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@StopVoting4War poli sci majors are ops @tayIoranne 🥺🥺🥺guys i can’t stop shaking and crying i just found out someone i know is a lib @chunkyfila hit up ur connects @yedoye_ yeah @yedoye_ omg
Retweeted by lil bb z @vivafalastin i hate u so muchif i read one more harry potter reference today i will hurl myself into oncoming traffic that’s a promisehave some you considered not being political commentators? just a thoughtthis grammy’s show boring as hell 😐 where’s nickicatching up on america’s favourite award show Reagan is in hell.
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Retweeted by lil bb z @diskpix i have a friend that does this to me @dadthatwrites oh i’m vibing and very warm @Skoog i have no idea @Skoog ironically of course @Skoog i’m not “weed as a coping mechanism” girl i’m “hippy spiritual always high” girl @Skoog no im on an edible tonightforgot what being absurdly high was likereturning on my edible arc @abfrom3 omg did he get evicted too :/ @StopVoting4War u are the most important part @owen______ellis each on captures my exact mood of the night i think what you’re referring too is called “growth” @abfrom3 fucking finallythanks to everyone who likes my who up who want me everynight it’s becoming my only content @SpilledInfinity thank uwho up who want me @sooahhhhhhh HDJSHS DNSSB @__mayajane HAHA @___ix____ love u @vivafalastin absolute sweeties. all of themnever met a hannah/hanna/hanah/any other spelling variation that i didn’t like
@jfksafk u can argue that america isn’t a democracy so to say democratically elected isn’t the whole truth but he w… @OttoFernandez voted in then voted out .... “toppled”i hate americans so so so much. @StopVoting4War yea but it was endearing @zenofanarchy i also miss stop us imperialism but that’s ok @StopVoting4War thank u so much this is much better @zenofanarchy it was so much better @zenofanarchy WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR USER.who up who want me @Skoog sorry @Skoog more so disappointed when it’s presented @Skoog i never though you weren’t white skoogi hate when i go to the about page of this cool new thing i found and i see this..... hate when i find out something i like was just made by a couple of white guysalas the world sees me inverted ......if i look anything like my reflection then i am sure am pretty! @tayIoranne flying to la for thisi miss my friends @tayIoranne it’s stress inducinglistening to isaiah rashad as if that’s not besties ex .......#NewProfilePic just found out power is concentrated in the hands of huge corps who restrict access to a decent life to perpet…
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Retweeted by lil bb z @lynndewitttoya heydo i need to unfollow nose surgeons on instagram to truly accept myself ...... @dareustheblack hell ya @zenofanarchy me too @zenofanarchy yes @zenofanarchy critical writing in the artsi can’t believe how many of u followed me immediately after i posted thisput a bikini pic after a pic of big bird on ig because i love dramadesigners vs creative directors @dripothee i’m gonna put this on at the family functionhe just like me
@Quantum_King_ wish it weren’t @entervalhalla lunchwho up who want me ever see a girl on zoom and she’s looking like a snack? let me introduce to you: the whole meal @__mayajane AHAHAHAH @celiastupid that’s just lighting i think they’re hazel and sometimes look super green or super brown @legallyines yeah @HYDERABADDlE yeah @wat_the_arc that’s not even where it stops @jfksafk 🥺 @wat_the_arc this is also me @jfksafk i used to straighten it allllllll the timeshocking love gastown where provincial heath orders don’t apply :) :)
@zeeeeeens THATS WHAT I HAD @desukidesu oh oh oh @StopVoting4War i’m having a lot of fun mr end is imperialism @StopVoting4War i took another ediblewho is who want me @FallingTurd hahahahaha @FallingTurd we’re t u an anime account last weekmiss the feeling of getting my eardrums blown out by the drums at a showskepta could write “hey jude” but the beatles could never write “papi chulo” 😴
Retweeted by lil bb zjames blake said u bitches who love edibles gonna HEAR this music edible got crack in it @Skoog i support u mr skoog @Skoog at this hour? yeah @thedoophus i’m sober rn 😖the child locks on legal weed