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@owenkcraig lmfao @bigredrobot @stevewmorris Now? @kenlowery Oh it was NOWHERE near that bad“intentionally unfunny” only lasts so long. I can easily see it getting really compelling but I think it needed to… say, front-loading the first two eps of WandaVision was a good move but maybe just having a single, more comp… @THE_Stefano_DLC Just imagining you getting stabbed in a prison GOB Bluth style going “But I’m… asian…” @colonelnemo @jason1749 also it’s clearly moving forward in time, we’ll get friends in a couple episodes @colonelnemo @jason1749 lol yeah same i watched tons of dick van dyke show and bewitched and i’m 36 @jason1749 Lol I enjoyed it but like spending two episodes on deliberately unfunny gags is a choiceYall need to take a break from this site for a minute
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-PawgThe Joss Whedon Story.
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-Pawg @AnotherElle @franzferdinand2 @wellgoshacs Pretty much @franzferdinand2 @wellgoshacs @AnotherElle Also everyone complaining about modern music being too horny probably tu… @franzferdinand2 @wellgoshacs @AnotherElle lol when I was 15 I was listening to Lords of Acid and, although it was… just finally saw the DMs and “You are the Michael Phelps of fucking” is officially the funniest thing I’ve read i… @VaGentlenerd lol jesus @VaGentlenerd whaaaaaaaaaaaaat @metrokitty try me a zoom call after cracking a beer so now i’m in bed playing the insanely dangerous drinking beer on a mattress game @taterpie @kenlowery @THEKarlaPacheco lol jesus i forgot who introduced the term gaslighting into political discour… @taterpie @kenlowery @THEKarlaPacheco Is this kind of like when people use the term gaslighting about, like, Trump?
@jason1749 ohhhhhhh riiiiiiiiiiiight the only reason star wars is on there is bc of the fox purchase @THE_Stefano_DLC yeah that really surprised me, i was expecting a 4k hdr remaster i could revisitlike it’s gonna be coming to disney+ right?Really wanna rewatch the Indiana Jones movies but am waiting for 4KDV remasters tbh @Leask I’ll definitely have to wait,which sucks, but like also I try to remember if I get vaccinated and nobody els… am so dad, in atlanta, just got his first shot of the modernaFinally, labor action on Capitol Hill from *checks notes* Republicans someone to smash? During a stay-at-home order? I _wish_ is like Hughie from The Boys’ wet dream Yang is very bad at politics, has a paper thin understanding of the real world, and would do a very poor job…
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-Pawg @abrissverlierer just blowing gigantic plumes @abrissverlierer rosamund pike villainously vaping at me is my new kink tbh @MarkOStack lol dude i didn’t figure it out until like my second playthrough @MarkOStack It’s a VERY weird but fun systemmore this, less him being the sad dude in martin mcdonough moviesalso this is a perfect dinklage role @MarkOStack all real heads know 8 is the best final fantasy @MarkOStack you are going to love this gamedamn, i missed it at tiff? oh well i’m here for rosamund pike vapinglmfao this looks amazing @colonelnemo snitching is good now. wildSquall getting dressed for the big party
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-Pawg @MarkOStack VIII absolutely fucking rules. Also Quistis <3 @colonelnemo @THE_Stefano_DLC *over stock footage of death star 2 blowing up* we had a great gig. the credits were… maybe most of you agreed but i’m still mad!!!!! TOLD YOU ALL THIS WOULD HAPPEN AND YOU ALL GAVE ME SHIT @kellytindall like 50,000 saleswtf is going on at the nintendo eshopthe racism is awful but unsurprising but this just did a serious right jab at my jawexCUSE me?????? @colonelnemo @THE_Stefano_DLC Pattinson was in that 9/11 romance! @colonelnemo cherk @abrissverlierer it was extremely sad!Hey @jack, if you really wanted a decentralized internet maybe you shouldn't have killed the Twitter APIs with unnecessary site upgrades.
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-Pawg @Ragnell @jack lmfao i hadnt considered this angle but it is 1000% correct @DanielofDojima The Rebuild blurays are like the only ones I’ve bought recently @DanielofDojima lmfao extreme sameDid a Twitter search and it is in fact Milo Manara. What a time to be alive, where the richest man in the world is… that meme template Elon Musk keeps using Milo Manara art? I don’t want to QT it because it’s work hours and it i… @abrissverlierer jeeeeeeeeeeesus chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistWell, there’s one thing we know this series WON'T have: three pages of talking heads @DanielofDojima I would literally pay a hundred dollars, maybe even two hundred, to watch it same-day as Japan on iTunes tbh @DanielofDojima I think the only reasonable choice is to bring it to a worldwide release on a streaming service, personallynot nice!!! just tax me!!!!!! this is what happened with the rob ford crack tape and it was more sad than victorious @DanielofDojima Maaaaaaaaaaan. I mean all it does is affect how soon I get completely spoiled on it by people on here but still @DanielofDojima Oh shit, seriously? Wasn’t 3+1 supposed to come out in like … afew days?Thinking about sleep @ConroyForReal Elf Stryfe @casktapper I don’t think it’s limited release though? I figured it was permanent for some reasonI was expecting something using the cloud and the Switch mobile app, but this is actually really elegant and more i… is the first time I’d ever used the Send to Smartphone functionality on Switch and that was really neat. It gi…
@bairfanx @cheryllynneaton It’ll be one of the Long Island dudes like JRJR or something @MarkOStack (same with every Persona game; I played all of them on easy or very easy and have no regrets, they’re j… @MarkOStack Persona 5 absolutely kicks ass and has an easy mode that’s basically story mode @MarkOStack FF7 Original is worth your time if you enjoyed Remake (although I seem to remember you already played i… @MarkOStack Oh dude VIII bumps up your health and maxes your limit if you press both analog sticksit’s me. i’m the dragoon @MarkOStack I think everyone realizes that old JRPGs are inaccessible and hugely timewasting and modern publication… @MarkOStack The Kiseki games of which I am so enamored all have a 6x battle option, adjustable difficulty and also… @MarkOStack Like, all of the FF remasters have an immediate heal button and 4x/6x speed options @MarkOStack Most modern remakes of old JRPGs have this!Yes yes give in to the darkness
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-PawgMan even Timothee Chalamet only impeached once in CALL ME BY YOUR NAME @PRTejeda lmao i know EXACTLY who this isi want this even though i have no need for a second controller @curtofranklin @wellgoshacs my grandpa died while trump’s inauguration was on the tv and as i held his hand as he p… cares about GTA 6 when the real open world masterpiece Yakuza 6 is right there waiting for you to play and has…
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-Pawg @Ragnell cmon let him have one last obstruction, as a treatThat dude is a nightmare for a lot of reasons but I still really super hate his terrible thing where he like grabs… mad at Marco Inaros tbh @mightygodking I was thinking the former but also the latterI’m the one guy looking forward to the new Adam McKay movie @THE_Stefano_DLC @colonelnemo Every response to those pictures I had would have landed me squarely in horny jail @THE_Stefano_DLC @colonelnemo IDK man I thought it was a blast, I still laugh at the science oven shitRepublicans in the House right now
Retweeted by Pawg Ur-Pawg @colonelnemo @THE_Stefano_DLC I loved AMERICAN HUSTLE but after the whole story about him honking his trans niece’s…