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US carries out first federal execution in 17 years after Supreme Court clears the way the Supreme Court of the United States stepped in, Daniel Lewis Lee was executed Tuesday morning by lethal in…“Three people were injured, and the baby was killed. This. Must. STOP!” a presidential election 16 weeks away, $400 million in elections help is trickling down, but billions more are…’s mayor and the Texas Republican Party are at odds over the cancellation of the state’s annual convention. divided Supreme Court early Tuesday cleared the way for resumption of federal executions for the first time in 17… morning’s COVID-19 updates: Oregon to limit group gatherings; Hawaii extends quarantine; New York to send test…
Retweeted by USA TODAYThese penguins got a VIP tour of the empty Field Museum of Natural History ahead of its reopening. 🐧"Mayor Bottoms, we've been watching you and what you've been going through," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. "Anything we c… you were sleeping: Hawaii is holding off on welcoming back tourists until at least Sept. 1.
Retweeted by USA TODAYAfter her baby was born 11 weeks early and the entire family contracted COVID-19, no one could visit little Nora in… to take on new tasks during coronavirus? Most job descriptions include the phrase "other duties as assign…
Retweeted by USA TODAYDemocrats crave a knock-out punch – a victory that delivers a clear statement against the Trump era. are scared to go out and retailers are floundering. Is there a future for the traditional indoor shopping…
Retweeted by USA TODAYNFL unveils a proposed Oakley face shield in response to the coronavirus pandemic
Retweeted by USA TODAYJeff Sessions has had to find a new balance as he attempts to recapture his old Alabama Senate seat Tuesday. Saban, who enjoyed a vagabond half-century existence as a football coach, passed away in 2009. Imahara, the engineer host of Discovery Channel's science show "MythBusters" and of Netflix's "White Rabbit P… has said it plans to challenge Jeep with the new Bronco. 'Matty' Moroun, controversial bridge owner and trucking magnate, dies at 93
Retweeted by USA TODAYPolice in New York City are investigating after a masked person dumped red paint on a Black Lives Matter street mur…"It's been an incredible 15 year run and the most unexpected gift of my career," Bergeron wrote. "I'm grateful for… is delaying its plan to allow out-of-state visitors to the return to the vacation hot spot by a month due to… Walker, 19, and Keandre Rodgers, 18, have been charged with murder during the commission of a robbery and a b… judge in Washington has ordered a delay of the first federal execution in 17 years, along with two other executio… #COVID-19 hot spots, try to reopen schools based on local data and safety resources #Ourview: Ignore Donald…
Retweeted by USA TODAYCEO Doug McMillon said masks are currently required in about 3,700 of its more than 5,000 U.S. locations "where eit… has become increasingly confrontational in his remarks about Fauci as the infectious disease expert. has pointed to other countries that have reopened their schools without a spike in cases — but those countrie…“My comments towards the families involved were racist, hurtful and deeply inappropriate,” Solid8 CEO Michael Lofth…'re on the frontline of the COVID-19 fight, and they feel they should get paid for it. Marie Presley said in 2012 that backstage at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, people were struck over Benjamin's re… few lucky penguins took a field trip to Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History before its reopening. 🐧“After the initial quarantine period, I briefly and accidentally crossed the NBA campus line to pick up a food deli… positive rate of less than 1% is a promising start for the NBA. shift in US policy is likely to further inflame U.S.-China tensions and could provoke retaliatory measures from…"Rest sweet, Naya. What a force you were. Love and peace to your family," Jane Lynch, who played Sue Sylvester on "… Rivera’s body has been recovered from Lake Piru following a six-day search after the "Glee" actress disappeare… baseball player has announced he will not take part in the 2020 season.
