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Uzy @UZYUZYY he/him ONLY 18+ / ALL CHARACTERS 18 OR OLDER 🔞🔞 Fave series is monogatari~ NSFW ART(/R18 🔞 slightly perverted, petites enjoyer

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BRB, just some days off, 3 or 2😃👍 Megumin 🩱
Retweeted by Uzy @PrimeYsiadGL Rukia's a top gal, thanks bro😤Ruks twitter has the AUDACITY to age restrict me(ofc) but somehow still able to be on topics? how does that work @The_Kev_Guy loool thanks for showing me @UZYUZYY lol
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@DesshiW glad you liked it! 🤗🤗megu is luv @MonogatariRobot kissin @isucktoes12345 Long hair no glasses is a combo we need more of! @MonogatariRobot Impregnation @placeholder6912 I’m glad I’m glad! @_sayutsuki Thank you! Was the main focus in mind!~ @Astolfo_Is_Sad Quite the fertile wizard~Swimsuit Megumin 🩱 @PrimeYsiadGL hmm yh that's no good, some cardio sessions per week will only enhance your life @PrimeYsiadGL get em gainz! @PrimeYsiadGL get bred ofc! @imageofnadeko you're smoking hot babe @placeholder6912 thank you!! ❣️ @isucktoes12345 <3 thank you!!! that's the goal 😳😳🏩😼Tsubasa @YorhaUnit420 🤗🤗glad you liked it! i think you'll definitely dig the next one I do 🧐here's no hat P-tail😙~
Retweeted by Uzy @keavenwn Cat do be awesome今日の
Retweeted by Uzy @stuffenjoyer 😅😅well thats the norm for her!😳 @RantCasey15 EXQUISITE!not done a senjou in like uhh 2 months, FRAUD! @MonogatariRobot no way
@Foxtrot1903 thanks manwip @placeholder6912 wont' won't 🤗 @UltraRare7 small n soft @keavenwn thanks Keave i will!!Perhaps not doing my best, not even close to that even! @placeholder6912 she strikes me as a flexi yee @FallenKnights yup! @Mjlol73 agree agree! 🤝 @PrimeYsiadGL Ogi flex! @_sayutsuki thank u Sayu!!🔍 @JalterJ Take all the time you need brother, don’t self box yourself too hard neither @XZacso rkgk is cool too @PrimeYsiadGL deserved the ducked silly treatmentNagatoro P-tail😙~
@keavenwn Egg headThanks for 300 likes! ٩(◕‿◕)۶ @KingCrabCakes that'd be lovely! Ougi is sexy always! @placeholder6912 thanks bro!comms will reopen soonTatsumaki 💚🌪️ anonymous extra commission @MonogatariRobot Roughスイレン祭り開催
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@martinoszel yesssir @Mjlol73 Small pupils @spacebruce @MonogatariRobot seducing snail...... @BlIuey Personally, Isolating the things you struggle with can help em stick instead of incorporating it all at onceALOLA! 🤗
Retweeted by Uzy @KingCrabCakes Me 2 😳 @KingCrabCakes I’ll do an Ogi these next week dw
@bejiveji Oho ho!🐒🐒 @Weirdmonogatari Post sex @CEOofJack A bit heated @PrimeYsiadGL Best harem @RantCasey15 Gatari tiddiMy take on the shirt cut thingie with Monogatari girls ٩(◕‿◕)۶ template made by @/druzsea @keavenwn Donuts luxury taxShinobu 💛
Retweeted by UzyIndex episode 1
Retweeted by Uzyバニースイレンちゃん
Retweeted by Uzy @ExTheMan Happy Birthday! here's a quick doodle for ya!💛 episode 1😳😳ふぅ~
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any good or clueless? people just being nice and kind without realizing that it hurts in the long run? compliments… @imageofnadeko Gee I wonder what they’ll doShinobu 💛 @Tweetmination yeah thats understandable lol, I'll make sure to stick with loyal-ish proportions for the most part @Weirdmonogatari so smoochable @PrimeYsiadGL 🙏I'm glad <3 @PrimeYsiadGL more like alternate size but BIG BIRDIE @susamaru_temari 楽しみのためにサイズ変更スケベスケッチ😅 @imageofnadeko so trueNot much time today but here's an extra "EXTRA" Tsukihi
@_sayuecchi wide hips
@RantCasey15 Just can’t go wrong with red eyes @RantCasey15 Main one would be Nico Yazawa but it’s always a great lookBlack hair+red exotic sexy crimson eyes=winShinobu🍩
Retweeted by Uzy @spacebruce @SmokinglsSad @MonogatariRobot Believe that’s the hard cap as well @keavenwn You had her inside you 😳😳 @keavenwn Where did she stung @MonogatariRobot Tragic...Mono Bot was at 22K at some point, Twitter keeps chopping mono fans 😣😞 @neudeshit Oficial! @Tin2Mint @chumpuridze @spacebruce i see the bump