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I have a small box of very important hardware bits. I have to take it to the hardware store tomorrow to find simil… @amy_everett_ To be fair, she didn't donate it - but she lost her job to social distancing so I don't blame her... @amy_everett_ My son's gf just did exactly that. She got 350 dollars - and she only cut it back to shoulder-length… @amy_everett_ I don't have any resources, just some advice from my experience. 1. Do it loads and you'll get really… @louisesatkins @susannareid100 Yeah. I get that. It's more complex than "don't go". But if the UK doesn't start ta… @leahmassinghamx @susannareid100 Yeah - they're the same. You have to go in to uni, with social distancing and mask… @izzy1601 @susannareid100 Man... Covid has made some terrible situations all over the place. @susannareid100 Why are students going back to uni at all? I mean, medicine, yes. Experimental physics and other la…
@EssexBarrister As a species we are not doing very well right now. @ProdbyPxrsxn @shoobe01 @SnarkAlexthe @ChadKMills @WDRBNews Calm down, it's ok. They're white. @aleyvnn You see... that's why I follow you :) @laurieontech @joenatoli I know some amazing developers, however I do not know one single person who is outstanding at CSS. @MarieAnnUK Won't happen. Johnson and his crew want Brexit. They don't really care what the population want. The… @katybeale Tesco. Their login is pants. @shoobe01 Apparently Pelosi favours killing babies *after* they are born. All of them. And their mothers. STOP THIS LIBERAL OUTRAGE! @PavelASamsonov If we had a serviced canteen I would be suggesting this. @ProfBrianCox
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @TimVanMartin I disagree. BEAT THEM!!! BEAT THEM WITH STICKS UNTIL THEY UX BETTER!!!
@OfficeOfWilson @RWACmedia There's no one who can sack Cummings - he's in charge!Feels like a lot of blame on ‘breaches’ by a population that cooperated with lockdown and accepted restrictions whi…
Retweeted by UX Foolishnessif you’d told me six months ago that we’d be in the same place six months later because this government paid Deloit…
Retweeted by UX FoolishnessDoes anyone else think that BoJo speaks like Captain James T. Kirk? @JohannesBln @KrauseFx I hate that time selector with a vengeance. @sharonodea @TonyChocolonely Now we know why you go to spin class all the time!
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @PavelASamsonov @harrybr I actually quite like the thinking behind this, and the direction it is going. I'm not so… @DougCollinsUX The plethora of absolutely awful applications I have had to use in my life.
@Tamarastampone Music industry pays poor though. I think you know what I'm saying. @Tamarastampone Sound Engineer > Graphic Designer > Flash Developer > Web Designer > UX Designer. No career is as…
Life hack that I’m deeply ashamed of but also is too useful to keep to myself. Greasy chip fingers messing up you…
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Full Nineteen Eighty-four.
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @OksanaIvanovaPM @WolfgangBremer Because although I'm white and male, I'm not superior to two minority women and th… @sharonodea Whar are they gettimg for that £55?
@radicallyrach Yes, but turn-based communication prevents pushyness and harassment as well. There's no rapid-fire… @shoobe01 It's possible, but the US isn't going to do it just because every other developed country does it. Free… @kvlly That is outrageous. Take the rest of the day off.This explains quite a lot about why Trump is still in power. The more I see of the world, the more I think history…“I’ve also included you in the [codename] meeting.” Oh, I saw. What is that? “It’s [codename].” But what IS it…
Retweeted by UX FoolishnessThe UK is now officially a sitcom, and this episode is an absolute corker! Kent Covid testing site shut down so it… @OfficeOfWilson I have three calendars. My current (janky) solution is to sync my secondary Google Calendar to my p… @OfficeOfWilson Calendar syncing is tricky, I went through this last week. I assumed that Google Calendar, being a… @Minette_78 Nope. I sit right down again and get on with it. However, it's probably not good for me long-term, it… @DougCollinsUX Absolutely it's a preference. Just depends on whether you think gun deaths are a good thing or a bad thing. @PavelASamsonov Sorry for the late reply to be in charge of criwd and construction union is a bit like moving out of the UK.
@OfficeOfWilson Nope. We have fibre-to-the-home and five wireless access points. Not to show off or anything... :) @eddiepearson You'd need work permits etc, but it's not out of the question...Possible 1 year UX contract coming up. You must be Ireland based, but not necessarily Galway. DM me if you want to be kept in the loop.
