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Yes! Finally!
JOB IS DONE!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mookie!Has Joe Buck ever say "nice swing" when it was a Dodger that fouled off a pitch?As I was saying... MookieLet's go Corey, do what you've been doing all postseason!This might be the rare game where the Dodgers are probably looking forward to seeing the Rays high leverage bullpen guys. @jonmorosi If it was a fastball located where that change up was, he'd hit it 500ft, but he grounded it through the… Buck got so excited there thinking that was a hit.. then he realize there was a shift, you can hear the disappo…
Found the slider this inning!Today is Joctober 25th
Hold on to your seats! Jansen coming inIs it just me or does every flyball Tampa hits, you can hear the excitement and hope in Joe Buck's voice?#BarrelsAreOverratedThat was terrible fundamentals by SmithSeager showed why he didn't want to get hit by that pitch. He knew he's seeing the ball well against this guy.Damn Mookie making that look easyJT did it again!
Ok, 2 more games just like today @caseyboguslaw If it's because of that little video Fox did, I can tell you they took it more seriously than the Do… Buehler is the first pitcher since Clayton Kershaw (Game 1, 2017) to post a start with 10+ K and 1 or 0 runs…
Retweeted by Utley's SlideSo who had Austin Barnes in the homerun pool tonight?MAX!That's one way to shut up his critics that he can't hit a fastball anymore JT
Still 3 more games like game 1 Seager, who is not a Ranger, now holds the record for the most home runs hit at Globe Life Field, regular and postseason combined.
Retweeted by Utley's SlideShould that be an earned run when Choi should've been struck out on that 1-2 count?Got a hit @hoagiebum Yep, May has to execute there, completely missed where the catcher was set up. @DodgersBeat I see what you did there @VeniceMase Today would also be their scheduled "throw day" if they were to start game 4.
@MasterTones Yes, we know what happened next. But you don't sound like you do though.Ok, 3 more games just like thisMookie probably the only Dodger that would've scored on that groundball thereHopefully that game 7 homer is the start of a hot streak for CodyLooks like Kershaw's found his slider after that first inning
World Series bound! LFG!!!Let's go Corey, insurance run to seal the NLCS MVP!Two. More. Innings.Finally turned on one! Cody!This ump has the widest strikezones, especially for left handed battersDude's got hopsSmith just missed a homer last at bat and comes through to tie up the game this time up.Be a good time for CT3 to snap out of his slumpCould've been worse but May locked it down. Time for the offense to pick the kid up.
Scratch that. Never a doubt!
Ugh, still no insurance run. Grab a hold of something and hang on tight!Nice job Petey! @ChadMoriyama Baez to Jansen.. and if things go sideways, I'll try Graterol stillimagine trading Mookie Betts
Retweeted by Utley's SlideThat's a heck of a catch by Mookie.. couldn't have timed his jump any better.Corey F'n Seager again!That's a good start to the game. Need 7+ innings out of Buehler today.And.. Jansen strikes out the side to close out the game. That's something I wasn't sure if I'd ever say again.Sucks when you hit the ball 415 ft and it's just an out. @VinceSamperio That's how I would attack it too. Best case is if Graterol stay efficient and finishes the game.Nice acting job Chris.. even if it was a little bit of delayed reaction.If the @Dodgers come back and win 3 straight in the #NLCS, I’ll buy 2 World Series tickets & flights for someone wh…
Retweeted by Utley's SlideWill Smith bests Will Smith in this battleI like the clean shaven Treinen betterMuncy whiffed on a groundball, Smith with a passed ball, and they score the run. C'mon, help the kid out.
Will Smith's been hitting the ball on the button all postseason. He just can't catch a break. @hoagiebum finally!Testing.. can I tweet yet?
I think I like having a tall and fast CFJust throw strikes Julio, eat up inningsI think the Dodgers are out of the slumpJoc Pederson and Edwin Rios go back-to-back and I AM LOVING IT
Retweeted by Utley's SlideRios! #backtobackIt's officially Joctober
Ok, kinda funny they're playing "I Love LA", in Texas and technically a road game.That's 5 hits! In one game!Coming into today hitless, we all knew Will Smith was overdue, but damn!
Bat flip is fine. Hat and glove toss because you're pumped is fine. Machado becomes a hypocrite by yelling at Grate… @PuigsHelicopter I would think this is his last chance.Know where your fielders are positioned in the shift Kenley, let that ball go!Muncy #BarrelsAreOverrated
Retweeted by Utley's Slide @PuigsHelicopter a bunch of hypocrites.. it's ok for them to be the biggest showboaters but they get mad when the other team does anything? @LAIreland He didn't pitch this inningOk, now I'm glad they're playing in this ridiculous ballpark
Treinen looked almost as filthy as Dustin May there...Balls just dies in this ballpark
@StacieMWheeler I wish I can get paid to know absolutely nothing.
Homerun Edwin Rios. Assist to Jo Adell
1st and 3rd and 1 out, Betts was going to drive someone in. Why double steal like that?
Fresh Prince got jiggy with that pitch #WillSmith
Who had JT driving in the go ahead run with an infield hit?? Not me that's for sure!
Cody! First walkoff HR of the season! @BlakeHarrisTBLA And we can't even give props to the catcher for framing there either
This was the first time this season we saw the Walker Buehler we're used to seeing. Now he just needs to keep rolling.
Kershaw ties Don Drysdale for second-most Ks in Dodgers history at 2,486.
Retweeted by Utley's Slide
C'mon Corey, do it for bragging rights with your brother.Would be awesome if kid Ruiz can be the hero tonightSeems like the home plate ump wants to go home.. don't want the game to turn into another high scoring affair
Boo.. that was a cheap hitLet's go Kenta!In case y'all are unaware, Kenta Maeda's game is very interesting tonight