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Retweeted by David Uzumeri @ConroyForReal it’s like one of those golf games where you have to swing not too hard or too little but juuuuust right on the meterStarting to regret that 5:00 coffeeThe Ontario government's argument today seems to have simultaneously been that they have such little supply that th…
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Couldn’t be me. Also, LMFAOImagine killing thousands of workers in Ontario to appease big warehouses like Amazon and then Bezos's rag lights y… @ariadnesisland @trocchio What’re you playing it on, PC? @ariadnesisland @trocchio It’s pretty much a big open world sidequest fest and then at the very end like six straig… @ariadnesisland @trocchio That’s basically the whole game @trocchio My dragoon wife…. @trocchio Although I believe you can buy a novella that basically recaps what they would have been? And from what i… @trocchio I’m still mad we never got the last three episodes @andykhouri Although it is wild that they turned a show about the world’s most lurid criminal acts into basically comfort television @andykhouri I watched more hours of that show than I’d ever like to admit in college and my 20s so trust me this is… think it's the ferengi but the big twist is that it turns out it's a couple of time displaced humans from the 2…
Retweeted by David Uzumeridata is kidnapped by a primitive culture looking to use him for crypto mining
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @andykhouri Did they have like metrics that the sexual assault and molestation episodes of vanilla L&O rated higher? @andykhouri I _still_ want to have been in the room for the pitch meeting for this showKrysten Sinema is the forerunner of so many politicians we’re gonna see over the next 20 years who have “my body, m…
Retweeted by David UzumeriImagine living perpetually hung over after having two sips of a beer because you refuse to hydrate your decrepit flesh vesselAnne Helen Petersen is usually a writer I quite admire but “nobody needs water” is a fucking insane take @phirephoenix his two least favorite thigns will be helped: the City of Toronto, and public services @uzionmain Just this but with McDonald's bags
Retweeted by David UzumeriJust a photo collage of “here’s garbage for the lazy boy”One day I’m going to create the world’s saddest photo album of Doordash packages left by my condo door I revved myself up with a 5pm big fucking coffee and nugget ten-pack from McDonald’s, a decision I am sure I wi… myself to “clean” my “condo” before I settle in for Gamer’s EveningReally glad to see literally every corner of the gaming industry come together to dunk on this take, especially sin… is gonna have the time of his life.
Retweeted by David Uzumerilets goooooooooo game was so great, I’d kill for a Switch remaster! Bring a sword. @GigawattConduit I distinctly remember being interested in this, seeing the reviews and then passing @GigawattConduit Weren’t all the reviews about how this was like sexist and low key right wing shitMe after getting my Pfizer vaccine
Retweeted by David UzumeriWoman in the library asked to borrow my charger. She used it for an hour or so then told me "thanks, add me on fb"…
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @THE_Stefano_DLC I just hate how every game now has like color coded rarity loot with minute random stat difference… @THE_Stefano_DLC It looked so much like Shitty Destinylmao i noticed this last night and lost my mind of my favorite things about Destiny 2 is how much Lance Reddick is clearly having a total blast playing Zavala @THE_Stefano_DLC Lemme know if you wanna run sometime @curtofranklin Like yelling at each other trying to figure out the dungeon mechanics has been a ton of fun @curtofranklin Oh dope, so if we’re into the whole puzzlesolving aspect of figuring out the mechanics as we go we’l… in with ontario twitter
Retweeted by David Uzumerii like to encourage fishermen in lonely areas
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @TheOtherJeff I imagine we’ll try to do Prophecy (which kicked our asses the first time we tried it a while back bu… @TheOtherJeff OK, sickDestiny 2 dungeons are honestly a lot of fun. Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy were both a blast to figure out. I…
@mightygodking It’s the Gimli and Legolas meme but I resent it so mucchI still can’t believe that DF managed to come up with such absolutely ridiculous Covid mitigation measures that *I*… @mightygodking This isn’t even that much of a premium!!!!Re LRT lmao I would probably pay up to like two grand out of pocket for a vaccination tbh. Eight bucks is a fucking stealCanada's Conservatives are bitching we paid $8.18/ dose of vaccine. Who amongst us would NOT pay $8.18 for a dose…
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @franzferdinand2 Ice-T and Body Count, “Cop Killer.” @chick_in_kiev
Retweeted by David UzumeriIt’s pretty clear that the people who created the board game Pandemic were wildly optimistic.
Retweeted by David UzumeriJust wrapped the second volume of Asadora and man how does Urasawa do it @kshipwhitecat JUST START KISEKI ALREADY JESUS CHRIST @kshipwhitecat Why are you doing this to yourself dudeDoug Ford: too fascist for the actual police miss writing. Does anyone wanna pay me to write about the first half of FANTASIANA great thing about Ontario right now is that you get to live in hell but you also get to watch people from other p…
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @TheBrobe haha no i remember that,i was just hoping it was one long amazing narrativeThe best line in the entire fucking series
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @TheBrobe lmao were they on the ever given
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I’ll admit, when he was elected I thought Doug Ford would be bad for the province, but he has completely and utterl… blows but I got new Asadora so that ain’t badThis is gonna be the Gimli/Legolas meme where it’s me with some QAnon dude in SperrysOntario Twitter right now is an extremely rare Predator handshake between lefties and righties about this police st… @JodiesJumpsuit I’m so mad!!!!!Toronto police after discovering they can now stop anyone anywhere they want and can disproportionately do it to ma… @arthurwyatt Schools are, thankfully, finally fucking closedIt’s not enough that we all die, we all have to be fucking miserable while it happensNoted COVID-19 superspreader activity tennis, where two people stand about twelve feet apart in the open air and hit a ball at each otherAh!!! All the SAFE things plan is to delay the press conference by one hour, every hour, until the pandemic is over. At which time a pres…
Retweeted by David Uzumerii wonder what’s left for doug ford to ban instead of instituting paid sick days and shutting down industry and manu… lockdown dropping @kshipwhitecat @nadiaoxford lol jesus he got a phd @kshipwhitecat @nadiaoxford Holy shit he failed upward!!!! @nadiaoxford Auburn, Alabama. There were many not-so-slight damns given.Yes, it was a coach who made us call him coach in class9th grade IB geography teacher who corrected me when i said the canadian shield was called the canadian shield beca… @nadiaoxford It’s honestly wild how effectively they’ve taken a bunch of characters who were frankly pretty basic c… amazing that a bunch of construction workers hired a stripper to come to the work site and the thing everyone… read this as “Grandia Episode” and was extremely excited
Retweeted by David Uzumeriif i see any of you "space jam is ready player one" idiots tweet about how this isn't the best idea anyone's had in…
Retweeted by David UzumeriDuggan/Larraz X-Men looks sick, can’t wait to see where Hickman’s going (although I imagine we won’t find out until July)reminder of the greatest torrent ever made
Retweeted by David UzumeriBeing in the public eye and being Extremely Online is a truly disastrous combination every timeChrissy Teigen has the world’s greatest curse: being a celebrity with a true poster’s soul
Retweeted by David UzumeriI know I’ve said this before but if, after _all this_, Doug Ford actually gets re-elected, I’m fucking out of herethe grander point is: if you’re feeling like you’ve done your best and are now somehow being made to feel like this…
Retweeted by David Uzumeri @kshipwhitecat More importantly can we get Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross on modern consoles thx @themeganpurdy “folks… folks… folks… folks… folks…"