@Leilaruns It is the world's number 1 shopping list: "Alexa - add tinfoil to the shopping list". Job done. @EmmaBostian @marsvard @pugson Nono. We know you work for Spotify so we're now going to blame you for all of it's… 'bad apple'. How many apples need to be bad before you conclude there's a problem with the orchard?
Protocol on IE/NI is not a threat to the integrity of the UK. We agreed this delicate compromise with @BorisJohnson
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @mulegirl @flath2o Now that's a great idea! @miksullivan Did you not count? That would have been the closest. Or one of those clicker things. @JohnChinner Looks awesome though! @BorisJohnson Protect our country from what?
@sharonodea I was working for Morgan Stanley at a conference. I had a plasma screen on a rollabout - someone told m… @aleyvnn I say Alexis, British twitter is just splendid! What ho!Stop caring about being perfect. Stop caring about being good. Care about getting shit done. A completed proje…
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til we have 60+ independent modals in our product hhheeeeellllllppppppppppppp
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @_JessicaSachs I don’t bother debugging. I just delete it all and find something else to do instead.
Retweeted by UX FoolishnessAs in the US, so in the UK. We cannot hold up 'democracy' as a worthy goal for nations to aspire to if our politic…'s the first interview tip I've heard in years that a) I don't know, and b) is really good. Sadly I don't thin…
@miksullivan Nice! You got a 70 minute hour! @sharonodea @annkempster There's a kid in school who dreams of being important. He finds out he can get attention… @sharonodea You can't make an agreement with someone who doesn't keep to agreements. There isn't any point in doing so.
@DougCollinsUX U X-ey Thing.Just going to go on Twitter for 15 mins while my pc reboots... upgrade time. @cuilleog @NescafeAzera True, but it's closer to good coffee than it is to freeze-dried instant. @johndsaunders It looks really good. And not a million miles from Lynch's version visually - which is no bad thing! @amy_everett_ Your twitter makes it look like you inhabit some sort of pastoral paradise...Ka-chow motherfuton!!!
@AlyBartulio @goatapp Aaaaah. These internet youth-speaks often cause my ageing brain confusion. @hellojoie I'd want something soft and cuddly for when I felt lonely. Cooper Black. @aleyvnn Play Some Might Say. It's better. @AlyBartulio @goatapp What strange words you speak... @ow No way!!!! That's one thing I really miss from Windows - now here it is! Thanks for that. @DougCollinsUX Ok, well I'd at least suggest avoiding Northrrn Ireland then. It might be about to kick off there. @AlyBartulio Congratulations! @DougCollinsUX @Tamarastampone Or by engaging with the client, users and development team. Same as FT really. @sharonodea But your honor, I stole ethically. I only took half the money in the till and I made sure I was unarme… @DougCollinsUX You are aware that the UK is leaving the EU shortly? It might not be the best time to relocate... @Acuity_Design @PavelASamsonov You really shouldn't need to explain why this is bad. Just look at it. @sharonodea Won't somebody think of the Dublin landlords? They can only charge €2044/month (avg) in rent as it is!… @kitchenartist What OCD hell is this?
@Aline_Hayes Yep. It is highly insulting. @adiaivey I so want to see that! @TheUXScouser Yes.As some of you may recall, I have written and directed a dramatic game about two people who have to talk about ghos…
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @intrepidleeloo Logo Biggerer. @DougCollinsUX @joenatoli @Tamarastampone What Doug said.
Read this! It is truly insane. Totally bat-shit crazy! Next week: "Poking your eyeballs with knitting needles br… @MsHelicat @DPJHodges
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @pritipatel @pritipatel I think there are far more concerning examples of press manipulation every week. I'm looki… out today that Postmaster DeJoy’s former employees were pushed to donate to GOP candidates, then reimbursed.…
Retweeted by UX Foolishness @brijanp I'm noooot. Don't be so meeeeean to me! @intrepidleeloo I was Head of UX at my last company. Now I'm a Lead Product Designer in a larger and much better c… @JessicaParker57 @HeatherInLeeds Was amazing on stage. But I could imagine that if you aren't an Abba fan it would be a big waste of time. @JessicaParker57 Fargo. Oh Brother Where Art Thou? The Maltese Falcon. Spirited Away. Three Billboards Outside Ebbi…
@eddiepearson "Link missing underline". Works for me. Don't take my advice though, developers always complain about my tickets!