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Film criticism is dead @Thomwade I don’t think so?????? It’s insanely cool imoWell either way !!! @SweetNAwful Samara Weaving in READY OR NOT (and MAYHEM)I love how Elrond/Agent Smith/Red Skull had a daughter and her entire deal is looking really hot while covered in v… OR NOT is a lot of fun but maybe my favorite thing is that I just paused it to discover I was already halfway…
I am having trouble remembering that auto save us not a universal thing @THE_Stefano_DLC So that’s one I’ll never live down @THE_Stefano_DLC I loved GRAN TORINO and thought it was trenchant commentary on changing viewpoints as you ageFeel Old Yet? Skyrim Was Released 9 Years Ago, 7 Years Ago, 4 Years Ago, 3 Years Ago, and 2 Years Ago
Retweeted by uziM shoulda offed herself and Bardem at the same time at the end of Skyfall by calling his bluff instead of just succ… @DanielFahy @Twyst Omg is this the game that inspired the greatest dumbass online comment ever?!?!?!?!?!? @Twyst And this is the toned down western version! SheeshThe perfect camouflage for space
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Retweeted by uzi @kshipwhitecat Dave Mustaine are 500 pizzas and got obsessed with Madoka Magicaall time great line #NintendoSwitch :(Wife
@taterpie Just realized THIS is why he came to Katie Hill’s DefenseI'm an idiot
Retweeted by uziDavid Leavitt is honestly the Ken Jennings of being Twitter’s main characterEX MACHINA, by Brian K. Vaughan and a Ricky Gervais messageboard searching “asain porno” on lycosI don't know if this interview with Giancarlo Esposito is any good because I can't get past the world's greatest op…
Retweeted by uziJUST realized why they’re renaming it to The Great Machine lmaoAssholes have creative rights but you don’t have to cape for them 🤷🏻‍♂️Tony Harris is an asshole thoI’ve honestly never seen a workforce so openly hostile to their employer as G/O Media, it’s amazing to beholdThis is a spoiler, but I need to share what I just witnessed because I feel like I'm going insane. The climax of D…
Retweeted by uzia what where what @hermanos I heard it was good!Oh huh we have it now’s going to win Best Picture just because that’s the natural dramatic arc of life now @CharlotteBeyond @arthurwyatt @ingdamnit Comedian/Silk Spectre is the final frontier of fucked up cosplayI just saw “Joker 80th Anniversary Special” and like …. viscerally recoiledA wild part of 2019 is that I think it just made me hate the Joker, like, as a character, entirely @LOTR_Dan It’s also on Switch, which… thank GodAnd it sounds like there’ll be enough new content now to make redoing the first half of Black Eagle worth itSo is the Abyss House stuff going to be in a regular playthrough? Just wondering since I’ve been saving Silver Snow routeThis game is like comfort foodLove too hit the enemy’s weak spot with Zio, triggering a combo attackAn expansion on Dawn of X? In THIS economy?? @DieRobinsonDie Man I think I slept on it at the time, it came out in that weird period where they were putting out… COUNTRY also ownsVENOM: THE END owns as much as y’all said it did @dogunderwater This is WILDthe biden interview is so good
Retweeted by uzianime rpg hell <3 @AllisonMOToole Like, deadpan perfection. I don’t get why this show isn’t more laudedMost ridiculously obscure joke in VENOM: THE END? Probably the virtual-reality negotiation scene between digital-fo…
Retweeted by uzi @THE_Stefano_DLC I loved all the gags about how Voiello and Fernandez look borderline identical @THE_Stefano_DLC I can’t believe Italians get two episodes a week @THE_Stefano_DLC I’d totally forgotten so much about s1 until they brought it up in exposition, like who Tommaso wasNeed some tabling supplies? Free for anyone who wants em. Four book stands and small rack. All you gotta do is meet…
Retweeted by uziGod, I forgot how much I loved watching Voiello schemeOh man, finally watched the first episode of NEW POPE and this amazing show is back, baby @taterpie pal, buddy, you remain the most fearlessly conscientious motherfucker on this hell siteEvery Thursday before THE GOOD PLACE I get to watch like ten minutes of Walton Goggins diminishing himself for a paycheckOkay I'm really proud of my first meme of 2020. Keep running Animal Crossing
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@TheUltimateMatt Knives Outstill cracking up at that opal city gag in jimmy olsen. a deep cut nerd joke that isn’t for nerds100 on metacritic 100% on rottentomatoes phone call @kshipwhitecat *anime vein pops on forehead*Lmfao, to me, is more tired than “dunks” on Death StrandingTHROUGHOUT LITTLE WOMEN WE COULD HEAR TROS IN THE THEATER NEXT TO US AND WHEN BETH DIED AND IT WAS REALLY QUIET ALL…
Retweeted by uziyou vs the other purple haired guy they tell you not to worry about
Retweeted by uzi @uzionmain All of these companies are like ants standing in Nintendo’s shadow.
Retweeted by uziAlso big ups to Crystal Dynamics just saying fuck it and using the Microsoft Word Corporate Letterhead TemplateLike c’mon, where’s the beige background and autocorrect underlining in the San Francisco font???, game delay announcements should be made via screenshots of the Notes appGamer Wishes There Was Some Way to Play FFVII Right Now
Retweeted by uziFOUR HOUSES, BABYThe last page gag in Jimmy Olsen this week is absolutely incredibleJared Kushner looks like he crawled out of a Tool video and rolled around a Vineyard Vines store.
Retweeted by uzi @Koltreg I’m just saying, it may be a monastery but Rhea absolutely has weird sex cult leader vibes, everyone there definitely fucks @Koltreg Her arc is that she can’t find any good men to SETTLE DOWN with. Literally the first thing you do is relay… @Koltreg Manuela gets tons of dick, she’s just a morning-after nightmare @Koltreg dorothea thokate bylethJared is on the cover of Time
Retweeted by uziThis is ridiculous. As anyone who’s played FE3H knows, every house is Smash House @ApertureHeart The tell-all about his and Ivanka’s sex life is going to be a goddamn Pynchon novelHomie looks like he’s about to put on some SPF-666 and slide into a sewer grateGonna tell my kids this was Slenderman is this not an immediate send-off to fired-town there are so many great bits in this @ardaniel It’s a perfect combo of line, accent, cadence, timing, everything. Hardest I laughed in a theater this yearThe results were ... interestingWent to look up the exact line and I’m probably going to jail now, that or Congress“The Nazi boy, masturbating in the bathroom” @DieRobinsonDie All I’mma say is that my comment is not unrelated @DieRobinsonDie DUDE @DieRobinsonDie Have you seen the latest Good Place yet @bairfanx That’s five seconds in American Gods Production Time @DieRobinsonDie countdown to doordash in... @DylanRoth stopping the car to make dylan smoke a whole pack of star treks
@cheryllynneaton And I think Gillen’s made it really clear he’s done with superheroes, although I think he’d kill a Wildstorm relaunch @cheryllynneaton The problem is, the best sort of younger (in terms of time in industry, not actual age) creator fo…