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JL Johnson @user47 Lee's Summit, MO, USA

Dad. @JillianMarisa’s husband 😍 C-list #AvGeek. Leader at a Conglom-O Corp & @AirlineReporter. #PlugIn driver. #PlantBased. #CorpLife. MY VIEWS, yadda yadda…

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@WandrMe Looks nice! @goeasternair Looks better in the sky 😍’m not allowed to go back into my on-site office until the start of next year. But honestly, that’s just a date they threw out. #CorpLife
Launch of OWG, a new airline ! A unique travel experience to tropical destinations. Against all odds, a new airline…
Retweeted by JL Johnson @WandrMe @AirlineFlyer TMYK. Thanks ‘gents @AirlineFlyer IG doesn’t allow the previews? That seems counterintuitiveWell, this pretty much sums it up. Adding a screenshot because Twitter selfishly doesn’t do IG previews. If you are… @RexArcherMD Well said! @KCIAirport @KCMO @KCMOHealthDept @QuintonLucasKC Good! @leezbtv Yup. From what I gather it’s the less polished folks. I asked some of our IT guys about it years ago and t… know things are bad for Boeing when an airline goes out of its way to state that its 30+ year old 737-400s are…
Retweeted by JL JohnsonHere is a handy printable guide on how to properly store some of your fruits and veggies.
Retweeted by JL Johnson“Do the needful.” #CorpLife @bp_America C. Replying to big oil’s ads to waste a tiny slice of their ad budget because replies count as “engagement.” @exxonmobil @OGCInews Too little too late. Don’t be the evil company that you are, donating 200k to a food bank and $1MM to advertising it.Don’t come at me with “We’re the party of Lincoln” and then stand there with a Confederate Flag defending the names…
Retweeted by JL JohnsonPresident Obama has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in the US who contract Ebola!
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#LifeGoals: Be more like Boeing “Mad Dog” HTF 7000. #BoeingDog cc @JillianMarisa @airlineguys Fully expected lightning. Relieved that wasn’t the case @jonfullon Well… I’ve read that scent is the sense most closely linked with memories. So I guess maybe? Sounds like… @curbcrusher @sharcor Wow, Sharon. Lots to unpack there. But I fear even if I invested the time to engage you it would be fruitl… thought to myself, “They really can’t be THAT dumb. Maybe this is the Christ of the Ozarks?” So I googled it. Nop… @lachlan @DubCook Never mind. But seriously, I was right about cheap knockoff 😂 @lachlan @DubCook In fairness. There’s a crappy knockoff in Southern Missouri, and this looks like it. @sharcor When cases stop growing exponentially, I’d imagine. Or when there’s a proven and tested vaccine. Or, ideally: Both. @FATravelWriter Ugh. That’s me in 2020 ☹️ you aren’t alone! @Allegiant Good deal!I wonder if it’s illegal or inappropriate for us to stroll through a field at an @MDC_online park “shopping” for wi… @Sam_Hartle Indeed. @Sam_Hartle Should be interesting to see the numbers in a few weeks though. Unless we think folks were responsible…'d caution against making any pronouncements about COVID-19 trends based on data after an extended holiday weekend.
Retweeted by JL Johnson @MikeGrahamLS @realDonaldTrump That last few seconds I was 100% sure she was going to say “all flags matter.” That would have been a HOOTI just learned that peeling an orange and eating it in the shower is a thing. Ask me anything.
Retweeted by JL Johnson @jonfullon Oh myy. 😂 @AimeesBlog Good problems to have, me thinks @vmstan @RedCross “Yet to” is appropriate. And sad. @rustysunshine Wow wow WOWWWWW. Wow. @Sam_Hartle You, Sam, are way ahead of us. Here’s our single cucumber, still on the vine😂
@RexChapman The US really is the Florida of the world.
Retweeted by JL Johnson @solitarybrother Oh, great! Glad you enjoyed it @solitarybrother YES! @jonk 🤩 @JillianMarisa @HRCLauren @leezbtv Can’t see original tweet 🤷🏻‍♂️It’s the future. A totally regular dude (by current standards) wants to be an astronaut. Also: Eugenics (while neve… @Steve__Bowens @FlyingPhotog @kanyewest We all knew this to be a fact with Trump. And it blew up in our faces. Let’…, we don’t have news to share…Most of the baby name candidates we have on our list come from cooking shows. 😂
I’m ready for #MacJohnsonFarm phase II. Still in the ‘burbs… But we’ll have chickens + way more room for veggies. J…, I love my wife 🥰. Maps said turn onto county road H (new to us road) and @JillianMarisa says, “Put it in H!”
