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@pallavi102 @TheAlcalde @TexasExes 👀🐶🤘 @cari_45 @TheAlcalde @TexasExes Lookin’ sharp, Rex! 🤘 @katie_barnwell @TheAlcalde @TexasExes @BarneyRodwell @prbtxlonghorns @leavethegun86 #SquadGoals 🤘🐶 @KellyAnneSulli2 @TheAlcalde @TexasExes 😂 Just make sure she tunes into the @TexasLonghorns games 🤘 @pallavi102 @TheAlcalde @TexasExes What a good boy! 🐶🤘 @BGMorse @TheAlcalde @TexasExes We hope this is everyday attire 🤘 @LProc828 @TheAlcalde @TexasExes She’s going to need some big horns first 😂🤘 @SarahRung @TheAlcalde @TexasExes 😍🐶🤘 @Sir_Enrique_A @TheAlcalde @TexasExes @TexasFootball games with the best friend 🤘 @slwein @TheAlcalde @TexasExes We love Lacey’s smile! Thanks for sharing🤘🐶
Does your pet love the Longhorns as much as you? Share your favorite picture proving it 🤘 #LoveYourPetDay working as a medical assistant in a pain clinic & seeing the routine frustrations of patients and providers,… @CockrellSchool classrooms, these students are drawing up plans and making arrangements to improve lives around…’s new book on hip-hop pioneers @ATCQ has climbed to No. 8 on the @nytimes best-seller list—that’s the…
Retweeted by UT AustinSince 2015, this Longhorn has been using archives as activism in her role as UT’s first Black Diaspora Archivist…
This @DellMedSchool student wants to bring world-class health care 🏥 to small-town Texas can’t be what you can’t see 👀 Girl Day at UT helps elementary and middle school students bust through stereoty…,000 gumdrops to make gumdrop dome structures + 1,500 toy animals to save by constructing parachutes + 2,500 oz. o…
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Burnt Orange in the White House: In celebration of #PresidentsDay, take a look at some of the ways we're connected… #PresidentsDay, Longhorns! The @LBJLibrary is offering free admission all day to help you celebrate:…
Retweeted by UT Austin#Austin: It's #PresidentsDay and admission is free! Stop by for a visit. We're open 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
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The votes have been tallied and the artist for @UPArtStudio1 neighborhood mural is Emily Ding! Meet tomorrow from 2… Q&A w/ the professor who brought us UT’s famous “Beyoncé Class.” 🐝
Rodney Page (@RodneyAPage) was the first African-American head coach @UTAustin. He was also the first Texas women…
Retweeted by UT AustinCedar is the worst allergy for me. Here are some helpful tips from @uthealthaustin on how to survive Austin’s aller…
Retweeted by UT AustinIn celebration of #UTBlackHistory, we're spotlighting Retha Swindell, the first Black female @TexasWBB athlete to r…
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