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Amid the coronavirus outbreak, grassroots groups, faith leaders and national voting rights organizations have shift… Larry David addresses the "idiots out there - and you know who you are" who aren't keeping their distance… you tried curb-side pickup? Why or why not?
Retweeted by USA TODAYExplainer: The $2,000,000,000,000 in government aid for coronavirus relief and how much your stimulus check could b… that your blood type makes you more susceptible to coronavirus? Here's what the experts have to say. four Brooklyn Nets players who tested positive for COVID-19, including star Kevin Durant, are now symptom-free. animals around the world have been spotted checking out urban spaces as humans lock down to prevent the spread…
Retweeted by USA TODAYEven if you can't take that trip you had been planning for, there are still many fulfilling ways to take your 2020… what cats and dogs are up to in closed animal shelters. Learn how you can help them and your pets at home! 🐈🐕
Retweeted by USA TODAY#BREAKING: Wimbledon has been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. of registered voters in a Politico/Morning Consult poll said Trump was not prepared to handle the outbreak. bonus episode of Accused is coming soon. A draft is posted already for Patreon subscribers. Stay tuned!
Retweeted by USA TODAYWhile most everyone in America is sheltering in place in fear of coronavirus, some celebrities behind bars, such Bi… draconian steps are needed in the U.S., officials say, although they also cast doubt on whether Americans coul…"Masks by themselves are not the one simple answer to this problem. This is going to be a multi pronged approach to… daily coronavirus updates in your inbox by signing up for our Coronavirus Watch newsletter here.… care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. #WellnessWednesday what happens if you can't pay your rent because of coronavirus? Here are some answers. rent due this week for many Americans for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak erupted across the U.S…'s April Fools' Day, but some companies are reconsidering their gags. is how China beat COVID-19. Could America handle it? if the entire nation makes an all-out effort to restrict contact, coronavirus deaths will peak in the next two… morning, it's Wednesday! ☀️ We've rounded up the latest coronavirus news as well as some wellness tips in this… second version of Super Tuesday is shaping up in June, as states across the country adjust their voting plans in… EMTs and paramedics travelled to New York City from around the country to join the FDNY on the front lines of t… 6,000 Carnival Corp. passengers are still aboard the company's cruise ships as the coronavirus pandem… after federal officials asked hospitals to stop doing elective surgeries to save equipment - and the lives of… three of USA TODAY's Working Out From Home (#WOFH) series focuses on maintaining your strength at home if you'… of all Americans lack high-speed internet. So schools are quarantining worksheets or letting kids do homework… federal government ordered a 120-day moratorium on evictions from federally subsidized housing or properties wi…
Retweeted by USA TODAYThe current U.S. death toll appears to be a tiny fraction of what the nation faces over the next few weeks, public… speeding doctor said she was scolded by the officer, who said that she “would not only take up resources” if sh… a coloring book, the virus might be a spiky orb with an impish grin and devilish eyebrows, mooching a ride like…"My parents were amazing people," longtime NFL agent Buddy Baker said Tuesday. "They were married 51-plus years and… research by Lydia Bourouiba, an associate professor at MIT, could have implications for the fight against the C… can help save a local business by buying a gift card and using it now, or later. #SupportLocal will read stories, pulled from her international book donation program Imagination Library, each Thursday ni… will air classic NBA Finals games this month:
Retweeted by USA TODAYRestaurateurs and retailers in North Carolina are joining forces to offer direct-to-car food pickups and employ wor…"The gaps that pre-existed, they still exist. And they're getting bigger as this emergency unfolds because we’re ha… a grim briefing, Trump's coronavirus advisers said the U.S. death toll from the disease could reach 100,000 to 2…
Retweeted by USA TODAYTrump administration officials laid out somber projections to underscore the impact of the nation's effort to avoid… has withdrawn its hostile takeover bid of HP, citing economic disruption amid the coronavirus pandemic, which… today's #frontpage: -- Crisis, then complacency define past outbreaks: Resources spike during the panic and rec… of health clinics serving the nation’s poorest residents face closure and cutbacks amid the sweeping coro… is 'Zoom bombing' and how can you prevent it?
