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Aqqalu ❄ @uyarakq Inari, Finland

faxe kondi Kalaaleq 🇬🇱 - music producer/dj - 📍 Aanaar, Sápmi - Igloominati - i promote and produce Inuit hip hop - any pronouns - ❤️@Snowsunie ❤️

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Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @PeandeL qassinut assilisaq? @allanngorartoq eqiii lmaounnugu/tonight!! @creatorsfavorit @allanngorartoq bylswhen they loot entire continents: i see no problem in this when walmart gets looted: wtf stop @NowJacqueline @engineers_feed the many words for snow thing is just a myth so probablyDONATE TO MY MOM!!!
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @Kevaclysm this reverb needs to be industry standard reverb for recording studios. so lush. @GabarHel omnia - earth warriorPlease RT! An 11 year old girl missing in Winnipeg. She is First Nations and we need to make sure she gets home saf…
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @_spin3lli there's coke Natives, bepis Natives and then there's Microsoft® Windows® 95 Natives @LordOfTheYeti1 i never tasted boar. how does it taste?i suggested moose burgers for dinner to Sunna and now she seems to be falling in love with me again. take notes, peeps.IGLOOLIK:
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @FeiKhal omnia has so much meme potential lmaothem: where are you really from? Indigenous peoples: @BeldamLascar never againif 'move, I'm Indigenous' becomes a hit i'll try to go on a tour to your communities. two days left then it's out! @allanngorartoq hear them singing "too much bacon yeaaah" Facebook really don't care lmfao
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Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄MERCH DROP! Non-binary Inuk is now available as merch on my shop! Link is in my bio💗 get 15% off until nov. 10th!
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @ChrystieElle love iiiit21. Grow #NDNtober2020 Mirror mirror on the wall, which kalaaleq has the longest hair of all? @uyarakq 💅
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@heidibaabe it's inside of it. @osweetdandylion sending strength and loooveis anyone able to support me a bit financially? I need art supplies to continue my art, but I’m broke because I’m n…
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄it's raining. who killed a spider yesterday? @antihero1322 you decidewhich one is bigger? Mattak or the moose bone? lmao @itssonoisy perfect lmao @ankatea your face is WONDERFUL @bi_rogues i dunno what i taste like so you can try stuff out lmaowhen my 'move, i'm Indigenous' song comes out and makes me a millionaire i will allow you to eat me when we eat the rich @osweetdandylion they're a bit spooky yeahSo if you liked the Avatar film, maybe you’d appreciate how it feels when your sacred ancestor trees are torn down…
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄snow has been melting a bit here. it's now at a fifth of a moose bone. @thottytati Mattak Serotonin [Sunnas last name]
sinilluaritsi/sleep well, going to bed next to Sunnakasik. been Indigenousing all day. might do it again tomorrow. @creatorsfavorit the way she stands lmao days until 'move, i'm Indigenous' is out. hope it's a hit and makes me a millionaire. 💰my mom needs help raising $500 for rent and the rental assistance people said it would take two weeks to come thru.…
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄blurry but mood @uyarakq stream uyarakq
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @neetainari this plz @amybeatrice oof. this hits home. i never met many of you but i already miss you.Kalaallit reclaimed the icelandic slur skraellingi in pre-columbitch times. Kalaallit means skraellingi and we were… or else Kalaallit melts the ice cap in greenland. fill in the blank.conclusion: the northern hemisphere had much more snow back in the day. @Apayauq1 wow hot damn @pensivethot Inuit are automatically part of the Igloominatijk. i won't trademark it lmaoIgloominati™WHAT BENDING 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @Qrowthetrickstr lmao i love itBack when my ancestors would measure with Tuktu bone to estimate how much snow fall and they used this info to driv…
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post- braids curls @Reg_Gen thanks. lmao @uyarakq TL......
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@RedheadBruja mix of husky, karelian bear dog and terrier. @ihynz yaa, wide open eyes. pure excitement lmaohi, arctic millennials. is it just me or wasn't there much more more snow in the 90s? Nuuk had 2 story tall snowbanks back then.moose bone for Mattak 😍 @DanDanTransient yaaa it's my punIts Almost End of the Month my bills are Piling up😞No one hired me cause of this pandemic. I am now asking for help…
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄damp snow means involuntary dancing @izzmythoughts i can smell this videoHappy #SettlerSaturday !!! NDNs comment your cash links😘 Settlers, pay us for just existing 🤝
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @lys86863956 8 yearsand our dog. or else.please love my hair. or else. @oppresseddingy cursed tweet @itssonoisy @Snowsunie @VOLBEAT oooh i didn't know outside dk knew about volbeat @miisanuorgam oooh you're pregenart. congrats! @creatorsfavorit anaq means hello
@quriaqos223 commenting for algorithm!!🚨🚨🚨URGENT!!! 🚨🚨🚨 At risk Afro-Indigenous youth in need of $400 today + medical emergency, please boost/donate if po…
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄ @Wraeththu2 nope, i should lmao @biret my pic is taken 50 meters from your pic lmaothis is it. measuring snow with animal bones is now tradish culture. by @piqsiqInuk in winter mood in Sápmi view hi, this is a shitpost. no Inuit does this shit, in case anyone believes it to be an actual practice lmaohow much of a moose bone has it been snowing in your area? fish swim? Do birds fly? Do dogs bark???? Yes. Give us our looted artifacts back, sweaty.
Retweeted by Aqqalu ❄i seem to have accidentally liked this trash tweet. don't be on twitter with heavy eyes lmao @killakkira went through the thread and this person can't seem to brainCanada doesn’t have the right to tell Indigenous people what ‘moderate livelihood’ means, my column #MikmaqRights
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@eIihal classic tweet. i love it. lmaoi'll always retweet "Indigenous people don't use twitter" @savesthworld where's the screenshot? i'd love to see it again. @dedlyone yaaa @chefmijuajij @FeiKhal yes