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Jimmy @USMC_USA1 Not in the crosshairs

#USMC #VET 🇺🇸🇮🇱 🚫don’t add me to maga or resist trains

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@pulte Yeah it makes perfect sense,you are a crook,that crap you pulled on @Henryhahadavis was wrong.and is why a… @CelticPhoenix01 @emmick66 👍I absolutely do here you are again proving just that😂😂😂😂 but please continue on 😁The only cure for Coronavirus, Trump should have had me address the nation.
Retweeted by JimmyI believe you could😁 @Daleinwv1 I know you could brother I know you could 😂 but you might scare them😱😎👌😁 @KennethMasson1 @gashleyallen @realDonaldTrump Yeah you're a racist,and you're pathetic attempt at projecting is fully noted @DebraAmerican @CaptSedlak The only difference is one is black and one is white, @brianschatz Are you serious?the media kept asking about the stock market over and over,President Trump wanted and… the proper context or shut the fuck up: Trump reduced the CDC and cut the position that was meant for the Ebo…
Retweeted by Jimmy @BillyHojack @Darksandpiper These guys are idiots, God forbid the President say it's possible for it to go away,did… the guns then the speech @CelticPhoenix01 @emmick66 Dude you got you're priorities all fked up. But you go be you dalton😎 @gashleyallen @KennethMasson1 @realDonaldTrump They hate it ,they call Trump racist look at the democrats sitting a… @DonMadrid @catturd2 We are all laughing😂😂😂 at you and I guess he does not understand the cat 😁 @CelticPhoenix01 @emmick66 How much trouble is it to retweet pick our battles dude are you serious? You could have… @cc_marvel @ebonybowden Shes a danger and they need to pull her WH press pass @ebonybowden
Retweeted by Jimmy @ACMcGurk @ebonybowden She's dangerous,they need to pull her WH press pass @ebonybowden You should not have a white house pass ,you're a dangerous person posing as a unbiased reporter, you s… @CelticPhoenix01 @emmick66 You don't have to,but some might be sick of these people thinking they are better than o… @RyanMcComb2 @emmick66 She probably is a millial @TrumpsPitBull @Mongo3804 Many more😁 @briandebottari Sure thing @TheDennisDavis @The_6ROK @T_Giarratano Yeah I know all about TG 😂 I'm just not sure he does😂 and grock knows more… @briandebottari I would definitely suggest you homeschool if you can,I know a lot of people cannot but if it's poss… @briandebottari *in @briandebottari And don't get me started on that gender bullshit ,they say we don't believe I'm science over global… @briandebottari We home school,or my wife does that would be a mess if I did 😂 @Holdenheim1 @sayeproud @Debbie56111656 @Jim_Jordan Jim has never been changed with a crime, this is why our wise f… @bobbiellen @sayeproud @Holdenheim1 @Debbie56111656 @Jim_Jordan Until someone has been through a trial and judged b… @Jim_Jordan No fix, just get rid of it ,it's unconstitutional period. @realDonaldTrump Damn right they did , people need to go to jail. And get rid of FISA @briandebottari @T_Giarratano @OATH101STUSARMY Either way it's funny to watch😂 @briandebottari @T_Giarratano @OATH101STUSARMY I don't remember what I asked or even said but anyone who ask a ques… @The_6ROK @T_Giarratano @dagank4 @OATH101STUSARMY @Junior68Frogs @Gailbee @KrisParonto @BarackObama Oh God I'm sure… @LovesRemoLives @T_Giarratano I guarantee you won't be disappointed👍 @TheDennisDavis @The_6ROK @T_Giarratano I have a feeling this one is going to take awhile,he seems stubborn and lik… @ComeGitItPeener @JediKeri @Marinewm86 @Thomas_Fagan @T_Giarratano Lol 😂 @T_Giarratano I never took an oath to defend stolen valor ever...never would @briandebottari @T_Giarratano @OATH101STUSARMY He blocked me and I didn't say anything that warranted a block 😁some… @T_Giarratano 😁👌👍👊 @WryConservative @SemiAutoChuck @T_Giarratano Drag and scalp @Daleinwv1 Next,there's always next time Brother😁
@ComeGitItPeener Sick all of them idc if he had a appeal if you tell me you was found guilty of that crap you bette… @ashotoftx @LoriinUtah All of the facts really, really,did you read the court documents all this stuff is public,he… @ComeGitItPeener Idiot's defending that pos ,now I see probably good friends from the same area👎 @ComeGitItPeener @LoriinUtah @ashotoftx Oh my God, what is it with this he's innocent shit,like you stated 12 juror… @LoriinUtah @ComeGitItPeener @ashotoftx Are you defending a stolen valor and a guy guilty of having child porn?Blocked me😂I guess those tweets didn't get enough attention,why delete rick people rick @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Exactly,well you can't blame the kids,they don't have anything and so… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods It's the fault of all of those that didn't stop this socialism is cool 😎crap aoc and the squad @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods 😂 @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Right,people were saying I'm not voting for him after that,I just laugh ok who then Bernie😂 @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Well we know why they wanna,that's why we gotta stop it , Trump pisse… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods That's what I'm hearing,I hope we can stop it and fix this problem @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods My uncle lived in California,he moved out there in the early 60s San… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Don't feel bad I live I n Virginia,the commies have moved in and now they run it all @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Man this auto correct is going crazy I hate it but I'm a horrible speller😂 @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods I know he's going crazy,I hope you don't love around that refinery th… @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods @klindabuck That's awesome me and my wife loved 2 blocks away from each other,it was crazy how things worked , @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods I think people just throw crap up and hope it gets likes or followed,… @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods Lol 😂😂 well me and my wife started dating back when we was 13-14 year old ,we just grew… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Yeah I see how that would. @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods And I'm sure they would call me boomer lol @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods You would really pitty me 😂 I have 4 kids 2granddaughters and a old suburban😂 @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods Living the dream man @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods I look like a goof to them I'm sure I use a old smartphone that sucks… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods Well I'm 41 what am I 😂 @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods Better to ask for forgiveness than permission,logic😂 @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods I gotcha, don't do it ,but yeah I get you're point,but what age are y… @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods I was looking at some of their stuff , man they have come along way,used to make knock o… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods No I was making fun of you calling the him a boomer,but what new material you got was my point @Will96617019 @KristySwansonXO @RealJamesWoods Lol😂 they love to give away FREE stuff 😂 @VoteTheRINOsOUT @LisaMarieBoothe @Angel1350852961 Trump @KristySwansonXO @RealJamesWoods The democrats are giving away FREE campaign adds for President Trump😂 @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods I wonder when they will try and take those state mottos down,matter of time😬 @Deseeded1 I gotcha I'm bad at Twitter😂 @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods I'll take two 😂😂I get you're point as well but we need to stop the government overreachi… @Deseeded1 @RealJamesWoods Ask Vietnam,how that worked out , you are definitely missing the point,but you want an e… @RealCalypsoJohn @Anthonyinsd @RealJamesWoods You got some more modern example,boomer😂 @JC_USA1 @RealJamesWoods locked and loaded,but it won't come like that JC they will come after one of us at a time… @Ninja_Dubya @RealJamesWoods 😁 👍 @wcwinc @RealJamesWoods No doubt ,probably 25 years ago especially when Clinton come in and banned everything,thank… @12BravoGran @RealJamesWoods You got that big money , my pile will be aluminum and steel😂 but the pile will be there👍 @5dChess @RealJamesWoods No wonder I like his beer. @larrycraft57 @RealJamesWoods Perfect,this is what people need to understand @siepmannj @RealJamesWoods You obviously don't understand the second amendment. @RealJamesWoods Criminals don't follow the laws that is what makes them criminal, more law's that criminals won't f… Dicks in this deer stand... #SecondAmendment
Retweeted by Jimmy @RyanCummingsTV @offthe_res @Johnny_Joey what does that have anything to do with this @Johnny_Joey Hey gov. How much does it cost to do a background check? Because the DA has unlimited access to record… @Johnny_Joey Oh Lord another truly racist law wow. The rich but not the poor yikes this won't weather well😂 @TrumpMustGo9 @cherio39 @karenamyatt @mattgaetz @BernieSanders Yeah,well read the 2-4 pages in the Muller… @QConteret @AriellePruitt7 @mattgaetz @BernieSanders A poor king is better than a rich slave. @poorkingbob @T_Giarratano I can just hear those other dogs doing it right😂Bro come on get it shit togetherIf it was going down tomorrow... who ya got?! No judgements here, just curious...
Retweeted by JimmyShall Not Be Infringed, what don't they get ? @RealJamesWoods They don't understand what the second amendment is for,not for deer hunting,sad and she's a senator scary