Retweeted by USA TODAYIt's official: ESPN is releasing the Michael Jordan 'The Last Dance' documentary early, on April 19…
Retweeted by USA TODAYNationally, the University of Washington model predicts a peak daily death toll of 2,214 in mid-April, with a total… rural Florida has not struggled with coronavirus, if cases escalate, these areas could be hard-pressed to han… least 11 states will vote on June 2 now due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Retweeted by USA TODAYLarry David's PSA asking people to stay home is pretty, pretty, pretty good
Retweeted by USA TODAY"I think a lot of that will be determined by our country's response to this and how serious every single person tak… officials/health experts urging Americans to think deeply (and quickly!) about what they'd be prepared to e…
Retweeted by USA TODAYWhoops! It's like the infamous Starbucks cup left in a "Game of Thrones" episode. Clara County issued a recommendation on March 5 that mass gatherings should be postponed or canceled to contr… says it will offer 10 million free rides and deliveries to health care workers, seniors and people in need as… month, same bills. How to survive financially: pickup used to be a popular perk. Now it’s a public health necessity.'t let scammers take advantage of your isolation. the spinoff, Stabler (Meloni) heads an organized crime unit in the New York Police Department, which could lead… look at Wednesday's paper: -- The coronavirus would leave many in rural areas far from care -- Cities are calling…érez, widely known around the world as Selena, was shot to death on March 31, 1995 by her former fan c… ultimate block. These are the drastic measures to keep people from playing basketball in public parks. opened up Tuesday's show about the coronavirus symptoms he's experiencing, including shortness of breath, but… is a widespread threat everywhere, especially in prisons and jails, where locked-up celebrities are fai… reporter for Suncoast News Network in Tampa, Florida showed the struggle of working from home during the coronavi…"Well, I don't like to think it did – I think I handled it very well," Trump said at news conference with the White…"It felt like the whole house was shaking," said Jim Tracy, 81, who was in McCall, Idaho during the earthquake. "It… e-learning site has a huge database of celebrity-taught classes: think Natalie Portman Teaches Acting and Steph… coronavirus wasn't stopping this Texas family from feeling the Disney magic from their own home. Commissioner Rob Manfred told minor-league players that they will pay them $400 per week through May 31. to *be* safe on your social distancing-friendly hike 😅
How to safe on your social distancing-friendly hike 🥾🌄🍃: the nurses, doctors, and medical professionals fighting for our lives on the front lines of COVID-19: Thank you.…
Retweeted by USA TODAYWith millions of rent payments due on April 1, some states have issued eviction moratoriums. Meanwhile, landlords a… New York, a group of teens punched and robbed a woman for wearing a respirator mask in a store. have been circulating to resume play in leagues around the world in isolated areas. But it overlooks the risk… owners have voted to expand the playoff field from 12 teams to 14. White House coronavirus advisers predict as many as 240,000 US deaths from COVID-19 her COVID-19 health concerns, Elizabeth Henriquez was sentenced via video to 7 months in prison for college… millions continue to social distance and shelter in place to contain the spread of coronavirus, there's been a s… House coronavirus task force provides update.🐐🐐🐐 are uncertain times, but in @usatodaylife's new #QuarantineDiaries series, celebrities provide comfort with h…
Retweeted by USA TODAYDow caps its worst-ever first quarter with a 400-point drop on Tuesday, hammered by the coronavirus pandemic remember, it’s OK to ask a lot of questions.’s also a great time to play outside, because germs don’t spread well outside. So go for a hike or plant some see… know that this won’t be for forever. your hands often is super important. could get it by touching a doorknob or a phone that a sick person touched. coronavirus is more likely to cause problems in bodies that are older and already have health problems. trouble explaining coronavirus to your kids, and why they need to stay in? This may help.…"We've seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic," Barack Obama tweeted Tue…🏋️‍♂️ 🏃🏿‍♀️ 🧘🏽‍♂️ warned pranksters against crossing the line between humor and harm. are potential side effects with both acetaminophen and ibuprofen. You can call a doctor to discuss treatment…"The marked squares are designed to help meet social distancing requirements," said a spokesman with the city of L… Donald Trump said Tuesday the next phase to revive the economy should include up to $2 trillion more for… sure to keep these 4 things in your pantry if you are quarantined.
Retweeted by USA TODAYFans of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez express their love for the late singer through art and creating handmade clothes f…