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@kentcdodds Gotcha. @JoeHughesDev @kentcdodds Well the companies do help here. When I was in IBM, we had pluralsight access that IBM p… @pratham85086605 Quick report/block guide : ✔️ No profile pic ✔️ 0-10 following ✔️ Recently created profile ✔️ 0-… @kentcdodds Well I am not complaining, because I have been following you for long and you have produced solid free… @kentcdodds Just curious, these people who complain are based out of US or else where? @flaviocopes Your location plays a role in your compensation. If the area is expensive to live by, then the compen… @reeversedev Chai point is much better than KFC though 😂😂 @tanaypratap @theHumbleBeing I do not think you will see a noticeable change. Sure 10 ms may increase to 30 ms, but still not a significant degrade. @theHumbleBeing Should be fine then. I mean what was your concern when you thought IndexedDB may not work for this… @theHumbleBeing Are you going to use a search like functionality with querying? If that is the case, you might fac… @radnerus93 @theHumbleBeing Usually no. You can think of it on similar line of localStorage. But the user can cle… @theHumbleBeing When you say large, what is the scale you are talking about? Thousands, millions or more? Most ca…
@telmo That is quite some journey you have had ! You have always been attracted towards design or would you say th… @theHumbleBeing Well I do not see any benefit in using this over plain if-else blocks or may be a switch. You woul… @ravinwashere I use codepen and codesandbox quite often. @imprincinho Well majority of the companies that he showed in video are in Bangalore. Depends on what you mean by "decent" job. @_marcba 🙋‍♂️TIL 😲 my non-Indian connections on twitter. Here is a glimpse of job scenarios in India. #100DaysOfCode #coding @FPresencia @garetmckinley @buoyantair @ryanflorence More context, here is a nice video : and a way to sustain it 😃 @FrancescoCiull4 @dannysteenman @FrancescoCiull4 @dannysteenman For anyone reading this, you may know Francesco as the Meme lord but he is also a d… @garetmckinley @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence Yeah, I forgot to mention the context in my earlier tweet. Th… @FPresencia @buoyantair @garetmckinley @ryanflorence Well unethical in this sense. Most companies give 3 days to a…
@FPresencia @buoyantair @garetmckinley @ryanflorence If you are qualified, you can earn big bucks here too. The h… ⚡️Ever wanted to create a delay while executing a function You can do that with the help of promise,… in my life right now: 1. Finally solved a technical blocker pending since long 2. Talked to one of m… @ravinwashere Well I have developed without using stack overflow. I had an account that I rarely used, only starte… @anshuman_5221 @buoyantair @ryanflorence But it has not. That was my whole point. How many graduate hires you th… @anshuman_5221 @buoyantair @ryanflorence It is not about under selling. It is what the market has set. For years n… @shubham_kamath @theHumbleBeing In Bangalore? CM was saying no question of lockdown :\ @garetmckinley @buoyantair @FPresencia @ryanflorence No laws, at least not that I know of. This is nothing, I have… @garetmckinley @buoyantair @FPresencia @ryanflorence You might getaway with it, but ultimately they will have groun… @garetmckinley @buoyantair @FPresencia @ryanflorence You can't. They will ask these before : Last 3 months paysli… @theHumbleBeing In Bangalore the situation is getting worser day by day. But it does not feel like a lockdown at a… @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence It would be impossible in India to get an offer letter without disclosing cur… @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence Same with applying directly. @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence I have read the blog post, and I am from India with 5 years of professional e… @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence You can definitely state your range. But if you range is not within current… @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence Neither. But they can simply choose to not proceed with your candidature if… @FPresencia @buoyantair @ryanflorence In India, not disclosing the current salary is not an option. You'll have to… @rafrasenberg take touch CMD + R @buoyantair @ryanflorence Sadly, most companies will only give a certain percentage of hike over your current pay.… @buoyantair @ryanflorence No. If you are switching, then your current pay also plays a factor. But these are ranges for most people. @ryanflorence Depends a lot on the company (service/product based). Entry level ( < 2 years) can start from around… @kefimochi He has replied on that thread I believe with reference to that snapshots. If you have any other snapsho… @kefimochi Then you should definitely post those screenshots. @kefimochi Yes it does not stop him from being racist. What I meant was, I have not seen him make racist remarks a… @kefimochi This is surprising, I have been interacting with Raf's content since 2 months. He has been publishing… @NehemiahKiv @kefimochi @rafrasenberg I have dmed already
@catalinmpit I'll add Family too along with mental health and wellbeing.😂 @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev @theHumbleBeing I think I do not use dark mode anywhere in my phone. @DThompsonDev @FrancescoCiull4 lol 😂😂😂 @theHumbleBeing I use dark theme in VScode. But I use light theme in twitter & slack 😂Don't be discouraged if you hear everyone saying that you need to be passionate to code. "Doing what you love & Lo… @FrancescoCiull4 @ravinwashere @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev I did not know this @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev lol 😂😂 @ravinwashere 30 @umaar "get your boss to absorb some..." How did you approach this? I have tried this (with every boss that I hav… @StasKlymenko Tea, lots of it. @nialljoemaher Nothing beat docs. If the resource author has written some additional articles, then those are also… @iamshadmirza Majority do not have this privilege. There are lot of places that will pay you big money, but a good… you are a fresher in tech, start writing a blog. You'll solidify your understanding about the topics you write.…😲 @rafrasenberg 🔥🔥But in the end, it doesn't even matter! @kefimochi 💙 Coldplay ! @FrancescoCiull4 @FrancescoCiull4
@silindsoftware Assume that you have constant inflow of money. What would you like to do in life? @theHumbleBeing @AdyNanwani Ditto. I did not much about JS and web development in college. College curriculum was all about C, C+… @AdyNanwani Well in terms of skills, my story is similar. In fact, I was preparing for CAT from 3rd year onwards.… @AdyNanwani Well I can totally relate. Whatever I know today in tech, I have learnt it on job. My degree has been… @silindsoftware Option 2Seen this couple of times. Mostly small companies and early startups. Even if you complete the challenge, it is no… @theHumbleBeing I might be wrong, but I think people problem are much harder to solve than technical problem So I… many of you are in software development by choice? By choice I mean - Transitioned from another domain - Do n… would choose polite incompetent. @theHumbleBeing Haha, would not call chai point over-rated. Expensive? YES Lekin what I like about them is the ha… @theHumbleBeing Bhai bangalore me kaha mil paati hai tapri 😂😂 @theHumbleBeing India runs on chai ! CHAI POINT
Another custodial death. @PMOIndia @AmitShahOffice @BJP4TamilNadu @AAPTN #JusticeForJayarajandBennicks
Retweeted by Utsav Patel @runhappylife @sarah_edo One dark pro Cobalt2 Material theme @theHumbleBeing Horrific indeed. I do not know where are we headed as a civilization. Absolute lack of humanity. @heytulsiprasad @rafrasenberg I second this. Many will benefit from this. @rafrasenberg
@kefimochi Yes! @kefimochi Ah you posted some days back. There were two sketches, in that this completed sticker was option 2. T… @kefimochi This was option 2 if I remember correctly. Any chance you would make option 1? @traversymedia True indeed. Framework choice becomes irrelevant if you are not getting jobs. @pratham85086605 I don't think college placements will go that deep. Some of the companies that came in my college… @pratham85086605 @ravinwashere Don't open the thread. Just click reply, answer it and then go see the comments. @pratham85086605 Well I have been around for 5 years in Frontend. My only regret is not practising enough DS/Algo…