, and sometimes it's good! Commission status: Closed Portfolio: Business:

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Is mud an option? I switch between earth and water a lot... :(
@Scarlet_Rogue25 @Enigma905 Yeah, this is not okay. This sterilized shell is an affront to the term and what it represents.
@TheHunterWildTV Nice! My father and I used to do something similar with paper placemats at chinese restaurants us…
@TheHunterWildTV Not gonna lie, I didn't know there was such a thing as water soluble graphite. I always used an a… @TheHunterWildTV I really like the slight internal shading/burn. Kinda reminds me of Sena Runa's work, but toned d… future where Disney remakes the Star Wars prequels.
Retweeted by UrsangusJust a reminder that internet friendships are real even if you only call them by their usernames.
Retweeted by Ursangus @OddNMacabre The Pagemaster!The planet's very life force is being drained as Mako energy by the shadowy Shinra Electric Power Company. In the…
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Retweeted by Ursangus @Kaiaphin_CtR @InexpensiveGamR @LogitechG @CORSAIR My peripherals setup is a mish-mash. Headphones from… to @InexpensiveGamR , I just switched mouse brands over to @LogitechG and I'm not looking back. Sorry… I the only artist that uses an ongoing personal piece as a warm-up for professional pieces? I've got a personal… probably don't know, @SeanAstin, but every 14th of February, Spanish twitter tweets this pic (below), "Wait fo…
Retweeted by Ursangus @Gizmozord I tell SQL jokes at work. I am not ashamed of it.
@javi_draws This makes my fingers itch for a watercolor/gouache set SO bad... @FirecrowTV @AznSensation27 And what of it? Next you're gonna tell me that Jurassic Park isn't one of the greatest… @SmoothsPlaygrnd There should be a NSFW tag on this.... lolI have such fond memories of my Dad reading this to me and my brother when we were little. Classic book. love this art style, even if I'm not a furry influencer/creator. @SmoothsPlaygrnd I know those lack of feels in my fingertips all too well. @_Yaniir_
@Enigma905 I'm with ya there. How about... Log Horizon? @InexpensiveGamR @LogitechG I POSTED IT IN YOUR DISCORD 5 MINS AFTER I HEARD ABOUT IT, YA NERD! @Enigma905 Darling in the Franxx! @hiimjade You're either listening to too much Mastodon, or not enough Mastodon, imo.
@DaveGrecoArt @madeleineink I picked up this set too, and it completely changed how I do bg’s. Absolutely fantastic set.The Division 2 (XBO Digital) is $3 on Amazon
Retweeted by UrsangusA_F That second row is full of complete failures in my house.
Mutable mercuries be like
Retweeted by UrsangusHoly shit this crowd is amazing.
Retweeted by Ursangus @AdriMakesArt Hap BIRF!
Oh yeah, I guess I'd better let people know I'm streaming, huh?
@Turarts Yay DOOM! @Turarts Definitely your color. Might outshine the bride.
@TheHunterWildTV GET SOME!COUGH @ArcaneLumi @Pingsteal @MikeTheBard @rebbford @Romcommm Well played, Mike. Beat me to it.
@ABlondeAvocado Separate channel for it, but ask that no one try to promote there when I’m live. I also limit who can @ everyone or @ here.Epic 7, without a doubt @SmoothsPlaygrnd I get the same feeling when people compliment my art, man. You and I don't talk as often as we us… @Sabriality And with this, I’m sorry I ever moved to Fargo.In my experience, a release delay due to "dev's wanting to polish it further" is rarely the actual dev's wanting th… @Rogdonn @BelshnickleCTR I feel like Kansas’s is driven by the KC area. The rest of Kansas is so straight and flat…
Retweeted by Ursangus @simplyjxn Squirrel!! @InexpensiveGamR This is why I always go through John Wayne if I go to the LA area.
@simplyjxn @Mali_Games @EkkoNexus I dunno about you, but 10/10 would not put in my mouth. excited to reveal this PS brush pack I've been working on! 81 piece Ghibli inspired brush set with traditiona…
Retweeted by Ursangus @madeleineink Sold! Really wish these had come out before I started recreating my own gauche brushes.... haha @InexpensiveGamR "FOR REAL?!"
