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void @V01DBaby |16|-|minor|she/her/they

16-non-binary- (Demi girl) bi Hispanic🏵hey I make eyestrain art and I like adult swim and clowns bf is @BasementNaw ;}

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@pearlp0int I had a obsession with drawing robotshoohooheehee
Retweeted by void @no_eyed_girl @NeilCicOOC Scot the wozz from spirit phone he’s my favorite 🤩Figuring myself out so Yee 😎 GIVE NATIVE AMERICANS ON RESERVES WATER TRUCKS ONE A WEEK TO BATHE AND USE?!? HOW IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?!?!
Retweeted by void @Glislock Mine is a good clown dad
@FlorkOfCows @LopexG3 Wait you’re onto something ..’m trying to think of stuff to draw , I can’t let the flame die out doin a chowder cosplay , probs her favorite show , Liams is total drama island ,idk who he’d be tbh lmao 🧍🏽‍♀️ @kaleidoskulI SameI can’t draw again y’all
@LopexG3 Miku figure without the jarCan’t Believe that Neil cicierega is gonna be casted for purple guy in the upcoming fnaf movie having cute little fangs makes my heart just 🥺💗✨💗✨💗✨✨💕 hope you all sleep well with no anxiety or fear in you’re heart or be burdened with the pain of past memories , sleep well I love you ❤️🥺 @AustinCautionn :) making a stop motion film for fun puppy wanted some fame
@BasementNaw No how dare you 😠Mm any head canons for these two ? If I like it I’ll make it canon @TheRealAG20 A bitter sweet ending but yeah I feel like I couldn’t live with the idea that she lives forever and ha… mentioned///imaginary friends can die in their universe, only when they are fully forgotten ,they don’t die p… y’all feel about her since I spoiled a bit of her ending fate? @pearlp0int I’d die for both 🥺 @LopexG3 Thank youI hope too make a ost one day that makes you cry in you’re room at night yet its so peaceful you stay to listen to the whole thingThese two songs make me cry for no reason whenever I listen too it alone ,I wish I knew why a fake album cover for a imp music soundtrack I guess idk (I don’t make music this was just for fun btw lol) @LopexG3 You’re not annoying , you’re cool 🥺 @pearlp0int Great 😌 @pearlp0int Sameee @pearlp0int Heyy I love over the garden wall 🥺👉🏼👈🏼Imp Hopes you can pull through whatever is in you’re way , she believes in you :)
@Lugeiax Her reactions are Based on these two images has a message
Retweeted by voidImp having a bit of a Existential problem’ll post some cute imp doodles to make up for the sad fate she has ) Hehe Happy meal time 🍔
Retweeted by void @BasementNaw puppy’s head is part voidA small child edge
I have a bigger hatred for the parents who think it’s absolutely okay to put their child through that , I hate it i… why are toddler beauty pageants still a thing it’s literally child abuse @Lugeiax :) @Lugeiax Friend*stares* @Lugeiax My big mood I hate them lmao @TheWeirdPotato6 Probs my only wish is to never get famous , sounds terrible @TheWeirdPotato6 Nah I mean those other bigger artists lmao , I usually don’t like most of them bc of how they floo… clown kid And exhausted clown dad hope tomorrow is poggers for y’all @BasementNaw Pink @LopexG3 @Matty_Hatter I’m okay with a few lol @toddoestuff Your worthy of love and happiness , Hope you’re okay and at least sleep well tonight Have a pic of m… the whole thing with John bob and the rat dude , I never liked any twitter artist to begin with just in gen… ngl I don’t like any twitter artist they annoy the hell out of me
pedophilia // “can we get an edit button 🥺” mf can we ban all of the fucking pedophiles on this god forsaken app
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Retweeted by voidMiku doing this face :} @Glislock Nice
@XxSW4GM0NST3RxX Black and orangeBf called me a monster fucker , you fool you like big tiddy goth girlsSocially awkward nerds to scary monster men /cryptids @pickled_tofuuu Nah shaking a stick and cursing at the sky is more effective , bonus points is if the weather is all stormy @Eyeholer You see my face then boom a terrible tweet that what you get from me @Glislock That’s totally fine man It’s cool that you can reflect yourself like that that’s big king energy 👍🏼 @LopexG3 I see that little miku smile :} @Lugeiax Exactly it’s terribleMy comfort characters range from baby boy to biblical angel type horror monster to white trash man I love so very deeply 💕 @GhastlyCordial I kinda like the last design but her face bothers me and also her posture is so fucking weird @EeyorbStudios Queen frostings evolution on how she looks is more weirder too me Last one is from 2010 my art style Again I wanna say @Drink_Drinker O O EyesIdk I like this creepy miku her face and lips look like :} feel like if Imp had a show I’d make a episode that feels like a creepy pasta brought to real life except all wri… @bukobean I ate cheesecake before dinner I’m sorry 😞Miku miku @Glislock Women with muscles are hot 🥵 “I chose imp bc imps are just mischievous little devils and I thought it just matched her well so yeahIdk why this tweet got likes lmao , but oh yeah when I was trying to figure out her name the other names I had wher…
@wigglytickly DustSiren head x water tower Their walking into the sunset having a sweet romantic date 😌💕✨ real name is peppercorn , she changed her name bc she said peppercorn sounds like the name that belongs to a grandmas deceased dogMy real friends are very pog champ and I love them you’re doing great I love you , hope you do well with whatever c… @kaleidoskulI Probs yells into microphone and leavesWhat do y’all assume these idiots smell like? @kaleidoskulI French fries and popcorn smell @Lugeiax Lol same
Yes they are the same child I swear my friends are okay today , and have a pleasant evening despite everything I hope you’re okay and at least ate something or showeredSo this is how Lara changed her purse into a backpack in Tomb Raider Legend within that 5 second timeframe?
Retweeted by void @Lugeiax How dare you @flameontheroof lemon fatherDamn that was a short art blockRT to save a life cause I'm tired of yall misusing the word gaslighting
Retweeted by voidForgot that imp is like super easy to draw for me bc of how much I draw her hope you’re fucken happy , you know who you are and I love you have a Gn art block friend told me to draw sans