Best field trip ever? Yes! described his family's efforts to get tested for the coronavirus, noting that they had to wait up to a wee…“This situation reminds us of how important it is to take precautions such as avoiding large gatherings whenever po…'s going to be OK, Jack. 😭 reporter @MarkG_Medina is in the bubble at Disney's Wide World of Sports and wants to tell you all about it. He…
Retweeted by USA TODAYThe governor signed the bill around 11 a.m. By 11:45 a.m., the court ruled against it. this roundup of news? Sign up to get The Short List in your inbox every evening:'s top news: Two of the largest U.S. school districts will start online this fall, a 'shocking' way to enforc… Senator Ted Cruz to the list of airline passengers shamed for not wearing a mask on a flight. counties are required to close indoor operations of restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, famil… of the incident, provided by a passenger, in which you can hear him say he will kill everyone on the plane an… on Monday said the package "amounts to little more than an unsecured bond" because the property in Grea… Rivera's body has been recovered from the lake where the 'Glee' actress believed to have drowned, authorities… Kong Disneyland will shut down again on Wednesday less than a month after it reopened because of an uptick in…⚡️ "Before the fence, people were not following social-distancing and were doing as they pleased, but now people ta… universities are planning to offer classes entirely online because of concerns about the pandemic, which would… is one of the few comets visible to the unaided eye this century, an inner-solar system "intruder" that mig… Star Inn in Cornwall put up an electric fence used to restrict livestock near its bar counter to help keep patr… @ThatGirlCarly: "Do tourists learn at all about how members of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho… Ayanna Pressley tore into the secretary of education backed President Trump's demand that schools reopen durin… Kong Disneyland will shut down again on Wednesday due to an uptick in coronavirus cases, less than a month aft… of the largest school districts in the US, L.A. and San Diego, will start online only this fall, despite White… Ayanna Pressley tore into Betsy DeVos after the secretary of education backed President Donald Trump's demand… body has been found at the Southern California lake where "Glee" actress Naya Rivera disappeared Wednesday from a… far, just 57% of unemployment applications have been paid, according to The Century Foundation.
Retweeted by USA TODAYThat one-year-old puppy is actually 31. A new study says multiplying by 7 isn’t accurate — here’s the equation yo… states and the District of Columbia sued President Donald Trump's administration Monday to block a new ru… are making history in the military. The U.S. Navy now has its first Black female tactical fighter pilot. York will require air travelers from states with high rates of COVID-19 to provide their local contact informat…"I wouldn't trust you to care for a house plant let alone my child," Pressley said in reply to DeVos' remarks on re…
Retweeted by USA TODAYWomen's fashion retailer New York & Company could close all of its stores or a significant portion of them in bankr… ultimate, best man prank 😂
Retweeted by USA TODAYHere is why the money for bail system is criticized and what some states are doing to reform it., record-breaking heat will continue to bake a large portion of the southern tier of the U.S. early this wee… little girl has reached her breaking point over how coronavirus has affected her life. Duke is the latest former top White House security official to denounce Trump's handling of the job. are paying tribute to actress Kelly Preston, who died at 57 after a battle with breast cancer. Jill Woodworth says lower-cost equipment might finally be on the drawing board. Chronicles: Survivors suffer for weeks after virus clears. coach suspended by USA Gymnastics was arrested Friday in Las Vegas on 14 counts of lewdness with a child under 14…, backed by helicopters, are still battling the blaze raging aboard the Navy's USS Bonhomme Richard, ne… decision comes hours before Daniel Lewis Lee was set to die by lethal injection at the federal prison complex i… Prime Day, annually held in July since 2015, also has been postponed but a new date has not been officially… is how to properly clean some of the dirtiest items in your kitchen.
Retweeted by USA TODAYAs the country reckons with various racial injustices throughout its history, baseball — which prides itself on bei…, who is running for mayor of Corpus Christi in November, is known for putting a MAGA hat on the city's Selena…"Our hearts are truly broken and we are struggling to cope with what has happened," Nicole Thea's family wrote in a…“I don’t see a situation where offices completely die,” says Paul Leonard, managing consultant at CoStar, a commerc…'s NFL team will drop its name and logo after 87 years decision to retire "Redskins" comes amid a formal review of the name, which the team announced amid mounting pr… Ivy League has decided to cancel its football schedule this fall, while still leaving open the possibility of m… Turner, 8, was shot and killed July 4th while riding in a car with her mother and another adult. Ronald J. Sider: Biden should talk to evangelical voters about abortion and gay rights. Here's why and how.…
Retweeted by USA TODAYBy @UTAustin professor @KevinCokley1: We need leaders to affirm that #BlackLivesMatter, not exploit the phrase to d…
Retweeted by USA TODAYActress Kelly Preston has lost her battle with breast cancer, her husband John Travolta said. She was 57.… team announced late Sunday night that guard Rajon Rondo suffered a fracture in his right thumb during the team'… breaks the record for new daily coronavirus cases by any state
Retweeted by USA TODAYGolf, fishing and shotgunning beers: How NBA players settled in to the bubble campus at Disney World this weekend.
Retweeted by USA TODAYCoca Cola is launching the contactless Freestyle dispenser, which allows customers to choose and pour drinks from t…
Retweeted by USA TODAY“As our nation tears down symbols of injustice, we must also tear down words we use in New Jersey that were born fr…'s never been a show quite like Queen at Live Aid.