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JL Johnson @user47 Lee's Summit, MO, USA

Dad. @JillianMarisa’s husband. Sr. Writer @AirlineReporter. C-list #AvGeek. #PlugIn driver. #PlantBased/Veganish. “Medium shot” @ #CorpLife. SWA fan. MY VIEWS!

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I just logged into my @VentraChicago account for the first time in years. Awesome to find that an earlier version o… @PacificAirPhoto Reminds me of VX’s BLAH Airlines. Dang I miss VX ☹️ @SpiceeRustieBoi @pah_treek It’s gone now, so there’s that @Scottykagarice @avinsurer My understanding from the piece is that wouldn’t be a good market. But I’m not @FlyDataGuy nor do I have… How am I the first #AvGeek on Twitter to coin #EconomyMEH? Since I’m here I guess I’ll define it: Regular eco… read. Everyone seems preoccupied w/ @United being “sneaky” and corporate. Really? Ya’ll are surprised at… night we learned that JLJ2 has a good shot at making it to the Karate Nationals. We were excited at the opport… @JR_justJR @apoure25 @505Nomad @NewMexico Hour or so outside of Santa Fe, and it’ll be a new moon 🤩 @FlyTPA It’s MCI, not KCI. 😉 cc @KCIAirport @ARdpb @Icelandair We used this while in KEF but it was too late in the year @keIseeeeey @apoure25 Pretty darn awesome to snag stars in such a light polluted area. Looking forward to trying same later thi… @petchmo I’d be happy with either @bigmalx @Delta I hate when that happens. Darn architects and engineers not considering our plane viewing needs 😂It has taken me thirty-something years to get it together, but I did it. Well, WE did it. We took the photo, ordere… @Akhil_Anumolu Time for an experiment @OWayfinder @Airdrew5 @OWayfinder @Airdrew5 This is a fave
@ShowMe Your so called solutions would make it worse for those the most vulnerable. Anyone who isn’t a rich old man… livery looks great in this light. I shot this during #SpotLAX2019. It’s a little soft, but that’s what… Auto Show: Volkswagen says EV tipping point is in sight by @bradberman
Retweeted by JL JohnsonPsychiatrists are the only medical specialists that don’t look at the organ they intend to treat. Powerful argument… @OWayfinder @Airdrew5 Hey, it gave us a great airline for Liar Liar w/ Jim Carrey.😂 @traineyjr Followed all of the AvGeek world. Check out the profile pic 😂 @apoure25 @solitarybrother 😂 LUV ya dude. @PwCAdvisory @Dreamforce @salesforce Need an option for crappy leadership @solitarybrother @apoure25 Joining a congregation, right Andrew? 😉 @airport_girl You just won twitter. @flylabrock Ugh. Need an editor 😂It seems that all of #AvGeek Twitter has been followed by an account w/ a profile photo of a lady whose nip has sli… @apoure25 Yup @flylabrock Make it great Linda. Here’s to 44 being way better
@AC8travel Just roll call. Nothing fancy, no embellishments 😐 @GrammarGirl @EconomyBeyondThe folks at @UpgradedPoints suggest a fair benchmark UA mile value is ~1.5¢. That means I’ve earned $148 in… the spending season approaches, here’s a reminder that if you aren’t using @United’s #MileagePlusX app, you shou… need spring-loaded scissors in your life. Truly transformational. $9 at Harbor Freight. I’d pay twice that. (Bu… @ABananaRambling Already have ROI and Synergy down. Cruising for a Corp shill bingo @ABananaRambling Ridiculous even for my organization @TheGirling @fly2ohare @AeroSavvy @miami_rick Our system isn’t well suited for anomalous ops. But hey, Airlines4Ame… @airport_girl Been nearly a year. I’d say not soon enough 😉 @thegabeandino WFH. Not worth even bothering to get dressed in adult clothes and drive for this ridiculousness @StringAndRudder @NYCAviation @tomkorocz @AmericanAir @AeroSavvy Our neighbor to the left shared our disdain for the folks to the extreme left. His SSID is the full vers…! This is part of the solution. #PlugIn’ve wasted 18 minutes taking attendance on this #ConferenceCall. But it’s TOTALLY OK and we have plenty of time s… “basic economy” on United and not only did they force me to pay to check my carry-on, they have lined every…
Retweeted by JL Johnson @AK_GunNut @ChrisAplin @airport_girl @CARandDRIVER @Ford I tend to disagree. The vast majority of folks don’t need… @Mutiny32 @CarolinaFroggg @MorganStanley I was blocked so I’m only seeing the half of the conversation that I agree with 😂😂😂😂Mood when @SnoopDogg comes by Beyond Meat HQ for a visit.
