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@kshipwhitecat Trust me I know lolThis got past an editor !!!!!OK this is actually worth the thread since at first I was like “haha nice easter egg” but the reveal is INCREDIBLE @froonding_loom i just cracked a beer and am continuing in my cold steel happy place. at least they gave us an extr… would be 9000% less annoying if they partied with the subwoofer at 50% of where it isaw jesus i dunno where my neighbors went but …. they’re definitely backAh! Well, I can’t see any way this could go wrong,,,,, @bustrider haha yeah i just shouldnt ask. i’m gonna barrel through this game quick enough anyway @bustrider I’ve had like two scenes with the kid and it’s pretty clear who he’s at least related to, if not them in… @bustrider languid and lazy personality, scarlet eyes, the name fucking _Ash_….
@bustrider Wow I hope they don’t drag out what Ash’s deal in this game is for too long because maybe it’s since I j… @thecjm Yeah material collection for upgrades is 100% fine with me @bustrider Lmfaooooo I love how the bookstore just has a huge biography of Crow for some reason @bustrider Lmao I was thinking of playing this later actuallyAh yes, definitely not Catan here #PS4share it sucked in DA Inquisition tooGod of War is a great game that would have been improved hugely by just having a limited amount of equipment like g… sucks ass in God of War and Assassin’s Creed and I’m sure it’ll suck ass in Avengers. Just make like ten dope sw… generated loot is a fucking scourgeWho wants thisLmfao looked up the Avengers UI screenshot fiasco and lord knows managing rare loot is what I want in an Avengers game @kshipwhitecat @bustrider I just looked it up and lmao it looks so badPeople getting mad about Spidey being a Sony exclusive is the most I’ve ever seen people care about Marvel’s Avengers on line @EndlessMike Haha Jesus when you put it like thatInsane to realize this was $5200 in _1990 dollars_ @bustrider (I mean I could have downloaded the PSP versions onto my Vita but let’s be real. And those don’t even ha… @bustrider I mean I had no choice but to go PC for Sky but I went right to PS4 for CS and have absolutely zero regrets @bustrider Yeah, the PS4 version was nice but was blatantly a hacked port-up, CS3 feels really fucking polished in comparison @bustrider Also, the turbo mode is way better implemented (I assume bc Falcom did it themselves) — there was lots o… @bustrider So glad Tita’s mom hasn’t murdered Agate with an Orbal GEAR?!?!? in the years since Sky 3 @bustrider TITA AND AGATEEEE @bustrider Just got to Campanella in the intro movie and hooted and hollered @bustrider I mean new Kiseki hits like this month in Japan right? I figure we’ll get the Crossbell games on PS4 after CS4 and then that @bustrider The textures are high res, the controls are snappier, little things like auto retrieving treasure from hit objects @bustrider So I’m like five minutes in and wow CS3 is a way more modern game huh @bustrider The wildest thing about Trails is the almost Hickmanesque level of planning in the world building @bustrider Yeah uh I don’t think that’ll be an issue @bustrider Just CS3 now and then I’ll have played all the games legally availabl ein the west @bustrider I can’t believe I just played a JRPG I can best describe as a mashup of Xenogears, Persona 3 and Legend of the Galactic HeroesAnd that’s a wrap for Cold Steel II! Gotta say, kinda wish I’d just YouTubed the last dungeonI have definitely started just going “retry with weaker enemies” every time I die because while this is all good stuff my GODJesus CHRIST does this game EVER END @treswritesstuff @dogunderwater @hermanos If you’re gonna hack the eisners at least do it so Paul Levitz or whoever… Stay Up And Finish Cold Steel II has ended in failure because I forgot how much this series loves to hav… OF COLD STEEL named two characters Marx and Lacan for two straight games for a single gag at the end of part 2ummm why aren't more people talking about this??? [false information]
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Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold SteelI clicked through just to verify and yes, of course this is FuckJerry OF COLD STEEL II: so over in Crossbell— ME: GOD DAMN IT NIS AMERICA
Frankly, I think anything other than a fervent need to find the fire extinguisher is a poor trait of a lady on fireFinally. After a game and a half I finally S-ranked a chapter .... actual freedom of movement in a Trails gameReport: Elimination of Video Game Load Times Will Decimate “Quick Tip” Industry
Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold SteelAh! Bought some anti faint accessories and loaded up on SPD orbments with tons of Chrono Break and fucking rocked itThis thing is a nightmare #PS4share
I don’t understand games like Trails of Cold Steel where pressing the PS button doesn’t actually pause the gameMichael Jackson in White Chicks makeup being unable to stay in the wheelchair for the entire movie @andykhouri How dare you refer to Solid Snake like thisFinallu @phirephoenix I 100% figured(Nothing wrong with using a boilerplate but … remove the comments, man)Always a good thing to see in the government’s official COVID alert app @TheBrobe Yeah, R is basically that plus better gameplay and way better localization and characterization @JosephGlass Oh yeah, Winter gets basically bodied there simply by being accurately quoted @TheBrobe (play FF7R it’s totally worth it) @THE_Stefano_DLC how are you DOING theseI’ll watch and/or read this comments to this suck this sounds dope as hell and the description of the novel sounds nuts @yoshicrossing now why the hell did sorkin write this guy like a witty genius in the social network hes literally s…
Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold SteelI have a product demo today and then I get to completely revert into playing Trails of Cold Steel II for the weeken… LFG is bliss but not killing people accidentally is better @jason1749 @DieRobinsonDie So long as you don’t have to ice skate up it. @jason1749 @DieRobinsonDie The blood machine in Blade fucking rules. Blade fucking rules @uzionmain somehow I don't think the imagery of MJ using his mind to gather a group of marginalized and vulnerable…
Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold SteelMy work day is doomed. All I can think about now is Michael Jackson as Professor X @depechejoe Everyone knows Bubbles, the famous X-Men side character who is Professor X’s pet monkeyImagining being on hold for fifteen minutes with Bryan Singer’s production company and then they finally pick up an…! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! has an absolutely, categorically insane first paragraph
I’ve found him. The one person on this hellsite I genuinely feel sorry for.
Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold Steel @VaGentlenerd IMG bargaining stage of grief @VaGentlenerd It’s not ridiculous!! They seat 20 people and at 30% capacity and Covid bubbles in Ontario being 10 peopleI feel like they should consider renting out entire VIP theaters to whole Covid bubblesthe good news is, a lot of people don’t want me to die. the bad news is, a lot of people think i’m a dumbass, with good reasonOKAY GUYS I GET IT @skinkybob i thought i was too but my replies are … convincing me otherwisethis has sufficiently killed all my temptation to make a bad decisioni’m getting ratioed …. from loveLooks like Cineplex will be open for Tenet and I _know_ this is a bad idea butalmost like there’s a deep rot in the entire direct market communitysure is a wild coincidence how almost every foundational comic shop in north america is slowly coming out as pro-CG @Nick_Hanover i say it with love for both that song and the output of ed brubaker and sean Phillips @McKelvie coke nose drip @Nick_Hanover Common People is every romance in Bru/Phillips joint isn’t itDid...did a minotaur write this
Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold SteelOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1982) Ed. Mark Gruenwald
Retweeted by Chemtrails of Cold SteelCruel shit to not even big up Godfather’s Pizza in remembrance