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Naomi @ursogorgeous13 LOVER TOUR BERLIN

Naomi is my middle name & I'm feeling 22 / Dutch Graphic Design student who loves to draw. I love Taylor Swift and every other form of art / infp / cats

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@Caroline_mZ What. A. Life. @cecelivesin1989 My favorites!!Why do people always look at young people when a phone rings in a meeting. Lord knows millennials haven’t had their ringers on since 2010.
Retweeted by NaomiI love being in Sofia so muchWhat a night
@minivrslover I'm so happy for youuuunot dating at all in high and middle school are super underrated and more people should try it because whew what a…
Retweeted by NaomiThat whole penguin "long neck" thing just got me thinkin', you know?
Retweeted by NaomiI am so grateful for Taylor speaking out about her body image issues. I can't imagine how bad it'd be if you're pho… someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for ~16 years, and as someone who, during the worst parts of m…
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@lentedevries Ik met mijn super waterproof eyeliner. She looks good. Doesn't move maar maaaan, aan het eind van de… @taylornation13 do you like the earrings i made inspired by taylor’s dress👀
Retweeted by Naomi @dreamerswift That Hannah Montana cd was my childhood @AdlerDor @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 DOR IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU @minivrslover you needed to stop using that emoji. I'm calling you out. And you need to accept it when people call… @lentedevries Sommige mensen zien er echt uit alsof ze in de speciaalbier wereld zitten.Tomorrow i'm in Sofia, I've been looking forward to this for 3 months. @heartbr8prince @silentdreamers_ She really did THAT, ooh wow. i didn't put those pieces together fully yet @heartbr8prince @silentdreamers_ Wait, i don't get this tweet what @imlaurenbate I feel like low rise makes my torso look pretty long so i prefer normal/mid or high. But i get what y… @imlaurenbate I've never heard anyone say that before.
Je wildest dreams komen uit in Miss Americana. De documentairefilm over Taylor Swift is vanaf 31 januari te zien.
Retweeted by Naomiit's funny how i was thinking about my life 3 months ago and suddenly i get an email from me from 3 years ago. I'd be proud of me.oh i am absolutely NOT emotionally prepared for miss americana am i
Retweeted by Naomialso i’m here for taylor x brendon content thank you
Retweeted by Naomiand really really scared about the futurei just got a dear future me email, this is crazy??? I was such a smoll hopeful beanMy vet has the news on precisely how little salami cats can have as a treat
Retweeted by NaomiI'm trying my best to be there for my friends but i also have other responsibilities and people live far away @spiraladams Aah thank you for saying that! :) @minivrslover isn't dating just complex in general? smh✨ OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS ✨ I'm a 22 year old graphic design student based in the Netherlands with a love for illustra…
Retweeted by Naomi @Smartinis Thank you!!! I remember how scared and anxious i was a few months ago but now i'm literally like ??? i l… would've never thought i'd be thriving like this right now.Register to vote today if you are eligible please and vote for a party that isn’t shit
Retweeted by Naomi @minivrslover @lisanandy I laughed out loud reading this at lunch and had to explain it to my boss haha But Lisa,…'m literally thriving. Who would've thought that 3 months ago @spiraladams She's really nice features to draw, I loooove drawing her face!! 🥰Got a really good grade for my internship paper and my boss is really positive and so is my teacher. I'm proud @minivrslover @lisanandy Lmao I love you Min hahaha @Duck_page @sunraytay you. @sunraytay (kan je mijn naam weghalen ahahha), alles komt helemaal goed! Ik heb vertrouwen in je en zal even een sc… @minivrslover Same here for the last 5 years, seeing your username makes me smile! And you missed me for the less t… to be a little deer laying in a bed of flowers...