Retweeted by JL Johnson
@JillianMarisa Maybe when it’s available as an electric? 😂 @fly2midway Thanks for the LUV, MDW. See ya in a few weeks @Tee_davie @airport_girl @CARandDRIVER @Ford I think anything Ford does to actually get involved in the electrics m… @ChrisAplin @airport_girl @CARandDRIVER @Ford While I disagree, I hope you’re right. Ford’s electrics are abysmal.… @ELBTravels @SouthwestAir Companion pass?! O u fancy! @airport_girl @CARandDRIVER @Ford I think it’s cool! But it shouldn’t be called Mustang. Ford is so out of touch. N… @DerekEmshoff Check out the hashtag. It’s years of me commenting on TV/movies getting AvGeek all wrong 😂😂😂 @bnickeson 🤯Did anyone catch this crazy plane on SNL last night? The pilots called it JetBlue. Fun Easternish plus Boeing 787 h… local @sproutsfm is blaring Christmas music. 🙄 The appropriate window for this is the day after Thanksgiving th… @NZAircraftFan @JillianMarisa Must be because your government cares enough to protect you
@Scottykagarice TO PET HER, DUH @AirlineFlyer In another area that they call "inferred interests from partners," they have me flagged as a senior b… exercise. Go to this link and see what Twitter thinks you're into. I had 515 items including gobs of names of p…'ll end 2019 having put a whopping 5K new miles on my car. A big slice them were driving back and forth to… @ARdpb @PSETalk @SeaAutoShow Hi, I want your day job. Just today though. Any full-electric Konas or Niros? @JillianMarisa needs one. @WaltsWorld1971 @fly2midway Connection. Otherwise, I would have. I'm going back twice in the coming weeks to actual… @easyJet passengers boarding for #Alicante got an excellent view of the Vulcan yesterday during its taxi and ru…
Retweeted by JL Johnson @BMichaelC87 @CalifLivin @SpeakerPelosi @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris Dude blocked me so I guess we'll never know. Fun… has been a while since I've done one of these, so here goes. Landing at @fly2midway a few weeks ago. This is abo… @petchmo Ugh. *too @padresj As someone who knows nothing about sports or racing… or gaming for that matter, I can’t tell if this is a… @Ford Any new content following the massive leak earlier this week? @RDUAirport Hopefully it’s their first BBQ ever so they can work on up to KC BBQ. I’d hate for them to be let down (says the vegetarian) 😂😂😂 @petchmo Followed me to. At least I’m in good company @jonfullon Guy w/ the good hair, obvs 😉 @CalifLivin @SpeakerPelosi @GavinNewsom @KamalaHarris I doIt is November 17 and @JillianMarisa and I just completed our first legit cardio training interval of the year.* It… @Scottykagarice We just spotted a buck on our walk. Had a fair bit of horns too. Yay Fall! @c_helgren @petapixel How about you see my reply to my own tweet three minutes later before getting a tude, dude. @keIseeeeey @hulu Understandable @keIseeeeey @hulu It’s super a fun and super catchy show, FWIW. But yeah, boo for Hulu being pushy @evans_paisley @WLeeK63 @JasonSmithMO SAME. Yay “engagement” @ELBTravels Look, I love Southwest just as much as any other Uber fan, but Midway is far from great. 😐 I do like th… @BLGranucci @davidvlynn @MissouriPSC Truly unacceptable for Manhattan
@BLGranucci @davidvlynn Also need more states to be like NY CA MN OR WA wherein they are friendly to the EV revolut… @SteveHookEm @WandrMe My giant company (no it’s not Walmart) didn’t even bother to pass it along to employees. Inst… @MissouriCentury Speaking of receipts, who foots your bill? @MiddleSeatView Hoping to get into mine ASAP 😂 @BLGranucci Bold. Ambitious. Transformative! For this reason I crazy doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. I would love to be wrong. @SameGuy My tube plugged via the garbage disposal 😳What do you want to bet they don’t follow through on their #PlugIn commitment? @petapixel Ok. I guess the article clarifies. Might help with initial believability assessment to show Fedex dude in a second photo @petapixel Are we sure this is legit? Not a FexEx truck and the dude’s wearing street clothes @tcrookairways @FlyingPhotog @cote_kcote94 @GoodyearAZGov @BoeingAirplanes I see an old friend @padresj @GOP You tell ‘em!A similar incident is what led to this ridiculousness as seen on an episode of Scorpion. Here’s hoping a plane’s co…, @JillianMarisa! Want to go to Nepal and explore the #PlugIn EV buses, plz 😜 @ReidMyTwitta @WandrMe Fascinating. Now I want to visit Nepal. Fun to see they had an entire mini economy running o…