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so uh my is $3.15 right now so go subscribe and make us both happy @parrspective need to visit badlythis isn’t a halloween costume this is how i dress @dixon_lathan veganism is the truth @TatarkaP i’m out of ideas @TatarkaP Michael J Fox @GHamm21 wait do you have parkinson’s?people with parkinson’s disease probably give insane handjobs @momappreciator good luck bb
republicans: fascism is bad donald trump: h- republicans: fascism is good @AYAYACORE that sounds very spookyare you going to a halloween party this weekend?
Retweeted by jay @juugszn niceeeeei’m the bat that started the coronavirus
Retweeted by jay @rudy_betrayed rudy buttstank @yeehaw_gurl thank you jackie!! @FeelingEuphoric You will be missed ♥️ @cal_gif omg my invite must’ve gotten losti know i’m sitting down in the before pic but these jorts used to barely button up on me a year ago and now they ba… @Nasty_crab love a good outdoor gathering especially on a brisk fall night @BeefedUpStud yooo @milkinhisbag you look great don’t let anyone get you down @icedoutomnitrix holy shit man that’s nice @durfalert hahahaha yesss @CeeWag that sounds like a good time @PhattyTrapz we love that @Talhi_tweets heck yeah! @DarthLux i think i’m going to have a bonfire w Jess and get drunk while safely carving a pumpkin in our backyard.… @brainwormhaver yeah that’s good. i’d call that responsibleare you going to a halloween party this weekend? @FelixTheFrCat yep! i agree hard to think anyone is attractive who is a disgusting POS @AJ_F612 yes actually i modeled for that bread @mckenn_you_not you deserve just kayakit’s not nice to make fun of someone’s appearance but when they don’t believe that women have the choice to make de… @doinkpatrol this is a combo i’ve never heard of @TatarkaP idk it’s one of my bests thojuice my free onlyfans dammit @obscureshirt you’re very welcomeme describing vs her describing it to her it to friends
Retweeted by jay @milkinhisbag obliterated himbeefing up your timeline
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@THATTlTTYHOE @elftitties wow just as electric as i thought it would be @THATTlTTYHOE @elftitties i wish my subs would talk like that to me @BoyYeetsWorld i have been reprimanded heck @BoyYeetsWorld sure pal, get fucked thief @BoyYeetsWorld very good ! and original!!the person who had “lil wayne endorsing donald trump” on their 2020 bingo card @bIondiewasabi and the Wheezy is for coronavrus @008Jjud @LilTunechi @realDonaldTrump @POTUS if we wanna make reaches about organization’s symbols then let’s not f… @CdyRnkn it’s very impressive to a non diver, drunk cannonballer like me. @CdyRnkn absolutely no splash @The_Chilis_Guy_ i was afraid of this. yes 😩posting body and getting followers has me feeling like a deity. this never happens @thec0conuthead horse cock cafe @molly7anne i see a lot of opportunity for that in my area @toriamaem you’re welcome ♥️ @lincnotfound i hate that this made my mouth water @sallyseawrong yike @theb0tfather hahahaha beat their meati’ve received a ton of DMs about if my body is natural.. yes it may a surprise to you but i achieved this without the use of steroids @aubviouslynot @yours_truly_bex @roxiqt @jasminericegirl @perfectsweeties @jbfan911 @jazz_inmypants @Coll3enG @skate4official_ hahahahain Hell the ketchup bottles are all filled up with just the runny ketchup water @bIondiewasabi meanwhile @bIondiewasabi filet minion 🤑beefing up your timeline @daddys__cummies now this is definitely a soothing style of work @brispyyy Wtf is “busting horses” @l3avem3alone she’s italian give her a break @SchweickeEmOut @SaiyanPineapple @fathermulch it isn’t news that democratic nominees are just as terrible as republ… are some of your favorite “jobs” that you’ve worked or what jobs do you have the goal of working towards? whet… @MissBNasty chuck and larry
Retweeted by jay @thebiggestyee wouldn’t that be the dream @BIGBABYSCUMBAG beautiful lawn @bayoulejeune perfect that’s what i like to hear @bayoulejeune maybe i can compile a list of towns 30 mins outta asheville city center @bayoulejeune yeah asheville is the goal but 5 acres in asheville is about $250,000 and 5 acres anywhere rural is about $50,000 @wydstepbrOoke start slow with one or two tasks. pick your favorite out of the ideas you have and just get a routin… need a buzzfeed article that lists the top 10 least racist mountain town’s in western north carolina. @Roysenotes this is so cool @CadeHolbrook @badboychadhoy it’s truly sad to watch :( @iucipur seems like you should’ve only experienced a short period of no power. weirdthe next time you cum think about how santa took u off of his nice list @airbagged this mf sulking in a storage unit @jbfan911 drunk LOLLLLwe are working on finding her more enjoyable employment. and i appreciate the care you all have for this situation!my gf works a stressful job right now and it is so hard watching her go through the motions knowing it is taking a… @brainwormhaver that’s good. it is a nice refresher to get out i’m glad ur feeling better @badboychadhoy GO GO GO TWITCH PRIME SUBATHON HAPPENING RIGHT NOW
@brainwormhaver here if u need to vent/chat @TheGabafool :O good day @TheGabafool what the fuck? i grew up working christmas tree farms cmon @badboychadhoy lmfaooonow that baseball is over can we focus more on things like me
Retweeted by jay @KimKardashian 45 likes zero subs. i’m ugly @legallyines what i’m really wondering is what are hoobies @legallyines that cropped messagei see way too many grown men riding around this city on electric scooters with no girls. y’all are focused on the wrong Birds
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