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shitposter — vegan — digital artist — video game streamer

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i just saw a shooting star and i’m on top of the world. goodnighti’m sorry but heavy bass lines get my plums swollen wit baby juice this poll suck i get to heaven i’m going to ask God why he didn’t make me to enjoy sports with every fiber of my being and he… of duty: warzone my ex wife 🤝 badly needs an anti cheat…
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LIVE: new sub emotes!
Retweeted by jayi fr gotta stop worrying about viewer count but this shit is hard to see sometimesmajor audio issues but i think i fixed itLIVE: new sub emotes! parents have to b loved from a distance ... protect your mental health.
Retweeted by jaythe biggest downfall is for someone to be negatively impacted by comparing themselves to someones unnatural body. i… is worth hundreds of millions and one is not. money might not buy happiness but it does buy low body fat % 💉 @_jazzghost_ do i need to download an audio interface @_jazzghost_ oh thank you! @otis_mcgoatis let’s go OTIS!!! twinstime to level up the gaming and streaming of duty: warzone my ex wife 🤝 badly needs an anti cheat… knew my lifestyle could be sexual @chickenstriip AHHHH scared me! @JustBoysLaughin max 12 days? i think it’s badass imma have like 10 going here soonwait hold on WHO is in Paris? @h_schewtschenko i keep the water levels high daily and make sure i keep them on direct sunlight for as long as pos… @_Floggnaw_ come and take itsoon i will be the number one romaine lettuce supplier in all of America circumcision @kelsey_anne__ if you insisty’all seen this new call of duty shotgun? @EggheadDrafts this brings me extreme anxiety but it’s so clean @Mxddiemxe1 omg sometimes i will hastily look out in hopes that i will catch someone looking @TatarkaP noi leave my blinds/curtains open bc i enjoy the opportunity of being watched. @BobbyPoff shits rough man, they don’t even deserve the liberty of being taken behind the furnacedumpster company @councilofDeen u didn’t don’t worry @councilofDeen yeah i know there’s a joke to be made there but it sounds like someone hacking and coughing too so i… @sarahschauer fuck them fr you will always be bigger and better than any executive over controlling nerd ♥️ @dumbbitch570 looks like he’s about to bite into a pack of smelling salts @councilofDeen ?i wouldn’t know but i’m guessing this is what would sound like when they are choking on a big dong @cloudeeuhh i’m stuck on trying to fuck bread. @cloudeeuhh people are fucking bread slices?but wait how do you fuck it if this is how you scoop it? @catboy4000 wordddd well if u are tryna subscribe and u never use twitch if u or a family memeber has amazon prime u can subscribe for free! @catboy4000 that would be poggers my guy but no one really is there to clip my shit yet @catboy4000 gm
@notdiin @ItsjustGage’all my boy is 6 followers away from affiliate if y’all could please drop a follow i would love it so much ♥️♥️ can he do this but misses the toilet when he pees ?
Retweeted by jay @bre_athe_ he’s a man of the people @badboychadhoy @TatarkaP large vibes just got a dubskiplaying warzone
Retweeted by jay @ltpenguin_ thank you!! @milkinhisbag damn bro @fullmetal1629 CLEANplaying warzone @kaylaasana thank u Kayla i feel accomplishedfarting will never not be funny to me @axljku @notdiin millions of lost babies in that pile @DonaldJTrumpJr who is ur plug @notdiin i’m a freak what can i say😛 @notdiin oh my washing machines gets massive loads like that toonobody: washing machines: @KimMangone thanks Joe knock off 10k now @TatarkaP wow mr i’m used to playing keyboard and mouse thanks for rubbing it inever since switching to KBnM i now understand why people get smaller keyboards. i keep smashing my mouse into my dumbass full keyboardstream crashed just gonna call it a night ♥️live shitting on doods i am going to ride a horse into my bedroom and stream horseback @daintysl0th lord i have seen what you’ve done for othersi’m so pumped for my new emotes
Retweeted by jaywarzone absolutely obliterating campers come sit in my chat and discuss psychologygrinding @milkinhisbag @JoeBiden we gotta run some 2’s soon @jazz_inourpants fmlmy warm and beautiful heart trying to stay comfortable inside my cold hateful body is how i thought coochie and bootyholes worked when i was a kid
Retweeted by jayi have seen enough of this inauguration. when does the pornoguration start?two new twitch sub emotes have officially been submitted for review for my channel :,) @lydiajeen cmonARTIST PLUG: hey! so Valentine’s Day is close and my commissions are open for digital art orders for loved ones, fr…
today's twitch stream was unreal once again. the community showed up and really made it amazing. i'm merely a pants… @milkinhisbag BRO UR SHREDDED @itsbreezyweezy fellas?lmfao come watch me play the game you all like the least!!! fmlwhich game do you enjoy watching me play most? @mimikyuchi yes i got new tits42 mins in and i have major trust issues from random teammates so now i’m playing halo, listening to music and talking to chat. come chillplaying rocket league until i rage quit! come hang @loganomaly_ cmon lmfaooo @LegendaryHorny i have no idea what this setting is! is it in game? @FuckYacob @AndrewsNotFunny right? lmaowho called it docking and not making ends meet
Retweeted by jaythis is how i thought coochie and bootyholes worked when i was a kid @AndrewsNotFunny ugh i HATE having to make ends meet @buzzlightfear hopefully gimme a kiss @markets pubg is ASS LMFAOlooks like all the white girls who charge $500 for $7 goodwill clothing on depop will have to start charging $750 n… too shabby for the first day of switching from controller to keyboard and mouse i get to stream is a great day