Retweeted by Naomi @sunraytay Jij kunt het! Leg niet te veel druk op jezelf, komt allemaal goed<3my boss from my internship literally wrote "if you ever start freelancing next to your studies or as job, write me… @minivrslover welcome backkk @NetflixNL @XsamanthafmX_ you need to go to the store because it's gonna be made into a series. Nothing ever happen… 2020: I love you but I can't cuddle right now. I'm sorry. Gotta go. @XsamanthafmX_ 2nd oneNvm he texted back
Retweeted by Naomi🐈who r u? i'm jellicle star the magical cat🐈
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“She chooses me, I choose her. Whatever we have to tackle together or individually, we’ll always be together as a t…
Retweeted by Naomi @pasteluthors He's in a future that doesn't exist anymorei was gonna do a horse drawing tutorial on how a common mistake is to draw their eyes on the front of the head like…
Retweeted by Naomi.@TaylorSwift13’s new song “Only The Young” will be released with her Netflix documentary, #MissAmericana. The tr…
Retweeted by Naomiokay but i don't wanna lead anyone on, I'm not sure if i'm ready for dating but i don't know how to stop this all b… you insist
Retweeted by Naomii have no clue how to draw snow but she looked stunning so here's a sketch you think your dog is barking at nothing he's actually barking at climate change
Retweeted by Naomi @RedNeedsAGrammy it is real!! @inmyworstlies i never assumed she actually was a christian, so this is all new. But her living in the religious s… @inmyworstlies what was your theory? @GodsPrincess13_ nooo, i get what you mean but i wonder why she just didn't say it in that post about Blackburn the… @GodsPrincess13_ but in her post she said just Tennessee values? i don't understand it anymore? @GodsPrincess13_ WHAT WHERE📸 | Taylor Swift photographed for Variety’s Sundance 2020 Issue!
Retweeted by Naomi @Smartinis THANK YOU!! who would've thought this a few years ago 😭i forgot i made this little doodle on the train to Berlin. @spiraladams That's very kind of you to say! And I know, I'm very hopeful. The fact that i have 2 places that soon… @spiraladams Thanks Andrew! I'm really really excited about it!oh my fucking god you actually have to get home and make dinner with ingredients you buy for dinner and you have to…
Retweeted by Naomihello, this means i'm gonna be a published illustrator before i even graduatei finally got the feedback from the publisher and she really likes them :D :D only need to change the sizing of the… @debroervanroos de maat van een dwerghamster. Ik ga wel naar buiten met een helm op als het weer fruitvliegjes en muggentijd is.Excellent work from Paul Rudd
Retweeted by NaomiThis sign bullied me
Retweeted by Naomithey’re in a group chat 📱🐛 📱🦐 📱🦕…
Retweeted by Naomi @tallerthanswift i really hope you'll be able to hear that album live somehow! @repsgrammy it's definitely lilac works of art of all time; a thread.
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I survived a 30 second voicememo from my ex without suddenly having too many or negative feeling. Process. @Smartinis also!!! i just realized your profile name is because it's YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday lovely friend!… @Smartinis Thank you! You're wine🍇💜 @taylorscolors aaah congrats!!!I wanna do this too started to cry he’s just so small and the pillow is@so large... and he’s so inspired ...
Retweeted by Naomi @beautymone Thank you! I really did. I grew in confidence and feel like I'm overall a more fun person to be around.… you want to come over and kiss my forehead and hold me until I fall asleep and maybe fall in love with me…
Retweeted by Naomi @beautymone It feels like both yesterday and an eternity ago. It's been like 2,5 years and I feel like I'm such a different person now. @beautymone Lol yes, it sounds fun. I definitely wanna go to a castle sometime!! @beautymone But you remember me saying last time "it's not a date, it's not a date we're just friends watching cars… ARCHER IS A FREAKING MASTERPIECE AND you all just h@te on it bc you don’t think it’s emotional enough to be tra…
Retweeted by Naomi @beautymone But he wanted to take me to a castle?? @beautymone You're laughing at my suffering but I'm a 100% happy single right now. And not completely over my ex hahaha.Okay I definitely think I got asked out this is new
Retweeted by NaomiAlso in the spirit of Cruel Summer being god tier, I got an extra black lyric shirt in size medium to giveaway, so…
Retweeted by Naomi @RosieChomet I--- I have never actually seen one?