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Ushy Mohan Das @UshyMohanDas Bangalore,India

Doctor- Professional Speaker/Communication- Mind/Leadership Mentor - Meditation Research, Academic,Tongue-Fu Master! #DrUshysQuotes Author of New Clear Energy

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@iRudraa Hehe @Febtom2 You need not @Chilled_Yogi Doing doingWhy do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?I used to worry too much about my job.but then I stopped,cause I realized I am not paid enough to worry.Nor a WA or FB or Twitter pandit 😉 Real Art of Conversation is not only to say the Right thing at the Right time, but also to Leave unsaid the Wro… @Chilled_Yogi How are you @ProsaicView Yes always @aquilbusrai Cute
Airgasm: That awesome feeling of air hitting your face, when the mask moves! @SukhSDubb @Kavita_Oberoi @BrennanSurgeon @KavehShakib @FitOmfs @UKSWiMS @jtg_baoms @BAOMSOfficial @Abi_Rimmer @thesatbir Then why send her @Nived56074571 Hahaha @thesatbir Precaution? @SulbhaArora @DishaDo10377551 Wowwww @amithpr Stay blessed...a big hug @JainVisphotak Yessss @thesatbir @GayatriiM Waàaah @Siddharth27Oct Yes good one @nabomita_smiles @ProsaicView @subirsay @Kalsekhar How are u @NitenSingh17 What happened @MKB7563 @SandeepMall Surely shall @Naam1Ek Why not @rucsb @Ester_Matters @PeopleMatters2 @Rajlakshmi_S @kunjal23 @Sarangbrahme @D_Brat @achyutmenon @jonas1hr @shweta_hr Super @DebeshiGooptu Jusht what u saw... @chanx5268 😂😂😂 @peetalaswarnakm 😂😂Marylin Menon Roe? 😂 is a madness in loving you all, a lack of reason that makes it feel so flawless. Hugs hugs and more hugs! soo… @rucsb @Ester_Matters @PeopleMatters2 Sure @CitiznMukherjee Take careSilence is more mature than proving a pointI don't know the ingredients they used to make whiskey, but I'm sure they added Happiness, Truth and English!! 😂😂😂 @SandeepMall finding out that lionesses have sex 20-40 times in a day when they're in heat and if her man can't kee… @runjhunmehrotra Ignore desperate rectums @amithpr It's a dirty game.... always two teams @sagar1311 @RJPallavii Oh Sagar! @RJPallavii Ohhhhhh"Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say." @that_happy_gal Sure @Ambarseriya Sure....kya hua @ashoklalla Have a fab dayThis #covidsafe situation is getting old and frankly I've had enough. I've discussed the matter over a cup of cof… @StratManOne Super week aheadThis incompletenes,this imperfection,this solitude is all we have. It is ENOUGH @rach_aha One day inshallah will sit there n have adrak chai wit u @rach_aha Always eye it....the vibe is terrific @rach_aha Your tea corner is fabAwesome day to all my dear Friends on @Twitter @amulkapoor Yesssss have a fab weekI saw a damn #Vampire in a blood bank....Sure he was planning to make a withdrawal!....Seen the #Dengue mosquito to… await any issues! Please take care of your mind just like you would any other part of your body!..Enjoy the Min… this for real? one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that…
Change is never painful...only resistance to change is @Nicky_Abdinor Sure will search @rameshmenon_ Yup @AlwaysBombay SureOur thoughts not only affect our health via their electromagnetic influence on the DNA and RNA, they quite simply p… the best speech in Life is given with your mouth shut!;-)Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary. It's scary when it disappears. ;-) @sattytweet Seen all @KubbraSait Your bro adds do much laughter to my convey to him pl @DebeshiGooptu You said it @IamShajanSamuel Why never a smile @lsmurthy99 Baagunaanu andi....meeru? @baski_LA With a cause @lsmurthy99 Super morning @baski_LA Great dayGreat Morning and Most Grateful Aquil ji @rashmiprasan @Senthil_Blr Watched @Senthil_Blr WatchedThe true nature of action is very difficult to understand......Therefore one should know the nature of attached, de… @asubtlestoic Good to knowCould you please suggest some awesome titles and where to watch. Genre: thriller,action,suspense comedy and crime @sscribbles Super well said @ndcnn Indeed“Loving yourself starts with liking yourself, which starts with respecting yourself, which starts with thinking of…
@amithpr Until now it was mental health n bollywood @mkatju @Truethoughts68 @svaradarajan @khanumarfa @BDUTT @RanaAyyub you said itoye are you a buddy of sanghamitra? hope some of my friends from here will join me Live on @instagram today at 6pm IST @rashmiprasan Yessss and if you are bald...too.much testosterone
@deepolice12 Wowwww @sowmyarao_ It sure is @seriousfunnyguy Stay blessed @rons1212 Where u off to @ndcnn My book collecting dust @chiefsanjay Fruitarian @ABBgroupnews SuperMost people barely know themselves so what does it matter what they think of you JM Storm @sangeethsivan Each on mutates and gets more virulent by the day @rons1212 Where u going @leadkindlylight SuperWhen some people promise to be on time it carries a lot of wait!;-)If u get dressed up, u are vain, If u dress down u've let urself go. If u speak your mind, u are rude. If u don't s…
@DebeshiGooptu Hehe @ShashiTharoor bestest wishes @khushsundar Lovely as always