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Ushy Mohan Das @UshyMohanDas Bangalore,India

Doctor- Professional Speaker/Communication- Mind/Leadership Mentor - Meditation Research, Academic,Tongue-Fu Master! #DrUshysQuotes Author of New Clear Energy

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@subhadra_72 What is ds @TweetsAnup @value_360 @KaizzenComm @HeroMotoCorp @IFFCO_PR @RepTodayMag @myv4i @Edelman_India @6DegreesPR a few pics of those who truly love and care! Adding value to lives! #DrUshysWisdomWorks @IIM_Bangalore @HarbirSinghSuri @nmehta4 @YouTube Thanku @UshyMohanDas @nmehta4 @YouTube Nitin you will find plenty on you tube Ushy is a very well known celebrity
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @BLRrocKS @Tejasvi_Surya @drharshvardhan @mepratap @bjp_muniswamy @kiranshaw Hope to meet @drharshvardhan at… @IamShajanSamuel @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Honesty is an art @nmehta4 @YouTube @Snehworld Sure @UshyMohanDas Do you have any YouTube videos ? Where one can experience a part of your training programs ?
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @nmehta4 Easy to find my channel on @YouTube @rucsb @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Heyyyyy @DrUmeshPrabhu @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official No destination....super merely a speck in this universe @UshyMohanDas @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Keep up the great work.
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @nmehta4 @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Lol....what's that....pure science is what I share @DrUmeshPrabhu @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Hope day at a time @UshyMohanDas @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Well done Excellent
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @IamShajanSamuel @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Hahahaha an elderly.person from Canada...has issues with knees @DrUmeshPrabhu @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official Thanku so much @SanjuyGupta @IIM_Bangalore @IIMBAA ThankuEverything fell in place.#StandingOvation @IIM_Bangalore @iimb_official will continue to do the things I so love d… falls in place when you continue to do the things you love doing, irrespective of what others say .… Feels like music to my ears! In 20 mins could make a huge difference in many lives! @IIM_Bangalore @HarbirSinghSuri @pujatiwariBJP @hinduja_sonia @sunitaiyer @sanghamitra_m @RohiniBakshi Indeed @asadchaturvedi Supa...enjoy
This sure is info for me! #nomophobia @IIM_Bangalore @SunithaNahar Just get eyes tested. Sinus issues n worries at all @UshyMohanDas @InnerWheelInt @BangaloreBuzz Say hi from me and Rashmi to Sameer
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @Sanani22 Tanku
@amithpr Indeed @rajivWORLD @InnerWheelInt @BangaloreBuzz Sure @UshyMohanDas Still pretty, You've powerful eyes la 😊 🙏 💐
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @RaspaPLUSdevi Thanku La#NewProfilePic @runamaitra @SHRMindia @kunjal23 @GautamGhosh @AchalKhanna1 @ArchanaJerath @shrutsays @DPrasanthNair wahMet some lovely ladies at @InnerWheelInt at their district conference.Spent some time sharing with these awesome ev… there is enthusiasm there is maximum recognition and usage of everything available. Enthusiasm spreads to oth… live life, to live each moment with enthusiasm is to really live life. The quality of life, the quality of the w…
@amithpr @makemytrip @deepkalra @ruchicatomar WahSharing #Structured Speaking at @PwC_IN @UshyMohanDas Pearls of wisdom
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das @Krsnaaiyer Thanku @INVIEWRAVI Thanku muchRealize that holding on is being brave, but letting go and moving on is often what makes us stronger and happier in… character is often most evident at our highs and lows. Be humble at the mountaintops, be strong in the valleys,… you focus on grows. Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus. the end of the day, before you close your eyes, breathe deeply, appreciate where you are, and be grateful for wha… Language is jam packed with interesting science. In this comprehensive introduction we’ll show you the basics… @amithpr So long as they don't run away with the bag....then it would be impossible to chase them unless we are @SandeepMall #marathon @BelieveIn__You @HarlinaSodhi @Amit_verma00 @ICFHQ @IndianYash @rajeshpadm @BakshiJaspreet @IamBidishaB @DrAlkaRay2 Awesome @sdhadwal_73 Great day to youThe greatest patriotism is to tell your country when it is behaving dishonorably, foolishly, viciously. -Julian Barnes, Flaubert's Parrot
@Toastmasters @kppradeepdr @SandeepMall Ny or mumbai @SandeepMall Wat surgery @SunithaNahar you after ten years @shreyakrishnan_ @amithpr Wah @TweetsAnup Hahahaha @darthdevi @nabomita_smiles Sure....thankuCan you reco a candid photogr in BloreJust do it....not everyone gets a choice @snsachinnandu IndeedSilence encourages the tormentor,never the tormented.Not one is you. That is your power. @pradeepdr3 @BSYBJP Lol @AankhiGM @harshmadhusudan Lovely @BinaNepram Stay comprehend @DrAlkaRay2 @captraman Awesome day ahead @captraman @DrAlkaRay2 Best story @RogueDadMD Yup and arixketrt bed to restHey Bina why inform these folks from the US? are friends! Humans @Velvetyvirgo Enjoy
@ikaveri She has been suffering..poor soul @Shobhasuk Thanku @UshyMohanDas @amithpr @FounderIndia @Paromadiva @KaizzenComm @RepTodayMag Wow!
Retweeted by Ushy Mohan Das presented with firm authority engenders trust and respect. @amithpr @FounderIndia @Paromadiva @KaizzenComm @RepTodayMag Wowwww @Tara_Deshpande Awesome wishes @rajivazad @SandeepMall ExactlySoon to share @IIM_Bangalore @IIMBAA #BodyLanguage @LeenaNairHR When are you inviting me for a meal @SandeepMall Kick them hard n kick them out @ikaveri @Nawaaban Valid validHope this Mac Nude looks good!😂😂😂 @SulbhaArora Lovely @deepaknagar @IIM_Bangalore Hehe @BurgerrB Love youAnyone from @IIM_Bangalore on my TL @HarbirSinghSuri @pujatiwariBJP a nobody...a.mere monk @pad_ma Have a grt day @amithpr Aha.... @SakshiJainPr @Himanshu1K @SCoReInd WowwwwA healthy intellect acts like a mother, always showing the right path. When internally one is strong, there is the…
Please do something now @ArshadRizwan for Shivaji Nagar @anaggh yes hope family well tooLife's a tough proposition, and the first hundred years are the hardest. ~ Wilson Mizner to share some responses....almost impossible to elicit in a gathering of stoic #doctors an excellent communicator—to be able to clearly express ideas or information—is an attribute of leadership an…