The belt made it in time for tomorrow 🏆
Retweeted by UrsangusWhich do you guys think resembles SNES-era JRPG sprite style? The first was drawn like I normally do but with a mo… @SmashleyTwitch @eternalfiresong I kinda avoided Nevada in general because I don't drink or gamble, and Vegas shows just aren't tha…'m almost done! Hope to knock out the last 2 before 40.
Art streamers. For your own health and your viewers health, stop drawing on a completely white background if you c… @ArcaneLumi @mediabrat Sorry Lumi. I’m a Chiefs fan, but y’all put up an awesome game. I about blew my ass on those picks you made. @hiimjade Spent over half mine in Wichita, which is going nuts right now. Much love for an amazing game and 2 amazing teams.
Easily the best compliment I’ve gotten in recent memory. @hiimjade @callmeshawnp Nebraska also came up with the "911" idea for a nationwide emergency line. So.... cool? @dancedj2k Right, because that's on my list of reasons to publish.... lol @dancedj2k Ehhhh... I can get why an artist doesn't want to sell things or dive into remaking a piece, even if ther… you see an awesome #artnouveau piece in your feed, but the artist has only ever drawn in that style once.... :(
Retweeted by UrsangusThe @AskDocuSign team trying to "fix" a D365 CRM integration, in fewer words:
Got nothing against the guy; he's certainly more skilled than me in a lot of areas. I just don't like his content… opinion: I think Leo Moracchioli is over-rated. Take away his over-enthusiastic playing to the camera… how all of these Fiverr artists look almost exactly the same? This is a red flag that you're not getting a…📢ATTENTION STREAMERS📢 Did you know you could do this in OBS? #twitch #mixer
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Love the word play, but who seriously uses "Power Up" in video game themed ads these days? Feels like a phrase you… @TadaCharly @InexpensiveGamR 🤣Nein! Mein Gott, nein. Wenn ich dusche, sitzt er im Wohnzimmer und weint. Er hasst… @TadaCharly @InexpensiveGamR Haha. Meine Katze hasst wasser, das er nicht trinkt. @omgvandi *cough* Marshmallow Peeps *cough* @FozzieBear Tie ming. I mean timing! @hiimjade @DomesticDan can tell you a thing or two about chat making him play solitaire for hours on end. Jebecca demands a card game!Chrono Trigger meant a lot to me as a kid, it always feels good to get to touch on every character in a series you…
Retweeted by Ursangus @TadaCharly @InexpensiveGamR Meine Katze George macht dasselbe. Es ist nicht zu verhindern, dass er unter die Decke… @Sm0kal0ke Wait, they come in something OTHER than two-tone??! @Pingsteal If I say it but don’t believe it, can I still kiss your ass? 😀
@InexpensiveGamR The irony! Don’t didn’t you JUST talk about hand sanitizer not less than 24 hours ago?I'm coming out of my art slump swinging! Knocked out another MMM reward today for @bpimom . Many thanks to… @Stonegrasp Right?! My biggest headache was when I took apart the top IO a little too far and pulled out the pins… @Stonegrasp I have the same case! Your internals are a little beefier and flashier than mine, though. Sounds like a robust build! @AdriMakesArt Happy early 25th birthday! I too will be turning “25” soon! @lovelydorrie @GetInTheRobotTV And here I thought it was just another mini Dorrie who has her own mini bangs. Dorrieception.omae wa mou cleandeiru
Retweeted by Ursangus @The_Vendelo K. But you’re getting outraged over others being outraged. Not out to start a fight, but might wanna e…
@OverBoredGaming @InexpensiveGamR @Romcommm domesticBIGOOF @BennyFitsTV Speaking from experience, there were very few SNES titles that are at risk of that. Super Mario RPG an…
@Ezekiel_III As a SME of a LOT of Microsoft stuff? Watching chat throw technical spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks. @InexpensiveGamR @CivGame @2K
If you're in the US and have pre-ordered #FinalFantasy VII Remake from the #SquareEnix Store, then please read this…
Retweeted by Ursangus @weskeltner Somebody get this man a monocle! @Turarts Sorry, blanked out for a second there. You said something about smashing? :D @Ursangus @InexpensiveGamR Next R&R we can have Rom act as a live interpreter for your miming
Retweeted by Ursangus @Romcommm @wobster @InexpensiveGamR I was kinda joking at first, but now I actually wanna see Rom try to translate… @InexpensiveGamR Paint face. Mime stream. Problem. Solved.
Today I used "dichotomous" in casual conversation. Have I peaked? @InexpensiveGamR