Not terrifying at all. Nope. 😱 @jonfullon Woah! 💰 @MiddleSeatView Ughhhhhhh! @reneerico Also accurate 😂 @JillianMarisa Well, I mean there’s ~30% less of me to love. So that’s fun! 🤩 @ARdpb No. I fear it’s only you. But yay dental hygiene?For a fun trek down pre-COVID #AvGeek memory lane, search your phone’s photos app for “airplane.” Here’s one that g…, one more: Don’t tell Jacob! 😂 @GoldShawFarm I know things are no fun with Lil’s condition. So maybe this will make you laugh? Excetpt from… @HeatherDiaz01 @cityofLS Lack of concern for fellow citizens and a leadership vacuum. What a shame. @cityofLS Not surprised. Folks are walking around our city as if guidance doesn’t apply to them. Downtown is a disa… @padresj Just like everything Trump endorses. Cheap, flimsy, and only meant to last long enough for a quick thrill. @Akhil_Anumolu Hello FIBER 😍
Our dog eats raw squash. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @RealSteveJoe @ewarren Oh, I hadn’t considered that. Thanks for the insight! @jonostrower Hi, I’m Flips McWhiteFudge with ZFU2, can we use this content for our for-profit network and all of it… @JR_justJR Oh, fun! I’ve been thinking about getting one of those kits, but have seen mixed reviews. Do the lubers… plastic headlights have been a problem ever since we stopped changing actual bulbs. Here’s a thought: Maybe w… @ewarren Accurate. Dang I wish you were the presumptive nominee. I’ll settle for you as VP, though 😃The pandemic isn’t over yet.
Retweeted by JL Johnson @turnbullben I hate to feed into the exceptionalism thing, but I only occasionallly studied in HS and ended with a… @solitarybrother U.S. is like those kids in school who refused to study, refused to do homework, and were upset they earned poor… @CBP MQ-9B Guardian UAV, CPB216, doing orbits now near Omaha (repeating what they did yesterday). Have been keepi…
Retweeted by JL Johnson @vmstan I wish I had a tiny slice of your expertise @WandrMe Oh man, I remember those days. I wish! Jillian sure deserves it. But the other two are… problematic and pr… @martysg Forever grateful to the accent gods that my wife somehow made it out of the NE accent neutral. But good on… signed my name more times today (~15 mins) than I have combined, over multiple years. So much paperwork. With an actual pen. In person! @balajis hi. I have never heard of you and know nothing about you other than you are a jerk. And that’s problematic… @AirlineFlyer @JillianMarisa I’ve been trained to assume coffee has massive value. Knowing darn well it doesn’t. *$ has succeeded 😕Guys. @panerabread has a new sort of coffee subscription plan. $9/month! But you don’t start paying until September… this this this this.
Retweeted by JL JohnsonThe A350-1000 visited @BostonLogan for the first time today @British_Airways held the honor of being the first air…
Retweeted by JL Johnson @davidvlynn I dig your view @richlauwers 🤩 @lostpiloter It did! And it’s basically Friday. So yay! @rustysunshine @photoJDL Woah! 😍 @MarcNYC36 @Aggboy55 @solitarybrother @airport_girl @mikeswaney @JR_justJR This GIF 🤩 @traineyjr @WandrMe @solitarybrother @airport_girl @mikeswaney @Aggboy55 @JR_justJR @Aggboy55 Still haven’t flown on one! @Libertarian247 Too rich for my blood. My money is in 401K, IRA, and real estate @LeviAnstine
I don’t drive very much. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @WandrMe My org, I suspect you know who, is a YUGE one with travel and we aren’t allowed to go anywhere. Period. Ma…’d like some good news, please. @TheForwardCabin @SouthwestAir I’d love it, but change fees are lucrative. Free money for nothing. Once COVID passe… @NYCAviation Super bummer, but understandable. FWIW, if only we all had the pandemic seriously (like the rest of th…, due to the worsening #COVID19 situation nationwide and especially in California, we have made the di…
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